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So, what happened last night on Friday the 13th?

Saturday evening yowls and roars, most adored and fabulous Big Cat Beauties... So, what happened last night on Friday the 13th? It would take at least several hours to break this basic psyop down -- Trump and Putin's gambit against the NWO slimezoids... first, the Kougar believes a lot of what Sorcha Faal talks about is, let's say, the background of what was really happening... OBVIOUSLY NOT WHAT THE ENEMY-MSM would have you believe ... good grief!!! the little this Big Cat witnessed it was like pathetic bloodthirsty sharks wanting a feeding frenzy ... who could be this horrible? Human life means NOTHING to them -- you are to be heatlessly fed on. But, there you have it for all to see, more TRUTH about the mind-twisted nasty-tards aka MSM -- YES, THAT WAS PART OF TRUMP'S PSYOP ... yet only one part.... that is, let Americans see this TV horror-show of inhumanity ... 'course, the more obvious conclusion is that President Trump is deflecting the endless, dog-biting attacks of the deepstate, especially in terms of the Russian collusion-delusion...

Of course, the joke for the Kougar is that yes, there is real collusion with Russia ... this Big Cat still believes [BUT CANNOT PROVE] that President Trump and President Putin are in a type of partnership BATTLING against the evil elite, aka the new world order psychos, on behalf of their people and the world's people... this also goes to the possibility that Donald John Trump is a Knight's Templar, according to research done by some ... certainly his background and genetics speak to that ... anyway, Friday the 13th, 1307 -- a massacre of the Knight's Templars, that was the Vatican, the French King taking power, conquering and becoming an evil power over the world... Okay, that's another piece of the overall psyop pie... taking back a GOOD POWER. Or a power for GOOD.

Another HUGE factor in all this, our President Trump is still under constant attack and surrounded by the deepstate-darkstate enemy ... how does he get them off his back enough to keep defeating these sinister forces, get some more breathing room ... thus, the mostly pretend Syrian attack [EXPLAINED BELOW] ...

ANOTHER MESSAGE ... hey, Military Industrial Complex, hey! those who are in our military -- those who are treasonously on the side of the Tyrant Globalists... those who actually believe WE SHOULD TO GO TO WAR WITH RUSSIA ... well, look at what the Russian military is REALLY capable of... you can't win with the deplorable state of our current military ... that was brutally gutted by OBUMMER and his treasonous friends during the eight years of the clone-clown's regime ... THAT IS, UNLESS YOU USE THE SECRET-OPS WEAPONS, THE DARK STUFF OF THE SECRET SPACE PROGRAM ... the weapons that could knock out the solar system ... yeah, use those covert platforms orbiting the planet... one known as the ROD FROM GOD.

TRUTH IS, there is a much BIGGER, MORE MONSTROUS picture than what we're allowed to see as the mere little peasants who are to be restricted to Orwellian MSM as our only news source... For one critical matter: THE WAR IS IN THE HEAVENS... And the Kougar *believes* Trump knows that. He wants humanity to WIN, and WIN BIGLEY.

Further note: this Big Cat loves Alex Jones and deeply understands why he was so emotionally wrought, upset over the Syrian attack when reporting on events... who wouldn't be, if you had one shred of human decency, and believed World War is/was a possibility ... the Kougar felt his pain, his profound frustration, and her own over this bombing ... however, she also intuitively felt the WHOLE PICTURE was much deeper than Alex's analysis of the situation ... a lot of which the Kougar believes is very valid, given the circumstances Alex is in. 

COMMENT BY THE KOUGAR AT INFOWARS: Alex did keep his honor by being totally honest in what he was feeling and experiencing. I absolutely understand. It's just that you can't judge Trump's actions by a surface reading of the situation. It always goes much deeper. Looks to me as though Trump and Putin pulled a big one over on the NWO Psychos ... meaning this soulless cabal has been trying to trigger world war through a Syria Flashpoint situation for how long now? And they just got Trumped and Putinized for now.

April 14, 2018
West Watches In Horror As 70% Of Missiles Fired In American “Military Masturbation” Attack OnSyria Obliterated
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers
As the American Empire's “New Realities” from the “false flag” Skripal poisoning to Syria’s fake chemical attack are reaching the end of the road, a very interesting new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the United States, nevertheless, has just engaged in another exercise of teenage-like “military masturbation” by attacking Syria in violation of all international laws—but whose attack left the West in horror as fully 70% of the missiles it fired at its targets were obliterated by Syrian air defense units—and that the result of the General Staffreported was no lives being lost.    [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

United States, British and French military forces spend over $163 million to destroy Syrian government science building worth less than $1 million that was scheduled for demolition

According to this report, in one of the most bizarre events ever recorded in modern world military history, over the past 72-hours the Americans pleaded with Russia to allow them to launch a missile strike on Syria—with them urging Russia to see the value of this “one time shot” they said would protect President Trump against his “Deep State” enemies seeking to oust him in a “palace coupby absurdly claiming that he’s a puppet of Moscow.
First pointing out to the Americans that there were no actual targets they could strike in Syria, as its most advanced warplanes, helicopters and political-military leadership has already been evacuated to Iran, this report continues, the General Staff, though, did create an “acceptable target list” for the US and its UK and French allies to use that included the Syrian government’s Barzeh research center building scheduled for demolition later this year to make way for housing blocks, and the Syrian controlled Mezzeh and Dumayr airbases that are scheduled for major reconstruction work due to previous Islamic terrorist damage done to them.
In offering this “acceptable target list” to the Americans, this report details, the General Staff warned the US and their allies that they would have to keep away from Russian air defense units inSyriawhich they did—with the Americans further being warned that if any missiles fired by the USS Donald Cook came close to any Russian assets in Syria (whose close proximity to Russia’snaval base in Syria the General Staff considers a “first strike” threat), Russian naval forces would immediately torpedo and destroy it—and the Americans, also, being warned that theGeneral Staff had deployed to Iran its heavy bombers who would immediately strike US “targets of opportunity” throughout all of Syria if any deviation to this “plan” was seen.   

Russian heavy bombers wait at Hamedan State airbase in Iran for orders to strike US military targets in Syria on 13 April 2018

With the Americans and its allies accepting the “war constraint conditions” imposed on them by the General Staff, this report says, at approximately 0400 (GMT + 3) Moscow time on 14 April 2018, US warships PorterDonald Cook and Higgins, along with US B-1 Bombers, and British Tornado and French Mirage fighter aircraft, fired a barrage of 103 cruise missiles into Syria—that were instantly repelled by Syrian counterstrikes from S-125, S-200, BukKvadrat and Osa air defense systems that quickly downed 71 of these Western cruise missiles—meaning fully 70% of the missiles fired at Syria were destroyed.
When combined with the 59 American cruise missiles illegally fired into Syria last year, 34 of which were immediately shot down by Syrian air defenses, and with the average cost of these Westernmissiles being $1.5 million, this report notes, today’s Western firing of another 103 missiles into Syria, and having 71 of them destroyed, puts the total cost of these two strikes at over $243 million--$157 million of which was spent to see them exploding uselessly in the sky—that the West, nevertheless, is absurdly celebrating—and whose only real life comparison the General Staff can liken this to is the “cheap thrill” a teenage boy has after masturbating to photos of naked women in pornographic magazines. 

Depiction of typical Western globalist warmonger as a teenager who substitutes reality for fantasy

To the grown up adult world that Russia lives in, however, this report continues, this American-led “military masturbation” attack on Syria is a blatant act of aggression against a sovereign statewhose goal was to prevent international experts from investigating the “fake news” claim that Syria had used chemical weapons, with the Americans, in essence, becoming the “ISIS air force inSyria” to do so—but that stands in stark opposition to the irrefutable evidence presented by Russia proving that the British staged this “false flag” chemical attack in the first place—with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, also, stunningly today citing data from the Swiss laboratory that the BZ toxin was used in the poisoning of the Skripals, with his adding that this chemical has been in the possession of the US and the UK, but has never been produced in Russia.

This report concludes by noting that a consensus agreement among all Security Council Members was reached to allow, for a single time, this basically useless Western attack on Syria in exchange for a total US withdrawal from all Syrian territory no later than October-2018, that now has people dancing in the streets of RussiaSyria and Iran in celebration of—and as the alternative toPresident Trump would be his “Deep State” globalist adversaries seeking total war on Russia, is the smallest price to be paid for a final peace to be achieved—but whose larger price is being paid by Trump whose once loyal supporters in America have erupted into indignation and anger for his allowing “the warmongers to hijack our nation”—even to include one of Trump’s most loyal supporters, Alex Jones of Infowars News Service, who, just hours ago, broke down in tears while doing his national television newscast and declared: “He’s crapping all over us...Trump’s now a fraud…and I’m done.

Peoples in SyriaIran and Russia flood into the streets to celebrate American “military masturbation” attack humiliation

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