Monday, January 9, 2017

One Can Only Hope Dr. Daniel Neides Doesn't End Up DEAD Soon

Early afternoon yowls, cute Kittens All ... this Big Cat will be blunt. VACCINES MAIM AND KILL!!! The numbers of children and adults who have been murdered by vaccines is enormous, and only gets bigger. But hey, vaccines are HUGE MONEYMAKERS for Big Pharma and the evil Medical Industrial Complex. WORSE! The use of vaccines is a genocidal war against humanity by the *darkside powers that be*. NOT TO MENTION ... how many vaccines are made in CHINA ... like the Communist Chinese leaders care about Americans being injured and killed. Okay, they might care about one less person to buy their cheap-killer products [how many pets have died because of Chinese produced treats and food?] ... however, ultimately they could care less about the American people... thus, the quality of vaccines is always suspect.

Head Holistic MD at Cleveland Clinic Threatened By Hospital For Writing Vaccine Danger Piece

Wow what  a day! Let’s start at the very beginning…
Daniel Neides, MD, MBA is the Medical Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute.
This holistic doctor has won countless awards and is one of the most respected holistic MDs in the US.
Dr Neides penned a well written  piece on about the real dangers of vaccine adjuvants which included carcinogens (causing cancer). The article is linked below.
It was posted last week and had thousands of reads and someone sent it my way.
Today, Sunday, January 8th, I  did a live video on it this afternoon and the article worked fine at the time I began the feed.  Then my video went viral (47,000 live viewers) and somwhere during that time the article on the popular site disappeared. has added a disclaimer now  to their own  article  that it reappeared shortly after our long video.
Here’s what they stated:
Please note: This column was inexplicably removed from for a few hours, but has now been restored in it’s entirety”
We had several troll sites send over their minions to our page during our live video and don’t know if it was an overload of people looking at the article, an intentional take down or just.. one big’ ole coincidence.
But it gets worse.
Now the good doctor has been threatened by Cleveland Clinic that they will take disciplinary action against him, but aren’t sure what they’re going to do to him at this time (just… wow!)
From the publication:
The Clinic responded by doubling down on its disavowal of Neides’ column, saying that the health system is “fully committed to evidence-based medicine,” and promising to take disciplinary action against Neides.Clinic officials have not yet determined what that action will be, according to a spokeswoman
Gee, will it be 40 lashes? Let’s just hope this holistic MD doesn’t end up dead like so many other holistic doctors (including his own colleagues – one AT THE SAME HOSPITAL!) who spoke out against vaccines the last year (some of whom were our friends)
The award winning holistic MD and writer is the head of the Cleveland Clinic famous Wellness Center (he writes extensively on alternative medicine) and now he’ll be ‘disciplined’ for what exactly?  Expressing his opinion?
Of course the allegedly alternative Cleveland Clinic (which has talked about vegan, holistic and alternative diets and health care for years) immediately said they didn’t agree with him on his vaccine article and then Dr Niedes publicly apologized.
All links supporting this 100% factual information as evidenced in the links below. Check out the video above as it did get a bit intense.
Until next time!
Erin Elizabeth
Article that disappeared DURING our live viral video now back (the publication said it was restored and not sure how it disappeared)
Article where the doctor (voluntarily we hope!) apologizes. Most colleagues I talk with highly doubt he had a choice in the matter and still will be disciplined and we hope it’s not too harsh and he lives to tell about all of this.

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