Monday, March 14, 2016

The Rise of Liberty Versus Sinister Forces

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #393  

The Rise of Liberty Versus Sinister Forces... and We Stand In the New Streams of Aquarian Age Consciousness 


On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' use their mighty lightblades to slash away the dark bands of evil surrounding, concealing the Viper elite from public view. This will seem long in coming. However, *those* who have sorcery-enslaved humanity are being revealed. 

Because this will be a horror-shock to many on the planet, the people are being prepared to understand, and to cope with this TRUTH. Let yourself be guided  in this process. 

On the personal front, this week will be a major discombobulation for many. This will involve their financial situation, their work lives, and the day-to-day stuff of living. Mostly these will be minor situations, yet will seem HUGE at the time. 

Plow your way through, and ask for advice from those you trust. Patience will also be its own reward in some situations. On the other hand, there 'could' be  moments when you need to act, and act quickly. 

As always, your intuition, you inner knowing is the key that will help you decide, and  overcome. 

And yes, there is a good economic opportunity to be had this week. Something obvious. 

On the DAVID ICKE LIKE front, Kyle Odom's Manfesto ... Not the Rambling of a Crazy Man 

ARTICLE: "Suspect in shooting of Ted Cruz rally pastor arrested at White House
The Washington Times | The man suspected of shooting a prominent Idaho evangelical pastor was arrested Tuesday outside the White House hours after claiming his victim was a Martian." 

REPORT: "Kyle Odom's Martian Chronicles | North Idaho -
2 days ago - Kyle Odom is an honorably discharged Marine, a Dean's List graduate from the University of Idaho and a man driven to kill a Coeur d'Alene ..." 

ARTICLE: "Idaho shooting suspect blames 'hypersexual' martians in ...
1 day ago - Kyle Odom, who also allegedly threw a handful of items over the White ... Idaho shooting suspect blames 'hypersexual' martians in manifesto."

***Kyle Odom's Manifesto***

On the paranormal front, Exposing the Black Budget *Secret Space* Breakaway Civilization 

Article: "CATHERINE AUSTIN FITTS: UFO ECONOMY 3.0 THE BLACK BUDGET ROCKETS INTO SPACE CONTRIBUTOR: common sense. Previous DARK JOURNALIST – DANIEL LISZT FKTV.IS “The Diversion Between Official Reality and Real Reality Has Never Been Greater than It Is Today – and It Keeps Getting Weirder and Weirder!” Former Assistant Housing Secretary, Catherine Austin Fitts is back with Dark Journalist for Part 1 of their examination of..." 

ARTICLE: "Prepare To Be Shaken! Governments Deadliest Secret About the US Air Force and What They Plan To Build Revealed... CURATOR: Lisa Haven. By Lisa Haven If you don’t believe that aliens have visited us before or that the US government has developed alien-grade technology, then you are in for a real wake-up call when you see these declassified documents from the National Archives. A government document titled, “Project 1794, Final Development Summary... 

ARTICLE: "Prepare To Be Floored! Gov Deadliest Secret About the US Air Force and What They Plan To Build—Does It Prove Aliens Exist? Proof! (video)
 CURATOR: Lisa Haven. By Lisa Haven If you don’t believe that aliens have visited us before or that the US government has developed alien-grade technology, then you are in for a real wake-up call when you see these declassified documents from the National Archives. A government document titled, “Project 1794, Final Development Summary..." 

On the UFO front, ARTICLE: "Nebraska Police In Omaha Has Triangle UFO Sighting CONTRIBUTOR: Jeffery Pritchett. An Omaha, Nebraska police officer, reported seeing a slow moving triangular UFO below 500 feet in the sky at a local Walmart store. The police officer was on duty patrolling near Walmart when he noticed something strange above. He claimed to have seen a triangle-shaped unidentified flying object at 5:38..." 

A scientist at the US Department of Defence has become the latest high-ranking personnel to speak up about aliens and UFOs.  The electromagnetic and laser systems expert of the department requested not to be named to safeguard his career. He claims to have seen a phone receiver-shaped unidentified flying object over woods during a hunting trip in Ontario, Canada.  The witness offered his account during an interview with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), an alien investigation organization.  The man said that he was with a hunting group on August 28, 2013 when he saw a craft at around 9:40 pm for about six minutes. The aircraft was seen just 400 feet away, according to the witness account. The two other members of the team have also not been identified.  In a video interview, the witness claimed they were driving down a logging route and heading to the main highway when they spotted the low-flying craft from the windscreen.  The reporting witness estimated the UFO to be at the highest 150 to 175 feet altitude. He grabbed his rifle scope, downed the window, and hung out the open side window to watch the craft better.  He described the mysterious flying thing as bright, giving the same light intensity as stadium lighting." 

ARTICLE: "Proof Of Extraterrestrial Life In North Of England CONTRIBUTOR: Jeffery Pritchett. Mutual UFO Network UK has logged 18 incidents of UFO sightings in North East since January 2015. They range from white glowing object to silent rocket and teleporting man. UFO Investigative Researcher in Hartlepool, Glen Richardson, is very much convinced these sightings prove we’re not alone. Richardson claimed that he..."  

On the THEY ARE HERE front, Article: "NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly, Finally Admits the Existence of Aliens – After His Year in Space (video) CONTRIBUTOR: JFK Waves. [CONSPIRACYBUZZ.INFO] FIRST was the image of what appears to be a large UFO above earth which was photographed on-board the International Space Station (ISS) by the Astronaut Scott Kelly who was arrived back down to earth after a year in space. This photo (please see above) of what looks like..." 

ARTICLE: "Mexican Farmer Builds Pyramid at Behest of Alien
An indigent farmer in Mexico constructed an enormous stone pyramid allegedly at the behest of an alien who ordered him to build the structure. 
Raymundo Corona claims that the encounter took place in 1984 when a tall ET came to him and told him to build the structure. 
The alien, Corona says, was named Herulayka and hailed from a planet in the Orion constellation. 
Despite warning him about being ridiculed for building the pyramid, Corona honored his interstellar visitor's request by constructing the 22 foot stone monument to their encounter. 
In wisdom one would expect from an alien, Herulayka mused to Corona that the pyramid would be unwavering like his faith and point upwards to the stars. 
Corona's tale is reminiscent of legendary alien contactee George Van Tassel, who constructed the amazing Integratron building in Landers, California during the 1950's. 
Tassel also claimed to be following the instructions of ET visitors who told him how to construct the alleged 'rejuvenation center.' 
While Van Tassel never lived to see a full-fledged alien arrival, perhaps Corona will be lucky enough to witness such an event and, if so, he'll likely be in good standing with the ETs, since he fulfilled his pyramid promise." Source: Express 

On the BIGFOOT front, BLURB: ...Connie Willis ... welcomed eighth-grade science teacher, paranormal researcher, and Bigfoot hunter Thom Powell to the show to talk about his years of study and the connections he has made between his Bigfoot research and other aspects of the unknown. Powell described how he first became aware that the evidence for large, hairy hominids in North America was far more extensive than he first believed. Every time thought he could dismiss it, he said, "the evidence was better than I realized" which only increased his interest. Website(s): ~
Book(s): Edges of Science, Shady Neighbors, The Locals 
More at:

ARTICLE: "Government Knowledge Of Bigfoot From Animal Behaviorist (Video) CONTRIBUTOR: Jeffery Pritchett. From the youtube channel of Bigfoot Crossroads: In this episode we are joined by a very special guest. "Suzy" is an animal behaviorist specializing in bears and other large predators. She joins us to discuss her own experiences with bigfoot, says what she can about the government's knowledge of sasquatch,... 

On the WEREWOLF front, ARTICLE: "Video of Crazed 'Werewolf' Man From Czech Republic ~ Sunday, March 13, 2016
Man growls as he chases passersby and jumps on a police car." —

On the CATTLE MUTILATION front, ARTICLE: "Arizona Rancher Struggles with Cattle Mutilations ~ Sunday, March 13, 2016
Problem at ranch since the 1970s. Headlights are seen on surveillance cameras, but no tire tracks are found." — Arizona Daily Sun

On the UNKNOWN CREATURE front, ARTICLE: "Giant Unknown Creature Washes Ashore in Mexico
The bizarre body of a twelve-foot-long sea creature washed ashore in Acapulco, Mexico and no one is quite sure what it is. 
A local official estimated that the ghastly blob had not been dead for long but was flummoxed over the nature of the unsettling former denizen of the sea. 
Fortunately for anyone daring enough to inspect the animal, it has yet to give off any unpleasant odor, which seems very surprising in light of how it looks. 
Online observers viewing the photos and footage of the creature have suggested that it is perhaps the remains of a giant squid or whale. 
We can only hope they are correct and that it is not the first of a wave of sea monsters en route to destroy our cities. 
Source: Mirror 

On the PLANET X front, ARTICLE: "Is March 2016 the Date Planet X / Nibiru finally Makes its Appearance? CONTRIBUTOR: Michele Johnson. Is Planet X getting close? The video below was shared by Omar; it looks very compelling and I think it is worth paying attention to. There is more and more evidence suggesting that not only is our planet feeling the effects of Planet X but that the entire solar system..." 

ARTICLE: "Planet X “The Destroyer” Cometh: The Kolbrin Bible And The Prophet Jeremiah (video) CONTRIBUTOR: JayWill ~ It seems that Old Testament Prophet Jeremiah felt compelled to warn us of something he called “The Destroyer.” The Kolbrin Bible, parts of which were written during the same period as Jeremiah’s warning, gives a detailed description that..." 

ARTICLE: "Nibiru Confirmed 2016 Bob Fletcher Underground Cities, Declassified Documents Reveal, Global Government CONTRIBUTOR: Paranormal Stories. Nibiru or Planet X has been confirmed by several main stream media outlets now here in the USA and abroad. The information on when people will feel its effects varies and that in itself should cause red flags. With that said the information presented is for you to decide and..." 

On the land changes front, All Super Heck Is About To Let Loose In the Coming Weeks... Leave Any Affected Area Immediately ... To Repeat Again: "the ASTEROIDS are here! And Again: "Earth Changes: Big Doings Are Here... Everything Intensifies and Quickens -- Volcanoes, Earthquakes, the Superstorms, Odd Weather Patterns, Floods, Droughts, Winds, Sinkholes ... and the Oceans Will Rise Over the Next Several Years ... So Will Lands That Were Once Above the Ocean" ... And Watch Out For More Fireballs ... *Also, Tsunamis Could Be a Problem For the Next Several Months* 

HEADLINE: M6.3 - 65km SSE of Atka, Alaska 

ARTICLE: "Never Before Has America Been Hit By So Many Historic Floods In Such a Short Period Of Time" 

ARTICLE: "Flooding, evacuations and two drowned in the South as parts of Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas receive nearly a foot of rain"  

ARTICLE: "Drought-Stricken L.A. Admits to Using Weather Modification “To Produce More Rain”
Mac Slavo | The weather patterns have become cruel and extreme." 

ARTICLE: "Giant tsunami wave threatens 1.5 million people as Iraqi dam falls into disrepair 
U.S. warns Mosul dam collapse would be catastrophic, the old structure is in a bad state of repair after almost 40 years of neglect, with many experts warning of an impending a disaster.
Mosul dam has sustained structural flaws since its construction in the 1980s.
If it collapsed, a wall of water would flood the heavily populated Tigris River valley." 

On the *gas leak explosions will continue for several reasons* front, ARTICLE: "'It's like something out of a movie': Huge gas leak explosion in Seattle injures nine firefighters and shatters surrounding buildings" 

On the WEATHER WARFARE front, ARTICLE: "America Is Under Attack by Weather and Earthquake Weapons
...Louisiana Is Closed for Business-Military Deployed
In New Orleans, if you drive faster than 5 mph over standing water, the police are under orders to write you a ticket. Death and devastation are spreading throughout the states and the misery will soon reach throughout the central Midwest. There is one significant problem, the projected weather patterns are too uniform, to be viewed as a random collection of projected weather events. To one local meterologist, interviewed for this report, they were “troubled at the lack of randomness” associated with the storms and uniformity of progression over a large swath of land. 
[NEW MADRID FAULT ZONE]...The convergence of extreme weather, combined with the possible EMP, excitation of key plate tectonics could produce the following effect. One confidential source revealed the following map would be the “zone of concentration”.  Interestingly, it has happened before WITHOUT artificial stimulation. One can only imagine the devastation if this is an orchestrated event." 

On the DARE TO DENY THE DARK-SIDE ESTABLISHMENT'S DEFINITION OF CLIMATE CHANGE front, ARTICLE: "US Attorney General: 'We May Prosecute Climate Change Deniers'" 

ARTICLE: "Global Warming Satellite Data Gets Suspicious Makeover
New American | The adjusted data set in question comes from Remote Sensing Systems (RSS)."  

Meanwhile... ARTICLE: "Climate Engineering, Final Fatal Folly Of The Human Race" 

On the AWAKENING front, THE DIVINE FEMININE KNIGHTS ARISE IN DEFENSE OF THE PEOPLE ... and MANCHURIAN CANDIDATES EXPOSED AS NEVER BEFORE, Look For These Revelations Beginning This Week... However, There Will Also Be Much Disinfo About WHO IS a Manchurian Candidate and WHO IS NOT ... True Discernment Becomes Invaluable At This Spinpoint In Time 

Meanwhile... On the THERE'S NOTHING DUMBER THAN DUMB...HUH? front, ARTICLE: "College Removes ‘Racist’ Rooster Statue After Outrage From Students
Mikael Thalen | Bronze cockerel accused of celebrating “the colonial past.”

On the *so, where is the pope...why isn't he stopping this?* front, 
ARTICLE: "Mass Exorcism Needed: Mexico Swept by Wave of Satanic Killings" 

On the *no-spine congress, the betrayal of the people* front, ARTICLE: "Senators accuse State Dept. of defying Congress with $500M UN climate payment CONTRIBUTOR: Fellowship of the Minds. Whatevs….it’s not like $500M is that big of a deal. Just tack it on to the $19,000,000,000,000+ national debt! Via Fox News: Two Republican senators are accusing the State Department of misusing taxpayer dollars by green-lighting $500 million for a United Nations climate change program without first obtaining congressional approval...." 

On the *you are the serfs* front, ARTICLE: "The Status Quo Plan – Convince The American Public To Accept Serfdom" 

ARTICLE: "Obama to Push Passage of TPP Trade Deal Despite Rising Public Opposition
Michael Krieger | You didn’t think Obama was gonna let some angry plebs prevent him from ensuring huge speaking fees upon leaving office, did you?" 

On the CLASS WARFARE front, ARTICLE: "Trump Just Revealed the Real Reason Protesters Shut Down Chicago Rally - He May Be Right (video)
CONTRIBUTOR: AmericanPatriot. In the wake of protests that forced him to cancel a planned Friday night rally in Chicago, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said the root cause of the anger stoking the actions of Chicago protesters is deep-seated frustration over economic issues. “I think we have a very divided country, and..." 

On the END THE FED, BANKSTER GANGSTER front, BLURB: "On today's show, we welcome *Mitchell Feierstein of* to discuss the asset bubbles central bank policies have inflated in stocks, bonds & property, Obama’s misrepresentations to the public about "deficit reduction," and the USA’s transition from democracy to plutocracy to tyranny. Friday, March 11, 2016 

ARTICLE: "Central Banks Are About To Leave Fiat Addicted Stock Markets In Agony" 

On the SILVER front, ARTICLE: "China Is Now In Control Of Global Silver Prices - China has been an unofficial price-setter for most metals over the past decade. And this week, the country became an official participant in setting prices for one of the world’s most important precious metals markets. That’s the London Bullion Market silver price. Where one of China’s largest banks just became a member of an elite group of players that controls fluctuations in this key metal."  

On the TOO BROKE front, ARTICLE: "This Is How Bad The Economy Really Is: “Walmart Customers Are Too Broke To Shop”
Mac Slavo | You may find that the below report is, as President Obama might suggest, once again “peddling fiction.” 

ARTICLE: "Deflation Is Coming To The Auto Industry As Used Car Prices Drop, Off-Lease Deluge Looms" 

ARTICLE: "Consumers in Texas Hit by 'Negative Ripple Effects' :As layoffs of well-paid workers cascade through the Texas economy, consumers are beginning to sing the retail blues for the first time since the Financial Crisis

ARTICLE: "Market Meltdown Already Underway-Gregory Mandarin: We’re going back to a two-tier society. We are seeing it happen. The middle class is being systematically destroyed. We are going to have a feudal system of the haves and the have nots"

On the *deadly bitcoin* front, Article: "CEO of Bitcoin Firm Found DEAD CONTRIBUTOR: JFK Waves. The turmoil recently surrounding Bitcoin is thought to be the cause of Autumn Radtke’s death. Police are investigating the death of 28-year-old American CEO of Bitcoin exchange firm First Meta, as a “suicide.” Radtke was found dead last week, on February 28th. She was in her Singapore apartment when..." 

On the economic front, The Beast System Arises In Full View To Voraciously Eat Out, Devour the Substance of the People ... However, There Is That Pesky Boston Tea Party Slogan: "No Taxation Without Representation" 

Says feds need access to “Swiss bank accounts” hidden on smart phones 

ARTICLE: "Politifact: Bernie Sanders’ White Poverty Statement False
Truth Revolt | Horribly and offensively racist."  

ARTICLE: "Credit Card Debt In The United States Is Approaching A Trillion Dollars" 

ARTICLE: "Trend Forecaster Gerald Celente Warns: Prepare For The Panic Of 2016: “History Will Remember This”
Mac Slavo | Now, as oil prices hover under $40 per barrel, Katusa said more pain is likely coming and oil, along with other asset classes, are going to go “lower for longer.” 

ARTICLE: "Is This the End, My Friend? ‘EU Collapse Possible as Never Before’
Sputnik | “The risk of collapse is at its highest now… Crises are piling up, overlapping and threatening to spin out of hand,” Neue Zürcher Zeitung quoted Stark as saying." 

ARTICLE: "The Collapse Of Italy’s Banks Threatens To Plunge The European Financial System Into Chaos
Michael Snyder | The Italian banking system is a “leaning tower” that truly could completely collapse at literally any moment."  

ARTICLE: "This Is The $1 Trillion In European IG Bonds Which The ECB Is Now Buying
Zero Hedge | The ECB not only went even deeper into negative rates territory, cutting all three of its main rates, but boosted QE by €20BN."  

Meanwhile ... *how is this for getting bigtime screwed?* ARTICLE: "‘Kick in the teeth’: Michigan taxpayers might pay $2.7mn in Flint legal fees
RT - Michigan taxpayers may pay up to $2.7 million in outside legal fees associated with the Flint water crisis if Governor Rick Snyder and Attorney General Bill Schuette receive all the money they’re seeking from state lawmakers. Snyder’s office requested $1.2 million for legal fees, according to an agenda summary submitted to the State Administrative Board’s Finance and Claims Committee. That’s up significantly from the roughly $500,000 that was previously estimated, and the money would go to two separate legal firms assisting the government with the situation in Flint. Schuette is seeking another $1.5 million for work done by Flood Law LLC “for a one-year, six-month Flint Water Investigation conflict.” This is a dramatic increase from the $249,000 previously allocated. The decision to employ Flood Law was also controversial because attorney Todd Flood had donated money to political parties in the past, including some $3,000 to Snyder’s last two campaigns. The contracts will be fully considered by lawmakers on March 15."  

On the GLOBAL TRADE front, ARTICLE: "Are You Kidding Me? Chinese Exports Plunge 25.4 Percent Compared To Last Year
Economic Collapse - We just got more evidence that global trade is absolutely imploding. Chinese exports dropped 25.4 percent during the month of February compared to a year ago, and Chinese imports fell 13.8 percent compared to a year ago."   

On the *AI* Economy front, ARTICLE: "Game ON: the end of the old economic system is in sight
Google is a pioneer in limited artificial general intelligence (aka computers that can learn w/o preprogramming them). One successful example is AlphaGo.  It just beat this Go Grandmaster three times in a row." 

ARTICLE: "Over a third of people think AI poses a threat to humanity
Business Insider | Some 36% of people think the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) poses a threat to the long term survival of humanity." 

On the SKYNET OUT OF CONTROL front, ARTICLE: "Report Warns that Autonomous Weapons in Action Could be Rendered Uncontrollable ~ By John Markoff, New York Times
A new report written by a former Pentagon official who helped establish United States policy on autonomous weapons argues that such weapons could be uncontrollable in real-world environments where they are subject to design failure as well as hacking, spoofing and manipulation by adversaries.
In recent years, low-cost sensors and new artificial intelligence technologies have made it increasingly practical to design weapons systems that make killing decisions without human intervention. The specter of so-called killer robots has touched off an international protest movement and a debate within the United Nations about limiting the development and deployment of such systems." 

ARTICLE: "Secret SKYBORG Pentagon Development Includes ‘Avatar’ Fighters, Drone Swarms 
High over Alaska last summer, the Pentagon experimented with new, secret prototypes: Micro-drones that can be launched from the flare dispensers of moving F-16s and F/A-18 fighter jets. Canisters containing the tiny aircraft descended from the jets on parachutes before breaking open, allowing wings on each drone to swing out and catch the wind. Inch-wide propellers on the back provided propulsion as they found one another and created a swarm […] And some plans are extremely ambitious: One new project not previously reported is called Avatar, and calls for the Pentagon to pair high-tech “fifth-generation” fighter jets like the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Joint Strike Fighter with unmanned versions of older jets like the F-16 Fighting Falcon or F/A-18 Hornet, which would be flown without a pilot for the first time. The Avatar effort was previously called SKYBORG… 

On the EMPIRE OF LIES *yes, lies are the currency* front, ARTICLE: "Violence At Chicago Trump Rally Led By Known Ally of Obama
Democratic Party supporting domestic terror groups, led in part, by Bill Ayers, have a new mission to incite violence at every Trump rally and then CNN and Fox blame the Republican front runner for the violence.
When I was watching live footage of and Black Lives Matter et al, inciting violence at Trump’s planned political rally, on March 11, 2016, in Chicago, I could not believe my eyes. There he was in all of his infamous glory, the domestic terrorist and murder, Bill Ayers, leading the way. Will he ever go away? 
I thought that I must be mistaken, however,  a search of a twitter feed revealed the same observation. Convicted felon and self-admitted Communist revolutionary, and founder of the Weatherman Underground terrorist group, Bill Ayers, and close friend and former political and financial benefactor to President Obama, was caught on camera at a political event where contrived violence was in use against Donald Trump’s candidacy. 
Bill Ayers’ Sordid Past
During his meteoric rise to the Presidency, Obama made some very important communist connections which ultimately led to him obtaining an impressive college education financed by some very familiar communist activists’, namely, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. You remember Bill and Bernardine, don’t you?"

On the truth front, The Time of the TRUTH BOMB Is Here ... "What Is Hidden Will Be Revealed" 

ARTICLE: "Celente: Fed’s ‘Cocaine & Heroin Injection’ a Criminal Act - Greg Hunter Video (video) CONTRIBUTOR: John Rolls. By Greg Hunter’s Trends forecaster Gerald Celente says former Fed President Richard Fisher dropped an ominous truth bomb last week on CNBC. Celente says, “Last week, when it was a celebration of . . . 2009 and the markets started going up, Fisher says, quote, ‘We injected cocaine and..." 

On the KILLER CLONE CLOWN AT WORK front, ARTICLE: "Shocking Revelation? Obama's Drones Are Now Targeting Non-Military (Video) CONTRIBUTOR: Voice of Reason. Remember when 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner President Barack Obama bragged to his aides that he “is really good at killing people” in the book “Double Down” while discussing drone strikes. Well just how good is he? In the first video below, you'll learn that Obama has managed to kill..." 

Article: "PUTIN LECTURES OBAMA ABOUT U.S. WARMONGERING :Obama has turned the Middle East and North Africa into a post-apocalyptic disaster area with no end in sight" 

ARTICLE: "Crack Dealer Freed Early Under Obama Plan Murders Woman, 2 Kids :A convicted crack dealer who left prison early as part of the Obama administration’s mass release of federal inmates has been indicted by a grand jury for fatally stabbing his ex-girlfriend" 

On the CYBER WARFARE front, BLURB: "Cyber Warfare
In the first half, Pulitzer Prize–winning former reporter for the Boston Globe, Fred Kaplan discussed how our lives and the nation's infrastructure are dependent on digital technology, which is leaving American security vulnerable to malicious hackers that can conceivably wreak destruction from their keyboards. He looked back at the history of the intelligence community as it relates to computers and the dawn of the Internet age, and revealed that the US has actually been doing hacking and intrusions into other countries systems for a long time. "We have better rocks that we can throw at other houses, but we live in a much glassier house" in that the US system is so heavily computer networked, he noted.
The US is getting more adept at determining who is behind cyber attacks, Kaplan reported. For instance, in the Sony Pictures hack, the NSA (who has infiltrated North Korea's networks) was able to go back through their files and "watch exactly what the North Korean hackers were watching on their monitors, while they were doing the hack," he cited, adding that it's become an elaborate cat and mouse game. At this juncture, "hacking and the communication intercepts are so...very widespread that it's very difficult to get away...and be anonymous," he remarked. While nation states have generally been behind the most sophisticated incursions, the threat of cyber-terrorism by rogue groups is becoming increasingly possible, Kaplan admitted." Book: "Dark Territory: The Secret History of Cyber War" 

On the *so, who is responsible for this...a possible false flag event?* front, ARTICLE: Combat Missiles Heading to US Found in Passenger Aircraft in Serbia 

On the war front, The Russian Bear Retreats, But Does Not ... The Middle East Continues To Burn In Unholy Wars ... and the Unexpected Explodes Throughout the World ... This Will Likely Change Everything ... Unless, There Is White Hat and Divine Intervention

ARTICLE: "N. Korea boasts new nuke warhead small enough to mount on ballistic missile
RT | North Korea has allegedly developed a miniature warhead that can be fitted into a ballistic missile." 

ARTICLE: "North Korea fires two missiles into Sea of Japan, cuts cooperation with South
RT | North Korea has fired two short-range ballistic missiles into the East Sea, according to the South Korean military." 

ARTICLE: "Russia Threatens Invasion If North Korea Nuclear Rhetoric Continues
Daily Caller | The warning was issued in the form of a written statement from the Russian foreign ministry." 

Article: "ON A KNIFE-EDGE: US to deploy BOMBERS close to China border as tensions flare THE US are set to deploy long-range bombers close to the Chinese border as tensions between the powerhouses reach boiling point." 

ARTICLE: "Pentagon Shocked: Russia Developing Planes 'Faster Than Anticipated'" 

YOUTUBE: America!! World War 3 is about to Begin:120 Countries Amassing Troops! (MEDIA BLACKOUT)

ARTICLE: "‘Burned to death, beheaded’: Cizre Kurds accuse Erdogan’s forces of civilian massacre
RT | ‘Erdogan could end up in The Hague for genocide of Kurds’" 

ARTICLE: "As Turkey Turns Totalitarian, EU Officials Move to Accelerate EU Membership Bid
Michael Krieger | European Union bureaucrats like to portray themselves as enlightened, competent technocrats who nobly represent humanity’s grandest political and economic experiment." 

On the *rape invasion of Europe* front, ARTICLE: "Never Seen Anything Like This Before” – Sweden Stunned At “Unreal” Surge In Refugee Sex Attacks
Zero Hedge | As a direct result of Europe’s refugee crisis, new and very unpleasant social fractures have started to emerge." 

ARTICLE: "Two 10-year-old schoolgirls molested and a woman's trousers ripped off: Inside the sleepy Swedish town rocked by EIGHT sex attacks in three weeks by migrant men" 

ARTICLE: "Who Is To Blame For The Rape Epidemic That Is Sweeping Across Europe?
Michael Snyder | Let’s examine why women all over Europe are living in such fear right now."  

ARTICLE: "Sweden Warns Women Not To Go Out Alone After Dark: “This Is Serious”
Zero Hedge | As you might have noticed, Europe is falling apart." 

ARTICLE: "Hungary Declares State Of Emergency, Deploys Thousands Of Troops To Border" 

ARTICLE: "Archbishop: It’s Not Racist To Fear Migration
Sky News | Britain’s most senior cleric says it is “outrageous” to call people with concerns about immigration racist." 

ARTICLE: "Muslim Migrant Melts Off Wife’s Face With Boiling Oil
WND News | ‘I wanted to show her that I am not weak!’" 

ARTICLE: "Top Danish Imam Admits Agenda For Muslims to Conquer Europe
Paul Joseph Watson | Head of mosque encourages migrants not to assimilate into western society." 

ARTICLE: "Father attacked by migrant Sharia patrol that told his wife & daughter how to dress’
UK Express | A FATHER has been hospitalised after being attacked by a ‘Sharia patrol’ in Vienna, sparking fears that parts of the Austrian capital are becoming no-go areas, according to reports." 

ARTICLE: "Arabic ‘Educational’ Video Teaches Girls That Not Wearing Hijab ‘Brings You Closer to Satan’
Truth Revolt | The indoctrination is elaborate and starts early — and this is what the West doesn’t understand."  

On the *what is the TRUTH about this? front, ARTICLE: "Muslim communities establishing private and armed compounds in the United States." 

On the *illegal invasion* front, ARTICLE: "‘I want to vote so Donald Trump won’t win’: Illegals Applying for Citizenship to Vote Against Trump
Adan Salazar - Obama administration, Soros-linked NGOs behind push to naturalize illegals before November. Illegal aliens, encouraged by the Obama administration, are registering for citizenship ahead of November’s presidential election in record numbers, with many vowing to vote against Republican frontrunner Donald Trump."  

ARTICLE: " Bombshell Revelation Ignored By MSM As Sheriff And Border Patrol Detail Outright Treason Against America By The Obama Administration" 

Sheriff denounced politicization of immigration enforcement at news conference - MARCH 8, 2016
Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu denounced the Obama administration Tuesday, accusing the White House of preventing border agents from enforcing immigration laws." 

On the MIND WARP *how to brainwash the sheeple* front, ARTICLE: " Sharia Sunset: The Islamization of Europe Continues Unabated
New American - “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history,” George Orwell once noted. This brings us to the United Kingdom, where a Monday Express headline reads, “Schools teach Islamic history… but ignore 1066 and all that.” The issue is the new national curriculum, through which “teachers are being told pupils need not study British kings and queens, but must learn about early Islamic civilisation, Mayan culture or of Benin in west Africa,” the paper explains. It reports that the curriculum makes the “teaching of landmark events and personalities in British history ‘non-statutory.’”... There’s now something called World Hijab Day, every February 1, on which girls of all faiths are urged to don the Muslim veil. The idea is to increase “understanding” and “tolerance”; of course, Muslims aren’t encouraged to reciprocate and wear a cross or yarmulke."  

On the energy front, There Is a *Possibility* of Rolling Black Outs In the Near Future For Certain Areas of the Country ... If This Occurs, It Is a False Flag Event 

On the *how to beat down fledgling FREE ENERGY devices* front, Article: "U.S. Energy Agency Predicts Still Further Declines in Oil and Gas Prices
New American | The general trend in the price of crude oil and natural gas is down for at least another year, perhaps two." 

Meanwhile... ARTICLE: "Energy from gabbing: Scientists invent device that converts jaw movement into electricity
Imagine one day charging a laptop by simply chewing a piece of gum while you're using it. What about having the ability to charge a cell phone by simply talking on that very phone? Or, think about what it would be like to eat while simultaneously producing..." 

On the PREPPER *watch out* front, ARTICLE: "9 Ways Preppers Could Face Fines or Jail Time! CONTRIBUTOR: JohannaMichael. A prepper plans ahead for events that pose a threat to the life or safety of himself or loved ones, but did you ever think your actions could potentially cause an issue? The amount of prepping each of us chooses to do can vary widely and is really a matter..."  

On the *what happened to being the good guys instead of crooks?* front, ARTICLE: "Denver PD Caught Stealing People’s Assets, Using Them to Pay for Massive Propaganda Campaign
Blacklisted News - A couple of years ago, the Denver Police Department (DPD) was under fire for a spate of excessive force complaints. They wanted to change their image, so they began a massive public relations campaign, ramping up spending from $599 in 2011 to $136,783 in 2013. The “media affairs unit” is made up of very well-paid employees who push their message in social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Last year the DPD spent $450,000 on six employees in the media team, which is far more than six cops on the beat would make." 

On the *oh, and gee, whatever happened to the promise of TRANSPARENCY?* front, ARTICLE: "Errant, not transparent: Docs reveal Obama admin. tried to ‘kill transparency’ – advocacy group" 

On the tyranny-at-work front, Yep. Welcome To Police State Amerika ... We're All Being Acclimated ... Trained Like Monkeys In the Chinese Year of the Monkey 

ARTICLE: "Spring Break in a Police State — Cop Drones Spy on Partying Kids to Bust them for Victimless Crime
Activist Post - As 25,000 college students expect to attend the spring break festivities, the South Padre Island Police Department recently announced that they will be using drones to monitor partiers during spring break this year. “It’s going to give us a bird’s eye view when we need it,” city spokesperson Gary Ainsworth told the Valley Morning Star. “It’s a 4K camera, so it’s crystal clear,” he added. 

ARTICLE: "Why The Coming System Of Governance Is Set For Tyranny: The High-Tech Collectivist State" 


ARTICLE: "9-11 the day the laws of physics and nature were suspended 
Government Rag - September eleventh, two thousand & one, was a very strange day. Of course we are told, enemies, hostile to Americans, people hating our Freedoms, attacked various locations near the heart and control centers of American power, New York City and Washington, DC."   

On the *rumored TREASON* front, ***Plane loads of so-called refugees are disappearing inside America to be then housed in section eight housing ONCE the old people and poor people are kicked out...then this sleeper cell of refugees are being given new names and social security numbers*** 

On the INTERNET TERRORISM front, ARTICLE: "Senator Feinstein Revives Stupid Idea That Internet Companies Are ‘Materially Supporting Terrorism’ If ISIS Members Use Their Sites
Tech Dirt | Last year, FBI Director James Comey floated a ridiculous idea that retweeting ISIS tweets could be seen as “material support” for terrorism." 

On the BOOK BURNING EXTRAVAGANZA front, Article: "ISIS burns hundreds of Christian books in Mosul in its latest attempt to wipe the religion from civilisation :Comes after terror group destroyed 10,000 rare books in Mosul last year" 

On the FACEBOOK IS NOT YOUR FRIEND front,  ARTICLE: "Zuckerberg is the Lee Harvey Oswald of the Social Media CONTRIBUTOR: common sense. Mark Zuckerberg “I want Donald Trump dead. In fact, I have even sponsored a Facebook page dedicated to assassinating Trump”. However, if writers like Dave Hodges post one negative observation about Hillary Clinton and her criminal activities, I will ban that person and their observations. Facebook is a perversion upon... 

On the communication front, STREET BULLY TERRORISM WILL SWEEP THE NATION ... ALSO, LANGUAGE FASCISM WILL BE USED TO DOMINATE AND CONTROL THE PEOPLE ... Many Now Go Maverick Against This Machiavellian Social Engineering 

ARTICLE: "Liberal Professor Speaks Out Against SJW’s And PC Culture
Prison | Paul Joseph Watson speaks with professor Gad Saad about how PC culture is ruining the next generation." 

On the *jihadi extremists can use TWITTER...but if you're fighting them, no TWITTER for you* front, ARTICLE: "No #OpISIS? Twitter shuts down Anonymous accounts ‘for harassing’ extremists
RT | Activists from the ‘Anonymous’ hackers group, which targets the feeds of ISIS supporters, claim their accounts have been suspended too." 

On the *computing* front, ARTICLE: "New Magnetic Chips Offer Computing With One Million Times Less Energy" 

On the RIGGED ELECTION front, ARTICLE: "Computer Programmer Testifies Under Oath He Rigged Election Computers" 

ARTICLE: "Stealing Elections: Writer Asks, “Is Democrat Voting a Vast Criminal Conspiracy?”
New American | How severe is vote fraud in America?" 

On the DEMOCRACY NOT AT WORK front, ARTICLE: "Rigged Democracy – Nearly 10% of Democratic Party Superdelegates are Lobbyists
Michael Krieger | When it comes to presidential primaries, there isn’t a whole lot of “democracy” in the Democratic Party." 

Article: "UPDATE: Diversity bill passes at CSU after student senators threatened with impeachment
Campus Reform | “We have the right to vote, at least we thought we did…”

On the FIRE-MONKEY ELECTION front, ARTICLE: "Trump Vows To Press Charges Against Protesters
The Hill | “I hope these guys get thrown into jail. They’ll never do it again.”

ARTICLE: "Protester Who Stormed Stage at Trump Dayton Rally THREATENED MURDER – WANTED TO BE ‘MARTYR’
Gateway Pundit | “I’ve had about all I can take.” 


ARTICLE: "Trump Supporters Brutally Assaulted – Body Slammed and Hit in Stomach in Florida
Gateway Pundit | Lou Valls suffered muscle sprains and bruises after the attack." 

ARTICLE: "Black Trump Supporter Shot and Killed by Chicago Protesters CONTRIBUTOR: common sense. By admin1 – March 12, 2016 Christian News Christian Times Newspaper has learned that an African-American supporter of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has died after allegedly sustaining gunshot wounds in the aftermath of Friday night’s chaos in Chicago. Robert King Bullock, aged 37, was a resident of Chicago’s Evanston..." 

And still more threats of rape 

ARTICLE: "Vote 4 Trump, You Get Jumped”
Twitter | Violent message characterizes anti-Trump extremists." 

ARTICLE: "Trump Rally – MAC-10 Submachine Gun Fired by Black Lives Matter Protester in Chicago Streets
Mark Dice | He tweeted the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter along with the video."

ARTICLE: "Video: Anti-Trump Protesters Block Ambulance
Brett MacDonald | Anyone defending the thuggery at #TrumpRally needs to see this." 

Violent, crazed leftists run riot....and the media blames Trump! 

A precursor to activity the organization will engage in as as the election approaches  

Protests gain steam nationwide against presidential frontrunner

Article: "OUTRAGEOUS! Megyn Kelly Blames Trump and His Supporters for Violence at Rallies
Jim Hoft | And she wonders why Trump won’t come on her show?" 

ARTICLE: "Reporter Who Claims She Was Attacked By Trump Campaign Manager Just Took Huge Action Against Him ~ CONTRIBUTOR: AmericanPatriot. Michelle Fields, a reporter with Breitbart, has filed a police report against Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, in connection with an incident March 8 following a Trump campaign rally in Jupiter, Fla. In the report, Fields alleges Lewandowski grabbed her arm to push her away from Trump, who was..." 

ARTICLE: "Ted Cruz Insults Trump Voters: They’re “Low Information Voters” and “Not That Engaged” (Video)
Gateway Pundit | He’s a uniter." 

ARTICLE: "Establishment Playbook to Defeat Donald Trump Echoes Smears Against Barry Goldwater
Breitbart | The template for such attacks may have been set more than five decades ago." 

ARTICLE: "‘A total disgrace’: Trump Calls Out ‘dishonesty of press’ for Equating Supporters with Nazis
Adan Salazar | “What they did on the Today Show was a disgrace.” 

ARTICLE: "Violence erupts in Chicago after Trump rally is called off over a protesters threat to storm the stage during The Donald's speech – just hours after black man was beaten bloody at St Louis rally" 

ARTICLE: "Will Black Lives Matter Team Up With ISIS To Try To Stop The Republican Convention? ISIS Warnings Of 'Enormous And Spectacular Attacks' This Summer Coincide With Depraved Fantasy In Hollywood's 'The Purge: Election Year'" 

On the *rise of Trump* front, ARTICLE: "Obama Is Responsible for the Rise of Trump" 

ARTICLE: "More Proof We Have Reached The 'Rubicon Crossing': Liberal Slams Clintons And Hails Trump As Republican Party Prepares To 'Trump' Trump - Americans Show They Have Trumps Back As We Fight Back Against The NWO" 

ARTICLE: "Mass Exodus: Thousands of Lifelong Democrats Jump to Trump
Kit Daniels | Thousands of Democrats also propelled Reagan to White House."

"Most of the time he's just a nice man" 

Political insider reveals latest attempt to bring down Trump - MARCH 12, 2016 
Alex Jones speaks with political insider Roger Stone on the plan by Hillary Clinton to disrupt Donald Trump rallies with radical left-wing provocateurs. 


On the *1984 super surveillance* front, ARTICLE: "It's Official: NSA Data Will Soon be Used by Domestic Law Enforcement" 

ARTICLE: "Clamp Down on Cash Is the Ultimate Surveillance State: “Citizens Shouldn’t Be Under General Suspicion”
Mac Slavo | The war on cash is more than just a currency war to clamp everyone down on the electric grid." 

ARTICLE: "FBI Instructs High Schools to Inform On “Anti-government” Students
Kurt Nimmo | Constitutionalists figure prominently on the target list." 

ARTICLE: "Snowden: FBI Saying It Can’t Unlock An iPhone Is “Bullshit”
Steve Watson | The global technological consensus is against the FBI." 

ARTICLE: "New FOIA Documents Confirm FBI Used Dirtboxes on Planes Without Any Policies or Legal Guidance
Electronic Frontier Foundation - EFF recently received records in response to our Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Department of Justice for information on how the US Marshals—and perhaps other agencies—have been flying small, fixed-wing Cessna planes equipped with "dirtboxes”: IMSI catchers that imitate cell towers and are able to capture the locational data of tens of thousands of cell phones during a single flight." 

ARTICLE: "Surprise! iPhone Just the Beginning: Obama Announces He Wants a Backdoor to Everything CONTRIBUTOR: Voice of Reason. Is there anything Obama doesn’t feel he should have access to, or total control over? Seriously, anything at all? The video below is an interview with Barack Obama that took place at this year’s South by Southwest® (SXSW®) Conferences & Festival. The conference offers the unique convergence of original music,..." 

ARTICLE: "FBI Will Force Apple to Remotely Turn on iPhone Cameras & Microphones Next
The Daily Sheeple | “Where will this stop?” 

ARTICLE: "France: Send Tech Execs to Prison for Refusing to Cooperate with Surveillance State
Kurt Nimmo | France and Britain move to ramp up police state powers." 

On the *fire monkey madness* front, ARTICLE: "IRS shuts down identity security tool for taxpayers due to security problems
Ars Technica - The Internal Revenue Service has temporarily suspended use of its Identity Protection PIN tool "as part of its ongoing security review," according to a notice issued by the IRS. The IP PIN is supposed to act as an extra layer of security for taxpayers who are at higher risk of becoming the victims of fraud because of personal information leaked in commercial data breaches. Last year, the IRS shut down an electronic tool for obtaining tax data after a massive fraud operation using stolen Social Security numbers and other data from commercial data breaches managed to extract filing data for hundreds of thousands of taxpayers. This year, the IRS is facing a new wave of fraud, as criminals engage in a phishing campaign to obtain employees' W-2 form data." 

On the DIABOLICAL SOCIAL ENGINEERING front, ARTICLE: "Gen. Boykin: First Transgender Man Enters My Daughter's Bathroom Won't Have to Worry About Surgery: Lt. Gen. Boykin served in the U.S. Army from 1971 to 2007. He was one of the founding members of Delta Force. He headed the U.S. Army Special Forces Command 

ARTICLE: "Liberal College Students Require Counseling Over Traumatically Offensive… Sombreros?!
Louder With Crowder | This is why we need South Park." 

On the WAR AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE front, ARTICLE: "Navy Secretly Conducting Electromagnetic Warfare Training on Washington Roads
Truthout - Without public notification of any kind, the US Navy has secretly been conducting electromagnetic warfare testing and training on public roads in western Washington State for more than five years. n email thread between the Navy and the US Forest Service between 2010 and 2012, recently obtained via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed by Oregon-based author and activist Carol Van Strum in November 2014, revealed that the Navy has likely been driving mobile electromagnetic warfare emitters and conducting electromagnetic warfare training in the Olympic National Forest and on public roads on Washington's Olympic Peninsula since 2010 [...] the Navy itself has produced a medical study showing that exposure to electromagnetic radiation causes a myriad of human health problems, including corneal damage, tubular degeneration of testicles, brain heating, sterility, altered penile function, death, cranial nerve disorders, seizures, convulsions, depression, insomnia, chest pain, and even sparking between dental fillings. Other reports by the US Air Force, NASA, medical doctors and scientific publications confirm these and other deleterious health effects that would result from the Navy's electromagnetic weaponry arsenal, in addition to large-scale negative impacts on birds, aquatic life and other biota." 

Blurb: WOLFGANG HALBIG joins The Power hour to discuss on the latest on the Sandy Hook hoax. WEDNESDAY - MARCH 9, 2016 
Power Mall Book of Interest: Nobody Died at Sandy Hook by James Fetzer.
To order call 877-817-9829 today.

On the *if you believe it's only 20 time, I gotta a bridge to sell ya* front, ARTICLE: "Pentagon Admits It Uses Military Drones to Spy on Americans
Kurt Nimmo - A delayed report issued by a Pentagon inspector general admits the military has used Predator and Reaper drones to surveil the American people. According to the report made public under a Freedom of Information Act request, the unmanned military aircraft have been deployed “on non-military missions [that] have occurred fewer than 20 times between 2006 and 2015 and always in compliance with existing law.” The Pentagon did not release further information on the spy missions...."  

Meanwhile... ARTICLE: "F-35: Trillion Dollar Warplane’s Radar Doesn’t Work
Shadowproof - The financial sink hole known as the F-35 continues to fail the most basic flight and sensor tests. The warplane, estimated to have a total cost around $1.5 trillion, has already come up short in simulated dogfights with the F-16... The F-35 also has a limited fuel supply which means it will not be able to stay in an area to protect ground troops.... Also, there are concerns as to whether the F-35 can even be traditionally fueled because the plane has a problem with accepting hotter fuel."  


Clinton insider warns of growing tyranny - MARCH 11, 2016 
Alex Jones speaks with Clinton insider Larry Nichols as he is rushed to the hospital.  

On the HATE CRIME front, ARTICLE: "College ‘rocked’ by anti-Asian hate crime … committed by drunk Asian
Daily Caller | The University of Southern California (USC) has been rocked by a hate crime that, it turns out, appears to be the work of one drunken Asian bullying another." 

On the ONCE UPON A TIME EDUCATION WAS ADVANCED AS A WAY ***NOT*** TO HAVE TO PROSTITUTE YOURSELF front, ARTICLE: "College Students Now Have to Prostitute Themselves to Pay Tuition
The Daily Sheeple | There’s no doubt that the cost of college is one of the biggest issues in America today." 

On the EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM front, TRAINING THE CHILDREN TO BE COWARDS, One Endgame of the Viper Elite's *Dumb 'em Down* Non-Education ... And Surveillance ... 

Surveillance state gives elite all the power needed to control the population
Infowars Nightly News - MARCH 11, 2016 
The Establishment wants to make sure their guy gets in because they have some big plans for the future.
The surveillance state is already being built up to ensure total control. 

On the *state of the union* front, ARTICLE: "Emergency Alerts: Race War To End America Looming - Prayer Request For Donald Trump - Sheriff Warns Of Serious Threat To Order, Liberty And The United States Of America ~ March 12, 2016" 

ARTICLE: "Videos Of Chaos! Trump Responds To Chicago Rally Cancellation As Protesters, Including Terrorist Bill Ayers, Killed Free Speech ~ By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine ~ March 12, 2016 
Last night the Donald Trump campaign issued a statement to announce the schedule rally in Chicago, IL, was to be postponed, with reports indicating that there were serious security concerns due to protesters.
The Trump campaign's statement read "Mr. Trump just arrived in Chicago and after meeting with law enforcement has determined that for the safety of all of the tens of thousands of people that have gathered in and around the arena, tonight’s rally will be postponed to another date.
Thank you very much for your attendance and please go in peace."
That was the same statement that was announced at the podium at the rally as attendees were informed of the postponement.
Reports indicate there were several thousand people already inside the pavilion with thousands more in line stretching several blocks, peacefully waiting to be admitted to the rally by 5pm. 
Other reports indicate there were at least 1,000 protesters outside with more having gained entrance into the rally pavilion with ABC Chicago reporting the following:
Protesters outside the Pavilion were loud, but peaceful. Inside the Pavilion, there appeared to be thousands of protesters in attendance, mostly young people and UIC students. At the announcement, undercover protesters who had entered the Pavilion as Trump supporters broke into wild celebration, shouting "We stopped Trump! We stopped Trump!" 
The ensuing chaos included pushing, shoving and a few fistfights with several people taken away by Chicago and UIC police. 
"The police, they don't seem to be doing anything to get anyone out of here, so everyone in the parking garage started to get weapons out of their car, they're ready to fight," said a caller named Cathy. "We're stuck in the garage. We haven't moved. We haven't been able to leave." 
One driver said someone in the swarm of counter-Trump protesters shot at his car then tossed a brick at the windshield. Cars began leaving the garage not too long after that, with police controlling the flow of vehicles.
NBC Chicago managed to get footage from their skycam which gives a better visual representation of how quickly "choas" start erupting in multiple areas as the reporter described previous altercations.
Interestingly enough we see from Gateway Pundit that known Weather Underground terrorist, Bill Ayers, was part of the protest:
Guess who was outside protesting Donald Trump.…Domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.
Below is a clip from Hannity who is joined by Donald Trump to respond to the chaos in Chicago, but first, my bottom line:
With the "Crybully" world we are creating where any speech that someone doesn't like is requiring "trigger warnings," and our nations young are insisting on "safe zones" where they don't have to hear anything that might possibly upset them, we are also creating a culture where this type of chaos is not being punished, where the reality of the world outside their "safe homes" is one where they cannot function peacefully.
Make no mistake, has these protesters been patriots, or tea party members, or Christians, or those opposing the government in any way, and this type of violence ensued, the government would be declaring it "domestic terrorism." This was a planned, orchestrated event as the Politico reports these protesters "talked over social media for days over on how to execute their demonstration." 

On the *crushing of the dark-side establishment* front, ARTICLE: "This Election Is The Biggest Threat To The US Aristocracy (Biggest Opportunity For Voters) Since At Least 1932 

ARTICLE: "Divided States of America CONTRIBUTOR: John Rolls. By Marcel Cousineau Where it used to take a day or less for the Oligarchy to send out their media attack dogs and destroy someone, everything they've tried to do to destroy Trump has failed. So now they resort to violence and send out their brown shirts, the university brainwashed..." 

On the *INNOCENT ROCKS are now being targeted ... YOU GET FINED* front, ARTICLE: "You can’t make this stuff up, EPA says rocks are pollutants, threatens millions in fines CONTRIBUTOR: March 10, 2016 EPA threatens millions in fines for stabilizing riverbank with rocks As originally published by Idahoans for Liberty MARCH 7, 2016 / IDAHOANS FOR LIBERTY An Oregon farmer is facing the potential of millions of dollars in fines ($37,500 in civil penalties for each day of violating the..." 

On the *food and socialism* front, ARTICLE: "The history of socialism is littered with mass starvation and extreme human suffering:'Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people' ~KISIINGER-this is playing out in real time before our eyes!" 

On the food front, Continue to STOCK UP On Good Food As Fast As You Can!!! and ***Malnourished America*** 

ARTICLE: "Pay-What-You-Can Organic Cafe in Colorado Celebrates 10 Years!
So All May Eat cafe celebrates 10 years serving mostly organic and locally-sourced food. And if you can't pay for it - don't worry about it." 


ARTICLE: "Global food supply headed for era of collapse and starvation... must-listen Home Grown Food interviews teach self-reliance, food preservation and more... playing NOW" 
Wednesday, March 09, 2016 ~ by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger 

ARTICLE: "Is Your Food On Crack? Salmon Test Positive For 81 Different Drugs, Prozac, Birth Control, Cocaine" 

Newsletter Info: "MALNOURISHED AMERICA ~ by Herbalist Wendy Wilson
When we think of malnourished we tend to see visions of emaciated, barely able to stand individuals. When I asked my adult children what they thought of a malnourished person looked like, they referenced the WWII POW’s and concentration camp prisoners. Obviously those are extreme cases of neglect and not at the individual’s choosing. However, malnourished people are very common today and the signs can be very subtle and you may not notice. School teachers, counselors, parents and physicians may not realize a person is malnourished just by looking at them. When malnourishment becomes visible, it has been going on for some time. Health experts are reporting that we live in a time of food insecurity, which means even if there is food; is it nutritious enough? Let’s take a look at how we can avoid any phase of being malnourished." 
From: American Survival Newsletter ~ March 8, 2016 

ARTICLE: "A Solution for a Healthier Nation?
Do you find yourself often eating junk food because it's less pricey than food which promotes optimal health?
A new study published this week by researchers at Harvard University found that lowering the price of fruits and vegetables is key in helping our collective health. 
In fact, the findings suggest that in total, lowering the price of fruits and vegetables by 30%  could save nearly 200,000 lives over 15 years . That's roughly the population of Des Moines, Iowa" 

On the FRANKENFOOD front, ARTICLE: "Why Did the Senate Ag Committee Just Vote to Take Away our Food Rights!?
You need to know how officials voted this past Tuesday in the hearing for the DARK Act, (Deny Americans the Right to Know) act."

ARTICLE: "Mexico GMO Maize Ban Given New Life after Appeal Ruling
Sustainable Pulse - On Tuesday a Mexican Federal Appeal Court court headed by Judge Benjamín Soto Sánchez notified Mexico’s Secretary of Agriculture (SAGARPA) that they are not allowed to grant release or cultivation permissions for GM Maize in the country. 

On the GOOD FOOD front, Article: "USDA Whistleblower Launches Regenerative Ag Farm to Train Next Generation of Farmers" 

On the Lead-filled WATER front, ARTICLE: "Flint's not the only one: 6 U.S. cities' water supplies have been inundated with lead
A few months ago, the man-made water disaster finally blew up in Flint and on the media, after almost two years of struggle. Although bottled water was finally delivered to residents in January, what has taken place in Flint can no longer be swept under the carpet. For almost two years..."  

ARTICLE: "Columbia River flowing with hormone-disrupting, cancer-causing flame retardant chemicals, scientists warn" 

On the *how to beat MonSatano* front, ARTICLE: "Hawaii Citizens Beat Monsanto, Bypass 'Right to Spray' Pesticides Bill
Citizens of the Hawaiian Islands just avoided a bill that would have forced residents to succumb to pesticide spraying without any say." 

Article: "EU Countries Launch Shock Rebellion against Glyphosate Herbicides" 

ARTICLE: "Almost all American Grains Are Contaminated with Glyphosate Herbicide" 

ARTICLE: "Is Monsanto Really Free from ALL Liability over PCB Contamination?
Monsanto just became exempt from ALL financial liability involved with lawsuits and financial settlements related to PCB contamination." 

ARTICLE: "California Widow Sues Monsanto Alleging Roundup Caused Her Husband’s Cancer" 

Meanwhile... ARTICLE: "Three Monsanto executives accused of massive financial fraud, barred from accounting for LIFE
Monsanto is not renowned for its moral standing – but this latest controversy makes you wonder, "just how low can the company go?" Earlier this month it was announced that the Monsanto Co., an enormous agribusiness based in St. Louis... " 

On the *fake sugar* front, Article: "ABC: Splenda linked to Leukemia, new study finds" 

On the BE CAREFUL OUT THERE front, ARTICLE: “Jessica Alba's 'Honest Company' found to be peddling the same toxic laundry detergent chemical used in TIDE... turns out they failed to test their own products! ~ Friday, March 11, 2016
The WSJ just busted Jessica Alba's "The Honest Company" with a couple of low-cost lab tests.
Those test reveal that Alba's detergent products contain significant amounts of SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), the very same chemical the company swore it was avoiding!
Astonishingly, we are all now learning that Alba's 1.7 billion company never bothered to test their own products for chemicals!
It makes you wonder what other chemicals are lurking in their product line, doesn't it? As we've come to realize, they honestly have no idea what they're selling..." 

On the *how to get cancer* front, ARTICLE: “Documents Show TSA Cover-Up of Body Scanner Cancer Risk 

On the *shoot 'em up with vaccines* front, ARTICLE: “Vaccines are Not for Public Health, It’s Really About Profit” — Former Merck Sales Rep Reveals 

ARTICLE: “Lead Developer of HPV Vaccines Comes Clean, Warns Parents & Young Girls It’s All A Giant Deadly Scam" 

On the NUKUSHIMA FUKUSHIMA *Radiation* front, ARTICLE: “Cali Shuts Down Crab Season “Indefinitely” Cites “Naturally-occurring Toxin,” but Whistleblowers Reveal Real Culprit Is Radiation
The Daily Sheeple | Just one week after this web site broke news of Fukushima radiation in fish & seafood, California officials have cancelled commercial crab season “indefinitely” citing “protection of the public health.” 



ARTICLE: “Former Prime Minister Says Fukushima Almost Destroyed Japan" 

ARTICLE: “‘Shocking how many people died in Fukushima’ – documentary director to RT
RT | Five years ago a killer tsunami knocked out the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, spewing radiation and forcing 160,000 people to flee their homes." 

ARTICLE: “Japan Faces 200-Year Wait for Fukushima Clean-Up — Technology to Decommission Melted-Down Reactors Does Not Exist" 

ARTICLE: “Japanese court orders shutdown of nuclear reactors over 'insufficient upgrades' 
RT - A Japanese court has issued an unprecedented order to stop the operation of a nuclear reactor near Kyoto. It also ordered a second reactor to stay offline, stating that neither had been sufficiently upgraded since the 2011 Fukushima disaster." 

ARTICLE: “Fukushima's ground zero: No place for man or robot: The robots sent in to find highly radioactive fuel at Fukushima's nuclear reactors have 'died'" 

ARTICLE: “A Guy Discovered An Old Underground Factory. What He Found Inside Might Be The Deadliest Discovery Ever To Date CONTRIBUTOR: Paranormal Stories. The Manhattan Project, the top secret program started by the United States who employed many ex-German scientists, has been hailed as one of the greatest and worst achievements in human history. It stopped a war, but it also caused the entire world to live in fear ever since. Have you..." 

On the really bad news front, BIG PHARMA-GOV DEMANDS THE RIGHT TO HARM AND MURDER CHILDREN WITH THEIR KILLER DRUGS ... Meanwhile You Don't Get To Treat Your Children With Natural Remedies That Often Work  

ARTICLE: “Parents Face 5 Years In Prison For Giving Their Own Child Natural Medicine" 

ARTICLE: “Anxiety Drug Overdoses in U.S. Hit Record Levels" 

ARTICLE: “Number of children prescribed anti-depressants increases by 50% in seven years
London Independent | World Health Organisation says use of drugs to treat children is concerning." 

ARTICLE: “Major Pharma Scandal: Whistleblowers Claim Popular Asthma Drug Was Marketed Illegally" 

Article: "PHARMA SHOCK: Indigestion drugs like Prilosec and Prevacid found to raise the risk of dementia by 50%
Every once in a while, attending a dinner party becomes the best thing you've done in days. Great company and amazing food are always the premise of a successful evening, but a delicious meal is not always followed by instant satisfaction. In fact, ..."  

btw... ARTICLE: “Pharmaceutical Giants Caught Supplying Cartels With Tons Of Bulk Ingredients To Produce Meth" 

On the GOOD HEALTH front, ARTICLE: “Remarkable Plant Egyptians Believed Was The Key To Immortality (Video) CONTRIBUTOR: N. Morgan. (N.Morgan) Aloe Vera is a succulent plant species that may have originated in North America. This amazing, healing plant was known to the Egyptians as the "Plant of Immortality" and to Native Americans as the "Wand of Heaven", due to it's wondrous healing powers. Aloe vera has a wide array..."

ARTICLE: “Louisiana Bill Would Legalize Raw Milk; Foundation To Nullify Federal Prohibition Scheme in Practice" 

ARTICLE: “‘Killer Germs’ Obliterated by Medicinal Smoke (Smudging), Study Reveals" 

ARTICLE: “Burzynski Cancer Cure Finally Released by The Feds" 

Meanwhile... ARTICLE: “Cancer doctor admits to using unethical tactics to trick healthy patients into getting toxic chemotherapy CONTRIBUTOR: Grover. If you’re searching for con artists, scammers, hucksters and quacks, look no further than your nearby local hospital. While, of course, there are doctors out there whose goal is to really help patients out, there are also those whose main intention is to force people to receive “treatments,” harmful side..." 

On the good news front, At Least, the Woman and Her Dog Weren't Killed, and She Was Acquitted ... Miracles Do Happen 

ARTICLE: “Woman who acted as human shield between armed cop and her dog Buddy is acquitted of obstructing justice 
Daily Mail - arrested on May 9 last year after she stopped West Virginia state trooper Seth Cook from shooting her dog Buddy, who was chained to a wall at their home in Parkersburg. During a jury trial which was concluded on February 29, Cook said he had been trained to shoot dogs, whether or not they are chained. Cook had been called to the property to solve a dispute between Hupp's husband's stepfather and a neighbor. When Cook stepped on to the family's front yard, Buddy started yapping and ran towards him. Turning his attention to the canine, Cook pulled out a handgun and pointed it at Buddy. Horrified, Hupp's husband Ryan started filming the incident as Hupp ran to stand in the way. The video shows mother-of-two Hupp tentatively step in front of the gun with her head bowed. Cook then drops his weapon, grabs Hupps arms and hurls her to the ground. As her relatives scream, he picks her up and slams her onto his cop car, handcuffing her wrists." 

On the *Hitler Meets Duke of Windsor* front, ARTICLE: “‘Astonishing’ photo album showing Duke of Windsor meeting Hitler smashes expectations at auction" 

On the HORRIFIC WAR AGAINST HUMANITY AND MOTHER EARTH front, Article: "AGAINST NATURE: H.G. Wells’ Island of Dr. Moreau and Ritual Bio-engineering :It is not reason or scientific progress that is at the heart of Fabianism or the New Atheism – it is Luciferianism, and that is the energizing force that hates man and Creation" 


ARTICLE: "Secret Societies Are No Longer A Secret (Video) CONTRIBUTOR: Jeffery Pritchett. The New World Order is no longer hiding in the shadows. They are utilizing their total domination of civilization to bring your morality into a new dark age. Whether it's the United Nations/David Rockefeller Lucius Trust roll out of demoralization courtesy of Alice Bailey's 10 point plan. Or the Ongoing..." 

ARTICLE: "March 11, 2016 Exposing The Elite For Who And What They Are - We Are Now Witnessing The Ultimate 'Reality Show'" 

ARTICLE: "The Fall of America & the Western World – The scam of the Power Elite" 

ARTICLE: "Neocons Panic That Trump Presidency Would Mark End to Their New World Order 


ARTICLE: "From Showdown to Show Trial: The Bunkerville Crackdown is Just Beginning: The impending Bunkerville show trial will be intended to cultivate submission. It will most likely produce the opposite result." 

On the AMERICAN HEROES front, Video: Talk Show Host Breaks Down Over FBI Murder ~ Published on Mar 9, 2016
David Knight discusses the murder of LaVoy Finicum by the FBI and how you need to fight back not with violence, but with information and truth.

Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office calls shooting justified ~ MARCH 8, 2016
Shocking cell phone footage captured from inside the truck of LaVoy Finicum, the 54-year-old leader in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupation, shows the moments before and after his death last January. 

Video: Lavoy Finicum's "Rubicon, Point of No Return" In SyFy Episode a Year Before the Standoff (Video) CONTRIBUTOR: Enterthe5t4rz. The actor you see above on the right is from the Syfy series, Ascension. In the very first episode of the series, he speaks about 'crossing the Rubicon, the point of no return'. These are the very same words Lavoy Finicum would utter a full year LATER, during the Malheur..." 

ARTICLE: "Bundy Oregon Update: Live Interview From Courthouse on Recent Developments CONTRIBUTOR: Voice of Reason. In the second video below, James White, owner and editor of Northwest Liberty News, interviews the Nevada Assemblywoman, Michele Fiore, who you may recall was one of the key players involved in brokering the peaceful surrender of the last remaining members at the federal refuge in Oregon. The final hours..." 

ARTICLE: "Trump Could Put An End to Hillary Clinton Once and for All: Hillary Clinton, the Ethel Rosenberg of her generation, sold uranium to the Russians while serving as the Secretary of State and this is what both the Bundy and the Hammond Ranch Affair is all about..." 

Meanwhile... Article: "SET UP ASSASSINATION' ALLEGED IN FBI KILL SHOTS 'How are We The People to trust them the next time we interact with them?'" 


On the heroine and hero front, THE PEOPLE OF ICELAND ... Video: GREAT NEWS: THE SYSTEM IS WORKING IN ICELAND: Iceland's Supreme Court Upholds Jail Sentences of Four Banking Executives CONTRIBUTOR: The Vatic Project. Vatic Note: This is probably one of the best videos that unintentionally proves that the "slur" used against truth tellers, that they are tin foil hat conspiracy in fact a "conspiracy fact" and actually happened. We needed something to pass around to the sheep to show that alll the... 

On the SCUMBAG CONGRESS front, ARTICLE: "Congress fails to renew 9/11 responders’ medical care
RT - The healthcare program for 9/11 first responders expired at midnight on Wednesday after Congress failed to act. More than 72,000 people were registered under the program for yearly check-ups on 9/11-related illnesses and 33,000 were receiving treatment. With the expiration, the program will cover first responders until the end of the year but they will start facing challenges by February 2016. If it is not renewed, the program will have to start shutting down by next summer. First responders and advocates want to make the law permanent before it runs out of money early next year." 

On the scumbag political front, Neil Bush, the S&L [Savings and Loan] Criminal Backs Ted Cruz... [Yes, Ted is another ineligible presidential candidate] 

ARTICLE: "Here’s Who Was Really Behind Trump Chicago Protest
Bizpac Review | The mask has fallen off the radical leftists who organized the assassination of free speech at Friday’s scheduled Donald Trump rally in Chicago." 

ARTICLE: "Clinton IT specialist who has been granted immunity in FBI email investigation 'has proven to be a devastating witness" 

Article: "U.S. Army Intelligence Officer Reveals Clinton Email Criminality" WHAT ALL AMERICANS NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HILLARY CLINTON’S ALLEGED SAP COMPROMISE 

We can cross reference this leak with the e-mails the State Department released to the public" 

ARTICLE: "Another Clinton Associate Found Dead, Bill and Hillary’s Body Count Increases! (video) CONTRIBUTOR: Voice of Reason. For some people, when the FBI has an alleged 150 agents working on a case against you, and everyone in your own inner-circle that hasn’t already been granted immunity has lawyered-up, some people might start to break a sweat… but not if you’re last name is Clinton." 

ARTICLE: "Caitlyn Jenner: The “Country Is Over” If Hillary Clinton Is Elected President
Gossip Cop | Caitlyn Jenner goes on a tirade against Hillary Clinton on this Sunday’s episode of “I Am Cait.” 

ARTICLE: "Questions about the FBI’s probe of Hillary
Washington Times | What if Democrats don’t care what she did?" 

ARTICLE: "4 Out of 5 Obama SCOTUS Nominees Obama Donors
Truth Revolt | You don’t say." 

ARTICLE: "Michael Savage: Media Covering Up Obama’s Murder Of Antonin Scalia" 

ARTICLE: "Obama Mocks Cruz at State Dinner: “Where Else Could a Boy Born in Calgary Run for President of the United States”
Gateway Pundit | Another birther!" 


Nine million firearms were built and sold in 2014 

On the TIME TO RESTORE OUR RIGHTS front, ARTICLE: "History repeats because the passion of humanity never change. Those in power will fight to the death to retain that power. It is never an easy transition to restore our rights, privileges, and immunities." 

On the freedom front, THE FREEDOM TRAIN OF HUMANITY IS ABOUT TO BE VICIOUSLY ATTACKED ... HOWEVER, THIS WILL ULTIMATELY BACKFIRE IN SPECTACULAR AND EPIC WAYS ... Hang On For the Ride and Resist Tyranny As Never Before ... This Is the Time For Humankind To Come Together, To Stand Together In Freedom ... For, We Are the World Standing Against the Dark-side Big Brother Matrix ❤

On the *freedom from the system* front, Blurb: THURSDAY - MARCH 10, 2016:
JERRY DAY joins to discuss social security numbers, do we really need them and how do we gradually remove ourselves from the system. Jerry is an Emmy-Winning Television Media Producer and a well-known freedom and rights activist. His Youtube channel has millions of views on topics such as census privacy invasion, unlawful and unsafe utility company metering, and economic and political issues that affect our freedoms and rights every day and everywhere. 
Websites: | |  
YouTube Channel: 

ARTICLE: "Freeman shuts down the court - Judge abandons the court - Sheriff does not arrest the Freeman - The power of sovereign citizens" CURATOR: Greg Ericson. 

On the SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT front, ARTICLE: "The people who earn an honest living — from sophisticated millionaire entrepreneurs to illiterate day laborers doing the most menial tasks you can imagine — those people deserve your respect. Those are people you should treat with courtesy and civility. But, the frauds who claim the right to rule you and demand your subservience and obedience, they deserve only your scorn and contempt."

On the TECH ENSLAVEMENT front, ARTICLE: "Martial Law of the Mind: Predictive Technologies to Bring in Wicked Times
Predictive technologies are the future police force. The biotech industry is ushering in a time when thoughts are actually crimes, freedom does not exist, and humans are wirelessly connected to the internet. This plan concocted by the NWO, will soon be a reality. There is no compromise or conspiracy, DARPA agencies are readily working on BCI (brain-computer interfaces) that will radically change the battle field. Many misunderstood the dangers of Jade Helm 15 because the purpose of the martial law drill was covert and hidden. The true purpose behind Jade Helm 15 was militarized predictive technology. The testing phases are coming to an end and predictive technology is being released on battlefields across the globe.
These ‘futuristic’ scripts are already in use today by private sector corporations across the globe. Their purpose is to predict the enemies moves prior to the enemy making them. Predictive technology is a truly dangerous weapon, and a radical ideology." 

On the *replacing humans with androids* front, ARTICLE: "The U.S. Government Launches a $100-Million 'Apollo Project of the Brain' Intelligence project aims to reverse engineer the brain to find algorithms that allow computers to think more like humans" [ LIFE UNTO THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST, OF REVELATIONS] 

On the BIZARRE PHYSICS front, ARTICLE: "Is there a FIFTH fundamental force? Large Hadron Collider results hint at bizarre new particle that doesn't fit with laws of physics" 

Trendwise, Assassination and the Rollerball World ... The Time of Multiple Assassinations and Mysterious Deaths Is Here 

ARTICLE: "How Would Americans Respond to Trump’s Assassination? :The goal, here, is not just stopping a Trump Presidency, they must silence him before anymore damage is done to the Rollerball syndrome philosophy that is over-running the planet. 
Trump has said enough for me to conclude, that if, indeed if Trump is elected, these practices could be in jeopardy. And even if Trump is not elected, he is making millions of Americans aware of how badly they are being taken advantage of by the corporations that are in the process of replacing their Constitutional Republic.  And add to that the four-tiered Trump tax plan will force people like Bill Gates to pay their fair share of taxes.
If Trump is elected, it is possible that corporations would be forced to stay in America and pay an average of $20 per hour with benefits rather than relocating to the Pacific Rim or Mexico and pay these workers pennies on the dollar, while we lose millions of jobs at home along with tax revenues. Look at Detroit, this is America’s evolving future if we keep the status quo. Millions are waking up to this reality. Trump is not only a threat to American corporatism, he is a threat to the New World Order hegemony of moving toward a two class system.
The 1968 threat posed by Bobby Kennedy, is minor by comparison. If you doubt that this assessment is not accurate, take a look at how the self-appointed elite are lining up against Trump.
...These “elites” and their minions (e.g. the John McCain’s and the presstitutes of the media) are more afraid of Trump awakening the slumbering millionthan they are a Trump Presidency that they might be able to control like they did after John Hinckley Jr. shot him.
The goal, here, is not just stopping a Trump Presidency, they must silence him before anymore damage is done to the Rollerball syndrome philosophy that is over-running the planet." 

THIS WEEK, let music soothe your soul. Take long moments to simply breathe and be with yourself in a heart-loving manner.  

Angelic Blessings from Volcano & Sedona 

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