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Lightsword rematch between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #232   

The Chinese Year of the Water Snake is here. Now, those of real wisdom combat the sinister corruption slithering across the world. Or, this is the lightsword rematch between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader.

This time Obi-Wan Kenobi is the victor. That is, if it is the Will of the people.

On the magickal, mystical front, the true wisdom of the 'time-lost' antediluvian Magicians now emerges into our societal consciousness, and becomes an endless wave of energy and information during the year, 2013. Time to tune into this way of magick, that has been kept hidden from most of us.

On the personal front, this will be a tricky, sidewinder type of week for most of us, especially around finances. With the down-turning economy, the deceptive snakes are coming out of the woodwork, and looking to make you their prey.

On a bright note, this week will also be about the joys of family, biological and including your soul family. There could be reconciliations with family members--even ones in the miraculous category. The vibes are right.

As well, look for financial opportunities that will tide you over, but are on the up and up, and not about making you the victim of a con man/woman.

On the paranormal front, UFO sightings continue to make headlines throughout the world, even if ignored by the cleavage-babes' media. Sightings will go in fits and starts from this point forward. However, many more of these events will be up close and personal.

Like the humanoid-type fetus found in a sheep's womb recently, this sort of creature-strangeness will continue, and only escalate as the year progresses. Also, there will be, in next three months, more sightings and stories about mermaids.

As well, some wild animals will keep reaching out to people, as has already been reported. One example in the news, was the dolphin who asked a diver for help.

On the economic front, watch out! Behind the scenes major manipulations of the world currencies are happening at lightspeed. Cyber attacks on the banking system are ongoing, and ruthless.

This means quick fluctuations in the stock market, and global prices. Plus, there could be bank holidays disguised as cyber hacking.

That stated, most of the currency and gold-wars chaos happening on the world stage, is being manufactured by the 'dark-side powers that be'. This is an evil strategy.

It's about forcing people worldwide to abdicate their 'rights'. To wave the flag of surrender, and join the hive, one world mind.

Brave 'white hat' forces continue to battle the bankster gangster crowd. This is slowing down the sinister plans of the dark-side elite, thus, delaying WWIII.

On the truth front, Currently, there is an assassination-purge going on of TRUTH TELLERS and whistleblowers. Watch your backs, dearest ones, and flood the public domain with any so-called 'conspiracy theory' info and/or research. Do this as quickly as possible. This will help you stay alive. ~In remembrance of Phillip Marshall, a true hero who lived and walked in his truth~

During this Year of the Water Snake, TRUTH slithers up from the deep, deep dark, where it has been kept deliberately buried. These 'truths' will be from the modern times and from the most ancient of times. Watch for it. Because mass enlightenment follows.

On the war front, another complicated week and month ahead. The big-player nations square off, vying and fighting like vipers for position and territory worldwide.

Meanwhile, behind the proverbial scenes, 'these same nations' plot their strategies to gain one-world domination for their bankster gangster masters. Bloody cruel wars, engineered famines and genocides, brutality beyond belief--these are the tools of their military and mercenary trade.

This week, or next, there is likely to be a CIRCUS CIRCUS event that will be exploited by the presstitute media, as a reason to ATTACK the so-labeled enemy like a pack of rabid zombie dogs. Or, bomb them out of existence.

On the tyranny-at-work front, the Palpatine-emperor decrees mandates out the wazoo, while his willing political cohorts 'appear' to battle back. It's all for show.

It's all to buy more time against the 'mass awakening' population -- before the giant that is freedom roars awake. This will be a drama of epic proportions, so stay tuned. And pay attention to your soul. For, this is the key to lasting victory over totalitarianism.

On the AWAKENING front, now comes an awakening to the miraculous by many more on Mother Earth. Out of the GOOD HEART, out of our good acts, miracles that meet our deepest needs now appear in our lives, and on the world stage.

This will be subtle, even unrecognizable at times. However, at this point in our history/herstory, the time has come for miracles on a mass public scale.

For, we walk in new energies of potential.

On the communication front, "from the nightmare toward the dream" ... as spoken by Robert Ghost Wolf on December 29, 1998 with radio legend, Art Bell. Robert Ghost Wolf was a true shaman for these times, a renaissance man who spoke from his heart, and now speaks past his grave to ALL of us.

On the home front, this week *craziness* is the order of the day. Minute by minute, the level of insanity rises like the waters of death in an Indiana Jones trap.

Escape from the 'psycho looney tunes' culture being forced on the people, will require ingenuity, intention, and working together as a community. For lasting and real salvation tune into your spiritual nature. Connect with Mother Earth. Walk on the land and beneath the bright rays of the sun.

On the food front, HEADLINE & SNIPPET: Virus in GM Foods Could be Dangerous ~Friday, February 8, 2013 ... "GM crops such as corn, which are being grown around the world for both human and farm animal consumption, include a virus gene that could be poisonous to humans that has not been tested for safety."

As stated before:Natural foods grown/raised locally and organically as possible, is your best bet to keep your health in these times. Whoever is able and able-bodied, return to the land, and help with food production.

Plus, BEWARE! Pet treats from China are poisoning dogs and cats again.

On the land changes front, all HELL is about to break loose over the next six months. Volcanoes, major and swarm earthquakes, superstorms, massive flooding, superspeed winds, volcanic eruptions beneath the oceans. Asteroids and comets, omy!

Also, gigantic sun flares or CMEs ~coronal mass ejections~ will be licking at the Earth's atmosphere like great serpentine tongues tasting prey before deciding whether to devour. Be prepared to stay indoors, if necessary.

On the energy front, every attempt is being made by secret rebel groups to bring 'free energy' technology to the people. If you are involved, or become involved, spread this knowledge and technology far and wide -- as swiftly as possible. This will help defeat the big oil cartels, and end the dark oil age.

In the meantime, if you can, get off the energy grid as much as possible with solar energy, by making alcohol for fuel, and using other energy devices. Modern wood-burning stoves will become invaluable to some.

On the really bad news front, like hungry boa constrictors, the bankster gangsters and their masters, continue to squeeze the life out of the people. There will be no relief until the people say, NO MORE. And take action.

On the good news front, ever more people are abandoning the system, and searching for better ways to survive and thrive. This will become an unstoppable movement, despite the establishment's brutal and ongoing crackdown.

On the global mafia cabal front, the factional splits are lessening as the dark-side realizes some of the people are savage and intelligent wolves in sheeple clothing. Look for the rise of this brave fierce ones.

On the freedom front, Once again in our country's history, the rattlesnake of liberty coils and rises with the warning: DON'T TREAD ON ME!

Trendwise, New Moon in Aquarius ~ Chinese Year of the Water Snake

With the new moon in Aquarius, and given we now walk in the Age of Aquarius -- all things will be new, or made anew during the following year, 2013.

That is the golden opportunity and the great challenge before each one of us, and before humanity as a whole. *What has been*, the old structures of society are crumbling into eventual dust.

As has been stated previously, and to paraphrase the wisdom of others: there is a choice before all of us at this critical turning point. Do we bring forth a renaissance paradise or allow another soul-stealing dark ages?

Will we the people demand real honest-to-goodness freedom? Or will the black-hearted tyranny of the 'new world order crowd' be set upon us, a venomous attack that not only steals our very lives, but steals our precious souls, as well?

In truth, the wildfires of freedom now boldly sweep across the world, and have become invincible. However, will these towering fires of liberty continue to blaze ever more brightly, or be constantly crushed beneath the leviathan boot heel of the dark-side global oppressors?

That becomes the choice this year of 2013. Our choice as individuals. And our collective choice as human beings living upon the blessed Mother Earth.

This week, where love is freely given from the heart, there will be miracles, great and small. Enjoy.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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