Monday, March 10, 2014

The Walls Come Tumbling Down

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #288  

The Walls Come Tumbling Down 

That is, the future has held hostage by the classified world, to a large extent. In these times, the grand destiny of humanity is being held hostage by the ever-reaching tentacles of *big brother* NSA.

Now, this ends.

On the truth front, crash-boom-bang! ... an avalanche of revelations and truths will continue exposing the on-the-dark-side dragon psychos, and their sinister schemes to crush humankind, then rule over Mother Earth -- every animal, plant, and being.

This, in place of the Divine Creator/Creatoress. This, to rid humanity of the divine spark within, and take final dominion of Earth.

On the magickal, mystical front,  this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' whirl their lightblades, ripping open the ugly underbelly of what has been *hidden* from the masses for centuries. This purification is needed for humankind to move forward and claim a starbright future.

For, only these horrific 'truth exposures' can set the future free for all of us on Earth.

On the personal front, this week, this month, communication is the key to making things work out. Look for better and innovative ways to speak with others when the need arises. A loving manner can work wonders in 'some' situations.

Also, in the business and career arena, communication will be your ticket to moving forward in good ways. Whenever challenges arise, persevere by seeking another path to your goal.

This is also a wonderful week to express love to your loved ones, and establish new harmonies in your relationships.

On the paranormal front, bigger, badder, better, all things paranormal-supernatural burst onto the scene for ALL to see and experience. Around this, will be the truthseekers and the scammers. Beware of who you trust. Yet seek out the truth.

BIGFOOT NEWS: From Coast to Coast am "...authors and Bigfoot researchers Rob Riggs and Tom Burnette discussed why they believe the mysterious apelike creature is real. The two men began their joint study after discovering they shared a similar theory relating unusual luminosities in the woods to Bigfoot sightings..." 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Triangle UFOs fly in the face Of logic ~ Lee Speigel reports on the abundance of sightings of triangular-shaped UFOs." — Huffington Post

On the land changes front, a crazy series of 'change' events is likely in the near future. Volcanoes continue to activate and spew in record numbers. Earthquake activity only increases.

More CMEs from the Great Lion Star, the sun, lash the heavens, and one large one will likely strike Earth. Superstorms, twisters, flooding will continue ravaging the surface of the planet.

Meanwhile, the warming oceans -- from undersea volcanoes -- will have strange-weather events, and other wild anomalies. As well, deep sea creatures rise from the depths to be seen for the first time.

Now, sinkholes pepper many areas, and as happened in the year 2013, land rises, forming new islands. Also, look for odd land changes in Hawaii, as the year progresses.

HEADLINE: "6.9-magnitude earthquake hits Northern California coast"~ swarms happening also, near Eureka, California. Also, there was an earlier earthquake in southern Mexico. 

On the economic front, a messy dirty business during this berserker week of fighting for King of the Money Pile. Worldwide, the gloves come off metaphorically speaking, as major factions duke it out using the cover of war, and the potential for a world war.

As well, hackers -- the BRAVE ONES, the greedy, and the dark-side minions -- go on cyber raids in an ongoing battle to own the internet. As well, likely there will be more convenient, so-called suicides in the financial realm. Payback, and eliminating those who know too much, is the motivation.

HEADLINE: "Cyber crime hits financial firms hard" 

Further, the people rise against economic slavery: HEADLINE: "Native American tribes adopt Bitcoin-like currency, prepare to battle US government"

On the war front, a bad week ahead as the 'new world order criminals' scramble to force war on the people. Worldwide, horrible new strategies will be deployed. And, more 'false flag' operations are scheduled.

However, EXPOSURE is the key. The light of truth spotlights what is really happening behind the nefarious scenes. At this flashpoint in human history, the alternative citizen's media takes over as the dominant force, consistently revealing the lies and deception of the dark-side establishment.

On the tyranny-at-work front, 1776 flashpoint: as the gun-culture revival goes viral, several states move to confiscate guns from the people. This will be met with resistance.

In the background, those who battle in the style of *The Swamp Fox* now go full force against the evil empire.

On the AWAKENING front, a new AWAKENING emerges for some in the population. That is, in being able to self-determine your own life, as opposed to abiding by any authority.

As well, building community while building self-reliance becomes the vanguard for overcoming the evils of the system. For, standing with each other instead of being manipulated by the 'divide and conquer' strategy of dark-side controllers, is the true savior of humanity -- of Mother Earth.

On the communication front, to STOP the Great Unfolding of the people in the Aquarian Age, the Viper elite bring forth a massive campaign of deception via the Media Industrial Complex -- movies, TV, entertainment, popular music, trendy social media, infiltrating alternative media, using radio shows online and on traditional stations, books, cyber gaming -- every form and manner of communication will be used for this never-before-seen 'programming' onslaught.

Simply remain aware, and soon the mass manipulation will become apparent.

On the home front, in Detroit where the police chief has urged arming yourself, there has been a significant drop in crime. HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Deadly warning for Detroit thugs: Police chief cheers on armed citizens ~ | Craig says criminals should be scared of armed citizens." 
Also, create-build your own local economy. HEADLINE: "The death of retail: What do RadioShack and J.C. Penney say about the future consumer economy? Low wage retail work to take a hit." 

HEADLINE: "Moody’s Downgrades Chicago’s Credit Rating, Lowest Of Any Major City Except Detroit"

On the food front, an interesting week, and for the months ahead. As more of the people abandon chemically adulterated food products and GMO Frankenfoods -- thus, abandoning the big-corp grocery stores and big box stores -- these corp giants lose business they can ill afford to lose, especially in this 'depression' economy.

Meanwhile, the corp-gov's war on small farmers and ranchers escalates. However, many will fight back, and begin winning. The best strategy is to help and stand with anyone in your area who is an independent food producer.

On the energy front, TRANSITION ... from dependence on supplied fuel to creating your own energy source, humanity rises, realizing this is the true reality. It has always been the reality. For, we have been massively duped.

Of course, this transition is over a stretch of time. However, hyper-leaps forward are here and now. Get ready.

On the really bad news front, the hidden, lab-designed epidemics are here, and at this point, are raging across the planet. No, the severity and loss of life will be not on the evening news. That is, until the Viper elite want this card played.

Further, death by released radiation, by ongoing chemical assault, by frequency pollution, is about to take a *huge* toll on the population.

Your best defense is to take care of and improve your health with good food and natural supplements. Also, as the year progresses, isolation from the major cities 'could' become crucial.

On the good news front, here and worldwide, activism takes on a new life as the people demand their rights, and demand the right to choose a *good* future rather than death, destruction, and more war.

Also, there is a generation of children now on the planet who are the peace seekers, and the peace makers. For, that is their Divine mission.

On the global mafia cabal front, all hellacious chaos breaks out over the Ukranian situation between several factions. At this point, they are trading brutal punches at the expense of humanity, especially the innocent.

This move-countermove situation will likely escalate fast. However, the Benevolents are intervening to calm the surging tide of conflict.

On the heroine and hero front, all the Light Workers who have incarnated on Earth at this time. Take heart, and keep pressing forward.

On the freedom front, during the coming weeks, there will be much focus on the second amendment: "the right to keep and bear arms". With the strong emergence of the new gun culture, this will rally the people in general. For, the establishment becomes more of an enemy each and every day.

*If* the confiscation of guns, and the execution of gun owners, happens on any large scale, the members of law enforcement who do these raids, will pay dearly. This counterstrike by underground freedom fighters has been in the works for decades now. 

Given one faction of the dark-side controllers wants a bloodletting civil war, this *could* be another 'shot heard around the world'. However, the destiny of America ultimately lies in the hands of the people, and thus depends upon how AWAKE and AWARE we 'all' are, and become.

Trendwise, at this time in history, many of the Piscean trends play themselves out dramatically as the energies of the Aquarian Age strengthen. In part, this means a multidimensional, multi-pronged advance against the Viper-elite system by the Light Workers -- those who have come to the planet to bring forth the full potential of humankind in harmony with Mother Earth.

Here's one example: On Sunday evening, March 9, 2014, an official announcement was made on behalf of the free-energy physicist, Keshe This occurred on the Eva-Lution show at Revolution Radio. Keshe is planning to build a plasma-powered spaceship with the assistance of those interested in the project. For more info there is a Facebook page and YouTube vids: Spaceship Institute New Tech News.

Further, an example of a Piscean Age endpoint: the chaotic crashing collapse of the Medical Industrial Complex. While the Viper elite attempt to take dominion over the healthcare system with death care, enormous advances in energy frequency medicine are here, and being discovered.

THIS WEEK: With Springtime on the way, hug a tree and blow kisses to Mother Nature. For, she needs our human love.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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