Monday, April 15, 2013

The Heart-to-Heart Connection...

Art ~ Aries by Josephine Wall

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #241  

The Heart-to-Heart Connection in relationships blossoms, and explodes into the awareness of many, as a new way of living -- and as new ways to express love and caring. For, this week ushers in these higher level, good-good, golden vibrations.

As well, many of us begin to understand the vital need for connecting with our loved ones in ever-deepening, more compassionate ways. For, true partnership is elevated to a greater Divine status within the human heart, at this time.

This level of loving intimacy and partnership is all-important to humanity's well being, and is absolutely necessary for living through the upcoming times. 

In sinister opposition to this heightening of LOVE, this standing together in partnership and compassion -- the dark-side cabal continues its unrelenting 'divide and conquer' attack on the people.

This week, major moves will be made to come against those groups who are considered to be 'enemies of the state', and to pit them against each other in strategic ways. Be aware, these strategies will be revealed by the brain-drain media's talking points.

On the magickal, mystical front, a weird and wacky week ahead as the Sacred Feminine asserts Herself. More and more of humankind now honors Her presence, her true Way upon the Earth.

In part, this will mean spotlighting those women and men who falsely represent women, and lead them astray -- either by misguided beliefs, their smoke-and-mirrors trickery, or by the brutal fist of oppression. Obviously, this will be a complex, fiercely won awakening.

On the personal front, this week it could feel like every little mistake becomes a mountain, and everyone notices. However, don't let anyone take cruel advantage or attempt to beat you down. Simply correct or rectify the mistake as best you can, and move on, step forward into your life.

Once again, it will be wise to pay close attention to your surroundings, and to everyone you encounter. There are subtle forces, and happenings at work. The Trickster runs amok. Thus, the more you notice, the more you will be able to avoid potentially harmful situations.

Also, the GOOD this week has to offer, centers around long term friendships, and around the projects-activities that nourish your soul. Go with that sweet flow.

On the paranormal front, books, research, and testimony about the 'afterlife' continues at a rapid pace, and will now saturate the public awareness as never before. This is a Divine Appointment for humanity.

Also, 'high strangeness' around many of the newly discovered pyramids, and other megalithic structures, will become a window into the reality of the past, or how life was once truly lived.

Most of this vast esoteric knowledge, and the advanced technology, has been kept hidden from us by the powers that be -- both those on dark side and on the benevolent side. That will no longer be allowed.   

On the economic front, for most of us, not a pretty picture at all. Keep watch on your bank accounts, if you have them. At the first sign of trouble, take out what you'll need for the next three weeks, at least.

This bank-holiday scenario may not be implemented, depending on the chaotic ebb and flow of the world markets. As well, this is merely one of three scenarios the bankster gangster crowd could force on the people, just as they nefariously accomplished in Cypress.

Italy is next on their chopping block.

Also, this will be a crazed, Depression-era like week of gold and metal wars, along with the currency-devaluation wars. This has been orchestrated by the dark-side cabal to a point, yet may take on an insane life of its own.

On a further note, there could be huge dips in the price of gold and silver. Or, there is likely to be a wild roller coaster ride, with the prices going up and down madly.

On the truth front, venomous lies pour out of the so-called mainstream media this coming week. Like angry tormented cobras, they strike at anyone who defies the party line. 'Demonizing' has now become their stock and trade.

Meanwhile, TRUTH shines forth, a giant blazing beacon for all those who would arise from the matrix-nightmare that has been imposed on humanity for centuries by the dark-side ruling class. 

On the war front, wars, and rumors of more wars, will be used to mercilessly pummel the people into submission. Once the collapse of the economy cascades and cannot be stopped... once the Crash looms like a skyscraper-tall ogre over the world... then, horrific false flag events are scheduled to be loosed.

World war will be touted as the solution. However, there is no definitive timeline at this point. This is because there are too many infighting factions, and too many variables yet to be exploited, then managed.

For, *greed* is an addiction, and becomes its own shark-feeding monster.

On the tyranny-at-work front, from this point forward, it's all about registering gun owners using any force necessary, then confiscating their guns by any force necessary. This strategy will backfire, the explosive sound heard 'round the world.

On the AWAKENING front, at this time, like the most blazing and colorful of phoenixes, the SOUL of each individual, rises from the ashes -- where it has been burned and buried beneath the dark-spell pyres of the soulless ones for ages.

Now, many of us soar as eagles, seeing our lives with new eyes. We begin to live with new senses.

On the communication front, the downside of social networking is being exposed. Facebook is now nefariously trading on the natural GOODNESS inside humankind. Or, the instinct we have to bond with family, friends, and lovers. 
Their new app, HOME, is permanently unlocked. This means it has been designed to take over your phone, and collect data like a madman by spying on your life, and on anyone you happen to contact.

In truth, behind the Wizard-of-Oz curtain, so to speak, this is a new world order strategy to co-opt the human heart. Thus, to keep these wonderful bonds shallow, suppressed, and serving the dark-side.

On the home front, watch your backs, pardners. Get your old-west posse together. Gun confiscation is already here. For real. And will be escalating faster than a speeding bullet. 'Cause there's a yellow-bellied ambush on the very near horizon.

Also, with the world going more insane each day, with the worldwide economy hitting the skids -- there's no time like the present to band together, watch each other's backs, and protect each other when necessary.

On the food front, keep stocking up whenever and wherever you are able. No matter how the future plays out, this is simply a wise strategy.

Also, anyone who can set up a greenhouse, from small to extra large, do so -- if you haven't already. Try to help others build greenhouses that work for their circumstances, as well. With the weather becoming ever more violent and changeable, a greenhouse environment will help grow more food.

Look at growing as many herbs, veggies, and fruits indoors as possible. There are several innovative ways to accomplish this. In this regard, the internet is your friend.

On the land changes front, currently the weather patterns, that are causing this round of odd and catastrophic weather, might not be driven by the sun, as is normal. That, according to Dr. James McCanney, renowned renegade. Here's an interview snippet from The Power Hour:

"Dr. McCanney has known about the coming of Planet X for several years, but while he was obligated to NASA and other government funded institutions, he was sworn to absolute secrecy. Dr. McCanney no longer has any ties to NASA or other government agencies, and he is now "blowing the whistle" on the government coverup."

On the energy front, this week features the Goddess Force of Nature. That is,  every facet of feminine energy firestorms across the globe raising AWARENESS of the Divine Feminine.

Now, the goddess archetypes arise from their partial slumber, energizing every woman who opens her heart -- and inspiring every woman to be wholly who she is. Out of this, the sacred matrix around Mother Earth glows more brightly, and the rainbow of life pours forth, fresh and renewed.

On the really bad news front, on a global scale the dark-side is diabolically pitting country against country, race against race, religion against religion, culture against culture, the police against the people, the rich against the poor, and vice versa. It's all out war against humanity.

Bringing harmony to any situation, even the smallest bit of harmony and peace between others, counteracts the dark-side's plan of ruthless total domination.

On the good news front, this week ushers in the rise and renewal of loving life partnerships between women and men. This means an evolution begins where women and men become devoted to each other, once again, as it once was in another age.

Now, love and passion becomes deeper, stronger. The heart of a woman for a man, and a man for a woman will cause life to become sweeter, and more profound -- thus elevating society. In the far future, divorce falls away as unnecessary.

On the global mafia cabal front, worldwide chaos goes brutally chaotic this coming week, courtesy of the wimp-spineless minions who call themselves our leaders, but only serve themselves and their global elite masters.

On the heroine front, every woman who rises to her goddess nature will be a heroine for our times, one that is desperately needed.

On the freedom front, vigilante cyber acts for the people have been in the spotlight recently. Now, vigilantes who are truly on the side of the people, come forth in droves. Keep an eagle eye out for these Good Ones.

Trendwise, the exodus from several major cities picks up speed for several reasons. However, the crashing economy is the driving force right now. That, and the knowledge that survival is more likely away from large population centers.

Another trend ~ Instead of the Jetsons, the TERMINATOR lives as a prototype. ***HEADLINE: DARPA Building Robots With ‘Real’ Brains.*** A further note, anything reported in this military-science arena means it's already a reality, and has been for quite some time.

Dancing, all forms of dance trends higher and higher during 2013. It is what we need to raise our personal vibrations.  

This week is a time to bathe in the sunshine whenever possible. Walking, simply being outdoors, and feeling the sun's heat on your skin, your face -- this will renew your precious spirit.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona


Savanna Kougar said...

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

Serena Shay said...

Oh, what I wouldn't give to see the sun enough to bathe in it...

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, that would be nice... it's chilly again here, that wet chill... really Spring hasn't exactly sprung... we had more warm days in winter... so it seemed... sending sunny vibes.