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JAMES McCANNEY joins The Power Hour...


Teacher, author and radio host JAMES McCANNEY joins The Power Hour this morning with information on his newest book "Comets" and updates on our 'electric universe' and what is going on in space. Are there presently threats to planet Earth? Find out from this brilliant teacher!

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Professor James M. McCanney has performed original research for over 30 years and was the originator of the Plasma Discharge Comet Model and the Electric Sun and Universe Theories that have been proven correct by modern space probe data.    His theories explain the "Sun-Earth Connection" and how comets and electrical solar activity directly affect our weather.

His research on Planet-X and the effects of a large new comet or planet entering the solar system are now contained in his book "Planet-X, Comets and Earth Changes".

Major Storms on the Rise

Major storm enters the Plains, dropping heavy snow and spawning severe weather

Researchers predict above-average number of major storms for 2013 Atlantic hurricane season

 Dr. McCanney has known about the coming of Planet X for several years, but while he was obligated to NASA and other government funded institutions, he was sworn to absolute secrecy. Dr. McCanney no longer has any ties to NASA or other government agencies, and he is now "blowing the whistle" on the government coverup.

"HERE IS A QUESTION TO PONDER ... to the many who have studied Astronomy or even read about it in the newspapers, there seems to be recurring and dominating statements made over and over by professional astronomers and space scientists that might convince you that they in fact know what they are doing ... the amazing machines sent forth to study the universe would make you believe that the interpretation of data that is returned would be as exact and precise and unerring ... the reality is that there is an entire political correctness arena in "science" and it is rapidly breaking down ... most of the public are intuitively aware that something is very wrong with what they are being told, but have too little information with which to really see the details of this very complex topic ... NASA knows this and that is why they let out painfully little information to the public ..." - James McCanney

Article of Interest: A new model of the Universe: A look at Planet-X, Comets and Earth Changes by J.M. McCanney

NEW eBOOK "COMETS" by James McCanney

C/2012 F6 (Lemmon)

C/2012 F6 (Lemmon) is a long-period comet discovered in Leo on 23 March 2012, by A. R. Gibbs using the 1.5-m reflector at the Mt. Lemmon Survey, located at the summit of Mount Lemmon in the Catalina Mountains north of Tucson, Arizona, USA. - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Comet Lemmon greens up in southern hemispheres nightsky
    Comet Lemmon: A Preview Guide for April
    Comet Chasing in April

* Skygazers on planet Earth also eagerly anticipate views of Comet PANSTARRS and Comet ISON.

DVD of Interest: James McCanney Presents 'ELECTRIC HIGHWAYS TO THE STARS'

An extension of this research has developed a new understanding of the electrical effects on our weather, and also recreated the science of the ancients, including Atlantis leading up to Nicola Tesla, who was the first in modern times to re-create the method of extracting electrical energy from the ionosphere.  McCanney's research includes archaeology and the study of ancient texts such as the Kolbrin Bible, which confirm the ancients knew about this and tried to pass it on to us.  McCanney has not only recreated the ancient science of Atlantis and Tesla but now explains the source of this energy in a more complex model of the electrical solar system.  His research has produced a number of electro-magnetic propulsion systems for earth to orbit travel and for systems that can "ride the rivers of electrical currents to the planets, stars and beyond".

Additional Books by James McCanney:

    Atlantis to Tesla -- The Kolbrin Connection
    Principia Meteorologia - The Physics of Sun-Earth Weather
    Planet-X, Comets and Earth Changes
    The Diamond Principle

CD: The James McCanney Science Hour - At the Crossroads

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