Sunday, October 4, 2015

Wow! That GUN FREE ZONE *Lockdown* Worked Too Well, Didn't It?

Late night yowls and mews, Autumn-enchanting Big Cats... another coolish, lovely sunny day on the tame prairie... which this Big Cat certainly appreciates... she wishes she did have more time to spend outside in this kind of Fall weather... wow, what a strange couple of days, with not-fun incidents happening... just one example: the Kougaress's pet pulled the cord off a fan, then chewed the end that connects to the fan, so the prong thingies were messed up... well, given this Big Cat's circumstances, it's not like she could just replace the fan easily... so first – because she's neurotic this way – she searched for a cord from a fan that was no longer working... but that didn't pan out... so, not knowing what to do, the Kougaress ended up using a knife to cut away the mutilated plastic and expose the prongs, which were so damaged, they wouldn't fit... however, taking a pair of small pliers, she squeezed them, then used the prongs of a large fork to make these tiny metal prongs round enough that they would once again plug into the back of the fan... and, yeah, it worked... okay, that probably seems silly to go to all that trouble, but when you've grown up having to make do in a lot of ways, it becomes like second nature... and, gosh, was the Kougaress extra tired today, so tired she did the caretaking thing, but slept for fifteen, twenty minutes at a time... between what had to get done... yeah, her life is so completely exciting... apologies, for the rather boring bloggie.

Take care, and share where your heart leads the way, darling kittens. The times are getting rougher, tougher right now. Just remember, this Big Cat loves ya!

Authoress news and mews ~

The Kougar is making some good progress on Chapter Forty-two of WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL, her ShapeShifter Seductions WIP... In this chapter Dante has a mission for the heroine and hero, Keina and Drev... and for the secondary characters, Dugger and Symone... Dugger is a downunder dingo shifter, and Symone is from a parallel Earth.. . she's an aerial-platform sharpshooter. Yep, they must help save Talbot's Peak territory from a sky invasion of drones. 


Friday, October 2, 2015
A Mighty Grip to the Rescue
by Serena Shay

So, it's an ultra shorty from me today.  Illness is alive and well in the Diva household, only now it's Alpha and Mama Diva down for the count. Happily, Darling Diva is back up and running, but I guess the cold had to go somewhere...


Shouts from above echoed Ziva’s internal scream for her mate.  He was falling to his death and she was unable to do a thing about it.  She prayed to the Lupa, to the forest gods and even to the big guy the humans all talked about—anyone who could keep her mate safe.


Saturday, October 3, 2015
Plunging into Fall Talbot's Peak Style
by Solara

“Vernon, you wanna run that by me one more time?” Gill looked up from the pad where he’d jotted several lines of notes.

“Sure,” Vernon, ex-deputy mayor, replied.  “Instead of chunking pumpkins and making a massive mess all over town, we have a pumpkin carving contest, a bake sale, a pie eating contest, and a town wide sidewalk sale.  Merchants put out pre-fall and winter items at discounted rates.”

“Ya know doing the fall festival thing before the snow flies makes sense,” Louie chimed in.

Those who hammer their guns into plowshares will plow for those who do not. ~Thomas Jefferson

Wow! That GUN FREE ZONE *Lockdown* Worked Too Well, Didn't It? ... okay, if this IS NOT ANOTHER FALSE FLAG... well gosh, those ***gun free zones*** are regular killing fields, aren't they???

YES!!! Once again, this Big Cat is advocating weapons as a way to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your neighbors... it's become vitally important to learn how to use weapons... whatever weapon works for you!

NOTE: the Kougaress just saw an article stating people in Oregon were buying guns like crazy. Who can blame them?

So, given the list of *irregularities* piling up, this is likely another false flag... HOWEVER, this is NOT to say no one was executed, shot and shot to death... from some info of those involved, it appears that SADLY, HORRIBLY, people were injured and killed... [heartfelt condolences to those who have lost loved ones] 

But, and so, question one: why was the FBI first on the scene [like they regularly hangout on Junior College campuses]... yeah, they were there before the police, who were also johnny on the spot, beyond expectation, especially given the college is out in the country... Also, reportedly the ATF was on scene... what? were they all having a meeting, or having another drill... an active drill with real bullets???

ANOTHER QUESTION: why were the buses there in three or four minutes to bus everyone to safety? ALSO, where were the trauma helicopters to take the wounded to hospitals? AND, once again, like Sandy Hook, where was all the blood??? Or, where is the camera footage? OKAY, and why didn't the students right next to the building hear the shots... are silencers that good? Wait, I guess the silencers on the AR are dead silent, according to a man who has fired those weapons, who the Kougaress just heard on the Power Hour Radio Show. So, that could account for not hearing the shooting.

HOWEVER, how could the supposed shooter have carried all of his guns so easily to make the attack??? According to gun experts that would be quite a trick. AS WELL, the hospital the wounded were taken too, was a level three  trauma center, and according to Joyce Riley, who is a nurse, you need a level one trauma center to treat those kind of gunshot injuries.

So, once again, WHAT IS THE TRUTH??? The whole truth and nothing but the truth?


Soros NGO Fakes Casualties After Russia Strikes CIA Terrorists in Syria
Kurt Nimmo | Group works closely with al-Nusra in Syria

Father Of Oregon Victim: “How Does He Have That Much Time To Kill That Many People?”
Steve Watson | Relatives dumbfounded over security failure.

Forget Oregon’s Gunman, Remember the Hero Who Charged Straight at Him
Daily Beast | The student and Army vet who was shot at least five times while charging straight at the gunman in an effort to save others.

Gun Control Gets Absolutely DESTROYED on Morning Joe
Louder With Crowder | “What gun control would have changed this?”

Australia’s Gun Law Does Not Prevent Shooting at Police Headquarters
Kurt Nimmo | Gun laws are about confiscation, not ending violence.

Former Security Guard at Oregon College: Lockdown Procedures Were a “Deathtrap”
Paul Joseph Watson | Ex-employee exclusively tells Infowars that college voted against armed security just last year.

Video: Gun Control Advocates Get Owned At Their Own Rally
Kit Daniels | Anti-gun activists blown away by truth.

Selective Outrage: Obama Hasn’t Said A Damn Word About Routine Mass Shootings In Chicago
Steve Watson | City has the strictest gun laws in the country.

Armed Air Force Vet Was Prevented From Stopping Oregon Gunman
Paul Joseph Watson | “The staff wouldn’t let us go to assist”.

In 12 Minute Speech to America About Mass Shooting, Obama Refers to Himself 28 Times
Grabien | ‘Each time this happens, I am going to bring this up’.

 After Every Mass Shooting, WaPo Sends Out Its Gun Control Message
Truth Revolt | 11 reasons why America’s fascination with guns is making us all violent.

Former Security Guard at Oregon College: Lockdown Procedures Were a “Deathtrap”
Paul Joseph Watson | Ex-employee exclusively tells Infowars that college voted against armed security just last year.

Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

6:33 pm... 9:33 pm... 10:10 pm... 10:23 pm... 8:44 am... 11:11 am... 2:12 pm... 2:22 pm... 11:11 pm... 1:23 am... 1:11 pm... 4:44 pm... 5:55 pm... 10:10 pm... 11:22 pm... 11:44 pm... 11:55 pm... false flag attack will likely ramp up...


Top 10 Toxic Fake Food Items Produced In China
Natural Blaze - Some Chinese websites have come out with instructional videos on how to make $70 a day by producing and selling fake eggs. The chemicals that are required are “Alginic Acid, Potassium Alum, Gelatin, Calcium Chloride, water and artificial color.” The eggshells are made from Calcium Carbonate. Eating these eggs may cause memory-loss and dementia....

The most overlooked cause of cancer in holistic medicine
(NaturalHealth365) Do you know that 80% of disease symptoms are triggered by problems in the mouth? The vast majority of the population has some form of gum disease, infected root canal-treated teeth or other (undiagnosed) dangerous pathogens inside the mouth – which cause chronic inflammation, heart attacks and even cancer.... Several scientific studies clearly suggest that gum disease increases the risk of heart disease and stroke because of the high levels of bacteria found in infected areas of the mouth. They actually find those same bacteria logged around the heart. In addition, gingivitis increases the risk of diabetes, kidney disease and premature births.... Dr. Thomas Rau, medical director of the Paracelsus Klinik in Switzerland, has stated that “98% of all women (in his clinic) with breast cancer had a root canal on the meridian (or tooth) that was related to the same side of the offending tumor.”

Let freedom ring for everyone on planet Earth, and let LOVE guide the way...

Krazy Kat kisses...

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