Saturday, November 19, 2016

Cowboy Chad Prather Has His Say...

Saturday sunny yowls, most precious of Kitkats ... autumn-chilly but sunny on this Big Cat's tame prairie... yesireeee, lots of cowboy wisdom in this facebook vid... you tell 'em, Chad.

WATCH – Cowboy’s EPIC Takedown of Anti-Trump Protesters Is Incredible, 5 MILLION Watching!

Chad Prather has done it again. This unlikely and accidental internet star nailed it when describing why thousands of college students are frantically marching in the streets to protest President-Elect Donald Trump’s historic win.
“Let’s talk about these protesting college kids. Good for you, great job exercising your First Amendment rights,” cowboy internet phenom, Chad Prather, begins. “Now, I’m gonna exercise mine… I remember when I was in college and thought I knew everything too.”
A heavy dose of Prather’s no-nonsense folksy wisdom is just what these liberal petulant children need—and deserve. Their parents didn’t raise them right. Their schools coddled them and did not educate them or prepare them for the harsh realities of life, and it shows.

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