Friday, August 21, 2015

Hey, Pope, You Have Worldwide Wealth Untold... Open the Gates to the Vatican...

Feed and Care For the Hungry, For All the Desperate Undocumented Immigrants... Be the Example We Can All Aspire To 

Strange Beams Of Light Captured In Italy, Mexico, And The US! What Are They? ~ By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine ~ August 20, 2015
Another one for the weird and unusual file as we see strange beams of light captured in amazing photos from around the world in August, which has created a firestorm of Internet chatter from people trying to explain this mysterious phenomena which is reminiscent of the viral sensation captured at the Kukulkan Pyramid photographed by Hector Siliezar on July 24, 2009.
The latest of these strange large beams were photographed in South Fort Myers Florida, USA on August 15, 2015 and in Civitavecchia Italy on August 10, 2015.


Sunny afternoon yowls and mews, specialist Kitkats in the world... still weather-mild with dry air on the tame prairie, and during the last couple of days it was downright cool for this time of year... which is welcome... but gosh, then you have to worry about how cold it's going to get during wintertime... which they [whoever 'they' are] ... anyhoo, they're saying it's going to be a nasty cold winter... exactly what the Kougaress does not want... ~sighs~ right now, though, it's green and absolutely beautiful... and the north neighbor is finally haying their fields... oh, and on her trek down to the mailbox... well, there were cattle hoofprints and cow patties... it's a mystery, given the south neighbor said their cattle were on a rented field elsewhere, and this Big Cat hasn't seen any cattle at all in the north neighbor's fields this summer... so where the critters came from and where they went, the Kougaress has no clue???

Have a wonderful weekend, most darling kittens. But get ready to hunker-bunker down and keep stocking up as best you can. 'Cause this Big Cat loves ya!

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So, the Kougar has gotten some good penning done on her two WIPs, WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL and WARRIORESS. She is crossing her claws in hopes it will continue.

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Hey, Pope, You Have Wealth Untold... Open the Gates to the Vatican...

Feed and Care For the Hungry, For All the Desperate Undocumented Immigrants... Be the Example We Can All Aspire To 

Doesn't 'this' say it all? ... The Jesuit Pope, St. Francis, is saying if you don't want open borders, and hordes of unfortunate people who have been victimized by the evil empire, including his evil religious empire [yes, pedophile-EVIL!!!], invading your country... then you should repent before God... Hey, why aren't YOU repenting, Pope? The Vatican is it's own city-state beholden to NO LAW but it's own... There's a huge ole wall around Vatican City... not to mention your city is being guarded by crack Swiss troops ready to shoot and kill anyone who dare step the wrong foot inside... plus, there's wealth beyond belief inside those walls, trillions upon trillions upon trillions... yes, so much dirty filthy wealth it would likely relieve the suffering of the entire world... so, here's some advice, beaten-down immigrants and refugees of the world... get together, become a flash-formed army, and scale those Vatican walls... keep scaling them no matter what... demand refuge and free care... make the so-called Church live up to it's own spiritual ideals... after all, the Vatican is one of the wealthiest places in the world.



Texas Residents Report Forced RFID Implants By Jade Helm Operatives

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 9:55
People in the town of Clint, Texas are reporting that American soldiers have rounded up hundreds of civilians and forced them to submit to RFID implantation.
Currently Jade Helm 15 is operating just miles outside of Clint, Texas, leaving many to wonder if the two are related.

Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

8:44 pm... 11:22 pm... 11:44 pm... 11:55 pm... 9:33 am... 11:44 am... 12:34 pm... 1:23 pm... 4:44 pm... 8:44 pm... 10:10 pm... 11:11 pm... 11:22 pm... 11:55 pm... 12:12 am... 1:11 am... 12:12 pm... 2:22 pm... the boiling waters are here...



Tianjin, China, cyber attacks and 'computationally amplified warfare' - Health Ranger warns of China's plan to destroy America from 7000 miles away



The Chinese Plan to Occupy America :Do you think, North Korea’s attack upon South Korea, the current Chinese/Russian joint war games exercise and the fact that Russia just moved 50,000 troops to Ukraine all in the past three days are coincidental?
The Bundy Ranch and Other BLM Land Seizures Are Being Done On Behalf of the Chinese
...The Bundy Ranch confrontation, along with many other unreported BLM land grabs on behalf of the Chinese are being carried out in preparation for a total resource hand off to the Chinese. My military sources and researcher, Vicky Davis tell me that a series of international “inland ports” are being created in conjunction with known mineral rich areas and control of these areas will be handed off to the Chinese. Further, the Chinese military will be stationed around these inland ports to ensure safety and security of the Chinese investment and its mining and geological personnel. The Chinese are doing this under the guise of creating solar energy, which they are. However, their energy companies are owned by the Chinese military. This will be the foothold of their invasion force. Further, solar zones are near planned international corridor highways (e.g. Canamex and NAFTA Super Highways) for easy transport of these soon-to-be mined mineral resources for shipping back to China. When the three pronged attack occurs, the American economy will be in chaos and the Chinese will be in the midst of acquiring vast mineral resources for which they have prepositioned their covert military assets in this country.
These Solar Energy Zones are appearing in multiple locations in such places as Southwestern Arizona, Barstow, CA. and Victorville, CA., and now I am receiving on the ground reports from Colorado and Utah as well. These designated Solar Energy Zones have very similar variables in common. The following chart indicates that the debt compensation will consist of complete control of the solar industry and will be expanded to other energy sources (e.g. hydroelectric and nuclear power). This practice has been happening in Indian reservations as well.
Coincidence or Conspiracy?
The control of solar energy, locating the “solar farms” along planned international highways and the implantation of future Chinese troops nears an major American military base were the goals of the Bundy Ranch takeover. The Bundy Ranch Affair exposed the agenda and the handing off of the country to the Chinese.
...he control of the American transportation system is no more pronounced than it is in Long Beach, CA. The deep water port at Long Beach is the only of its type on the West Coast. And this country’s government has GIVEN AWAY the Long Beach deep water port to the Chinese in one of the biggest acts of treason in this country’s history. The giveaway of both the military installation and the deep water port is going live this year, in 2015.

Let freedom ring for everyone on planet Earth, and let LOVE guide the way...

Krazy Kat kisses...

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