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The Treachery at the Top Begins...

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Almost late night mews with views, weekend Wildcats... warm enough to melt a bit of the snow, but not that much... the neighbor kindly snow-plowed the Kougaress's long drive... for which she is very grateful... the only problem... it looks like more major snowstorms are moving in this coming week... of course, the moisture is very much needed... so there ya go... such is life... is anyone else feeling everything is beyond bizarre?

Miracles to one and all, darling kittens!


Authoress news and mews ~

The editing continues on HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS.


Squirrel What?!
by Solara

Gill looked up from the open box sitting on his desk in the mayor's office in downtown Talbot's Peak.  He glanced over his shoulder and back around the room.  Melody had closed the office door as she exited.  Gill leaned back in his chair and snorted.


The Treachery at the Top Begins... the scumbag psychopaths at the top, who have gained control of the world economy through fraud, cunning, mass murder, chaos, false flag events--running drugs in these times, and building their dirty rotten fortune with opium--yeah, can't forget the sex slavery and the human trafficking, or the horrific satanic rituals they get away with every minute of every day... and, oh yes, planning and executing toward their endgame since, at least, ancient Egypt... 'they' have always been in competition with each other, the different factions, that is. Or sort of like mafia infighting, or the different mafias fighting it out for territory, or for whatever brute reason. Anyway, the point being, their treachery with each other will increase dramatically.

How will this play out? Likely with mass resignations, as has already occurred, in the financial realm. A lot more professional hits, or so-called suicides, in the political/financial/religious/bio-tech/astronomy world. More chaos in the stock markets and the banking system, an escalation in the gold and currency wars. Warring strikes against any and every country--off the chart strikes done on the flimsiest of excuses. The tenfold use of the innocent as pawns in *their* endless wars. Whistleblowers airing dirty laundry, and it gets picked up by the brain-drain media. And probably ways that this Big Cat hasn't envisioned, and is beyond her scope of understanding.

Yeah, stay tuned. Because the unbelievable is about to happen. Some of it on the world stage.


Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

12:12 am... 1:11 am... 1:23 am... 4:44 am... 1:23 pm... 4:44 pm... 11:11 pm... 11:22 pm... if you cannot slay the monster, stay out of its way... if necessary, run!!!...


Another Big Cat note: Just because the Kougaress needs to get it off her chest. So, once again she is listening to Douglas Dietrich on Revolution Radio at Mr. Dietrich's history lessons are eye-opening to say the least, and at times, hard to take, even though this Big Cat IS AWARE of some of the historical truths he reveals, beyond what is taught in the woefully lacking and pure propaganda history text books. For example, the internment and imprisonment of not only Japanese Americans, but also German and Italian Americans during WWII. No, not just the prisoners of war. Really, the whole thing was just another 'new world order' atrocity against humanity. For 'their' power and aggrandizement.

That yowled, Bill Cooper of BEHOLD A PALE HORSE was discussed, and once again, for some reason this Big Cat doesn't fully understand, Alex Jones was villified as turning against Mr. Cooper. Now, of course, the Kougaress has NOT heard every word ever uttered by Mr. Jones about Mr. Cooper. However, the few times she has heard Alex talk about Bill Cooper, he NEVER EVER denigrated Mr. Cooper. According to Alex, shortly before Bill Cooper was intentionally murdered by the gov in a shootout [this Big Cat's words], Mr. Cooper called Alex's radio show asking for help, but cursing up a storm. Mr. Cooper also seemed to believe Alex had turned against him, or was trying to take over his role in the patriot movement, as it was known then. According to others who knew Mr. Cooper at that time, he was drinking heavily, had family problems, and there was good reason, given he was being persecuted/hunted by the bad guys/black ops, or the gov agents who wanted Mr. Cooper eliminated, one way or another. Alex tried to offer him help, but Mr. Cooper refused any and all help from Alex. How this is supposedly a denigration of Bill Cooper... well, this Big Cat has no clue. Not to mention, everyone who puts Alex down seems to conveniently forget his youthful age at the time. He was learning like all the rest of us, but, hey, Alex was out there on the front lines fighting for freedom, real freedom. A WHOLE LOT MORE THAN MOST DO, AND DID AT THE TIME.



HEADLINE 4.3 Earthquake Jolts Parts of San Diego

HEADLINE South Australia Island Hit with Biggest Earthquake in 50 Years

HEADLINE Argentina Struck By Powerful 5.9 Earthquake

HEADLINE Earthquake Deaths to Reach 3.5 Million in 21st Century

HEADLINE Remnants of ‘super’ winter storm to dump ‘staggering amounts of rain’ on Southeast U.S.

HEADLINE The psychedelic satellite image of Mount Etna erupting that shows molten lava and a massive plume of smoke from space



HEADLINE Montana votes 20-0 in favor of anti-NDAA bill: There’s a lot of us on both sides of the aisle that feels that this flies in the face of habeas corpus and a free society and the better part of a millennium of human progress.'



HEADLINE USA Betrays GERMANY EXPORTING GERMAN GOLD TO CHINA!Maguire – Stunning $24 Premiums For Gold In Shanghai
HEADLINE Israeli Goes Searching for Nazi Gold at Bottom of German Lake


HEADLINE This is a list of companies that have taken the step to publicly announce that they will not sell items to states, counties, cities, and municipalities that restrict their citizens rights to own them; therefore closing the 'police loophole' themselves.

Big Cat Note: Bring on the thriving black market.



HEADLINE Governor Inslee: Six Hanford tanks are leaking: Six of Hanford’s underground waste storage tanks are leaking radioactive and hazardous chemical waste into the ground



HEADLINE Why is Wal-Mart worried? Payroll tax could cut consumer spending(WOW DO YA THINK)-TOTAL SARCASM ON



HEADLINE Virginia, Washington Move Closer To Drone Bans Government agencies, law enforcement officials angry at backlash



US media yet again conceals newsworthy government secrets The collective self-censorship over a US drone base in Saudi Arabia is but the latest act of government-subservient 'journalism'


The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire.

~ Happy Month of February ~


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

Weekend Wildcat kisses from the Kougar...

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