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Behind the scenes... We Three Wolf Kings

The majesty of the unicorn lives in our world from ages ago...

Merry-meow countdown to Winter Solstice 2012 Stargate, Big Cat Beauties... in all honesty this Big Cat is staying as far away as possible from the brain-drain, presstitute media at this time... why?... because it's all designed to unbearably heighten the trauma-drama, and damage each one of who cares from the bottom of our hearts... because it's about leaving a giant sinkhole in everyone's psyche... it's about ramping up the fear factor... it's about breaking everyone us... breaking our backs, breaking our spirits, breaking our connections with each other...

So, the best thing we can do in the Kougaress's opinion is to know this brutality is being done on purpose, and what else is there to do, but to rise above, if we can. No easy feat. Not at all. Because, yeah, this Big Cat would have done anything 'good' to stop this horror-tragedy, and all the horror-tragedies taking place against children and the innocent all over the world.  


Authoress news and mews ~

So, this Big Cat author was naughty indeed. Instead of editing HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS, she couldn't resist writing new lyrics for the Christmas carol, WE THREE KINGS, when she stumbled across a pic featuring three wolves... while doing a pic search.

However, yes, the Kougar is editing... and is hoping to accomplish a lot more later tonight.



We Three Wolf Kings
By Savanna Kougar

Greeting howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

This is in honor of the Winter Solstice Stargate on December 21, 2012.


We Three Wolf Kings of Ages Are
We three wolf kings of ages are
Bringing our spirit gifts, we travel afar
Fields and forests, rivers and mountains
Following the portal star

Oh Stargate of wonder, Oh solstice night
Above the stars shine with beauty bright
Westward running, still panting
We race toward Talbot's Peak light

Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

1:11 am... 2:22 am... 11:22 pm... 11:55 pm... 12:12 am... Solaris BlueRaven and Peter Levenda... incredible globe-shaking interviews...


Behind the scenes... on Coast to Coast Am last night, a caller toward the end of the show, reported his wife who works security for the government said she received a detailed news report of the Connecticut school shooting on Thursday, a day before it actually happened. Not to mention, tweets from the anti-gun crowd went out with the news about the shooting mere minutes after it occurred, before any mainstream reporting took place -- when no one would have known the actual details yet... that is, unless, it was preplanned. Yeah, can anyone say, false flag? One more horror false flag.

Yeah, kill the psyche and soul of America... that's part of the game plan.

Bless us all because we need it.

Related Info: Tonight Douglas Dietrich talked with Solaris BlueRaven on Revolution Radio

Kittens, this is utterly mindbending info which 'could' explain some of what occurred at the Connecticut school shooting. Here's a search entry for a previous interview:

Douglas Dietrich hosts interview with Ms. Solaris BlueRaven 08-07 ...

Douglas Dietrich hosts interview with Ms. Solaris BlueRaven 08-07-2012. Posted by Solaris BlueRaven on August 14, 2012 at 11:55 AM ...

~ apps/ blog/ entries/ show/ 18047423-douglas-dietrich-hosts-interview-with-ms-solaris-blueraven-0 8-07-2012 ~

ALSO: Eye Of The Remote, Black Operations In Areas Beyond 52 by Solaris BlueRaven can be found at Amazon, along with her other books. Simply internet-search her name.


Darling Big Cats, this is another outstanding, mind-blasting Peter Levenda interview about the mystical origins of the Mormon religion. More than that the early occult history of America is mind boggling. Who was ever taught this stuff in what passes for education? Because guaranteed the history class would have been overflowing, and in constant demand.


 Friday December 14, 2012
The Angel and the Sorcerer

Sinister Forces author Peter Levenda has been researching Mormonism, Freemasonry, and esoteric societies over the past thirty years, and in The Angel and the Sorcerer he reveals the magical and occult origins of the Mormon religion. In view of the fact that a Mormon almost won the presidential election and Mormonism is one of the fastest growing religious groups in the United States, this is MUST listening!

There has been much confusion in the media over various Mormon phenomena, such as the "magic underwear," polygamy "Big Love" style, and much else. Peter takes us through his research into the beliefs and reveals the facts of Mormon ideas and practice, starting with its founder Joseph Smith Jr. who began his religious career with rituals of ceremonial magic and divination, and ended it with Freemasonry, the largest militia in the state of Illinois, a candidacy for US president, and assassination. Levenda also discussed the Mormons connection to Howard Hughes, Richard Nixon and Watergate as well as the role of Mormons in contemporary Presidential elections.

This is the fascinating story of a purely American religion, its occult origins, and the rise of Mormons in American politics.



Hacking the Human Brain Furthers the Advent of Super Soldiers: the globalists have described the use of scientific enhancement and clinical trials turning the US armed forces into unwitting test subjects for the advancement of a super solider.



Implosion update: The demons of violence are on the loose in America. But why? And where do we go from here?



Atlantis Rising? News... *THE SINKHOLE*

News Alert* Top Expert: Fears Napoleonville salt dome to continue to break up below giant sinkhole — “An underground Mt. Everest” — Over 50 caverns inside, some with explosive gas

Big Cat Note:  Could this indicate rising land masses?


Explosive eruption reported at Ecuador’s Tungurahua volcano
Ecuador's Tungurahua Volcano Belches Sudden Strong Explosion


'King Tides' Give Calif. Taste of Sea-Level Rise



UN Considers Sending up to 10,000 Peacekeepers to Syria - SQ-JUST WAIT UNTIL THE U.N. Peacekeepers, foreign mercenaries and Hired Guns, and Gangs- come to our neighborhoods.



Large oil spill in New York City area harbor — Feds: Damaged barge is carrying almost 10,000,000 gallons — 158,000 gallons reported released so far


From ~ 

Prepare for the Planetary Pile-up in Sagittarius!

As if having the Sun and Mercury in its midst isn't enough, Sagittarius now gets Venus, too!

On December 16, Venus joins the pile-up in the sign of the Archer, where it will remain until January 9. The timing couldn't be better, as this pairing is sure to up the ante for all things social and bring a fun dynamic to anything you pursue. If you're looking for a fitting way to take advantage of this transit, try something -- anything -- that's particularly adventurous!

Also on December 16, Venus runs headlong into a square with Neptune, an aspect that will make for beautiful daydreams ... though you may find yourself hoping for more than is realistically possible.

Mercury -- with an enthusiastic boost from Sagittarius -- opposes Jupiter on December 17, sending a chatty burst of energy soaring across the universe. Words will tumble out of your mouth; conversations will be rapid-fire and witty, with little regard for truth or fact; promises made with the best of intentions will never be fulfilled. Fortunately, however, everyone will be too entertained to care!

Venus, still under the Archer's influence, shows up yet again on December 19 to send a flirtatious wink to Uranus. You'll have no time for jealousy or restrictive relationships at this time -- you'll be too busy living it up!

The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire.

~ Have a magickal month of December ~   


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

Merry-meow countdown kisses from the Kougar...

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