Monday, March 17, 2014

For, the cosmic time has arrived.

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #289   

TRUTH becomes the master of the universe. For, the cosmic time has arrived.

On the truth front, The tangle of lies told to humanity for age upon age, now chaotically untangles -- flash-boom-bang! -- as those sitting atop of the bankster-gangster pyramid are exposed by the Light of Truth. Every heinous dirty deed comes spilling into public view beneath the Divine's ferociously bright light.

That is, for those *willing* to know, and willing to look beyond the three-ring CIRCUS CIRCUS celebrity show put on by the Media Industrial Complex. However, those who exist in the *ostrich head in the sand, tail a target* realm of denial will either retreat deeper into this psy-op fantasy, this weaponized culture against humanity -- and/or viciously attack truth tellers.

Of course, this 'confrontation' will get ugly fast in some areas of the country -- of the world.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' spin like the most crazed dervishes clearing away layer upon layer of poisonous frequencies. For, at this time the Viper-black magicians loose every vile sorcery trick against humankind.

Yet, so rises the ancient knowledge of the Force, and the energetic forces on Earth. Now, more and more of us will 'naturally' know to use these energies for GOOD, and for survival. To create the future anew.

On the personal front, this week could be filled with highs and lows as far as achievement. Reach one peak, then fall into the valley. However, stay on the journey and look for a better pathway to your goals. It's all about figuring out how to overcome the obstacles, and trusting yourself.

Also, keep an eagle eye on your financial situation. It could mean saving yourself serious problems down the road.

On the paranormal front, an exciting week ahead for those who study paranormal-supernatural phenomena and subjects. This is partly because the dam is breaking as far as our ages-ago magickal *past* is concerned.

Knowledge about the true nature of supernatural reality has been denied to most of humanity. Thus, the coming revelations will lead to more fantastical discoveries, and far more understanding about the high-strangeness reality enveloping our planet -- or, dimensions that have always been part of this planetary matrix.

On the land changes front, several large earthquakes have occurred the past several weeks. This uptake in activity increases, as stated before. Likely, swarms will continue along the California coastline. Today's HEADLINE: Magnitude-4.4 Quake Shakes Southern California

The Great Lion Star, the sun ~ HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) caught an intense solar flare as it erupted from the surface of the sun on Wednesday. The M9.3 flare was emitted by a complex and magnetically-strong region called AR 11996. SDO captured the action in several wavelengths, denoted by different colors, showing various aspects of the same event. More details at" 

This Spring look for serious flooding, and a few monstrous tornadoes. If these tornadoes hit cities, likely they have been manufactured as in using weather warfare tech.

On the economic front, via their media mouthpieces an avalanche of lies will be loosed on the public this coming week, as the bankster gangsters seek out more ways to rob and savagely plunder the American public, along with the entire world.

However, the real danger is a hot economic war with the Russian bear, and the Chinese Tiger -- this to hide the worldwide financial collapse orchestrated by the global Viper powers that be. Their endgame: use the threat of nuclear war to seize total power, and force humanity beneath the crushing boot of their one world order.

Also, there 'could' be more runs on the banks in Europe, and likely there will be more limitations on withdrawals of cash here. For, this is only the beginning of the berserker attack on the people's remaining wealth, and on any freedom of commerce.

On the war front, chessboard move-countermove in the barbaric game of manipulating the humanity into the blood bath of a world war -- on down the road, that is. Meanwhile, the people en masse do not want war, of course.

This week, cowardly blustering on the world stage by the so-called leaders, troops massing, threats-counter threats... however, it's still a game of strategic positioning, and the Bear will eventually win.

Simultaneously, the Mideast tinder box continues to explode. Right now, despite all the horrific bloodletting, the globalist forces are steadily losing ground. This will continue.

On the tyranny-at-work front, Welcome to Amerika!

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Martial Law Cannot Be Far Away Now! Massive Car To Car Warrantless Search In DC Region ~ Sunday, March 16, 2014 ~ "While stuck in traffic, motorists were approached by armed agents and ordered at gunpoint to submit to warrantless searches of the interior of their vehicles. The Washington Post interviewed an innocent driver named Don Troop who experienced the ordeal. ~ A group of officers made its way to his car and other cars around him. “They were just walking along saying: ‘Pop the trunk! Pop the trunk!’”

Out of this continuing 'martial law' brutality, more people will leave the country, and will get out of the system as fast as they can manage it.

On the AWAKENING front, now comes the AWAKENING around the worldwide *massive as every mountain chain* Machiavellian CORRUPTION that is wholesale ruining the lives of humanity, and taking a nasty, unconscionable toll on Mother Earth.

For a *tip of the iceberg* look at this corruption, check out this radio show from Coast to Coast am ~

"Guest host Richard Syrett welcomed New York Times bestselling author Greg Palast for a discussion on his investigation into election fraud and corruption in the financial world.

First hour guest, investigative author Douglas Hagmann of the Northeast Intelligence Network, commented on the recent spate of mysterious banker deaths."

On the communication front, in all social media and internet venues of communication, CENSORSHIP creeps through the cyber shadows like a starving vampire, and begins striking at will -- sucking away freedom of speech, of expression. Every excuse will be used by the dark-side establishment to justify the suppression-oppression of the people at this point in history.

As control over the internet is moved to some nameless oversight group -- that is, the big-corp, global interests who run the U.N. -- censorship will be advertized as 'good' for the world. HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Obama Administration Turns the Internet Over to the Globalists ~ "Kurt Nimmo | Plans to impose a censorship and mass surveillance framework may now commence."

On the home front, this week is a mixed bag of fun and fury as St. Patrick's day is celebrated, and Springtime begins. With the warmer weather look for pockets of civil unrest to erupt. This 'could' spread like wildfire, depending on how the future unfolds, of course.

For now, the undercurrent of both despair and rage can be compared to the mighty-rushing Mississippi River. One metaphorically thrown match 'could'  strike fueling a civil rebellion across the country. However, there are several possible timelines.

On the food front, as many return to the land and a rural lifestyle, seed saving and sharing will become an ever larger part of the new, emerging barter economy. As stated before, this movement to the land will be discouraged and attacked by the minion-agencies of the dark-side establishment.

SWAT-team examples will be made of these disobedient peasants. However, the people will persevere despite the hammering fist of tyranny.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "New Lawsuit Filed Against USDA over Missing Docs Showing GMO Dangers ~ Christina Sarich | Suit seeks 1179 documents that disappeared.

On the energy front, at this time another wave of golden cosmic energy pours down on Mother Earth, infusing humanity as a whole. These good, good vibrations will accelerate spiritual knowledge, and liberate parts of the soul that have yet to be activated.

While this sounds farfetched to some, observe the subtle changes happening within you, the subtle changes of those around you who are in tune with their higher natures. Question: are you relating to others with more understanding, a more loving attitude?

On the really bad news front, the cyber wars explode, causing a variety of internet problems and interruptions. Meanwhile, the major players, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple attempt to tighten their stranglehold on the internet for the so-called sake of security. Often, this will be disguised by 'freebie offers' and other so-called goodies.

However, new internet restrictions will suddenly appear as the year progresses. As well, depending on what *they" can get away with -- what people will accept -- new fees/taxes will pop up for services.

On the good news front, Rear up, and seize the day! will become the mantra for individuals and groups determined to create a culture of liberty. Also, as the weather becomes more extreme, there will likely be mass movements out of urban areas into rural survival enclaves. Because of this free-spirited change in lifestye, an individual's wisdom, knowledge, and skills will become cherished once again.

On the global mafia cabal front, the battle royale explodes hotter, fiercer between various factions. The trail of dead bankers, and a missing Wall Street journalist, paints part of the evolving picture. The ole follow the money trail will provide key insights into this behind-the-scenes, Viper elite war.

In the near future, several whistleblowers will escape death long enough to reveal what they know about this evil scenario.

On the heroine front, KATIE TIPTON of Home School Legal Defense Association. A champion of home schooling, she helps defend the Constitutional right of parents, and provides up to date information on Common Core in the school system. Website:

On the hero front, in Memoriam: Dr. Roger Leir  has passed to his great reward. He was an amazing man who is best known in the ufo-paranormal community for removing and scientifically studying implants. Dr. Leir was a regular guest on various radio and TV shows, and was a major player in the UFO field. His courage, his willingness to learn and pursue the truth -- and Dr. Leir himself -- will be terribly missed.

And, to quote: "UFO researcher and podiatric surgeon, Dr. Roger Leir, has passed away. A frequent and popular Coast to Coast guest, Dr. Leir was a titan in the world of UFO studies for his pioneering work extracting and studying potential alien implants found in abductees. These implants constituted perhaps the best physical evidence of the ET/UFO phenomenon ever uncovered by a civilian researcher."

On the freedom front, a HUGE time ahead as the stallion of liberty rears, paws the air furiously, then charges his enemy.

FURTHER: From a prior forecast: "As the year, 2013, comes to a furious and chaotic close, now looms the *year of the true renegade* -- those who will stop at nothing to win their independence from the establishment."

As well, remember this battle cry, from a previous forecast: " this time, embracing freedom becomes ever more popular. And, as stated before: the rattlesnake of liberty coils and rises with the warning: DON'T TREAD ON ME!"

Trendwise, as spoken about before, several major trends meet their maker, and dramatically continue their death collapse. One of these will be the public educational system. More and more, the people recognize the false and often nefarious 'programming' being given to their children. Now, a backlash of monumental proportion grows.

Also, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Warning! We Are on the Preface of Something So Big it Will Shake the Financial World to its Core! Fraud, Corruption & Mysterious Banker Deaths (Video) Doug Hagman ~ March 16 2014 ~ "Corruption, big oil, Crimea, missing gold, the hijacked Malaysia airline, and the mysterious banker deaths. More and more financial executives are being murdered. Money theft that the world has ever seen... the agenda exposed.

THIS WEEK: Look for ways to comfort yourself by using your hands, your particular crafting skills. Or, go dig in the earth and plant flowers and/or veggies. This will connect in a good way to Mother Earth. 

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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