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A tip, Kittens... don't say 'sovereign'...

A chocolate malt... if only the gods were this kind...

Late night yowls, my glorious and glamorous Big Cats... thank the Divine the temps are much nicer today on the tame prairie... what a huge relief... now, if the rains would come... oh, please, oh, please... rain, we need rain!

A tip, Kittens... don't say 'sovereign'... first from the Kougaress's old beat up ROGET'S THESAURUS ~ Sovereign adj. 1. Ruling, reigning, regnant, empowered, enthroned, almighty, imperial, governing, authorized, sanctioned, authoritative. 2. Free, independent, autonomous, self-governing, self-ruling. 3. Excellent, exalted, dominant, paramount, supreme, capital, foremost, chief, unexcelled, principal, unparalleled, transcendent, superlative, peerless. NOUN. Ruler, monarch, king, majesty, queen, emperor, empress, czar, czarina, chieftan, chief, sultan, shah, autocrat, potentate, dictator.

So, here's the tip, most darling kittens, DO NOT SAY the word SOVEREIGN for any reason while dealing with a policeman/woman, say if you're stopped for an alleged driving violation... or when dealing with any 'law enforcement/homeland security type'. Please, don't.

Why? Because these people have been brainwashed and trained to believe if you say 'sovereign' that equals TERRORIST, and you are, to them, a homeland terrorist. Plus, they will likely believe you have weapons, and are about to attack them, or attack the corp-gov in some way.

The Kougaress means this advice in the most serious of ways. There are individuals who have tried to state their constitutional rights and bill of rights as in being a sovereign when they were being illegally treated or arrested by so-called law enforcement... NOT GOOD things have happened to them. VERY NOT GOOD THINGS!!! ILLEGAL AND IMMORAL THINGS. When these people offered no reason to be violated in this manner.

Authoress news and mews ~

The Kougar is writing her Tuesday flash scene for SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS. Since she craved a chocolate malt today, yes, that is part of her inspiration.


A Stinky Situation
by Pat Cunningham

“Mr. Harding,” the middle-school secretary said, “your two o’clock is here.”

Alan glanced at the clock on his desk and grimaced. Right on time. Naturally. Their kind was known for deadly, pinpoint accuracy. He got up from his chair and hastily scraped his unruly hair out of his face. He didn’t care for these parent-principal conferences, or the incidents that necessitated them, at the best of times. Most shifter breeds he could deal with. But this case, and this parent … Alan caught himself sniffing the air. Was that a hint of “fragrance” wafting in from the hall?

Stop it. You’re imagining things. They don’t do that in public any more. At least the adults don’t. At least they’re not supposed to. Just take shallow breaths through your mouth. And try not to think of her as “their kind.” It’s supposed to be all’s fair in here.

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #201

At this point during the pivotal year of 2012, All THOSE of good heart will move into the magick. The vibrational patterns on Mother Earth are gradually transitioning toward a time where each one of us will be able to fully express who we are as magickal human beings. For an idea of humanity's possibilities think: the legend of Camelot meets the inventive arts explosion of the Renaissance.

To counter our magickal 'rise' as individuals and as the human race, the soulless ones will use every diabolical trick in their ages-old play book to diminish and enslave everyone. FEAR is always their favorite weapon of choice with GUILT a close second.

This battle between GOOD and evil can be compared to Darth Vader emerging from his movie grave with ten Death Stars circling the planet. Now is the time to honor your inner rebel, and take action in accordance with your spiritual nature.

On the AWAKENING front, the masks are falling away. Those who have been considered 'above the rest of us' in intelligence and ability, and the so-called leaders of the corp-gov, will now experience a fall from grace. For, this grace was merely manufactured propaganda, and 'the people' now AWAKEN.

On the truth front, once again, obscure historical truths rise like deadly serpents to attack those who despise humanity. In the coming times, history, as it has been presented, will be shattered over and over again.

On the paranormal front, the ancients speak. What was, before recorded history, now surfaces in the words of what some have called the gods and goddesses. These powerful ancient ones will, once again, begin to walk amongst some of us. Even now, their eons-old battle against enemies continues to rage. However, most of these powerful ones come to help humanity reclaim the paradise that is Earth.

On the economic front, during the month of July there will be a permanent earthquake of events 'designed' to further manipulate the dwindling worldwide economy. However, more TRUTH about the bankster gangsters breaks loose like a super-fierce dragon confined for far too long.

Out of these revelations, many more will take responsibility for bringing forth new ways of trade, of doing business with each other. Many more of us will realize all true wealth comes from the land -- and from the skills, talents, and smarts of 'we the people'.

This week, or the next week, look for wild fluctuations in the banking system. As well, top bankers will continue resigning in droves, and leaving the planet due to untimely deaths. Likely, this major story will be kept from the people by the presstitute media.

On the war front, misdirection rules this week. As the drumming-hype continues to start a major war in the Mideast, the real war ramps up against 'the people'. Those who love liberty worldwide are now the primary targets of the dark-side elitists, and THEY own the armies.

Also, on the near horizon acts of 'possible' terrorism and false-flag attacks will be the big-fear stick used to beat humanity down, and into submission. Thus, to bring in the one world corp-gov.

On the personal front, this is the week to pay particular attention to the homefront. Do you have a way to stock more food, water, and other necessary supplies? Any nook and cranny will do. Take time to make plans with others to help each other out during a crisis. The superstorms are not over.

Also, this is a special week to have fun with family and friends, pets included.

On the food front, everyone who knows how to store seeds and has a place to store them, make this one of your missions. With the ongoing contamination by the GM/GMO franken-foods, any viable seed will be appreciated and needed in the coming times. As well, preserving the summer bounty of fruits and vegetables by canning, drying and freezing is a wise move.

On the land changes front, Mother Earth is continuing her growth, her needed changes. However, most of the danger comes from the continuing weather wars. As well, artificial manipulations of the land are being done by mad scientists types with their secret, planet-killing tech toys. One is the leviathan machine at CERN, which is 'not' for discovering the so-called "God particle" as is being advertised.

On the really bad news front, behind the scenes there is a gold war between several of the most technically advanced factions of the global elite. For, he/she who controls the vast amounts of gold on planet Earth rules the flow of world commerce and the endless amounts of fiat currency. This is because the uses for gold are far beyond what has been told to the public.

Further, in truth, the world is not broke. There is enough for All. The economic collapse is all a giant fraud, and is simply being used as a means to control humanity.

On the good news front, despite the downside of human nature, which has been amplified by those on the dark side intentionally for age upon age, the GOOD inherent in us all, the good that is the human being, now rises up as never before. Take heed however, and always use discernment in a situation when any good deed is offered. Is it GOOD that is really being offered?

There is a special opportunity with your name on it this week. Even the smallest opportunity will mean a better and brighter future for you.

Trendwise, at this time there are several major splits or schisms taking place in the population. Groups who are fed up with the establishment are forming their own communities, their own tribes, so to speak. One of the future schisms will be between those who are city dwellers and those who refuse to be herded into the cities. Even now, there is no more 'mainstream' in our beloved country. Only a facade remains, and is meant to fool as many as possible, for as long as possible.

This is the week to contact a friend you haven't spoken to for awhile. Catch up and enjoy each other's company.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

3:33 am... 10:10 pm... Every month there are about 80,000 earthquakes on planet Earth right now... shout about shake, rattle and roll... a lot of these are tectonic tremors deep inside the Earth...

BTW, on this past Sunday jets, likely military and at least three of them, once again flew north in that same pattern as they did during the Michigan 'wars' whatever they were and whatever battle is obviously still going on, given the most recent info.
~ ~

Update: Bob Powell, journalist covering this major coverup spoke with a credible witness who claimed to see military jets battling a UFO. Also, check out THE TRUTH DENIED ~ ~ Arizona explosions.

The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire.

~ Have a magickal month of July ~


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

Don't say 'sovereign' kisses from the Kougar...

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Don't say 'sovereign' kisses from the Kougar...