Saturday, June 30, 2012

Alien Sun...

"Tarot card: The Sun" by Anabel Vermeersch (Yshtar)

Saturday into Sunday yowls, my lounge-in-a-cool-spot Kittens... the heat blitzkrieg continues on the tame prairie with no sight in end right now... oh goodie gumdrops... so, yes, fireworks boomed in this area, folks celebrating the Fourth early... the Kougaress simply hopes no fires are started given how dry and blasted hot it is right now.

Sending out good vibes to everyone affected from the devastating wildfires here, the terrible flooding in Britain, and now those on the East Coast who have storm damage and/or no power. BLESSINGS!

Authoress news and mews ~

Gosh yowls, it was so nasty hot today, and the Kougar was so busy, she didn't get any penning done... last night she did, and hopes to tonight.


by Solara

Tomas rounded the bend and stopped. Two more yards and he’d be home. Months passed too quickly without family around to snuggle or even share an evening of childcare with. Hell, he even missed making Tongson sneeze. Tavia’s cryptic telepathic messages about the twins and their son left Tomas missing his family more than he cared to admit aloud.

“Home is where the heart is,” he sighed out loud. “I know where mine is. Up and around the bend.” Mickey and Night Hawk’s unit was about to expand. Their newest addition to the pack would arrive in early October. Tomas loved the idea of a junior named after him leading his mothers and fathers by their hearts as well as his older brothers and sisters.

Alien Sun... these days the sun is so incredibly hot and so unusually huge and bright... plus, it's path in the sky is altered... well, for last month or so, the sun feels alien... either the sun has/is undergoing major changes, or... strange as it sounds... it's a different sun... yes, that does sound crazy... however, there is a theory about how this possibly occurred... and truth to tell, the sun looks closer, much closer than it used to just five years ago.

Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

2:12 am... 4:44 pm... 10:10 pm... history, as it's been told, will be shattered over and over in the coming times...

Here's only example...


Thursday June 28, 2012

Linda Moulton Howe Back from Gobekli Tepi

Gobekli Tepi is the most mysterious archaeological site ever found. It consists of numerous carved circles of enormous standing stones, but the most amazing part of it is that the site has been confirmed to be at least 12,000 years old. Not only that, these immense structures were not only built, used in some unknown way for a thousand years, they were then painstakingly BURIED. But why? By whom?

Listen as Linda Moulton Howe interviews Dr. Robert Schoch about the site and describes her own experiences there, in Cappadocia and on the summit of Mt. Nimrud, which, as has just been discovered, is not natural at all, but an artificial mountaintop of unknown age.

Whitley Strieber says that this is possibly the most interesting program in the history of Dreamland, and this show has had more than its share of interesting program, so our advice to you is DON'T MISS IT!

The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire.

~ Have a magickal month of June ~


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

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