Monday, January 7, 2019

The ENEMY-MSM Presstitutes, What a Bunch o' Idjit-Zoids

Monday roars, growls, and yowls, totally adorable KitKats... Really, how utterly DUMBER THAN DUMB is it to actually refuse to TELEVISE an address to the nation by the president???!!! Regardless, it won't matter, there are many platforms like INFOWARS.COM who will be streaming President Trump's live address. And this is precisely WHY, in this Big Cat's opinion, President Trump has never gone with the *OVAL-OFFICE address the nation thing*, when many like Roger Stone called for him to do so. 

So, we'll see... yeah, stay tuned.

DEVELOPING: Broadcast Networks Consider Snubbing President Trump’s Immigration Address

President Trump confirmed Monday afternoon he will address the nation Tuesday evening from the Oval Office on the national security crisis at the southern border.

The White House asked broadcast networks to carve out at least eight minutes at 9 PM ET Tuesday night where President Trump may declare a national emergency.
The four major networks – NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox may snub President Trump’s Oval Office immigration address set for 9 PM ET Tuesday night.
The networks are currently debating whether to air President Trump’s address, reported NBC News.
If the networks choose to snub the President, this will only confirm his argument that the media is biased against him.
The major networks aired former President George W. Bush’s address in 2006, but opted to pass on Obama’s immigration address in 2014.
President Trump is scheduled to visit the Southern border on Thursday, according to White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders who made the announcement via Twitter on Monday.
If the networks pass him up on his immigration address Tuesday night, they will potentially miss out on a huge announcement from the President.

VOTE NOW: Do You Think CNN Is The Enemy Of The People?

This bias is another reason why the President often bypasses major networks and speaks directly to the American people from his social media accounts.

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