Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Assassination of Holistic Doctors Continues...

Hey Kittens, this is so sad, so heartbreaking for the families, and for those who were being helped by these good people. This is also another evil strike against humanity itself -- against all those who could have been helped. All this Big Cat can say is watch your back, holistic practitioners. And anyone who can protect them, please do so.
But yep, bottom line, holistic doctors are being picked off like they were the targets in a shooting gallery.
One can only speculate who the killers are, more important who is paying them??? Obviously Big Pharma is the most likely suspect...who individually? Well, let's shine the light of Truth on these psycho villains, and let 'justice roll down like water' as Dr. Martin Luther King said.

Breaking: Outspoken Holistic Doctor Allegedly Commits Suicide on Mother’s Day

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