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Renegades, Your Time is Now

Welcome to December, and the countdown to Winter Solstice 2012, most splendid KitKat darlings... wow, can you feel it? ... this heightening, this quickening, this rising of spirit and soul?... yeah, this Big Cat feels it... what it all means, what it entails exactly... no, she's not privy to that in any deep detail... or, at least, she hasn't received the final divine messages... although, there is a lot of useful and fantastically detailed info out in the cyber realms from 'those' who do have more of a real connection.

So, another deliciously warmer day on the tame prairie... and is the Kougaress ever grateful for as much warmth as she can get at this time of the year... also another brutally busy, *run your socks off* day... the moon is still like a blazing spotlight in the inky heavens, and was a lovely sherbet orange color earlier tonight.

Since this Big Cat loves ya! Here's some important health info. Yep, the medical establishment has been lying about salt. However, DO NOT use common table salt because all the minerals have been removed, and it is a poison. Use Himalayan salt, or any good brand of salt that has ALL the minerals in it.

"Salt is as important to life as oxygen and water. In fact, salt and water work together to do important work in your body, including stimulating your metabolism, helping you detoxify, and making sure your nerves, hormones and immune system function properly.

Yet the food industry has sold you a "bill of goods" on refined salt for the same reason they refine other products like sugar, flour, and oils - to maximize their profits." From


Authoress news and mews ~

So, yes, the Kougar is still working on the ending chapter of her WIP ~ HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS ~ While she's been making 'good' progress, it's also painstaking.

Despite the almost endless craziness of her life in these times, the Kougar pulled it together enough today, to email her first chapter of SANTA BABY, SEVERAL STARS AWAY to D. Renee Bagby Presents First Chapters ~ ~ Hopefully, everything is in order, but who the heck knows for sure? ~cat shrug~

Renegades, Your Time is Now ... at this point in time, in history, the renegade spirit in all of us RISES... renegade leaders come forth from every sector of society... they now challenge the evil-inspired corruption ruling and ruining our world... this renegade activism and lifestyle is absolutely crucial to overcoming the dark-siders, and bringing forth the Earth paradise.

We, who stand for the liberation of humanity, rise out of the ashes like the phoenix, and utilize our soul gifts, our hard-won abilities... our heart, mind, body, soul and spirit, to ascend beyond any from of tyranny.

To quote Thomas Jefferson: "I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." And woman.


Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

2:12 am... 2:22 am... 8:44 pm... 11:55... Four reasons why the TSA needs to be abolished immediately, just in time for the holidays... ...



VID Sandy Victims, in Tears, Beg FEMA for Help as Work Comes to a Standstill

What Happened to 'No Red Tape'?

Staten Island Sandy Recovery Meeting Gets Heated, Victims Beg FEMA for Help



Big Cat Commentary: This Big Cat believes that currently there is a factional civil war taking placing in the military and/or the military industrial complex. Too many strange anomalies have taken place, and are taking place now, including the recent massive explosive destruction of neighborhoods and buildings.

If the Kougaress takes an intuitive look, there are fierce, almost constant battles taking place, a lot of them underground. This will likely escalate, especially as December 21, 2012 nears. The administration, actually an occupying force the majority of Americans 'did not' vote in, will do all in their power to make it look like they're the good guys, and the attacking forces will be labeled as 'terrorists'.

Any false flag events, or factional fighting events, will be used to further the sinister agenda of the dark powers that be. However, who the precise players are in this ruthless civil war game, this Big Cat does not know.

HEADLINE: Nuclear Christmas, false flag in America to blame on Iran

Press TV - This scenario was the basis of the television show "Jericho" several years ago. However, this time there are real culprits and real motivations, both the overthrow of the government of the United States and the naming of Iran as a "scapegoat." The plot has been tracked to groups within the Pentagon, several government agencies and wealthy and powerful extremist backers of Netanyahu and, in particular, the "Gulf Cartel" operating from Mexico that has penetrated nearly all levels of government, law enforcement and the military across the country. Using surprisingly direct language, President Obama has officially confirmed this conspiracy.





 Barry Soetoro aka Obama Is Going Dictator! | Obama and his banker controllers are taking the power of the purse away from Congress.

 The Destruction of America: Brought to You By JP Morgan Chase | Alex Jones analyzes a JP Morgan Chase ad that was in heavy rotation over the Thanksgiving holiday.

 Democrat Rep. Wants to Amend Constitution to Deny Free Speech

Kurt Nimmo | A corporate buy-out of government is the problem, not the First Amendment.

 2013 NDAA Expands Power of Military to Detain Citizens

Kurt Nimmo | Efforts by Senator Rand Paul and a handful of Congress critters fall woefully short of fixing this treasonous bill.

HEADLINE Doug Casey: The US Is Now the United (Police) State of America

HEADLINE Senate Votes Down Indefinite Detention of Americans — or Does It?

HEADLINE Medical Tyranny is Here, and we can’t say we weren’t warned

Big Cat Note: No one has the right to tell YOU how to handle your health. No one has the right to force medical treatments of ANY kind on you. No one has the right to force vaccinations on you. NO ONE!!! You are a Divine Being. And you are responsible for YourSelf. You are responsible for your children. NOT THE STATE.



HEADLINE CITY ATTY. TELLS SAN BERNADINO TO LOCK THEIR DOORS & LOAD THEIR GUN ~ CBS Los Angeles | Penman: “Let’s be honest, we don’t have enough police officers, we have too many criminals living in this city…”

HEADLINE Big Tobacco Thwarts New Laws ~ Big Cat Note: Wow, what a humongous surprise.

 United Nations Threatens Colorado, Washington State Over Marijuana Decriminalization Laws

J.D. Heyes | International Narcotics Control Board feels comfortable telling federal officials they should move to challenge measures in Colorado and Washington.

Big Cat Note: Given the UN is part of the mafia drug cartel, and this would cut into their ill-gotten profits... yeah, they don't like the competition.

HEADLINE Churches Increasingly Rent Out Steeples as Cellphone Towers

Big Cat Note: Cellphone towers are highly dangerous to your health, and can cause cancer. Furthermore, they are also mind-control devices and real-time tracking devices. How convenient Churches are selling out their souls for a bag of silver. And, it's obviously not even silver. A bag of fiat currency that is losing value every minute of every single day, and is no longer even the world's reserve currency. So it goes, huh?


Censorship, the Sledge Hammer is Here 'NEWS' ~

HEADLINE CENSORSHIP OF WEB SITES INCREASING: The destroyers, or Masters of the Game as I sometimes describe them, have been trying for years to take the information super highway away from we the people




HEADLINE Massive Sinkhole Still Growing – Ohio: 4 Football Fields Long, 30? Deep Shuts Down 8 Mile Stretch Of Road


HEADLINE Govt. Documents Link Global Warming to Advanced Military Climate Modification Technology

Mysterious Atmospheric River Soaks California, Where Megaflood May Be Overdue
By Mark Fischetti | Scientific American

Northern California is experiencing the first days of what weather forecasters are warning will be a long series of torrential rainstorms that could cause serious flooding across the northern one-third of the state. The relentless storms are being driven by a feature in the atmosphere you have probably never heard of: an atmospheric river. Oh, and another atmospheric river created the worst flooding since the 1960s in western England and Wales this past week, where more than 1,000 homes had to be evacuated. An atmospheric river is a narrow conveyor belt of vapor about a mile high that extends thousands of miles from out at sea and can carry as much water as 15 Mississippi Rivers.

~ ~

HEADLINE 19 Atlantic Tropical Storms 3 Consecutive Years: a Very Rare Event

HEADLINE West Coast Hit with Power Outages, Battering Surf

HEADLINE Moscow Records Heaviest November Snow for 50 Years

HEADLINE Drought Worsens in High Plains; Winter Outlook Grim

HEADLINE Mississippi River could become impassable in two weeks :The Mississippi River could be too shallow for barge traffic between St. Louis and Cairo in two weeks due to decreasing water levels.

HEADLINE Mount Shasta: Is U.S. Snowstorm Record in Jeopardy


HEADLINE Earth Quake Swarm Hits Alaska


HEADLINE Russia's Kamchatka Volcano Eruption Destroys Science Camps

HEADLINE Could Russia's Tolbachik Volcano Be the Next Eyjafjallajokull?


HEADLINE Ice Sheet Loss at Both Poles Increasing, Major Study Finds

HEADLINE Polar Ice Melting 5x Faster Than in the Early 90's

HEADLINE Victorians Swelter Through Hottest November Day in More Than a Century – Temperature Soars Above 113ºF ~ Australia

HEADLINE Customers Fume after Heat Knocks Out Phone Service ~ Australia  



Tsunami Debris Washes Up in Hawaii

A World in Denial: Underestimating Japan’s Nuclear Disaster



Goodbye 401K, Goodbye IRA, Hello Argentina:
Fitch downgrades Argentina and predicts default Credit rating agency Fitch has downgraded Argentina, which is locked in a court battle in New York over its debt, and said the country would probably default.

Gold could be the panacea for global banking woes: Sprott speculates that China "may have already cornered most of the world's physical gold supply" in anticipation of the day that Western banks realize that the precious metal is preferable to Treasuries.

UK banks face £60bn black hole Britain's banks face a financial black hole of up to £60bn from regulatory demands, hidden losses, and potential mis-selling costs that threaten to jeopardise future growth, the Bank of England has warned.

 Unemployment in Euro Zone Rises to a New High | Unemployment in the euro zone rose to a new high in October, according to official data released Friday.



Fiscal Gridlock: Obama, Dems Betting GOP Will Blink

Obama Demands $1.6 Trillion Tax Boost, and an Unlimited Credit Card

Media Try to Defend Obama's Laughable Spending Proposal as 'Strategic Move'

Washington Proposes $1 Trillion Bailout for Delinquent Student Loans

Poll: Majority of Americans Support Raising Taxes on Top Earners

Big Cat Note: These are the supposed corp-gov leaders who actually want the people to believe they care and should be our saviors. Right, on what planet is that true?



HEADLINE Assange to RT: Entire nations intercepted online, key turned to totalitarian rule-by updating Facebook profiles, we are informing on our friends' SQ NOTE READ THIS TWICE UNTIL YOU REALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT HE IS SAYING!



Feds seize toys hazardous to kids' health ABC News

Big Cat Note: this is likely a publicity stunt, given the 'feds' MURDER far more children with FDA-sanctioned medication, than ever die due to dangerous toys. However, it would be nice to have inspectors with true common sense, who do keep their eyes peeled for 'truly' dangerous toys.  


From ~

Good Cheer in December!

Dream Big This Winter

Good times roll out on December 3 as the Sagittarius Sun moves into a playful opposition with Jupiter, enveloping you in a glow of confidence and warm cheer. This may be marred slightly by laziness, but you'll be in too good a mood to care!

After a brief astrological hiatus, chatty Mercury follows the Sun into outspoken Sagittarius on December 10, at which point you can count on blithely blurting out whatever's on your mind without a thought. Consequences? What consequences?!

On December 13, the new Moon rises in Sagittarius; that same day, Uranus turns direct. A spirit of initiative will run rampant, sowing the seeds of new ideas and providing support to launch new ventures.

Sagittarius enjoys one more day of excitement on December 16, when Venus moves into the sign of the Archer -- a pairing that fosters a strong merger between friendship and love. And just in time for the holidays, you can expect an increase in social activity!

It's at this point that Venus gets busy! On December 16, just after moving into Sagittarius, the planet of love immediately forms a dreamy square with Neptune; on December 19, Venus enjoys a flirtatious tryst with unconventional Uranus. Venus then snags one last hurrah on December 23 with an indulgent opposition to Jupiter.

Amid all this Venusian action, the Sun finally withdraws from Sagittarius and makes its yearly transition into Capricorn on December 21. This move always marks a time of renewal, as you shed any extra baggage and prepare yourself to start afresh in the coming new year.

Then, on December 26, troublesome winds begin to blow. It starts with a disruptive square between the Sun and Uranus; that same day, Mars shifts into Aquarius. This is a potentially argumentative time, but it'll also leave you full of bright ideas and ready to break down barriers!

The challenges continue into December 27, as Saturn and Pluto stir up the pot by magnifying problems with a bleak mentality. Finally, December draws to a close with the Sun shining a spotlight on Pluto, offering the impression that anything -- and everything -- you try will be blocked in some way.

December may not end as positively as desired, but this too shall pass -- and you'll soon be on your way in a brand-new year!


The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire.

~ Have a magickal month of December ~   


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

December decadent kisses from the Kougar...

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