Friday, June 1, 2012

The Time of the Citizen Journalist is Here

Yep, belly up to the bar, the Kougaress could use a sarsaparilla and a whiskey...

Friday into Saturday yowls, my exceptional and ephemeral-soul Big Cat Beauties... a coolish, mostly overcast day on the tame prairie... a busy day, per usual, for this Big Cat with lots of stuff accomplished, but not enough. How about you?

This evening the Kougaress listened to the online radio program, The Truth Denied, and just learned from guest, Annie Edwards ~ ~ a glass artist who is also the founder the People's Kitchen, and a member of the Riverside, CA Occupation... that starvation is a silent epidemic in our beloved country... one out of six people are starving, and often these people are working at middle class jobs/ careers, and have children. They are 'not' the stereotypical down and out bums we've been trained to believe in. And, no, the gov agencies are not helping them. After all, they're educated and earning too much money. Yeah, right...

The Time of the Citizen Journalist is Here, and rising... Freedom lives! once again, similar to the way it was when the united states of America emerged [it was NOT the United States back then]... at that time our forefathers and foremothers brought forth a new freedom for humanity, in part, by being citizen journalists, by spreading the word like the famous ride of Paul Revere. Yes, at this point in herstory/history, BIG MEDIA is a dying leviathan carcass that stinks to high heaven. Freedom is becoming popular, a trend that cannot and will not be stopped. This became apparent listening to the rabble-rousing protest of the Bilderberg bankster gangsters meeting in Chantilly, Virginia.

Authoress news and mews ~

So, the Kougar is about to start penning Chapter Forty-Five of her WIP ~ Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~


Whose Training Who?
by Serena Shay

“Damn…” Angie didn’t want to be here, teaching an obedience class to a room full of wolves? What was wrong with this town…did no one own dogs anymore? Was it the newest trend to have a wild animal by your side? She shuddered to think of the very real possibility that these pets would eat their owners as soon as they fell asleep.

“Hellooo…” The echo of the metal door opening alerted the group to the arrival of a gorgeous and colorful woman and her…ferret? “Sorry we’re late; my idiot boss left a terrible mess in his office. It was as if he couldn’t find just the right ruler for the job.” Her look was directed to the antsy beast at the feet of a clearly dominant female and he clutched a—no, that can’t be—ruler between his teeth.

From ~

Your June Forecast: Prepare for a Flurry of Cosmic Activity!

June is off to a fiery, action-packed start, and it all begins on June 1. On this day, quick-witted Mercury and social Venus will send sparks shooting into your social life as they come together in silver-tongued Gemini. You're in for a day of fun, flirtation, and friendly feelings!

Then, cosmic energies will peak on June 4 when the Sagittarius Moon opposes the Gemini Sun. You'll get a big reminder that, as important as the cerebral focus of last month's Solar Eclipse was, you'd better not forget to tend to your emotional state as well! Adding fuel to the flames, Mars will directly oppose this eclipse, possibly resulting in some rather heated discussions. Fortunately, if you can channel your energies toward accomplishing important tasks, most of those argumentative energies will dissipate.

Also on the 4th, Mercury and Saturn will work together to ensure that practical matters go off without a hitch and that serious conversations produce useful results.

By June 5, your world will be boiling as Venus and Mars square off against each other, throwing relationship dynamics completely off kilter. One of you will likely end up far too assertive, while the other will try to counter that with an overly submissive attitude. Do whatever it takes to be sensitive to each other's needs, and if you succeed, you may even experience a boost in passion!

Whew! That’s a lot of cosmic activity for just a couple days!

Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

2:12 am... 2:22 am... 10:10 pm.. Icelander disease spreads... that is, more nations, THE PEOPLE, will say NO to the bankster gangster takeover...


Are There Aliens on the Moon?
Friday, June 1, 2012

Astronomers Paul Davies and Robert Wagner report seeing five UFOs on the moon in mid-April 2012. They captured images of five UFOs flying over the moon, and disappearing into its dark side. They had proposed a search for alien evidence on the surface of the moon in 2011, and they think that a detailed study of thousands of photographs taken by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter could reveal evidence of Alien habitation there.

In the Examiner, Raymond Samuels quotes them as saying, "If it costs little to scan data for signs of intelligent manipulation, little is lost in doing so, even though the probability of detecting alien technology at work may be exceedingly low. The search for life beyond Earth should focus on the moon."

Samuels quotes Davies as saying, "I am a theoretical physicist and cosmologist by profession, but these days I also work in astrobiology, a new field of research that seeks to understand the origin and evolution of life, and to search for life beyond Earth."

OBTW, did you know the term 'income' IS NOT defined in the IRS code. So, the question becomes what then is actual income? And as defined by WHO or is that WHOM?

The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire.

~ Have a magickal month of June ~


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

Ephemeral-soul kisses from the Kougar...


Serena Shay said...

Gah...there is just no excuse for anyone to be starving, but it happens just the same. Food prices rising like gangbusters and there's not much room for most of the population to grow their own. So freaking sad. :(

Savanna Kougar said...

I know. I so wish I had an immediate solution. There are good solutions but it's like rowing up a rushing river right now.

There's so much good land that could be used for organic farming. Also, hemp produces high quality oil and protein. Hemp seeds are used by gourmet restaurants, and that plant will grow about anywhere. Plus, you can make fuel and clothes out of hemp. But we Americans have allowed Big Gov to tell us what we can plant and what we can't. We wouldn't be in this mess if farmers were allowed to grow whatever they want. If ranchers were allowed to ranch, and use organic ways to do it.

Sorry, but no one should be starving. It's only because of the tyrannical government.