Monday, December 10, 2012

Incandescent With Fury... as a writer...

The Kougar has cowboys on her mind, what with trying to finish her WIP ~ Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~

After midnight 'happy upcoming winter solstice 2012' mews, venturesome and vixenish Kittens... cold on the tame prairie... the temps have definitely dropped... and the Kougaress spent part of the day preparing by sealing up drafty areas, etc.

So, this Big Cat's discombobulated days continue. And, so much feels unaccountably weird. Meanwhile, the world is being ruined by a bunch of idiot soulless globalists who actually think they know what they're doing.

How about this solution via John Lennon: Instant karma's gonna get you.

So be it.

Now wouldn't that be a holiday gift for Mother Earth, and all of us? The end of these psychopathic Destroyers.


Authoress news and mews ~

Yes, all day the Kougar has been penning Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~  & ~  ~ oh, help! She's not close to finishing.

Incandescent With Fury... as a writer this Big Cat resonates with this descriptive phrase, and will end up using it somehow in one of her books. Not to mention, she can definitely relate, given the hellish times we are currently living through, and 'don't' need to be living through!

Anyhoo... she heard these words spoken by Lord Monckton in his incomparable English accent, on Alex Jones' show. Lord Christopher Monckton is battling the evil-side globalists in the arena of climate change. Here's search info:

Christopher Monckton

"Lord Christopher Monckton: Real Data Disproves Al Gore's Global Warming Theory - Alex Jones Tv 5/6," YouTube Video. Uploaded by TheAlexJonesChannel ...


Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

2:12 am... 2:22 am... 5:55 am... 4:44 pm... 8:44 pm... 11:11 pm... 11:33 pm... 12:12 am... the war in the heavens... underground, in the skies, and beneath the oceans... according to black ops' insider info...



HEADLINES More Loud Booms Reported In Columbia County; Reports In Other U.S. Cities Too ~ Big Cat Note: The Kougaress heard today that these mysterious explosions happened across the entire country, moving like a giant ripple. One explanation given by a whistleblower connected to black ops is that underground bases are being taken out. If this Big Cat is remembering correctly, there are about 250 such bases for the globalist elite crowd. Not for us.

Once again: From last week:  

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #222

Also, currently there is a civil war between different factions within the 'shadow' military industrial complex. Almost constant battles are taking place, a lot of them underground. Get ready for more strange and unexplained explosions. This will likely escalate, especially as December 21, 2012 nears.



Is the main-stream media ignoring America’s sinkhole epidemic: Have you heard of the massive sinkholes popping up around the nation? Flammable craters spanning acres wide and leaking radiation, monster sinkholes described as -apocalyptic


HEADLINES Weird Fog in coastal Georgia, moving WAY inland, is it related to Chemtrails, is it an Aerosol? Strange Sounds -12/8/2012 December 9th, 2012


THE DOWNFALL OF MONSANTO 'NEWS' ~ additional info...

Costa Rica now battling Monsanto over GMO corn
(NaturalNews) With the exception of about 1,000 acres of land that have been devoted to the cultivation of transgenic crops for research purposes -- these include cotton, soy beans, bananas, and pineapples -- the Central American nation of Costa Rica, which is known for its bio-diverse agricultural heritage and stunning landscape, is essentially free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in its native food supply.



HEADLINES Land Routes Blocked, Smuggling Rises Sharply on California Coast



HEADLINES Congress and White House to Put Thousands of Charities Out of Business: a large percentage of donations will also disappear resulting in many a charity having to close their doors and it all has to do with the infamous fiscal cliff.

HEADLINES A Major Employment Turnaround Simply Is Not Happening: The Employment Rate Has Been Under 59 Percent For 39 Months In A Row While Over Six Million Teens And Young Adults Are Out Of Work And Not In School!

Deutsche Bank Hid $12 Billion In Losses To Avoid A Government Bail-Out
Zero Hedge - Forget the perfectly anticipated Greek (selective) default. This is the real deal. The FT just released a blockbuster that Europe's most important and significant bank, Deutsche Bank, hid $12 billion in losses during the financial crisis, helping the bank avoid a government bail-out, according to three former bank employees who filed complaints to US regulators. US regulators, whose chief of enforcement currently was none other than the General Counsel of Deutsche Bank at the time!

More Phony Employment Numbers

Paul Craig Roberts | There are a number of ongoing problems with the released numbers.

 ObamaCare taxes poised to hit next month | Even if lawmakers somehow stop the Bush-era tax rates from expiring, taxes are still expected to rise on Jan. 1 — thanks to a trio of new fees tied to the federal health care overhaul.

HEADLINES Payday Loans in California: School Districts Owe $1 Billion on $100 Million Borrowed:perfectly exemplifies the complete parasitic, ponzi and entirely unsustainably criminal carcass of an economy that remains in the United States today.



Anti-Second Amendment Democrat Arrested With Gun at Chicago's O'Hare Kurt Nimmo - The arrest yesterday of Illinois Democrat Donne Trotter by TSA agents for attempting to bring a .25-caliber Beretta pistol on an airplane at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport demonstrates the hypocrisy of the anti-Second Amendment crowd. Trotter is charged with one count of attempting to board an airplane with a weapon, a Class 4 felony. Donne Trotter is a long-time gun-grabber. He opposed concealed carry legislation in the state and worked to outlaw so-called assault weapons.



 Woman Sentenced to Year in Prison for Having al-Qaeda Magazine ~ Big Cat Note: Translation: that al-CIA-da magazine.

Kurt Nimmo | Merely possessing Inspire will get you a twelve month stint in the hoosegow.



 Former US president slams drone attacks
Pakistan International News | Former US President Jimmy Carter has slammed American assassination drone strikes in other countries, saying that killing civilians in such attacks would in fact nurture terrorism.



 Iran condemns US nuclear test

The Hill | Iran condemned the United States’ latest nuclear test on Saturday, saying it reflected “inattention to full disarmament which is a deep-seated demand of international public opinion.”

Big Cat Note: While the Kougar does not stand with Iran, yep, she condemns this absolute act of horror terrorism against the people.



HEADLINES Transhumanists gather in San Francisco: In the second, cybernetic brain implants will allow us to fuse our minds with artificial intelligence and to upload” ourselves onto less perishable substrates. THESE ENTITIES HATE HUMANITY! LUCIFERS DELIGHT!



HEADLINES We Are All Eating Nanotechnology: Among the foods most likely to have nano-tech: Foods with caramelized sugar, nutritional supplements, toothpastes, gums, M&Ms, Jello Banana Cream Pudding, Pop Tarts, Mentos, Nestle Original Coffee Creamer, and even... pu


The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire.

~ Have a magickal month of December ~   


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times... 

Incandescent furious kisses from the Kougar...


Serena Shay said...

Discombobulated is right...and tired. Ah well, tomorrow is another day, here's to hoping it's better for both of us! :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Yes, good vibes to you, sweetheart. I so wish the times would change toward the good.