Tuesday, May 10, 2016

AMERIGEDDON, the Movie...Opens On May 13th

Hey Spring-romping Kitkats...if the Kougar could, as in had a way, she would definitely!!! go see this movie...however, no time and no transportation are obstacles she can't surmount at this time... computer issues continue, and this Big Cat is using the chromebox thingie...great for online ... but Google documents remains a mystery... and it does no good to download OpenOffice... yeah, since that platform isn't supported ... probably if the Kougar did download Wordperfect 12, well that probably wouldn't work either... and really who wants to write on Google docs??? not to mention using a pdf doesn't seem to work as far as being able to do anything but copy a doc but not continue expanding it... whatever... this Big Cat likes her original XP computer and those programs... ~big fat sigh~


The new movie AmeriGEDDON is a must-see for every red-blooded American patriot that's concerned about the future of our country.

Created by Chuck Norris' son Mike Norris and Gary Heavin, AmeriGEDDON isn't just a hard-hitting fictional story about the New World Order takeover: it's ALL based on fact. And the very real plans of the Globalists to create Order Out of Chaos.

As patriots, it is important that we help support key films like AmeriGEDDON. Because when we inject independent films made by liberty lovers into the culture, we reach millions more around the planet. It is essential that we begin to hijack popular entertainment and shift the narrative to preserving freedom and prosperity.

Please show your support by taking the time to watch AmeriGEDDON in theaters with friends and family. This film is a powerful tool in the information war to really help wake people up and rally patriots in the cause of freedom and justice.

AmeriGEDDON opens at select theaters in:

Phoenix, Arizona
Denver, Colorado
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Las Vegas, Nevada
Charlotte, North Carolina
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Nashville, Tennessee
Austin, Texas
Dallas, Texas
Houston, Texas
Lubbock, Texas
San Antonio, Texas
Waco, Texas
By visiting
you can see the full list of theaters, plus, you can find information about special Thursday night screenings.

It’s time for America to wake up and fight the globalist agenda. Stand for freedom with fellow patriots around this great nation by seeing AmeriGEDDON on May 13th.   Remember, you are the resistance!

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