Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day ~ Heart of the Dragon

The Kougaress in another lifetime where love reigned...

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY and late night maows, my flirty-dancing Kittens... the first real snow of the season covers the tame prairie today... a couple of inches of the fluffy white stuff fell during the night... it's just cold enough to keep it from melting... earlier this afternoon, the Kougaress accidently, because she didn't see them soon enough, spooked her beautiful cardinal couple, who took flight in opposite directions, but landed on low tree limbs not far from each other.

Valentine's Day ~ Heart of the Dragon

Pic ~ Valentine dragon Cupid by ~ chartreux.deviantart.com ~ isn't this little cupid dragon too adorable? So, love in the Year of the Dragon... powerful, spiraling, either spinning toward the heights of passion and love... or plummeting toward the dark side of possessiveness... or two hearts in love twining together in an endless dance of harmony, a beautiful dance between the feminine and the masculine... this year, the heart of the dragon is all about overcoming and transforming beyond what humanity has been into what humanity is divinely called to become... let the dragon live in you and guide your heart toward this Becoming.

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #180

Valentine's Day week is a new time of healing for the human heart. That is, love frequencies from the Divine intensify and quicken. This angelic offering is a gift to those of us who give of ourselves because we truly care.

As has been stated before, a new age of the heart has arrived. From the courageous heart of a lion to the gentle heart of a dove -- that is how our hearts and emotions will grow during these times. More and more, we will be able to encompass all shades of love and caring.

This is the week to pay special attention to those who occupy the most special places inside your heart -- the ones you adore. They deserve and need your undivided attention at this time.

Also, this week the dragon of truth rises with a vengeance. With raw and ruthless power, this new dragon writhes and spirals throughout the world, and in our personal lives as well. Be prepared.

Be prepared, not only for this greater level of truth to be revealed, but know it will cause some of humanity to dig deeper into their denial, while others who cannot face these truths will seek refuge in a form of insanity. This will likely result in what occurred during the Great Depression.

Like evil vultures, the soulless ones gather to feed on the carcasses of all those they have destroyed so far with their massive levels of fraud and their Machiavellian manipulation of the world economy. To save themselves from the wrath of the people, they now use both unseen psychological finesse and every type of brute force to maintain excruciating levels of fear.

During the next several weeks, humanity will begin to realize the endless call for 'austerity' is just another name for establishing a robber-baron monopoly over the people of Earth. For, in truth, it is simply a way to force everyone to live in a global company store, a mini version of what occurred in John Steinbeck's novel, "The Grapes of Wrath".

Mother Earth's message to all of us is a plea. For, she does not want austerity. Not for her human populations, not for her abundance of animals, and not for her plant kingdom. Her other message, so she will 'not' perish: if you are able, and as soon as possible, run don't walk to a place in her countryside... a ranch, a farm, anyplace rural that has good water and soil.

Further, on the economic front look for a 'major' propaganda push that says poverty is now good and trendy. On the 'beat-the-war-drum-endlessly' front look for who the 'next' enemy hiding under the proverbial bed is. At this time, every effort will be made to popularize this spoon-fed plot.

There is now an enormous danger confronting the American people on two fronts. The sacred underpinnings of our beloved country is under severe attack. This attack will continue from the so-called leadership until the volume of their combined voices is on high, and their demon-like shrieking becomes a constant demand.

On the second front, think a *possible* nuclear Pearl Harbor event that is meant to galvanize everyone toward another world war. However, there are GOOD forces at work to prevent this particular event from occurring. Prayers are welcome and needed. For, peace is to everyone's ultimate benefit in the Age of Aquarius.

On the beneficial side this week, a strong movement favoring healthy foods takes off with meteoric speed. This means the eventual end of factory farming practices and large chemical-corporate farming. It also means the rise of small local farms, and a greater variety of specialized and heirloom foods.

Trendwise, this will be an interesting week. Following on the heels of last week's trend forecast, what now begins is the rise of the anti-trenders. While this could become a trend unto itself, in this case, the anti-trenders will have far more impact, and, unlike in the past, be much less susceptible to becoming co-opted by the corporate borg entertainment industry.

Remember! Romance is in the air. Inhale the sheer deliciousness of everything romantic. Let your soul sigh with it, and let your heart be fully nourished.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Authoress news and mews ~

So, the MUSE is not at all cooperating with a Valentine's Day love-fest flash to post at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS. It's the big mind blank going on right now, except for a story which is too complicated to pen as a flash scene. Anyoo and mew, the Kougar has not a tiny clue what she'll do. ~big breathy dispirited sighs~


Say It With ...
by Pat Cunningham

“Now what’s he up to?” Merry wondered, eying the kitchen door. Dash was not a cook. Heck, all he ate were grains, fruits and vegetables, raw when he could get ‘em. A man who could switch to horse form and graze in a pasture didn’t need a kitchen. So why had he shoo’d out the staff and told the hands to keep Merry occupied for a couple of hours?

“You know why.” Lacy giggled and elbowed Merry in the ribs. Lacy’s dad was one of the wranglers here on Merry’s dude ranch. Lacy groomed the horses and made sure the tack was in fit shape for guests to use. “It’s Valentine’s Day. He’s cooking you breakfast.”

Big Cat Rant Ahead ~ So, the Kougar did not renew her membership with the Romance Writers of America [RWA]. *One* reason among several, is because of the consistent prejudice, actually various types or prejudice, she witnessed toward certain romance subgenres and the authors who write in those subgenres. To this Big Cat 'romance' is inclusive by nature. That is love is everywhere and should be forbidden to none of us. This includes of course what are now referred to as GBLT romances. So, shock took over when the Kougar saw that the Love Romance Cafe' loop will ONLY feature GBLT romance excerpts on Valentine's Day. Gosh, how love-inclusive is that? Certainly, the Kougar has no problem with days that are exclusively GBLT excerpt days. More power and profit to all those authors. But on Valentine's Day? A day for LOVE? Aren't we all supposed to be LOVING each other on Valentine's Day regardless of what subgenre we write or don't write? Regardless of what romance novels we prefer, or don't?

Why is it okay for that type of prejudice on a universal day of LOVE, or ROMANCE IS IN THE AIR, on 'the day' ~ VALENTINE'S DAY ~ to happen at LRC? What's the difference between that type of exclusivity, or non-inclusiveness, and what has happened at RWA? Truly this Big Cat doesn't get it. If there had been a Valentine's Celebration week where one of the days was devoted to GBLT, hey, that seems fair and right, and not prejudicial.


Now, in the Kougar's case it's not going to matter because her books aren't that popular with the readers at LRC. So, it really isn't a hardship for this Big Cat to say she won't tolerate prejudice against GBLT or any other romance subgenre, on Valentine's Day. Thus, as a personal stand, she will not be posting anymore at LRC. No, it won't make any kind of dent. It won't even be noticed. Likely, it won't matter worth a whit, or anything else so micro-tiny it can't be seen without a super duper x-ray microscope. The only thing it will do is make the Kougar feel good about herself because she stood on her principles. Because in her opinion, on Valentine's Day, LOVE on a loop that features all subgenres, should be 'inclusive' of ALL the romance subgenres.

Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

2:22 pm... 5:55 pm... 11:11 pm... let the dragon live in you and guide your heart toward this Becoming...


Did you know UNICEF collected over ONE TRILLION, THREE HUNDRED EIGHT BILLION dollars during the year 2011. Gee, with those kind of funds the whole world should be saved. Not to mention no one in the entire world should be hungry or homeless, unless by their own choice. Wow, does this Big Cat wish she could play Robin Hood and give all their ill-gotten gains to THOSE who really deserve it. But, alas, she came into this world without those particular skills, and never learned them... darn it!!!

The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire.

~ Have a happy and magickal Valentine's Day ~


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

Flirty-dancing Valentine's Day kisses from the Kougar...


Serena Shay said...

Though your muse tangled with you in the beginning, she sure came through in the end...Sarielle and Dh'liam are wonderful! :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, thanks! Maybe my Muse just wanted some recognition??? She does play and work really hard.