Friday, February 5, 2016

Unarmed and Shot Down... R.I.P. Lavoy Finicum

Weekend yowls, most darling kittens... the Kougaress has been a bit under the weather today... anyhoo and mews, Robert Lavoy Finnicum's funeral was held today... unfortunately the live feed this Big Cat was watching didn't last long... however, what she did see was truly inspiring... the large amount of people attending, and cowboy brigade on their horses carrying the American flag... these are real people with real concerns, and with terrible injustices done to them by the fed agencies...

Meanwhile, the Redcoat FBI is NOT about protecting the American people, but is about terrorizing them into obedience... if animals were being treated this way, you'd have the humane organizations going crazy, and trying to protect them... but NEVER MIND when human beings are being routinely and terribly abused.


FBI sends message to patriots and constitutionalists

The spokesman for the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon was shot nine times by the FBI.
It should be no surprise the FBI would shoot an unarmed man nine times.This is often their modus operandi, especially with individuals the national police state agency considers political enemies—and the band of constitutionalists at Malheur, no matter how misdirected or naive, were certainly considered enemies of the state.
Now it comes out that the gun the FBI said they retrieved from Finicum’s body—a body so bullet-riddled it necessitated a closed coffin—was in fact stolen.
The Pacific Patriots Network did a search of the weapon’s serial number and discovered it was stolen, although this crucial fact is not being reported by an establishment media that has consistently portrayed Finicum and the other activists at the refuge as dangerous terrorists.
The over the top murder of Finicum and a subsequent video released by the FBI are intended to send a message to the patriot movement and constitutionalists.
The message: if you go up against the federal government, if you question its dictatorial and unconstitutional policies and if you actively resist or engage in behavior to draw attention to its pathological criminality, you will be executed, particularly if you provide the FBI with an opportunity, as Finicum did when he traveled to a meeting unarmed to resolve the standoff.

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