Monday, October 29, 2012

...the dragon of truth spirals around the dragon of deceit...

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #217

This week, Warring Clashes between the Dragon of Good and the dragon of evil will take over the entirety of the planet. Meanwhile, the golden radiance of the Divine Awakening becomes a superstorm saturating humanity and Mother Earth.

Now it arrives ~ The Full Frontal Attack Against GOODNESS. This will be against anyone of good heart and soul -- against anyone and everyone who regularly helps others, and performs GOOD deeds in the community.

To overcome, beware of these anti-humans. Prepare to take them on by using wisdom and smarts. Then take care by standing together against any kind of unjust assault.

For, it is the good in all of us, and the good caring acts we do that will eventually end these Orwellian times.

On the personal front, the challenges are likely to mount up this week. Riding out the storm of events, no matter what they are, is the key. In the midst of the dark storm there will be a surprise, or an opportunity, of sheer and magnificent beauty -- the very stuff dreams are made out of. Grab hold.

This week is also about invoking your inner goddess and god, or your divine self, to gain full strength for the difficult times ahead. THEY, the bankster gangster minions, are coming to plunder whatever remains of the wealth you have accumulated for you and your loved ones.

Look for strategies outside the box to fool these crooks, and keep what you have. It's past time to outwit the cabal of international bankers, these psychopaths who would ruin us all.

Also, this week, romance is heavily in the air. Connect from the heart with someone special -- that someone who lights you up, and fires all of your jets.

On the AWAKENING front, Singing to Bring in the Aquarian Age ~ the frequency of the human voice in song, is one key to overcoming the current darkness, and bringing about a golden age. For, the power of singing and music, both individually and in groups, is one magickal tool of the new age. Know that this means EVERYONE SINGING, not only those with 'good' voices.

On the paranormal front, Halloween 2012 is a high spiritual opportunity for those who are awake and aware. A sacred door opens inside all of us at this magickal time of Samhain.

This magick within us, will be greatly enhanced as Earth vibrationally touches the majestic, pulsing heart of our galaxy. The time is here to take advantage of knowing yourself at this level. The time is here to 'catapult into the consciousness' of rebirth and ascension.

As well, from a prior forecast: "...project Blue Beam is back on the drawing board, which is a plan to use a fake alien attack as a way to control 'the people' and bring in a one world government. However, this IS NOT an absolute." UPDATE: a subtler use of 'Aliens' to frighten the people is being brought forth using the news media, big entertainment media, and a cadre of dis-info agents. 

On the economic front, a crazy mishmash of events will be happening, all designed to stall a total collapse, and keep the dollar afloat for now. As well, the banks will continue to deny large withdrawals of cash, while making all sorts of excuses that, in essence, make no sense -- if logical thought is used.

Meanwhile, significant gains are being made in the emerging world of trade and barter. Of course, the corp-gov will make every effort to shut down those who are most successful. However, the more communities come together and buy/trade with each other, the faster a 'real' recovery will happen for ALL.

Of significance also, the coming superstorms, land changes, and the war fronts all over the world, are being used to 'hide' the seriousness of the Currency Wars that now rage between many nations.

Also, from the previous forecast: During the next three months, more of the bankster gangsters will be exposed for what they are, remorseless serial killers of society, of all that is GOOD. In the coming weeks, more of the people will realize it's either 'renaissance or ruin'.

On the truth front, the dragon of truth spirals around the dragon of deceit crushing, destroying -- seeking the final victory. Know there will be several TRUTHS revealed this week, truths that will shake humanity to its core.

For, *Real* history returns to haunt humanity during these end/beginning times. The lies told for age upon age crumble, soon to become dust in the wind. Watch for it, and embrace what resonates with you.

However, the 'revelations' of this week, and the ones forthcoming, will be countered with an onslaught of lies, and every attempt will be made to bury most of them again.

Out of this ongoing battle between Good and evil, humanity will likely become more schizophrenic and divided. It will be the establishment zombies versus the renaissance renegades.

On the war front, the dark-siders fan the flames of war, and brutal conflict spreads like a fast-growing cancer across the planet. Also, the threatened use of nuclear weapons -- already in use on a small scale -- will be ramped up to scare the people, and keep them in a non-ending state of fear.

For, the soulless ones believe this will bring about mindless obedience. It won't.
For the next ten days, there will be several major moves on the grand chessboard of war, with Russia taking the lead on the world stage.

On the home front, currently a *purge* of the GOOD US military men and women -- occurring for a long time now -- is accelerating. Therefore, troops who will fight Americans are replacing them.

As well, with the demonization of veterans taking place, if you know any good-hearted veterans, now is the time to bring them into your 'circle' of friendswledge about how to reconfigure a car engine's computer so it can be run on water, please spread that knowledge underground as fast as possible.

On the really bad news front, FEMA's Zombie Apocalypse is here, and ratcheting up fast. On top of this, the corp-gov's Catch 22 scenario will now be used against the people.

If you don't prepare you'll be blamed, and any FEMA assistance will be at a high price, or will be denied. If you do dare to prepare, you will be considered a prepper, and extreme preppers are now designated to be 'terrorists' by the military. Good sacred luck to one and all.

Remember: Practices, such as storing and preserving food, were normally done by our ancestors as the way to survive. After all, big box stores didn't exist, and might not be accessible in the future -- for example during a major winter storm.

On the good news front, the people are wising up, and taking action to protect themselves and their loved ones. Never underestimate the will and the power of the people at this point in history. It is the stuff of MIRACLES.

On the freedom front, now comes the accelerated use of propaganda to denigrate and demonize many social groups. However, the love of liberty will unite a lot of us, despite this endless media brainwashing.

As freedom soars like the phoenix within the soul of humanity, many of the people will realize now is the time to exercise their rights, or lose them forever.

Trendwise, now comes the rise of the Sheriff's posse. In many areas, these white-hats will become the protectors of the people. This is a movement that will not and cannot be stopped.

As well, even with the winter season upon us, mass migration from the major cities begins. This will happen because of ongoing catastrophes, and the new horror of looting, brought about by the collapsing economy.

Meanwhile, Heaven on Earth will be the mystical and magical goal of THOSE who love humanity and the Mother Earth.

This week, heart energy, LOVE, is the sweet currency that will serve you best.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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