Monday, January 30, 2017

One Answer To Stopping the Brainwashed Lemming Masses

Late afternoon  yowls, most darling-est of Kittens ... OUTRAGE caused by the presstitutes meda's ongoing pants-on-fire lies, and Soros' and his vile cohorts efforts to dislodge President Trump ... is sparking the zombified hordes to obey marching orders at major airports... this is not only leading to devastating civil unrest in our beloved country, but *could* lead to a real *out in the open* civil war. Given a whole lot of us feel WE HAVE A BASIC RIGHT TO BE *SAFE* IN OUR OWN COUNTRY, as opposed to those who don't give one damn about letting terrorists, and potential terrorists, inside our borders ... and THOSE WHO apparently don't give one damn about living under Sharia law ... well, if that's what you want, please move to a country where Sharia law is the norm... then you can enjoy the benefits thereof ... like wearing the hijab and the burka ... also, like genital mutilation and no freedoms ... oh, except for the freedom to suffer and be enslaved. Enjoy!!! dodo-brains.

So, how do we get Americans and everyone around the world on the SAME PAGE ... that is: 1776 instead of 1984??? THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE! We, as humanity, need to be collectively SMACKED IN THE FACE with the TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH, AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH about Hitlary Rotten Clintonista. Yes, the Hildebeast MUST BE EXPOSED in all of her satanic pedophile glory. PEDOGATE must be shown unequivocally  to ALL despite the fact that none us really wants to know those pedo-evil horrors exist as the norm in the so-called ruling elite.

Only by facing this DARK TRUTH --- like Luke Skywalker facing the DARK TRUTH about who is father was/is... only that level of  knowing and facing the Truth will elevate humankind above the evil ruling over us.

Why does the Kougar say this? Because otherwise spiritually aware people ACTUALLY believe the wholesale brainwashing-crap lies, which are cancerously infecting our culture. These otherwise intelligent people DO NOT SEE the evil they are being used and abused by every single moment of their lives.

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