Saturday, December 3, 2016

Water Is Life, Water Is Sacred ... The Fight

Smokey, a member of the Sioux Native American tribe, rides the horse Prophecy, a descendant of the horse belonging to war chief Crazy Horse, at the Oceti Sakowin camp

Saturday yowls, most lovely Kittens ... this is a good overal pictorial of STANDING ROCK, and what is happening. One thing they got wrong. Red Fawn, a woman mentioned in the article, who being held for murder. She HAD NO GUN, AND SHOT NO ONE. Yeah, the so-called authorities are LYING ... may they pay the price for their outright deceit. For one thing, if this woman had dared to fire at anyone with a gun, she would be DEAD, riddled with bullets.

Myron Dewey, owner of Media Network Digital Smoke Signals at camp Scared Stone, greets a friend near a solar panel at the camp

EXCLUSIVE: 'This could turn out to be a war zone.' More than 6,000 protesters at Standing Rock brave subarctic conditions and 45 mph winds as they face eviction by the US government

  • Thousands are braving the cold and threat of a government eviction notice to continue protesting the $3.8billion Dakota Access Pipeline project
  • An estimated 6,000 people are standing their ground against the pipeline at the main Oceti Sakowin camp near the Standing Rock Indian reservation
  • A sprawling network of tents, vans and communal areas are spread out across a valley where the Missouri and Cannonball rivers meet
  • Snowstorms and freezing conditions have driven out many who were ill-equipped to withstand the conditions
  • Volunteers are working around the clock to ensure food and warmth are provided to protesters 
  • Entire families are living at the camp including dozens of children
  •  Demonstrations take place on how to protect yourself from tear gas and pepper spray and how to act against the greater threat of hypothermia
  • Sessions are held by the camp's legal department on what to do if you are arrested.
  • Doctors and nurses are manning medical tents and three ambulances are on stand-by in case people fall ill or protests turn violent
Lana Jack, of the Celilowy'am tribe in Oregon, is in charge of coordinating the donations. She sounded a note of warning after the blizzard this week left many on the camp in dire situations

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