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X-Flash of Sun and Beach ~ Sorrenna and Drave

Chasing her tail, that’s been the Kougar’s day... how about you, adored and absolutely adorable Big Cats? Is the world spinning all too fast these days?
Well, meowsers... moi can’t keep up! She did make it over to Flash Fiction Sunday at the
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Nature’s Romantic Moments
Roscoe James

We’ve all seen them in movies, read them in books, and waxed poetic about them in our own fashion. A moonlight stroll. An open ocean sunset. An early morning sunrise. Winter wonderlands, spring rains, and autumn leaves. The backdrop to romantic strolls, happy ever after endings, and reflective moments of deep insight and realization. Nature is the backdrop and our actors take full advantage of the moment.

So, here it is, a return visit to one of the Kougar’s Serial Flashes ~

X-Flash of Sun and Beach ~ Sorrenna and Drave

Blocking My Sun

All alone. She sighed with complete satisfaction, and planted her elbows in the beach’s almost too-hot sand. The surf shone brilliantly, green turquoise with thin lines of iridescent bubbles on the rolling gentle edges. Sorrenna wore her favorite red bikini just in case. So far, no one else had intruded.
She reclined back basking in the burning delicious rays of the sun, with only her thin towel between her and the sugar-fine incredible sand that conformed to her body. Was this a slice of heaven, or what? She smiled, let her eyelids flutter closed and relaxed.
“You’re blocking my sun.”

The snarl in her voice should have warned him. She didn’t bother glancing up at him, or moving her perfectly curved body–designed for every carnal sin he’d ever had in mind. As he knew it would be. He’d been tailing her the past three weeks for a business client. Suddenly she’d left the city on vacation. The Dragon Lady of the corporate world, who advised when to fold ‘em and when to hold ‘em. When to expand. When to cut back.
Drave couldn’t believe his luck, even though luck favored him like blossoms attracted bees.
“Gonna do anything about it?”

Sorrenna ignored the crude insolent challenge. From his overwhelming potent smell as he baked in the high tropical sun, she figured he was muscled and male to the core. Sensually arching like a happy cat, she settled even more comfortably in her sand bed, deciding her best strategy was to wait him out. Men like him weren’t noted for their superior patience when dealing with the opposite sex. Still, it was more than annoying that he blocked her sunlight with his obviously huge body. Not one ray touched her skin.
“If I’d wanted shade, I would have brought an umbrella.”

Drave had spotted her leaving the flower-prettified bar next to the lobby of his vacation hotel hangout, as he’d been checking in. He’d quickly thrown cash, practically dumped his bag on the bell hop, then stripped down to his suit when his feet hit the sand.
His breath hitched as she moved, tantalizing him brutally with not one thought of doing so. Scenes of her naked and writhing on his bed while he plundered her body with his, exploded in his head. Not to mention his loins exploded to instant need.
Down, he ordered his cock.
“Consider me your sun.”

Sorrenna deigned to open one eye. All she saw was tree trunk-sized bronze legs.
After hissing a long impatient sigh, she reluctantly rolled over and wiggled into a comfortable position. It so figured. Finally she’d been able to sneak off on vacation and now this impossible lout wanted to be her ‘sun’. Maybe if she slipped into a nap, maybe if she snored, he’d get the hint pounded through his obviously thick skull like a damn ten inch nail.
Drowsiness seeped into her limbs along with the warmth of the sand. He didn’t leave.
“You’re a damn shade tree. Move.”

Drave stared at her voluptuous ass, so round and such a blatant invitation, with only a red strip of cloth in his way. He groaned silently. His entire body growled for her, a damn bear claiming a honey-filled tree. He forced himself not to grab his cock, rising like a sentinel on watch in enemy territory.
Front or back, she was the kind of woman a man watched, raised up his on fists, while his cock took her with long pillaging thrusts. While she moaned with extreme pleasure. And let him do whatever he wanted with her.
“I can’t move.”

Effing annoyed, Sorrenna stifled a massive sigh. Deciding to open one eye, she reluctantly peeked out the corner. Good God! The man’s organ towered like a friggin’ utility pole. Instantly her brain flashed a scenario of her saying, timber, as if she’d just sawed it off and the enormous pole now fell on top of her. Even worse, the ridiculous urge to cover herself with her arm almost caused her to do it. Forcing her casual reach, she idly lifted the corner of her towel, then pressed the electronic waiter.
“Large glass of ice water. As soon as possible, please.”

Ice water. For an instant his brain froze as if she’d just dumped ice water on his head. In another firing of his neurons, he realized that wasn’t the head she was planning on freezing with her large glass of ice water. What the fuck hell now? He wasn’t leaving. His feet wouldn’t move. And, damn, his cock felt like an anchor effectively weighing him down to the spot. Not like he could hoist himself, despite the lack of other patrons, and sail away. Mentally, he shook himself, thinking through the heavy carnal fog.
“Raoul, over here. I’ll get it.”

Sorrenna froze as if he’d drenched her with a barrel of ice water. Her heart pounded painfully. Now what? The odious beast blocked her sun. And blocked what she’d yearned for since the beginning of summer. To be alone, damnit! On vacation. Fury whipped through her, and she whipped around. Good god, it was even more humongous. Up close. And way too personal. She felt like her eyes crossed as she stared at his cock. Hell, no wonder he couldn’t move. A ton of cock weighed him down. She wanted to ask him if he’d ever considered reduction surgery.

Her voice blazed ice and rage, and sliced up his middle. Her gaze trained on his cock, however, had him happier than a callow youth noticed by his first crush. Fuck, her full high breasts still jiggled, barely contained by the red scraps of material. There wasn’t one part of her body his cock didn’t want. Raoul placed the large glass of ice water in his waiting hand, said nothing, and quickly departed. Drave figured he had only three options. Pour the water out. Pour it down his pants. Or let her pour it on his cock.
“Your ice water.”

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Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 441 ~

Sylva instinctively grabbed the cover as if that would save her, then scowled at herself. She glanced around quickly for what she knew wasn’t there, a gun. Her inner Annie Oakley shouted at her grab one and stand beside her man. When she gazed back at Zeke, part of her tensed with apprehension... while, well hell, how good did her cowboy husband look? A sexy magnificent god, as he stood, naked and ready for action. Damn! Fear and lust seesawed back and forth inside her. His muscles easing suddenly, he pivoted toward her... that in itself, had her panting hard.

Zeke made absolutely certain before he stepped away from the window, and strode back to his Sylva. “It’s one of my stable managers. Likes to go by the handle, Lariat. Must be something hellbent-important, though, or he wouldn’t have showed. And he wouldn’t be using our code.” His bride didn’t appear all that at ease. “Code?” she asked, her gaze wary. Zeke set the rifle down and grabbed his robe, sliding into it. “Specialized lasers we carry out on the range. We use them for identifying each other and for communicating messages, mostly. Lariat and me developed our own code.”
Part 1 - 15 ~ see blog ~ January 15th Cometh, then Part 15... and before...
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