Monday, September 7, 2015

Hang On For the Ever-Changing, Chaos Ride

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #366      

The Sacred Reconnection To Mother Earth ... And the Explosive Flames of Destruction, the World Teeters and Totters ... Hang On For the Ever-Changing, Chaos Ride

On the AWAKENING front, At This Time, the Sacred Connection to The Mother, To Mother Earth, Soars Exponentially and Will Not Be Stopped Despite Cruel Persecution 

This 'reconnection' happens in the dark-side face of those who would force humanity off the land under the guise of 'saving Earth'. For, like all of her animals and plants, SHE needs her humans upon the land.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' use their mighty lightblades to slice and dice their way through the invisible net containing/stopping the flow of human creativity. Eons ago, one of the progenitors of the human race, as we are now, placed this frequency net for several reasons. Ever since, this 'net' has been used to keep humanity down and corralled.

The time has come to truly FREE the human race to be all that we can be.

On the personal front, this week, enjoy the rapid roller coaster ride that will likely be the world around you. If circumstances dictate, mentally and physically hole up for a short time. For, this is a time for reflection, for looking out at the world and understanding what has escaped you before.

Also, this is a great week to do more organizing in your household, especially around your preparations for winter. Food, water, necessities... alternative ways to heat your home.

As well, LOVE is likely to be a major theme for many of us. This will vary from individual to individual. Enjoy and expand this area of your life.

On the paranormal front, The Bigfoot Chronicles Continue ... Yes, They Want To Be Known To the Right People

BLURB: "Survivorman & Bigfoot
Date: Saturday - September 5, 2015
Host: Connie Willis
Guests: Les Stroud
Host Connie Willis was joined, for the full program, by survival expert Les Stroud, who discussed his television program Survivorman as well as his research into Bigfoot. He theorized that the massive popularity of Survivorman, which spawned the genre of survival television, is rooted in the viewer's fascination with whether or not they could survive the harrowing conditions seen on the program. Additionally, he surmised that there is a morbid curiosity from some audience members who delight in seeing the lengths Stroud must go, such as eating insects for sustenance, in order to survive alone in the wilderness.
He traced his experience with Bigfoot back to a possible encounter with the creature when he had just started learning survival training in the mid-1980's. He recalled camping one night and hearing "the most incredible, god-awful screams" that sounded like women being tortured off in the distance. In a subsequent incident, which occurred during the making of Survivorman in Alaska, Stroud heard a strange rustling sound as he was shooting a segment for the program. This disturbance continued after the filming stopped, he said, when "all of a sudden, this thing started bellowing from a hundred feet away, in a tree, like a great ape." As soon as Stroud moved to get his camera, the creature suddenly fled through the forest "like a freight train." Although he wanted to investigate the situation further, Stroud chose to ignore it because he did not want to distract from the filming of the program.
Stroud later revealed his Bigfoot encounter on a radio program, which enthralled his interviewers and led to a tremendous amount of media interest in his experiences. This inspired him to create a spinoff of Survivorman where he would investigate locations that were believed to be Bigfoot hot spots. Originally, he said, the focus of the show was on Bigfoot as a flesh and blood creature, but it eventually grew to examine various other theories surrounding the origins of the cryptid. Stroud stressed that, unlike reality television programs focused on Bigfoot, his endeavor is a documentary series and does not have an agenda aimed at proving one specific theory about the creature. In essence, he said, the show revolves around meeting a Bigfoot researcher, being taken to a hot spot where they believe Bigfoot may be lurking, and then having Stroud spend the night there in hopes of encountering it.
During his appearance, Stroud shared a number of bizarre occurrences from the filming of Survivorman: Bigfoot. While camping at the top of a mountain purported to be a hotspot, his camera crew captured the apparent disappearance of apples left as food for the creature. The strangeness of that evening continued as Stroud was sitting around a campfire and saw "four massive lights in the sky" which simply vanished after he stepped away to tend to the fire. In another unsettling experience from a different expedition, Stroud was camping in the Smoky Mountains and felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up. After the feeling went away, Stroud suddenly heard a telepathic voice which said, "We're right over here. We're two hills away from you. If you want to see us, stay." Despite this fantastic invitation, Stroud conceded that he was not ready for such an encounter and opted not to investigate further.
Book(s):Will to Live: Dispatches from the Edge of Survival,Survive!

On the UFO front, BLURB: "Sept 3, 1965: The Exeter UFO Incident
September 03, 2015
One of the most celebrated UFO sightings in history happened today fifty years ago, September 3, 1965: The Exeter Incident.
It began in the wee hours of a September morning in the rural town of Exeter, New Hampshire.
At 12:30 AM a police officer, Eugene Bertrand, found a woman parked on the side of the road near Highway 108. In a state of near panic, she said a UFO with flashing red lights had chased her for miles. She pointed to a diminishing bright light in the distance. Unimpressed, Bertrand watched it briefly, telling the woman it was nothing to fear and after the woman calmed down departed in his prowl car.
Nearly two hours later, a shaking Norman Muscarello, 18, exploded into the Exeter police station. He told desk officer Reginald Toland he had been hitchhiking toward home when he saw what he called "the Thing" – a "group of five bright lights" in a line moving over a large field, "go down behind trees, behind a house and then disappear".

On the AREA 51 front, ARTICLE: "Angry Area 51 Neighbors Break Silence
...The Sheahan family say they have suffered "abuses and atrocities" from their clandestine neighbors. They claim the Air Force has dropped bombs, erected security checkpoints on their own land and strafed their property ever since the Groom Lake Air Force facility first became operational. Now to make matters worse, the Air Force has issued an ultimatum – take a $5.2 million buyout for the Sheahan land – a whopping 400 acres - or they'll have it legally condemned, citing "increasing national security demands," and seize it.
"The Air Force has exhausted all reasonable options to reach a settlement with the land owners," Col. Thomas Dempsey, Commander, Nevada Test and Training Range Wing at Nellis Air Force Base said via statement. The Sheahan family now has until Sept. 10th to "consider" the offer. "If they can do this to us, they can do it to each and every one," Dan Sheahan charged. Joe Sheahan called the September 11th take-over by Area 51 military brass a "criminal act."

On the *BOOM Sky Trumpets* front, ARTICLE: "2015: Sky Trumpets Sound Again Across The World - MSM Reports, NASA Responds And Theories Abound
By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine
Ominous sounds from the sky are back in the news and people from across the world are capturing the strange sinister noises on video with the MSM reporting on it, NASA putting out a response that no one seems to believe, and theories ranging from the seven trumpets from heaven signaling the apocalypse, to HAARP weaponry, to aliens scouting earth, are abound over the internet, in conspiracy forums and comment sections."

On the ATLANTIS front, ARTICLE: "An Expedition Seeks to Uncover 'Britain's Atlantis.'
Wednesday, September 2, 2015
Project leader Professor Vince Gaffney, of the University of Bradford, explains: "...this project will access new data at a scale never previously attempted. Novel mapping, DNA extraction and computer modelling representing people, animals and even individual plants will generate a four-dimensional model of how Doggerland was colonized and eventually lost to the sea.
“A dramatic, and previously lost, period of human prehistory will begin to emerge from the seismic traces, fragments of DNA and snippets of computer code that will form the primary data of this innovative archaeological project.”
The massive and very ancient monolith recently found off the coast of Sicily, the Gobekli Tepe site and many others suggest that Neolithic culture went far beyond the simple hunter-gatherer stage. With the end of the ice age, sea levels rose dramatically, submerging everything that was on coastlines. As is true now, most large centers would have been close to the sea in order to facilitate trade. There are thousands of submerged coastlines around the world, and almost none of them have been examined for evidence of habitation."

On the *incredibly mysterious disappearances* front, BLURB: Urban Disappearances
Date: Sunday - August 30, 2015
Host: George Knapp
Guests: David Paulides
George Knapp welcomed researcher and author David Paulides, who provided an update on his investigation into mysterious disappearances and detailed how his latest research now takes him to urban areas, where he is finding evidence that fits his criteria for this unsettling phenomenon. While he had previously been focused on disappearances in national parks, Paulides explained that he began looking into strange urban cases after reading about a cluster of extremely smart and athletic young men who disappeared and their bodies were later discovered under unusual circumstances. As he began looking deeper into such cases, Paulides was astonished to find that the minutiae of these events had a number of eerie similarities to the national park disappearances he had chronicled in his Missing 411 series of books.

On the WOOLLY MAMMOTH front, ARTICLE: "Will Siberia be home to the first cloned woolly mammoth? Russian scientists set up new laboratory to resurrect extinct giants
A huge step towards recreating the woolly mammoth has been taken by scientists who inserted more than a dozen of its genes into the live DNA of an elephant.
Researchers studied the structure of DNA from mammoths preserved in the Arctic to reproduce exact copies of 14 of the extinct animal's genes."

On the land changes front, AGAIN: Coming, More Major Earthquakes, the Swarms Continue -- Watch Out, California, Alaska, and the Pacific Northwest... Massive Weather Pattern Changes Due, In Part, To the Weather Wars... the Firestorm Wars In the West, the Rains Come... More Wind and Water Superstorms Across the Planet ... Fireball Sightings Increase... Possible Dangerous Asteroid Strikes Ahead [the Benevolents Are On the Case]

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Massive fireball from space witnessed in Thailand, explosions heard (VIDEO)  A massive fireball, believed to be a meteorite, has fallen on Thailand. Awestruck commuters witnessed the spectacle, describing a green and orange glow, as it took a nosedive toward Earth.
The event took place during the morning rush hour at about 8:45am local time in Bangkok, although the meteor did not make an audible sound as it struck the ground."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Why America Should Be On High Alert For A Major Earthquake Along The New Madrid Fault
Michael Snyder | Did you know that a magnitude 3.5 earthquake hit the New Madrid fault about a week ago?" 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Baseball-Sized Hail Pummels Parts of Italy: the storm was brought on by a vigorous southward plunge of the jet stream that carved into western Europe sending a potent upper disturbance into the Italian peninsula Saturday."

WATCH: Menacing Dust Devil Swirls Over Phoenix

SNIPPET: "Weekly Wrap-Up: Damaging Storms Blast Seattle, Phoenix; Record Trio of Category 4 Hurricanes Churns in Pacific
The Northwest and Southwest were targeted by gusty, damaging storms, while a rare tropical feat occurred in the Pacific."

WATCH: Severe Flooding Submerges Cars in Spain

VIDEO: Waterspout Spotted Near Florida's Jacksonville Beach

WATCH: High Winds Spawn Large Waves on Lake Washington Near Busy Highway

ARTICLE: "New study reveals the possibility of hurricanes ‘unlike anything you’ve seen in history’"

On *the Climate Alarm Industrial Complex* front, ARTICLE: "Climate Alarm Industry Is Scientifically Bankrupt :Climate science has become a politically-corrupted, agenda-driven, federally-beholden science-industrial complex; along with a military-industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned about"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Obama Flies to Alaska to Push Global Warming Propaganda – Then Orders New Icebreaker
Gateway Pundit | You just can’t make this stuff up…"

On the *hey, how about that housing bubble* front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The Housing Bubble Is Bursting in NY and DC
Joshua Krause | Like many American cities, New York and Washington DC have experienced explosive housing prices since the crash of 2007."

On the *economy that isn't an economy* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: " Will The Fed Have To Save Emerging Markets With QE4?
Chartles Hugh-Smith | The risk-off tide is rising, and sand castles of QE will only hold the tide back for a brief period of apparent calm." 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Europe’s Biggest Bank Dares To Ask: Is The Fed Preparing For A “Controlled Demolition” Of The Market
Zero Hedge | Fed’s tightening will be the mechanistic precursor to a market crash and thus, QE4."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Massive Central Bank Intrusion Means Ever Increasing System Fragility
Charles Hugh Smith | A core dynamic is laying waste to global financial markets." 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Dow posts worst August decline in 17 years
Market Watch | The month of August can be pretty rough for stock investors"

On the *cashless, dirty rotten money* front, HEADLINE: "France Doubles Down On Cash Ban: No Transactions Over 1,000 Euros"

On the *buddy can you spare a living wage?* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The Oligarch Recovery – Low Income Americans Can’t Afford to Live in Any Metro Area
Michael Krieger | We were told we needed to bail out Wall Street in order to save Main Street. Well the results are in…"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "On Average, People Who Obtain Degrees from Quarter of Colleges Never Recover Cost of Education
The New Yorker | “Incredibly, the schools seem to add nothing to the market value of the students.”

On the *that's the WALL STREET game against the sheeple* front, Article: "IF YOU THINK THAT WAS A CRASH….It’s hysterical watching the paid Wall Street hucksters paraded on CNBC and the other corporate media propaganda outlets trying to calm the muppets so they can continue to fleece them"

On the economic front, The Ongoing Fed War Against Small Business Owners... Against All of Us Who Want To Be Independent 

ARTICLE: "Small Business Owners: Feds Are Trying To ‘Destroy’ Us Several franchisees urged members of Congress Monday to help reverse a recent federal rule change which could destroy many small businesses."

ARTICLE: "The Troubling Decline of Financial Independence in America
Charles Hugh Smith | By financial independence, I don’t mean an inherited trust fund–I mean earning an independent living as a self-employed person."

On the *there's a new economic game in town* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "$100bn BRICS monetary fund now operational
The $100 billion BRICS Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA) has become fully operational following the inaugural meetings of the BRICS CRA Board of Governors and the Standing Committee in the Turkish capital of Ankara.
“The first meetings of the governing bodies mark the start of a full-scale operation of the BRICS Contingent Reserve Arrangement as an international institution with activities set to enhance and strengthen cooperation,” said a Russian Central Bank statement on Friday."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: " Why Are Foreign Countries Repatriating Gold From US Federal Reserve?
Sputnik | Foreign countries are withdrawing their gold reserves from world’s largest gold depository." 

On the *lies piled on top of economic lies* front, Article: "ANOTHER HYSTERICALLY FALSE BLS UNEMPLOYMENT REPORT :It’s that time of the month again, where the Bureau of Lies and Scams issues their latest manipulated, massaged, and falsified unemployment data to the willfully ignorant masses. The MSM will unquestioningly regurgitate the lies with breathless enthusiasm. The Wall Street hucksters will interpret any data as positive for the stock market.
The two headlines flashing across TV screens and websites are diametrically opposed, but none of the talking heads will reveal they can’t both be true.
Climate Alarm Industry Is Scientifically Bankrupt :Climate science has become a politically-corrupted, agenda-driven, federally-beholden science-industrial complex; along with a military-industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned about"

ARTICLE: "Number Of “Ultrapoor” Americans Has Doubled Since 1996
Joshua Krause | If you’ve been paying attention to the economy for the past seven years or so, you’ve probably been wondering when the whole charade is going to come crashing down."

On the *government lies* front, ARTICLE: "EVERYTHING the government tells you is a lie: Fake CDC science, fake economic numbers, and especially fake projections on future social security payouts and pensions"

On the truth front, The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right ... Also, This Week, There Will Be Astonishing TRUTHs Released By the Dark-Side and the Light Workers

ARTICLE: "It Is Happening! FEMA Camps, Martial Law, RFID Implants, One World Global Control By The UN - Dick Morris: Those "Crazy" Conspiracy Theorists, 'Now They Are Right'"

ARTICLE: "August 31, 2015 ~ 'Creepy' New Mall Goes Up In Colorado With Guard Towers Close To Train Tracks - Exclusive ANP Pictures - Are Russian Soldiers Tied To Washington Fires?

On the *nobody gets to have fun without intell surveillance* front, ARTICLE: "FBI Agents Spy on Burning Man Festival to Prevent ‘terrorism,’ Test Out New ‘intelligence collection’
FBI agents have been 'intelligence gathering' at the alternative festival since 2010, they admitted
The FBI has admitted to gathering secret intelligence about the annual Burning Man festival since 2010.
In response to a request under the 2012 Freedom of Information Act, the security service said its Special Events Management unit has kept files on festival-goers, known as ‘burners’ – to ‘aid in the prevention of terrorist activites and intelligence collection’.
But the FBI’s 16-page response to the question by Inkoo Kang is heavily redacted, with information about the technology being used to secretly gather the information being blanked out.
The revelation comes as the 29th Burning Man takes place in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada."

On the *space war* front, HEADLINE: "World Powers Are Preparing for Space Warfare"

On the war front, War, What Is It Good For? Terrible Mass Migration To Other Countries That Ruins Everyone's Life ... Brought To You By the New World Order Criminal-Freakazoids Who Are Making Profits Out the Wazoo ❤

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Putin: People flee from Syria because of ISIS, not Assad regime  Russian President Vladimir Putin has said the fight against terrorism should be a coordinated international effort, and Russia is taking steps to form such a coalition. He added that in Syria it should go hand in hand with an internal political process.
“Of course, we know that there are different approaches to Syria. By the way, people are running away not from the regime of Bashar Assad, but from Islamic State, which seized large areas in Syria and Iraq, and are committing atrocities there. That is what they are escaping from," RIA Novosti quoted Vladimir Putin as saying on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "IN JUST 4 YEARS: Half of Syrian Population of 22 Million Has Been Killed, Displaced or Fled the Country
Gateway Pundit | There are nearly 4 million Syrian refugees in five host countries."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Putin Admits Russian Military Support for Syrian Army
Kurt Nimmo | Troops and equipment sent to help al-Assad fight against proxy war."

ARTICLE: "Russian Military Forces Arrive In Syria, Set Forward Operating Base Near Damascus
...As it turns out, it may all have been just a ruse. Because as Ynet reports, not only has Putin not turned his back on Assad, or Syria, but the Russian reinforcements are well on their way. Reinforcements for what? Why to fight the evil Islamic jihadists from ISIS of course, the same artificially created group of bogeyman that the US, Turkey, and Saudis are all all fighting. In fact, this may be the first world war in which everyone is "fighting" an opponent that everyone knows is a proxy for something else."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Flashpoint: White House Confirms Russian Presence In Syria, Warns It Is “Destabilizing”
Zero Hedge | “The Russians have been there a long time.”

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Refugees from US-Saudi Sponsored Syrian War Flood into Europe
Kurt Nimmo | Humanitarian crisis of a magnitude not seen since the Second World War." 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Nigel Farage: EU has opened doors to migration exodus of biblical proportions
London Telegraph | Ukip leader refuses to say how many refugees he thinks Britain should take as he blames the EU for sending a message to migrants that they will be accepted."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Thousands of Refugees Walk from Budapest to Austria
Kurt Nimmo | Syrians set out on foot to travel the 105 mile route."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Was the Turkish Government Caught Sending Weapons to ISIS in Syria?
Michael Krieger | If you have any interest in geopolitics whatsoever, you need to be paying very close attention to the complete and total shit show that is Turkey."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The Arab world’s wealthiest nations are doing next to nothing for Syria’s refugees
NY Times | The world has been transfixed in recent weeks by the unfolding refugee crisis in Europe, an influx of migrants unprecedented since World War II."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Migrant crisis spurs European interest in Israeli border barriers
Reuters | Two European countries are exploring the possibility of erecting towering steel security fences along parts of their borders."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Thousands of migrants to arrive in Athens as political tensions rise in Europe
London Independent | Germany has urged counties to accept binding quotas of refugees but the proposal has been rejected by several eastern European states."

On the *George Washington warned about foreign entanglements* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "In Syria, Putin Calls Obama’s Bluff, Joins War Against ISIS
Eric Zuesse | Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has apparently decided to establish in Syria a military base.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "China Launches Biggest Military Overhaul in Decades as Warships Spotted Off Alaska for First Time
Michael Krieger | Chinese warships were seen off the coast of Alaska for the first time ever."

On the worldwide war front, HEADLINE: "China under attack? Yet another massive explosion at a Chinese chemical factory: It's the fourth in just over a month!"

ARTICLE: "China explosion: City of Dongying rocked as huge blast rips through chemical factory The massive blast was heard and seen from a great distance - just a fortnight after a different blast killed more than 100"

On the *elites are laughing all the way to the energy bank* front, ARTICLE: "New Technology Helps the Elite Survive, Everyone Else Will Sit In the Dark and Die"

On the energy front, Angels Don't Play This HAARP ... Tesla Tech On Display

ARTICLE: New Management: HAARP again open for business Research station now operated by UAF after military bows out
Instead of falling to the dozer blade, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program has new life.
In mid-August, U.S. Air Force General Tom Masiello shook hands with UAF's Brian Rogers and Bob McCoy, transferring the powerful upper-atmosphere research facility from the military to the university.
You may have heard of HAARP.
Nick Begich wrote a book about it. Jesse Ventura tried to bully his way past the Gakona gate during a TV episode of Conspiracy Theory. Muse recorded a live album, HAARP, at Wembley Stadium from a stage filled with antennas meant to resemble those standing on a gravel pad off the Tok Cutoff Road.
The science-fiction assertions of caribou walking backwards, human mind control and HAARP's ability to change the weather have made researchers wince. It's hard to describe a complicated instrument that sends invisible energy into a zone no one can see.
HAARP is a group of high-frequency radio transmitters powered by four diesel tugboat generators and one from a locomotive. The transmitters send a focused beam of radio-wave energy into the aurora zone. There, that energy can stimulate a speck of the electrical sun-Earth connection about 100 miles above our heads.

On the *oil price* front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Why Did Oil Prices Just Jump By 27 Percent In 3 Days?
Oil Price | Oil prices have posted their strongest rally in years, jumping an astounding 27 percent in the last three trading days of August." 

On the *how to tear down society* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "PROF: Andrew Jackson monument violates city’s ‘nuisance ordinance’ — tear it down
EAG News | Now, it’s Andrew Jackson’s turn."

On the *bring on the drones and program them to strike belligerent journalists... or, if you're Hitler, strike the jews* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "West Point Professor Calls For Military Strikes On Journalists Critical Of War On Terror
Cassius Methyl | “Treasonous” opposition."

ARTICLE: "US military is developing 'Gremlin' drones to overwhelm enemy defenses and conduct missions too dangerous for manned aircraft"

On the CIA'S JIHADI-MERCENARY ARMY [or how to terrorize the people into blind obedience] front, Article: "JUDICIAL WATCH EXPOSES ISIS THREAT ON BORDER Once again, Judicial Watch has highlighted the consequences of the Obama administration’s failure to secure the southern border with Mexico.
On April 14, the organization’s Corruption Chronicles published the following report on ISIS operations in Mexico and in the United States:"

On the *allowing foreign troops on U.S. soil* front, ARTICLE: "Russian Spetsnaz Arsonists Are Targeting Preppers In the West
On Sunday August 30, 2015, I attempted to conduct a radio interview with Rich Scheben a noted off-the-grid prepper. Along with experts, such as Bob Griswold, Rich is as skilled as anyone in this business and his message is not popular with this current administration. During the course of the interview, the studio radio equipment that I use to communicate with my satellite uplink failed to connect for the first time since I have been using the equipment.
Subsequently, I went to my backup system which is a Skype set up that is configured for use in radio interviews. It, too, failed as I was unable to connect to my source. I was reduced to using a poor quality land line in which I experienced echoes and drop outs. The moment my interview with Rich was concluded, all systems returned to normal. This was not an accident. In reference to yesterday’s publication, it is an easy conclusion to make that Russian Spetsnatz are targeting preppers in the western portion of the United States.
John Moore once told me that two teams of eight Spetsnaz commandos could take down a power grid of a city the size of Phoenix. It looks a new use has been created for these Russian soldiers that this current President has allowed into our country and now we are seeing the net effect, as fires rage out control throughout the western portion of the United States.
The fires, which are ripping through millions of acres in the west, are not natural events. The following CNN report covers these events as if this is how mother nature is supposed to work, when in fact, this is a clear example of “gray terrorism”

On the tyranny-at-work front, Fast and Furious PERSECUTION of Anyone and Everyone Begins ... Unless You're On the Dark-Side, Then You Get a Free Pass

ARTICLE: "Sheep Led to the Slaughter: The Muzzling of Free Speech in America
John W. Whitehead | The architects of the American police state must think we’re idiots."

ARTICLE: "Four Documents Proving the Existence of the Red List :All of America’s firewalls have been breached. The American people, in order to escape this well-planned tyrannical future, have no options left except to acquiesce or fight."

ARTICLE: "Multiple DOD Linked Drills In Boston Begin September 10th For 14 Days -  Heads Up America As Entire East Coast Goes Hot
...Beginning on the 10th of September and going on through September 23rd, Linxx Global Solutions, Inc., a government services provider based out of Virginia Beach, Virginia, will be holding 'realistic scenario training' for the Department of Defense and is looking for private contractors....otherwise known as 'role-players'.
These 'role players', we learn through the Linxx Global facebook page seen in screenshot below, will be acting as terrorists, bad guys and hostages. Requirements include 'wearing assigned wardrobe and safety equipment while responding according based on the scenario' and 'operate various small arms with blank- and paint-marking cartridges' among other responsibilities. Much more below including several videos and a SQAlert from a Law Enforcement officer who shares what we consider to be a very important warning as well as another look at the East coast of the US suddenly receiving HUGE amounts of attention.
...While as Americans we love our country and always believe it best for everyone to be prepared for whatever might happen, we're also well aware of 'drills' that turned 'live' with an astounding 63 of them since 1993 according to this story from Coach Semanko. With recent word that much of the East coast will have our ADS-B and TCAS surveillance and operations systems down for the month of September while a Russian ship sits off of the East coast and China has 5 ships skirting Alaska, of course these drills bring concern.
Why is the Department of Defense going to be heavily involved in these drills on US soil? Are these drills more proof that Posse Comitatus has been totally thrown out the door? Whatever these are about should be a clear sign to Americans that we, too, need to be prepared for whatever it might be. With the US military preparing across the nation for something, that should be a clear sign that we all should be, too.

On THE GREAT DIVIDE... or, on *the rise of the GOOD and the EVIL ZOMBIES* front, ARTICLE: "The Rise Of The Inhumanes
Paul Craig Roberts | America’s descent into totalitarian violence is accelerating."

On the *police brutality* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Shock Video: Man Dies in Jail Lobby After Encounter with Sheriff’s Deputies
Adan Salazar | “I can’t breathe,” witnesses claim they heard man say."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Protests in Baltimore as Freddie Gray death hearing begins
RT | Baltimore police have broken up a protest that blocked a busy city street, as the first pre-trial hearing of six officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray got underway."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Unsettling Video Shows Oakland Cop Spit on a Man for Filming Him
Free Thought Project | A short video was uploaded to Facebook Saturday that epitomizes the rift between police and the citizens."

On the *militarization of the police* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Illinois Cops Lockdown Town in Search of Suspects in Police Shooting
Kurt Nimmo | Militarized cops tell residents to stay inside their homes." 

On the communication front, The CIA-Run Media Industrial Complex

ARTICLE: "The CIA and the media: 50 facts the world needs to know
BY Prof. James F. Tracy | Global Research
Since the end of World War Two the Central Intelligence Agency has been a major force in US and foreign news media, exerting considerable influence over what the public sees, hears and reads on a regular basis. CIA publicists and journalists alike will assert they have few, if any, relationships, yet the seldom acknowledged history of their intimate collaboration indicates a far different story–indeed, one that media historians are reluctant to examine." 

On the *ONE MORE REASON to get out of the BIG CITIES* front, ARTICLE: "NYC's growing homeless population becoming increasingly violent, carrying out routine assaults against innocents
(NaturalNews) New York City has a big problem with homelessness. As the number of homeless people in the Big Apple has steadily increased in recent years, so have incidences of violence carried out by desperate, often mentally ill people who are living on the city's streets.
A recent spike in violent incidents involving homeless people has stirred a major controversy among residents and authorities. This controversy has been fueled by sensationalist news outlets and those who wish to point the finger of blame at various institutions and individuals, which has turned the issue into a political hot potato."

ARTICLE: "EXCLUSIVE: New York 2015 - FOUR THOUSAND sleeping on the streets, 80 homeless encampments in the city and beggars making $75 a day as arrests for panhandling and street drinking plunge"

On the *yep, it's always about scamming the taxypayers* front, ARTICLE: "The Sports Stadium Shakedown Of America’s Taxpayers—Crony Capitalist Corruption On Steriods: Stadiums are built with money borrowed today, against public money spent tomorrow, at the expense of taxes that will never be collected."

On the home front, Time To Lock and Load Mentally and Emotionally

ARTICLE: "Situational Awareness: A Skill You Need : Situational Awareness is the process of making conscious observations of your surroundings and making tentative plans of action if something bad were to happen."

On the *stealing WATER and land from the people* front, ARTICLE: "The Environmental Protection Agency gets criticized often for meddling in the lives of everyday Americans, but a new agency rule that went into effect in late August may be its biggest power grab yet – affecting millions of property owners who now may find themselves in EPA crosshairs.
At issue is the Clean Water Rule, which expands the definition of waters under the EPA’s jurisdiction so broadly that creeks, streams and even ditches will be regulated now. That’s according to a new report released by the James Madison Institute, which says the EPA’s “expansion of federal power may be unrivaled in American federal regulatory history.”

On the *mass murder of veterans* front, ARTICLE: "VETS: How Does the VA Hate You? Let Us Count The Ways:47,000 vets didn’t die while they were on the pending list. Nope, 307,000 vets did. In fact, over a third (~35%) of vet applicants showed up in the Social Security Death Index.
Here’s what you get when you trust the government to do much of anything: the Department of Veterans Affairs."

Meanwhile... On the Super Zombie Soldier front, ARTICLE: "DARPA’s Next Generation Of Super Zombie Soldiers
BFN | Here’s how DARPA is creating the next generation of genetically modified soldiers."

On the *you are only a computer number* front, ARTICLE: "Modern Medicine at the Crossroads: The reality is that our doctor doesn’t work for my wife and me any longer, he works for the government. Its ever-changing computer system is the patient that gets all his attention."

On the *sad, idiocracy...get your children out of the system* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "San Francisco elementary school removes boys’ and girls’ bathrooms and makes them gender neutral
Daily Mail | One elementary school had decided to do away with boys’ and girls’ bathrooms. There will now just be bathrooms."

On the *dumbing down the children* front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "America’s Common Core Reminds Chinese-American Mom Of Her Childhood In China
Prison | Common core is so wonderful that Lily Tang Williams, a Chinese-American mother of three who grew up in Communist China, says it reminds her of her oppressive childhood." 

ARTICLE: "Deleting American History: Under New Standards,'“U.S. Constitution Simply Ignored by Teachers'
“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history. […] He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” – George Orwell, 1984
Common Core and similar corporate-driven efforts to alter education are starting to have some serious consequences.
Rewriting history is a major part of the silent takeover that is and has been underway for some time.
The powers that be are interested in control, not in freedom. That much is understood.
As such, American history – as ugly and bloody as it has been – cannot be told. Knowledge about the U.S. Constitution, the critical Bill of Rights and the revolution for independence are inconvenient facts to the new social engineering.
Incredibly, public schools are now actually beginning to rewrite history by omitting this pivotal chapter from classrooms."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "South Dakota drops teaching high schoolers about American revolution, founding documents
EAG News | North Dakota students may or may not learn about the first 100 years of America’s history."

On the food front, Ripping You the Customer Off By Using Prison Slave Labor

These 7 Household Names Make a Killing Off of the Prison-Industrial Complex
Whole Foods. The costly organic supermarket often nicknamed “Whole Paycheck” purchases artisan cheese and fish prepared by inmates who work for private companies. The inmates are paid .74 cents a day to raise tilapia that is subsequently sold for $11.99 a pound at the fashionable grocery store.

On the *what about feeding the homeless?* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Grocery Stores Throw out 26% of Produce Due to ‘Ugliness’
Christina Sarich | As we waste millions of tonnes of food each year."

On the *child-murdering lunch program* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Ag Sec pushes Republicans to INCREASE Michelle O’s lunch rules as program expiration looms
EAG News | U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack thinks everything is going just fine with the ratcheting regulations on school food in recent years."


HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Study: GMO Soy Accumulates Cancer-Causing Formaldehyde
Christina Sarich | Should the GM crop be deemed unsafe?"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Farmers Reject GM Seeds, Citing High Costs and Few Benefits
Julie Fidler | “We see the damage already caused by GMOs”." 

On the *what's true about Chipotle?* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Class Action Suit Against Chipotle Says its GM-Free Claims are False
Christina Sarich | An attack by Big Ag, or sincere public concern?"

On the MONSATANO front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Long exposure to tiny amounts of Monsanto’s Roundup may damage liver, kidneys – study
RT | Long-term intake of the Monsanto’s most popular Roundup herbicide, even in very small amounts lower than permissible in US water, may lead to kidney and liver damage, a new study claims." 

On the *mass die-offs continue* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Another Mass Animal Die-Off: What Killed 60,000 Antelope in Four Days?
The Daily Sheeple | Yet so far this year, there have been 629 mass animal die-off events in 85 countries." 

On the *fukushima-nukushima* front, ARTICLE: "Radiation fears growing as govt’ finds strangely deformed trees around Fukushima — Nearly 100% have ‘morphological defects’ — 'Trees did not have a top bud, without which its growth cannot continue'"

On the *stealth war against doctors and patients* front, ARTICLE: "Texas: Med Board lets DEA sneak peeks at patient records
September 7, 2015 by Joe from MassPrivateI ~ Watchdog – by Jon Cassidy
The Drug Enforcement Administration has been sifting through hundreds of supposedly private medical files, looking for Texas doctors and patients to prosecute without the use of warrants.
Instead, the agents are tricking doctors and nurses into thinking they’re with the Texas Medical Board. When that doesn’t work, they’re sending doctors subpoenas demanding medical records without court approval. 
Courtesy of U.S. Department of Justice. The DEA can’t even count how many times it has resorted to the practice nationwide. A spokesman estimated it was in the thousands.
But, as a legal brief filed last week points out, lawyers for the federal government can’t find a single case in which a court has “authorized the use of such a broad array of patient information with such a sparse record as to why it needs such information.”

On the really bad news front, Can We Just Lock All Those Who Hate Someone Over a Skin Color -- Or Hate Someone For Their Justified Activism -- In a Roman Coliseum and Let'em Have At It?

HEADLINE: "POWDER KEG! TEXAS COMMUNITY LEADER: ATTACK ANTI-COP ACTIVISTS 'We're looking at videos ... and we're going to hunt you sons of [expletive] down'"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Black Lives Matter Activist Arrested for Online Threat to “Kill All White People” in La Plata, Maryland

On the ALL LIVES MATTER front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Sen. Tim Scott: If ‘All Lives Matter’ Really Offends You, That’s Your Problem
Mediaite | Senator Tim Scott said tonight that if people are honestly offended by him or anyone else saying “all lives matter,” that’s their problem."

On the *brave new world of drugging everyone for any reason or no reason* front, ARTICLE: "Psychiatrists drugging children for “social justice”
Jon Rappoport | Bombshell: Mind-control engineers drugging children for “Social Justice”."

On the *dangerous vaccine* front, ARTICLE: "CDC caught wildly overestimating disease epidemic fatality numbers to boost vaccine sales"

On the good news front, The Love of a Good Dog

ARTICLE: "The Healing Power of Your Dog Can Save Your Life :A Health Report about dogs? The amazing healing benefits of man’s best friend!"

Meanwhile, the top evil echelons [not the good-hearted rank and file] of PETA, the Humane Society, and the ASPCA want your dog and cat dead and gone. 'They' believe pets are a scourge upon the Earth, and must be destroyed.

As well, the dark-side controllers are, and will do all in their sinister power to end the natural connection between humans and their pets, between humans and every animal. For, if we are connected to each other in sacred harmony, this will make Earth a paradise for humans, animals, and plants. And, end the artificial rule of the Viper elite.

On the *good news story* front, HEADLINE: "Stranger Asks Texas Deputy If He Can Stand Behind Her While She Pumps Gas. Deputy Asks ‘Why?’ Here’s the Answer She Gets."

On the global mafia cabal front, The Many Faces of Tyranny ... Removing the Masks, Tyranny Reveals Itself As the U.N. Minions Make Their Bid To Takeover the Planet

ARTICLE: "The 2030 Agenda: This Month The UN Launches A Blueprint For A New World Order With The Help Of The Pope
Michael Snyder | Did you know that the UN is planning to launch a “new universal agenda” for humanity in September 2015?"

ARTICLE: "More Proof We're At The End Game! Elite Orchestrating Sloppy False Flag Shootings - They Don't Care If They Get Caught! All They Want Are Americans Guns And They'll Do Whatever They Have To Do To Get Them!"

On the *where to escape* front, ARTICLE: "The Safest Place to Escape the New World Order: We should all realize that when one moves to a safe haven like Iceland, that a person is only staying one step ahead of the burning bridge."

On the heroine front, YOUTUBE: "Former Merck Rep Says Mandatory Vaccination Is For Profit and Not Public Health
Published on Jul 26, 2015 - Brandy Vaughan is a former sales rep for Merck & Co. - a vaccine maker - and she details how vaccine companies are using vaccines as a vehicle for massive profit and not public health. Brandy researched the safety of vaccines and found that not only do vaccines contain known toxins that can cause neurological damage, but that vaccine makers do not create the same safety studies for vaccines as they do for other drugs. This lack of true safety research of vaccines combined with the known adverse reactions to vaccination has helped Brandy to decide to never vaccinate her own child. Brandy says giving children a vaccine is like playing Russian roulette with our children and that mandatory vaccination is simply a way for vaccine makers to profit off of our children. Don’t be fooled: we do not need mandatory vaccination."

On the heroine fighter front, VIDEO: MMA fighter Monique Bastos makes robber cry for ‘Daddy’

On the hero front, ARTICLE: "Meet The Artist Who Paints And Sells Portraits Of Homeless People, Giving Them The Profits By Sophie McAdam
Brian Peterson’s ‘Faces of Santa Ana’ is an inspirational way to give back to society.
‘Faces of Santa Ana’ is a continuous exhibition of portraits of homeless people, founded by Californian artist Brian Peterson. Brian talks to members of Santa Ana’s homeless community, collects their stories and paints their portraits. After getting a signature from them in the corner of the canvas, Brian then sells the artwork downtown. All the proceeds go to help each subject back on the road to rehabilitation."

On the *sheriff hero* front, Article: "SHERIFF CLARKE: BLACK LIVES MATTER IS A 'VULGAR, VILE, VICIOUS, SLIMY MOVEMENT' 'You would have to stick your head in the sand to think this wasn’t fueled by BLM'
Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is not letting up in his fight to expose Black Lives Matter activists as a race baiting movement intent on creating more division and segregation.
In an appearance on CNN Monday night, Clarke called out lefty journalist Marc Lamont Hill, arguing that BLM activists are directly tied to the brutal murder of Harris County, TX deputy Darren Goforth on Friday."

On the *is the human race, as a whole, so wimpy-insecure we would actually, blindly do what this guy in a fancy robe says?* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "More Migrants Reach Germany As Pope Steps In
Sky News | Pope says churches across Europe must open their doors."


HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "StemExpress Deletes Info From Website Showing Potential Profits From Selling Aborted Babies
Life News | StemExpress removed a section that refers to “financial profits” available to facilities that provide “raw materials” to their company."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "StemExpress founder: Planned Parenthood workers on two payrolls
Washington Examiner | The head of a human tissue company that used to contract with Planned Parenthood clinics said sometimes the group’s staffers were on two payrolls." 

On the HACKER front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Exposed! Libya Security Briefs, Algeria Hostage Info & More — Hacker Threatens To Sell Hillary Clinton’s ENTIRE UNRELEASED Private Emails For $500K By Radar Staff
Just as email-gate looked to be winding down, has exclusively learned a person claiming to be a computer specialist has come forward with the stunning news that 32,000 emails from Hillary Clinton‘s private email account are up for sale. The price tag — a whopping $500,000!
Promising to give the trove of the former Secretary of State’s emails to the highest bidder, the specialist is showing subject lines as proof of what appear to be legitimate messages."

On the *treasonous exposing of the country to the enemy* front, Headline: "TCAS, ADS-B Unreliable on East Coast During September :It says the plane identifier system will be unreliable during the month of September over Virginia, North & South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida."

On the scumbag EPA front, ARTICLE: "Anger builds at EPA over radioactive landfill
 By Timothy Cama - 08/29/15 04:26 PM EDT
Leaders in a St. Louis suburb are urgently calling on top Obama administration officials to quickly clean up a landfill with radioactive waste that they believe could catch fire.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been working for 25 years on the West Lake Landfill in Bridgeton, Mo., which has housed barium sulfate waste from the Manhattan Project since the 1970s.
The EPA is still studying the site and considering a wide range of actions to contain the radioactive material under its Superfund program for cleaning severe environmental contamination.
But with an underground, smoldering fire in an adjacent landfill, residents and leaders say it’s only a matter of time before the flames hits the radioactive waste, potentially sending it airborne and spreading it in an unpredictable way."

On the scumbag political front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "COMPROMISED – How Two of Hillary Clinton’s Top Aides Received Golden Parachutes from Wall Street
Michael Krieger | Over the weekend, Bernie Sanders generated quite a bit of buzz by accurately noting, “I believe the business model of Wall Street is fraud,” during an interview on CNN."

ARTICLE: "Bill Clinton’s Top Adviser Ran Hillary’s Email Server
Breitbart | Former president Bill Clinton’s senior adviser ran the private email network that Hillary Clinton used to conduct official government business."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Hillary Aide Who Set Up Email Server Tells Congress He Will Take the Fifth
Truth Revolt | “To avoid testifying against his former boss.”

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "State Dept. seeks to oust 16 judges from Clinton email cases in favor of one judge
Washington Times | “Different judges are being asked to impose a variety of search regimes.”

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Now Obama’s “Science” Czar Hiding E-mails
New American | Facing a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit." 

On the *Mexican Drug Cartel* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Feds Want Evidence They Let Mexican Drug Cartels Buy Guns Kept Quiet
Prosecutors in the trial of a murdered US Border Patrol agent are trying to keep details about guns found on the murder scene from the jury because of their connection to a scandal-ridden federal program.
A Drug Enforcement Administration agent proposed using license-plate readers, such as this one, to track vehicles at gun shows.
Between 2006 and 2011, the Arizona field office of the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) used a tactic known as "gunwalking" in a secretive program known as Operation Fast and Furious. During that time period, the ATF purposely allowed licensed firearm dealers in Phoenix and Tucson to sell weapons to illegal straw buyers, with the hope of later tracking them to Mexican drug cartels.
The operation turned out to be an embarrassing failure for the Bureau, as the ATF ended up losing track of 2,000 weapons. Since then, the Mexican government has claimed that some of these firearms have turned up in at least 10 crime scenes in that country.
Two of these guns were also found at the scene of US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s death, and now case prosecutors are trying to keep the guns out of trial proceedings."

On the *election* front, ARTICLE: "Statistician Finds Proof That Our Elections Are a Sham: 'Patterns Fit Election Fraud' Many of us have suspected for years that American elections are a sham. Not only does it seem like nothing changes no matter how many times we vote the bums out, but sometimes the votes themselves don’t seem to add up. Especially now that we have electronic voting machines, which don’t provide a whole lot of accountability and are notoriously easy to hack.
Fortunately, you can still tell when the votes don’t make sense, even with electronic voting machines. In states like Kansas, where in some counties they use electronic voting machines that also record the votes on paper tapes, there seems to be some blatant inconsistencies with the voting results from the past few elections."

On the *whatever happened to LEGAL IMMIGRATION and FREEDOM OF SPEECH?* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Teacher under fire after students create ‘Illegals Go Home’ sign in civics class
EAG News | One sign read “America is for Americans.” Another one said, “Illegals Go Home." 

On the *this is why gun control will never work, but become like the war on drugs* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Study Finds That Chicago Criminals Get Guns From Friends, Family
Washington Free Beacon | Not acquired from gun shows or online sales."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Poll: 60% Of Americans Against More Gun Control
Steve Watson | More than two thirds say shootings are a “mental problem”."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Nation’s Largest Gun Rights Groups Team Up for First Time to Sue Seattle Over Tax
Washington Free Beacon | How the unprecedented partnership came together."

On the *how the dark-side foments a civil war...and tears a country apart* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "TX Police Chief: ‘Radical Groups’ Calling for Police Deaths Are ‘Changing’ the Way We Police
Breitbart | “We are now the target.”

ARTICLE: "Black Lives Matter Patsies Being Used To Create A 'Profound And Acute Crisis In Society' To Start A Civil War"

HEADLINE: "Three cops murdered in less than a week: Another officer is found slaughtered in his Texas home amid growing safety fears and a manhunt for the Illinois cop killers who got away"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Report: More than half of immigrants on welfare
USA Today | More than half of the nation’s immigrants receive some kind of government welfare."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Democrats Hire Illegal Alien to Recruit New Voters
Kit Daniels | “No wonder this nation has a border and an illegal alien crisis,” Judicial Watch said in response."

On the *Internet Chat, NOT A SMART MOVE* front, Article: "THREE US CITIZENS SENTENCED FOR CONSPIRACY TO START A REVOLUTION USING WMDS Men 'participated in Internet chat rooms frequented by militia members and others with a shared anti-government ideology'
...Meanwhile, any aspiring revolutionaries may want to consider avoiding cell phone communication and certainly never discussing plans for the second American revolution on public chat rooms that can be hacked by even 10 year-old “North Korean” hackers, not to mention the most sophisticated electronic communication interception system ever created."

On the freedom front, The Fierce Attack On Free Speech... These *Social Engineer* Attacks Will Escalate Especially During the Last Several Months of the Year 2015

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Got White Privilege? College Students Flunked for Using “Oppressive and Hateful Language”
Mac Slavo | Free speech has officially failed."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "If You Swim Against The PC Stream, The Elite Will Rebuke You
Prison | They don’t want us to see other humans as people."

On the *Possible WARNING!* front, ARTICLE: "Jade Helm Foreign Occupation Troops Will Soon Be ‘Detaining' American Citizens in the Southwest
Are British Soldiers Planning to Assist In Implementing Martial Law in the Southwest
...The following video was sent to me by a reader. I am issuing a ***”Language Alert”*** as the expletives are noteworthy. However, I felt the content of the message, given other similar events outweighed the graphic language contained in this video. If you would prefer to avoid the foul language, I have summarized this message in a five-point summary below the video.
This is the story of a truck driver, who claims that he had a drunken encounter with British troops in Albuquerque, New Mexico in which the solders made some stunning revelations. Normally, this is the kind of story that I delete from my email and move on. However, in this instance, my gut was screaming that, despite the crude presentation, this story has credibility. Further, I am to link the content of this story to other reports of a similar nature. And these other reports have been held back by me pending further confirmation. Here is the video and again, view discretion is strongly advised."

On the *Miss Piggy Will Not Put Up With This* front, ARTICLE: "Feminists are angry that Kermit the Frog’s new girlfriend is young and thin
London Telegraph | Kermit has denied rumours that the woman he’s been spotted out and about with is his new love – but that didn’t stop people being outraged." 

On the *this was creepy robot interview* front, ARTICLE: "Video: Robot Tells Interviewer 'I'll Keep You Safe in My 'People' Farm'
In 2015, as concerns continue to escalate over how AI is developing, we take a look at intelligent robot "Phillip" who warned back in 2011 what may happen if robots seize control of the world. In an interview with PBS' Nova ScienceNow, roboticist David Hanson reveals his creation "Philip," who was fashioned after his favorite sci-fi writer, Phillip K. Dick, who died in 1982. The film "Blade Runner," where the boundaries between android and human blurred, was based on Dick's novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?"
Sporting amazingly lifelike features, "Phillip" seemed pretty clear about the future of mankind. When the PBS human interviewer queries, "Will robots take over the world?" Phillip chillingly responds, "Don't worry, even if I evolve into Terminator, I’ll keep you warm and safe in my people zoo, where I can watch you for old time's sake." The stunned interviewer nervously laughed. "Jeez, dude - you all have the big questions cooking today," the irascible simulacrum charmed. "But you’re my friend, and I’ll remember my friends, and I’ll be good to you."
Phillip is programmed to convince people he's really listening and then responding to questions. But what he's actually doing is utilizing facial and speech recognition software to track the interviewer's body language and thought processes, somewhat like Siri. It's not quite free will yet. The Nova episode featuring Phillip can be seen here in its entirety.

On the *they're coming for your DNA* front, ARTICLE: "ALARM SOUNDED ON GOVERNMENT'S 'GENETICS' SURVEY Constitutional lawyer: 'I find this very troubling'"

On the *3D Printing, Is This Really a Good Thing?* front, ARTICLE: "Scientists unveil DNA-guided 3D printing of human tissue for use in drug screening, cancer research"

Trendwise, This Is the Totalitarian Future TREND Unless We the People Stop It and Create a Renaissance-Paradise Future

ARTICLE-COMMENTARY: "Have You Bothered to Tell Your Children That They Have No Future? ~ By Dave Hodges ~ September 5, 2015
Paradise Lost
When I became a parent, I mistakenly thought that I would raise my son just like my parents raised me. My parents instilled in me a fundamental respect for authority, how to honor the great traditions of our country and how to work hard to get what I wanted out of life.
I grew up loving the ideals of our country, the freedom and the opportunity.  As a result, I have lived a good and prosperous life. I give thanks to my parents and to God everyday for my good fortune. However, I have learned that I was not fully prepared to be a parent because I do not know how to teach my teenage son about how he should live in the New World Order.
The America we knew is dead and gone and is running solely on momentum. Are any of you asking the same question that I am about how we tell our teenage children that they live under a hopelessly corrupt government and they are making plans to fully enslave all of us under REX 84, FEMA Camps, NDAA, etc? Do we teach our children to never criticize the government because free speech has been criminalized as an act of terrorism? How do we provide our children hope that if they work hard and go to college, that they will have a good life? And even if our kids graduate from college, most won’t find jobs when they get out of school and even if they do find work in their field, they will be debt slaves because of the cost of higher education. How do we encourage our children to learn the lessons of civics when we fully know that our vote, on a national level, does not make a darn bit of difference and that the Pelosi’s, Reid’s, Clinton’s, Bush’s and Obama’s are bought and paid for? How do we teach our children that our brave men and women who serve in the military have been turned into pawns of corporate greed and subsequent imperialism? How do we prepare to raise our children in a decadent society which dishonors the Christian principles that our country was founded upon?"

ARTICLE: "'It's About To Go Down' - Are Mysterious Shootings At Cars In 6 States Across America Tied To Black Lives Matter? By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die
This story from tells us what we might never hear from the mainstream media; shootings on an Akron, Ohio highway mirrors a series of similar incidents across America. From Arizona to Colorado to Illinois to Michigan to North Carolina, mysterious shootings are taking place on US highways and according to a trusted ANP source, these acts might be the latest acts of cowardice linked to 'black lives matter'. Infowars warns in a new story: "It's about to go down, it's open season on killing white people and crackers" after that call went out in a disgusting radio broadcast yesterday by someone tied to 'black lives matter'.
The Ohio shootings were stretched out over the state, from Akron to Cleveland to Cincinnati, and investigators say they don't believe the shootings are connected as the victims appear to have been chosen at random. Investigators are also having difficulty solving these cases as there are often no surveillance cameras available on state and interstate highways we are told."

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