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Propa-Genda MARS ... Sucky Infantile Feminists ... and Sheesh! Another World War, Oh Goody

My friend Dale Hendrickson, an acclaimed effects artist for film and TV (and also a longtime character designer for "The Simpsons"), has just created an incredible painting of the Lumberton UFO encounter. If you look closely at the painting, you'll notice one of the eyewitnesses standing with his arms apart, looking up at the UFO. That individual was ME.

TWELVE THIRTY PM... BREAKING!!! Another covert GUN CONFISCATION op is currently taking place in a small town in Texas. Mike Hansen, who was once Alex Jones' camera man, his town is being overrun by ATF agents, and are confronting the people over guns... Mike Hansen was frantically calling Alex while he's on air to report... now, at this point, Mike's phone went dead... yeah right, JADE HELM ended, in name only, folks... look, the allout warfare against the people has begun... and this is ONLY one small example... meanwhile the presstitute, lapdog media with their plastic smiles... if they report anything about this, it will be all spin and lies!!!

Btw, a few days ago Sean David Morton on his STRANGE UNIVERSE RADIO SHOW ~freedom said he had inside intel that patriots *you know, people who actually follow their second amendment right* anyway, across the country they are being SWAT teamed, and of course, it's not being reported in the mainstream media... yeah, there's a damn big effing surprise ~snark~

Get weapons, people. Learn to use them effectively... band and stand together with family, friends, and neighbors... but do it on the QT ... and become like the SWAMP FOX ...

From Volcano's Angelic Forecast... 

June 14, 2015  
Angelic Forecast ~ #354 

On the home front, Now Gun Confiscation Ramps Up On All Fronts... Legislative Bills, Executive Edicts, Judicial Pronouncements, Bureaucratic Rules and Regs, and SWAT Team attacks nationwide... Then the Massive Roundups -- All Why the Lapdog Media Yaps Approval

However, many of the American people, and many people around the world, will not lie down like defeated dogs. Already defensive plans have been made, and are operational throughout the country, throughout the world.

Stealth and cunning are two of the best weapons, as demonstrated by the SWAMP FOX. From a prior forecast: "...Once again in American history, the unquenchable fighting spirit of the SWAMP FOX, rises. ~ "General Francis Marion *The Swamp Fox* used guerilla war tactics to outwit the British troops during the American Revolution."~

So ya wanna worry about gun killings... well wow, how about this info the Kougaress heard? That is, one third of traffic fatalities [far more people killed this way than by so-called gun violence] are now due to the country's crumbling infrastructure – the poor road conditions... gee, thanks, ya crappy globalist-controlled establishment... don't bother funding  necessary infrastructure projects ... just pay for more and more wars ... and make the taxpayers fund more and more illegals. Good idea, huh?

Finally... October yowls and mews, Autumn Resplendent Felines.... so, delightful sunny coolish weather on the tame prairie... the Kougaress has made some good progress on cutting off and sawing off more limbs from the dead thorn tree that fell over her drive, fairly close to her mailbox... the main arch the tree trunk formed over the drive is still there... however a lot of the poison ivy vines has been cut off... this Big Cat is still deciding what she wants to cut off next... the other night this Big Cat was just about to go to sleep when this racket ensued... well, it turned out to be in the attic on top of the attic fan... and was likely a squirrel because when the Kougaress turned on the fan, thus to get rid of the critter without harming said critter, a pecan fell through, which had gnawing marks on it... yep, the joys of living on the tame prairie. ~smiles~

Take care, most darling kittens, and watch your adorable butts. 'Cause this Big Cat loves ya!


Architect Uses Cardboard to Build Usable Bridges, Pavilions, and Emergency Housing
by Christina Sarich Posted on September 15, 2015
At first glance, you would never imagine that Japanese architect, Shigeru Ban’s bridge over the Gardon River in Southern France was made of cardboard tubes. Its design is simple, though elegant, and the bridge can soundly hold twelve people at one time. This isn’t Ban’s only claim to fame, though. The architect also takes the homeless man’s cardboard box to a new level with his emergency housing design.

Authoress news and mews ~

The Kougar is about the write Chapter Forty-two of WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL, her ShapeShifter Seductions WIP... In this chapter Dante has a mission for the heroine and hero, Keina and Drev... and for the secondary characters, Dugger and Symone... Dugger is a downunder dingo shifter, and Symone is from a parallel Earth.. . she's an aerial-platform sharpshooter. Yep, they must help save Talbot's Peak territory from a sky invasion of drones. 


Monday, September 28, 2015
Overheard at First Lunch Period
by Pat Cunningham

Sophie Miller barely got in one bite on her watercress-on-wheat sandwich before Drew Klein flopped down on the chair beside her. His elbow almost knocked her juice box over. He paid no attention to her or the disaster he’d nearly caused, simply dumped his own lunch, a pile of fresh fruits and veggies, out on a tray. He began to chow down as if he was all alone at the lunch table.

“Hey!” Sophie said. She edged her chair and her tray out of harm’s way. “Watch where you’re sitting, you big ox.”

“Buffalo,” Drew corrected with a carrot stuffed into his mouth. “Can’t you tell the difference by now? I thought you goats were supposed to have good eyesight.”

“It’s pronghorn,” Sophie informed him archly. “Can’t you tell the difference by now?”

“Whatever.” He continued to chomp loudly.


Did the man lift mountains as a hobby? 

by Savanna Kougar

End of September howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Here's another continuation of my recent flash scenes, *One Shade of Silver Wolf* and *Thundercloud yanked on his mental leash.*.  Thundercloud and Kailla are at Talbot Peak's BBQ cookoff and faire, standing at one of the arts and crafts booths.


Did the man lift mountains as a hobby?

Kailla willed her feet to move, to become unglued from the sidewalk. She needed to walk away, walk anywhere...leave! ... there was just something about the man standing behind her. That 'something' tingle-shivered through her as if she suddenly found herself naked on a iceberg. What the hell?!

'Move!' she commanded her feet, even as the man began to answer the carver.

"Perfect, Carl. Those silvery shades are most popular with our customers. Count on my brother, Storm, to be in touch soon."

With the man's towering low voice doing the silky dance through her, Kailla twisted around to get a glimpse of him. Yeah, she'd failed. But, who had a brother named Storm? And he was called Thunder...

Her gaze kept rising.


Wednesday, September 30, 2015
New Beginings
by Rebecca Gillan

Gloria was spending the evening as she spent most evenings, gazing adoringly at Moon-moon, her sexy brainiac werewolf boyfriend. She wasn't sure what turned her on about him most. His body was any woman's wet dream, all tall and sinewy. Lots of rolling muscles tucked under velvety smooth light skin, and toffee colored hair that was always shaggy and messy, making her think he'd just rolled out of bed and wouldn't mind taking her back into his bed to play. She'd be lying, though, if she didn't admit to being totally seduced by his exceptional brain. He was both a friggin' genius with anything electronic--literally--and he had a very sophisticated sense of humor most people were too full of themselves to understand. He was playful, finding joy in every moment. And then there was the thrill of danger. Hello, he was a wolf!

Propa-Genda MARS ... so yeah, right, water on Mars... big effing deal, because who didn't know this at least a decade ago... this is why the Kougaress is absolutely SICK OF and HATES NASA, along with the dark-side establishment called the government. Nothing but lies and deception ad infinitum. NOT TO MENTION, hey, there's that Mars movie coming out... some good promo from [never a straight answer] NASA, huh?

THE CENSORSHIP HORROR THAT IS LABELED AS *FEMINISM* ... their they are cry-baby whining at the U.N. to protect them from FREE SPEECH... now how many of these NOT REAL WOMEN are that ridiculously, pathetically stupid... and how many are covert operatives... well, this Big Cat doesn't have any answers there... what she DOES know is that FREE SPEECH ON THE INTERNET is far-universe more important than their delicate little feelings. 

Yep, Sucky Infantile Feminists ... Take That!!! You Do Not Speak For This Big Cat ... you're like whiny, bigtime spoiled five year olds... GET A GRIP, GET A CLUE, GET A REAL LIFE... The Kougaress was on the front line of feminism when the movement began ... of course, the movement was, in part, initiated by the Rockafeller globalists, so they could tax a women labor force, as revealed by ***America: Freedom to Fascism***

America: Freedom to Fascism is a 2006 film by filmmaker and activist Aaron Russo, covering a variety of subjects, including: the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the ... ***

Further, the feminist movement was hijacked by the CIA. Gloria Steinem was one exposed operative.

***Gloria Steinem - How The CIA -
... I have discovered that before she became a feminist leader, Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA spying on Marxist ... Until Gloria Steinem and the CIA came ... ***

To continue, while attending college, the Kougaress stepped back from the feminist movement because she wasn't willing to HATE MEN... that became the big push at one point... now, this Big Cat has huge issues with how some men behave, and about the whole patriarchal *we are the bosses* mentality... HOWEVER, she doesn't hate men in general, and she never will... not all men are created equal, after all... and there are GOOD MEN!!! That said, the Kougaress is for the coming together of the sexes... hell, that's one reason she writes romance novels.
Not to mention if the dark-side controllers can permanently separate women and men, then they can conquer ALL OF US. Spiritually, women and men together, are the POWER of the Universe itself.

ARTICLE: Dear Weak, Pathetic Women: Modern Feminism is for YOU!
Louder With Crowder | Early feminists wanted equal rights like the right to vote. Modern feminists want to limit rights, like free speech.



Trannies Want You to Say ‘Birthing Individuals’ Instead of ‘Pregnant Women’
Kit Daniels | The phrase “pregnant women” promotes “trans hatred,” according to transexual activists.

...and Sheesh! Another World War, Oh Goody ... even so, it looks like the Russian air strike on the jihadi headquarters might have thrown a big ole monkey wrench in using ISIS as the big bad boogeyman that's out to get every freedom-loving American... take that, ya CIA and cohorts psycho-creepazoids.

ARTICLE: Final countdown to World War III :When all of the dots are connected, the picture will reveal the agenda of destruction and the perpetrators of peril. Through our inaction, we have been brought to the doorstep of destruction.

HEADLINE: Russian Air Force in Syria deploying over 50 planes & choppers – Defense Ministry



September 30, 2015
'Beyond Insane' And 'Getting More Extreme Each Hour' - Tens Of Millions Of Americans Now In Path Of Floods And Potential Devastation - Are We About To Witness A Weather War Attack Upon America?
By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The story on Foot's Forecast is called "The Return Of Isabel?" and in it we learn that huge swaths of land, where tens of millions of Americans live, will soon be getting between 6 to 10 inches of rainfall and that's only IF Hurricane Joaquin NEVER touches land - if it makes landfall somewhere along the East coast as now appears likely, we have a totally different story. As we learn in this linked story and the videos below, 20 million people are now under a flood watch and some are already warning that this could be an unprecedented, extremely dangerous and totally unpredictable coming storm.
Foot's Forecast isn't an 'alarmist' website and to hear them using terminology such as what we see here to describe this approaching storm puts everything into proper perspective: As our team continues monitoring the progress of Tropical Storm Joaquin, today's run of computer models is getting more extreme with each passing hour. Some projections we've seen internally for this storm are beyond insane and would, quite literally, be a disaster that by some interpretations could exceed Isabel (2003), Irene and Sandy were these to come true.
By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die
The story on Foot's Forecast is called "The Return Of Isabel?" and in it we learn that huge swaths of land, where tens of millions of Americans live, will soon be getting between 6 to 10 inches of rainfall and that's only IF Hurricane Joaquin NEVER touches land - if it makes landfall somewhere along the East coast as now appears likely, we have a totally different story. As we learn in this linked story and the videos below, 20 million people are now under a flood watch and some are already warning that this could be an unprecedented, extremely dangerous and totally unpredictable coming storm.
Foot's Forecast isn't an 'alarmist' website and to hear them using terminology such as what we see here to describe this approaching storm puts everything into proper perspective: As our team continues monitoring the progress of Tropical Storm Joaquin, today's run of computer models is getting more extreme with each passing hour. Some projections we've seen internally for this storm are beyond insane and would, quite literally, be a disaster that by some interpretations could exceed Isabel (2003), Irene and Sandy were these to come true.

Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

11:11 am... 11:44 am... 11:55 am... 1:11 pm... 1:23 pm... 3:33 pm... 4:44 pm... 6:33 pm... 8:44 pm... 9:33 pm... 11:33 pm... 12:12 am... 2:12 pm... 4:44 pm... 8:44 pm...11:55 pm... 12:12 am... 12:34 am... 1:11 am... 9:33 am... 10:10 am... 11:44 am... 2:22 pm... 2:34 pm... 3:33 pm... 4:44 pm... 10:10 pm... 10:23 pm... 11:11 pm... 11:44 pm... 11:55 pm... 6:33 pm... 8:44 pm... 10:23 pm... 11:11 pm... 11:55 pm... 10:10 am... 12:34 pm... more gamechanger events will be happening during the next six weeks...



ARTICLE: Pope Pushes Malthusian Elite Agenda In Historic Call For New Global Order
By Bernie Suarez
Government corruption by lobbyists to silence the voices of the people, staged war on terror, endless illegal wars of aggression, ongoing false flag operations with crisis actors, out of control police state, creation and arming proxy terrorist armies like ISIS, geoengineering ongoing crimes against humanity and the planet, ongoing GMO poisoning of the human race’s DNA, the list goes on and on of all the issues ‘Pope Francis’ did NOT address in his “historic” visit to the U.S. this week. The rote ceremonies, staged political speeches and propaganda have been ongoing particularly after the Pope’s visit and speech to Congress where he officially endorsed the coming “sustainable” new world order.
That’s right. Instead of addressing the problems humanity faces mentioned above, Pope Francis conveniently echoed almost all the key talking points consistent with the desires of the controlling oligarchs who want to rule the world.
Philly's Preparations for Pope Francis are Like a Dry Run for the Apocalypse Maddie Stone... 


 UPMC in Pittsburgh Hid Mold Infections that Killed 3 People
A mold infection has claimed the lives of 3 transplant patients at 2 University of Pittsburgh medical centers.

 Health Experts Meet to Discuss Dangers of 'Essure' Contraceptive Device
Federal health experts are taking another look at Essure, a permanent birth control device for woman.

 Selfies Have Killed more People than Sharks This Year
A new report shows that taking selfies proved to be more deadly than shark encounters, taking 12 lives this year of those taking photos.

 Study Finds Link Between Agent Orange and Blood Cancer
A recent study found that Vietnam veterans who were involved in Agent Orange are more likely to develop blood cancer.


TEA TREE OIL ~ A Must-Have Essential Oil
Preppers are scooping up essential oils because they know that if ever picking up Tylenol at the drugstore wasn’t an option, essential oils would be there to often save the day in emergencies.
Due to numerous household uses and amazing health benefits, tea tree oil is a favorite because of seemingly endless uses. Here are 5 medicinal uses and 5 household uses that should convince you to pick up a bottle .


LocalHarvest Newsletter, September 29, 2015
Food and Tech Disconnect ~

Welcome back to the LocalHarvest newsletter.
Now that I've settled into my new role of LocalHarvest newsletter writer, I thought I should introduce myself. My name is Rebecca Thistlethwaite and I live in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge region on the border between Oregon and Washington. My family has a small farm/homestead of 5 acres where we grow lots of vegetables, pigs, sheep, chickens, and have a few fruit trees. When we have more food than we can eat, we sell or trade it with friends and neighbors. Before this, we used to farm commercially near the LocalHarvest headquarters down in Santa Cruz, California, where we met and became friends with LH founder Guillermo Payet. He was a big fan of our organic meat and eggs that we produced under the brand TLC Ranch.

In addition to writing for LocalHarvest, I teach a couple graduate courses in the Masters in Sustainable Food Systems for Green Mountain College of Vermont and I am the Executive Director of a regional non-profit where I live called Gorge Owned. I also do farm business consulting and have written two books on the subject- the first one is called "Farms With a Future: Creating and Growing a Sustainable Farm Business" (Chelsea Green 2012) and the recent one is "The New Livestock Farmer: The Business of Raising and Selling Ethical Meat" (Chelsea Green 2015). If you are a farmer or aspire to be one day, you may want to check out these books.

In my "spare" time, I like to play with my two kids, trail run, garden, preserve food, read, and volunteer. My dream job would be a professional philanthropist, but in the mean time I just donate time and grant-writing skills to causes that I care about, such as our little community school or school garden.

Now onto the article I wrote for this month!

I'm not a technologist (believer that technology will cure all) nor am I a Luddite (re: all technology is bad). I am writing this article on my laptop with my smartphone nearby while a white noise machine keeps my baby boy in a dependable slumber so I have time to do a little work. Some people, however, think that technology is somehow going to reinvent the way the food system operates or that it is going to magically make it more environmentally friendly, socially just, or affordable to the masses. There are examples of computer tools, such as the amazing LocalHarvest farmer database that connects farmers with consumers, which have made it much easier to find good food. Technology and computer-based applications may nibble around the edges of the modern day food system a bit, but by themselves they won't create a fundamental shift in the system that we've designed in our capitalist society (that is, unless we change or improve on the economic system that we use).

Nevertheless, not only are there a bunch of folks who think technological fixes are going to create an entirely new way of doing business, but they also think they are going to discover some vast untapped pool of money in the local food system for their enrichment. That isn't going to happen either. The food business is fundamentally a low margin business, unless you happen to be in the business of taking a tiny bit of food and sticking it in a large package full of mostly air, like a bag of chips. So I should rephrase, the good food (i.e. healthy, organic, less processed) industry is a low margin business. The fast food, unhealthy, highly processed one probably makes great margins. But we're not so interested in that.

Several startup businesses in the last five years have tried to use computer-based applications to somehow shorten the food supply chain and do away with the weekly trips to the grocery store, farmers market, or even restaurants. They have us believe that us modern day urbanites are too busy for those mundane tasks or shouldn't burn the fossil fuel to do so (I for one believe in social interaction and even having relationships with my food producers, grocery store clerks, and friendly restaurant staff). From the giant flop of Webvan in the early 2000s to more recently the meat subscription service AgLocal, artisan food delivery service GoodEggs (has closed in all but one city), and many other similar models, these efforts have proven to be unprofitable and eventually fold.

Yet we need 'middlemen models' to get food from farm to plate, ethical ones that is. There are some great examples of this, such as computer-based applications like CSAware that assists small farms and CSAs to more efficiently run their operations and act as their own distributors. Like Firsthand Foods in North Carolina that distributes pastured meats for over 90 farmers to area restaurants, paying the farmers premium prices. Or how about Veritable Vegetable (VV) in California that has for over 40 years distributed farm-fresh organic produce to retailers and restaurants around Northern California. VV also pays living wages, is a certified B corporation, and donates a considerable amount of money and produce to charities. There are many other companies out there like this and we need them to thrive. I don't fault anyone for trying to create new business models. As Robert F. Kennedy once said, "Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly."Â

However, I think there are a lot of lessons to be learned from these business closures that I mentioned above. I will narrow it down to two that I think you LocalHarvest readers might be most interested in.

    Computers don't drive trucks. Turns out that code writers, app developers, and desk jockeys may not be the best suited to creating food distribution companies. Perhaps people who have worked in the industry (say 25 years with Sysco or 15 years with Veritable Vegetable) that are experts in food logistics and transportation should be the ones to lead these efforts or at least be front and center on the management team. Computer technology can only do such much, such as streamlining the ordering and optimizing the delivery routes, but it still won't wash produce, cut and package meat, pull orders, or drive trucks. This quote from Good Eggs founder is telling: "What we didn't fully understand when we started was that we were creating a new category that required a different approach to supply chains, logistics, and commerce - all of the pieces of getting food from local producers to the kitchens of our customers. It was, and is, complicated, way more complicated than we ever anticipated." Yes it is complicated, but thankfully there are many produce, meat, and full service food distribution companies out there that are making it work. Do we really think we can reinvent that wheel (or distinctly tweak it that much)? The real alternative to the food middleman model is the buy-direct-from-the-farmer model (aka CSA), which we know and love.
    Venture capitalists can be parasites. They thrive on quick returns and rapid growth, which is something you rarely see in the ethical food world. Venture capital has not proven itself to be a patient, sustainable source of funding necessary in creating long lasting businesses. I like to say, thank goodness our farmers are not like venture capitalists or we would have nobody to grow our food. Unlike our farmers, they are not in it 'for the long haul'.

Interestingly, in research that I did several years back while working as a social science researcher at the UCSC Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems was that the food businesses that lasted, especially through turbulent economic times, were those that were either privately held (by an individual or family) or cooperatively owned. Businesses owned by outside shareholders did not tend to fair well. They either shuttered quickly (i.e. Webvan, GoodEggs (in all but one city), or AgLocal) because their shareholders were not seeing the economic returns quick enough or they were forced to sell out, oftentimes to a parent company that lacked similar values (i.e. Applegate, Niman Ranch, Cascadian Farm, Seeds of Change, Ben & Jerry's, etc.). Can we build a more sustainable food system when the businesses designed to repair, fix, or reinvent them disappear after only a couple years or if they are subsumed beneath a behemoth multinational corporation that no longer cares about the welfare of the farmers, employees, and other community stakeholders?

I think about the $53 million in venture capital that GoodEggs raised to expand its food delivery model around the country. Or the $1 million that AgLocal raised before it even assembled its management team to market meat to restaurants. In both of these cases they started with a lot of fanfare and were considered "food tech darlings". The investor's money started pouring in. That didn't change the fundamental flaws in their business models and the fact that food margins are slim. As the founder of AgLocal admitted "the novelty of the initial idea didn't pan out". Sometimes it takes good old fashioned reinvestment of business earnings, just like farmers have to do, to build a sustainable, long-lasting business. Imagine if that $53 million instead when to build ten $5 million dollar Food Hubs around the country (akin to the Mad River Food Hub model in Vermont) that served hundreds if not thousands of family farmers to process, package, store, and deliver their food to households, institutions, and food service? Say each Food Hub was owned by the very farmers and food artisans that use its services? That would be a much better use of millions of dollars and create a vastly different food system in which the producers earn equity in the business, are paid fairly, and regionally-based agricultural systems can thrive. That is my hope... .

-Rebecca Thistlethwaite

Let freedom ring for everyone on planet Earth, and let LOVE guide the way...

Krazy Kat kisses...

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