Friday, March 25, 2016


Okay, most darling kittens, the Kougaress has an intuitive warning. It's not specific, so please forgive her... but, all HELL is about to be unleashed, likely within the next month, or so... this MIGHT be bigger, and more devastating than 9/11... likely, these event(s) will involve European countries, and the U.S. ... If these horror-events are unleashed by the dark-side powers that be ... if there are no Divine Interventions, which this Big Cat prays for... the world 'could' be looking at a major escalation in the current war theaters, with more war theaters created ... this is a time for families, for friends, for those of like mind, to come together, work together ... form a working community together to benefit each other.

Remember, this BIG CAT loves ya. May you have a beautiful Easter. 

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