Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Top Echelon of the Gov-Corp Is In Mega-Deep Do-Do

Saturday big fat yowls, most precious Kittens ... it's all coming down, or all falling down ... like a rotten, gigundis Humpty Dumpty about to fall and shatter, throwing a nasty goo for miles and miles and miles ... the HIDEOUS TRUTH that is the Clintonista Crime Family and their gov-corp cohorts is being EXPOSED. And what are the presstitutes doing? Okay, what little the Kougar has heard, the bought and paid for media is NOT reporting on anything of significance when it comes to sex pervert Weiner's laptop emails, and the file marked 'life insurance'.

Here's the Anonymous vid ... and Alex Jones will be doing a special Saturday report on the latest, starting a SIX CENTRAL time ...

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