Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hang onto your smarts, your intelligence... born to run...

Cat leads owner to discovery of ancient Roman ruins

By Eric Pfeiffer, Yahoo! News

Mirko Curti was chasing his cat through the streets of his village on Tuesday night when the cat inadvertently discovered a set of ancient Roman ruins.

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Friday into Saturday yowls, howls, and growls, Autumn-jovial Kittens... chilly but lovely day on the tame prairie... during the sunset where the sun went down on the horizon, it was this incredible deep red neon, way beyond what the Kougaress has observed before... again, what is happening in the heavens, in our skies? This Big Cat wants to know.

Yowls, uber-busy once again today... it is so non-stop these days. Anyway, the Kougaress got her first order from ~ ~ a non-GMO, organic online grocery store. She plans to continue purchasing as she can from this family-owned and operated business.


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Cometh The Bewitching Blog Hop

Treat yourself to a bewitching array of fun, flashes, eye candy, and PRIZES! The HOP begins on Friday, the 19th. And, if you refuse this invitation... well, there just might be a werewolf tracking you down... and once he finds you, he just might persuade with a few nips to your tail end.


Hang onto your smarts, your intelligence... born to run... darling kittens, the assault, the outright attack on human intelligence, on the ability to think critically, on just down to earth 'smarts', has avalanched, and is crashing down around us all, threatening to suffocate most of us... the chemicals in the water and food lowers IQ dramatically... this is true about vaccines as well, and about BIG PHARMA drugs, in general. Daily, ruthless propaganda keeps the dumbing down process going on, the one began in the 'public school system', ie Charlotte Iserbyt. TV, the frequencies of the waves also 'dumbs' you down, and relentlessly harms the brain. As they say, it really is TV programming. In these times, cell phone frequencies cause brain tumors, and continue the assault against critical thought. Oh, and not to mention we're being attacked by the now HIGH LEVELS of radiation circling the globe.

Thus, the very intelligence, the brilliance and creativity of Americans has been under attack, at least, since WWII with the introduction of toxic fluoride in the water and the use of pesticides. After all, dumbed down populations are much easier to control. And the global cabal bad guys like that. It certainly means a lot less competition for them.

At this point in time, it is more important than ever to hang on to your intellect, your very intelligence, your critical thinking ability, your ability to reason and use logic. Equally important is using your common sense, and your 'life smarts' or 'street smarts'. For this, married to your intuition, in harmony with your heart, and your gut sense of what's true, is what the dark-side cabal fears the most. It is the AWAKENING.

Look at it this way. Most Thoroughbred horses are BORN TO RUN. It's their spirit, their life blood. It's who they are as a 'being'. If a foal is nurtured from birth, they will race the wind. But what happens, if they're fed bad food and water. If at every turn as they grow, they're beaten down for wanting to run, for even trying to run... yet, at the same time, they're being told to run, to be their best... sadly, for their great hearts, they can't be their best... well, that is now the condition of humanity.


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10:10 pm... 11:22 pm... Hollywood has become *Hollowood* ...



Dust storm shuts down interstate in northern Okla. AP - 11 hours ago

A massive dust storm swirling reddish-brown clouds over northern Oklahoma triggered a multi-vehicle accident along a major interstate Thursday, forcing police to shut …




VIDEO: Kilauea Volcano lava lake reaches highest level

The UK has experienced its 'weirdest' weather on record in the past few months, scientists say.



Yep, banning cash coming to a country near you, not to mention it's scheduled to come to your country... time to trade and barter and create your own currency...

Now Mexico Bans Cash: Dominant Social Theme: Terrorism must be combated by controlling people's money.


Yowls, whatever is coming down, FEMA and the federalized police across the country are planning/training for massive death. May it be THE CONTROLLERS instead of us.

U.S. Congress introduces bill ordering FEMA to conduct 'mass fatality planning'

This Big Cat's opinion: the secret war or wars continue, whether it's the proxy wars, or an ET war, or a relic population war... or... ???

Loud boom and shaking reported in Bay area as fireball streaks across sky


The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire.

~ Have a magickal month of October ~   


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

Born to run kisses from the Kougar...


Serena Shay said...

I was just checking out the link for the Green Polka Dot organic grocery. Very cool. You'll have to let me know what you think of you get just your supplements there or are you getting the fresh fruit/veggies and other foods, as well?

Savanna Kougar said...

That was my first order and I'm happy with what I purchased. I'm planning on buying more of their organic food products.

I usually get most of my supplements at Their site is easy to navigate mostly, and they have overall good prices, and bargains.

Since Green Polka Dot only sends the fresh fruit and veggies to the western states now, I didn't get any. However, they're working on supplying the eastern half of the country as well, and I will definitely be trying their fresh produce.