Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Early Evening Moon...

Do We the Human Race Really Need Another World War???

Pic~Full-disk image of Earth from Russia's Elektro-L satellite. (NTs OMZ)

Saturday night yowls and mews, Autumn-restless Kitkats... wow! the early evening moon was so huge in appearance this Big Cat could hardly believe it ... the Kougaress was trekking back from her mailbox after seven in the evening... and there it was, an immense, pale yellow-golden disc shining in the eastern sky... the moon was amazingly mesmerizing... and it was kinda frustrating because a lot of the Kougaress's trees were blocking the view at times... anyway, the other day, an owl flew toward a branch near this Big Cat... at first, she thought it was one of the golden eagles because it was that size, but then she saw the owl's distinctive face... Mr/Ms Owl quickly flew away after landing, once it saw the Kougaress... also, the cows are back in residence, grazing in the north neighbor's pasture... two of the younger calves trotted up obviously wanting to be fed... the neighbor feeds the younger ones a milk formula... but of course, this Big Cat had to disappoint them... the little cuties.

Btw, here's something the crapping gov-run media won't tell you... there's a highly dangerous mold in most of the hospitals that is killing people... evidently, you can't get rid of this mold unless you vacate the hospital and do major cleaning... the upshot: do your very best to stay clear of any hospital for any reason... and if you do need treatment try to go to a newer-build clinic

Hugs, most darling kittens, keep on keeping on the best you can. And remember, this Big Cat loves ya!

Authoress news and mews ~

The Kougar is finishing up Chapter Forty-one of WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL, her ShapeShifter Seductions WIP... In the next chapter Dante will have a mission the heroine and hero, Keina and Drev... and for the secondary characters, Dugger and Symone... Dugger is downunder dingo shifter, and Symone is from a parallel Earth.. . she's an aerial-platform sharpshooter.


Friday, September 25, 2015
A Perfect Example...
by Serena Shay

...of how my week has gone.

Unfortunately, I only have about half my blog written today, but I do have a reason. 


Saturday, September 26, 2015
Two Dragons For Lilly Chapter 1 Part 3
by Solara

“Red hot coals for fiery dragons.”  Ned chuckled.

“You ain’t gonna get me red,” Adam replied.  “Think you got lyrics ready since your mind is working.”

Ned hissed at him.  Then picked up the pen close to him.  He pulled the pad he’d scribbled notes on earlier to him.  “Not as X-rated as earlier.”

Adam shook his head.  “Songs preferably no hotter than R rated.”

 Ned laughed again.  “Humans and their restraints.”

“Social niceties,” Adam added.  “We observe similar practices within our pack.”

“Prides. Packs.  It all comes down to conservatism.” Ned pointed to two lines on his pad.  “What about this? Your kisses are sweet.  What a wine I sip.”

Do We the Human Race Really Need Another World War??? ... isn't there something better to do? ~shakes head in disgust and rolls eyes~ yeah, we need a damn effing stupid *blow up the world* war like the ole proverbial hole in the head... yep, thanks to the dark-side controllers and their minions, the lamestream presstitute media, the ever-raising drumbeat for a world war has been pounding for the last three years or so... and this pathetic hammering away at everyone's psyche continues nonstop... after all, you have to get some agreement from at least part of the public... to that end, who knows 'when' or 'if' there will be a catalyzing false flag like nine eleven ... whatever, this Big Cat has so had it... SHE DOESN'T WANT A WAR... not any war... WARS ARE NO FUN... she's just so weary, tired of all this 'lets have a war' crapola... can we the human race just move beyond this pathetic stupidity and have an Aquarian Age renaissance instead?


HealthFreedoms – Police Department Fed Up With Big Pharma Posted Salaries and Emails Online
A police department in Gloucester, Massachusetts was recently full of ire at their community’s opioid drug crisis. And they leveled their aim at Big Pharma.
While the news is filled with plenty of negative press surrounding police departments and reports of brutal behavior, this department appears to be actively trying to restore some function to a drug-damaged city.
Because of the harsh, addictive nature of prescription opioids, the department thought that the major pharmaceutical manufacturers should use some of their collective billions to fix the problem it helped create: intense drug addiction which leads to crime and imprisonment.
On their Facebook page they drew attention by calling Big Pharma out – and got thousands of social media shares from people who have compassion for those struggling with addiction:
Top Big Pharma CEOs and salaries according to the police department’s Facebook post embedded below:
5. Eli Lilly – John Lechleiter $14.48 million 317-276-2000
4. Abbott Labs – Miles D. White $17.7 million 847-937-6100
3. Merck – Kenneth C. Frazier $25 million + cool private jet. 908-423-1000
2. Johnson & Johnson – Alex Gorsky $20.38 million 732-524-0400
1. Pfizer – Ian Read $23.3 million 212-573-2323
But wait! It gets better. Gloucester has inspired other departments
with its Angel Program. The Angel Program allows a person to receive the assistance they need when seeking help with an addiction to heroin – and it doesn’t punish them!
So along with calling out Big Pharma like they would a street drug cartel – Gloucester has tried to do their part to tone down the War on Drugs which criminalizes people who are addicted and need help, not prison bars.
As if this wasn’t positive enough – yes, it gets even better!
Big Pharma listened…
Pfizer is personally meeting with them. To what end we don’t know yet. The Chief concluded with the embedded statement below saying:
    Addiction is a disease.
    No way we are arresting someone who comes in for help.
    No way are we judging anyone.

Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

4:44 pm... 6:33 pm... 8:44 pm... 11:55 pm... 1:11 am... 9:33 am... 11:11 am... 11:22 am... 9:33 am... 1:11 pm... 3:33 pm... 5:55 pm... 9:33 pm... 10:10 pm... 10:23 pm... 12:12 am... 12:34 am... 1:11 am... 2:12 am... 5:55 pm... 9:33 pm... 10:23 pm... no more war, it's just damn boring...


American Airlines Bars Vet From Boarding With Service Dog, Issues Apology
BarkPost - No one should be told that his/her service dog cannot board a plane, but Captain Jason Haag experienced just that when boarding a recent American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Virginia. Haag and his K9s For Warriors service dog, Axel, traveled to Los Angeles because the pup was named Best Service Dog at The Hero Dog Awards. Upon boarding, Haag and Axel were pulled off the line and interrogated over the service dog’s authenticity. Haag and his family were informed the flight was filled and were not allowed to fly. Axel supports his owner who has PTSD, who is a former Marine and served two tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Furthermore, Axel was wearing his service harness and vest at the time of the incident.


Ginger: 10,000x Stronger Than Chemo (Taxol) In Cancer Research Model
Green Med Info - ...ginger contains a pungent compound that could be up to 10,000 times more effective than conventional chemotherapy in targeting the cancer stem cells at the root of cancer malignancy. A new study published in PLoS reveals a pungent component within ginger known as 6-shogaol is superior to conventional chemotherapy in targeting the root cause of breast cancer malignancy: namely, the breast cancer stem cells.

The Benefits of Organic Hemp Milk and How to Make Your Own
Natural News Blogs - This dairy alternative will provide the body with: Vitamins like Vitamin A, E, B-12, folate and riboflavinMinerals like calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, iron and zincAll 10 essential amino acidsProtein (4 grams per serving)Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids Being this nutrient-rich, it is no wonder that hemp milk provides so many health benefits as well! Because of these nutrients, hemp milk can help to strengthen the body’s immune system, develop glowing skin as well as strong and healthy hair and nails, a healthy heart and sharper cognitive skills, including learning and memory.


The Disturbing Cause Of Dental Disease In Dogs
Dogs Naturally - According to Dr Brooke Niemiec of the American Veterinary Dental College, dental disease is the number one medical problem among pets today! In fact, over 70 percent of dogs and cats will suffer periodontal disease by the age of two.... Dr Lonsdale [who became] accustomed to seeing drastic improvements in dental health with the change from kibble and commercial pet foods to a raw diet, he wondered “How quickly will healthy dogs start to deteriorate if we feed them junk food?” And a very interesting study was begun … Dr Lonsdale recruited four raw fed dogs and, for the next 17 days, he fed them kibble – Science Diet veterinary food to be exact. The results were visible. Each photo shows the subject dogs’ teeth while they were eating a raw, species appropriate food, and the stinky breath, yellow teeth, and sore bleeding gums that occurred just 17 days after feeding a veterinary diet. Because they haven’t been scrubbed away by the appropriate food, the bacteria multiplied,” explains Dr Lonsdale. “And they’re now gaining access to these dogs’ mouths, and from the mouth to the rest of the body. And that, we think, is the reason why animals end up with many diseases of the liver, the kidneys, the heart, the immune system, and so on.”

Bio-Inappropriate: The Dangers of Dry Food
FelineNutrition - I have never seen a single case of serious obesity, diabetes, urinary tract disease, or IBD in a cat fed meat instead of commercial dry foods. Many other people have seen the same results. Further, I do not see nutritional deficiencies in cats fed properly balanced raw-meat diets." "I want to emphasize a point here. The incidence of these problems has not just declined on a raw-meat diet, they have entirely disappeared. These results are too dramatic to ignore." – Elizabeth Hodgkins, DVM.

Let freedom ring for everyone on planet Earth, and let LOVE guide the way...

Krazy Kat kisses...

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