Friday, July 10, 2015

HUGE Disturbance In the Force

Hey, Kittens all... this Big Cat has got one of her deep gut feelings. And it ain't good. There is a huge evil ugly disturbance in the Force, right now... so to yowl. What it involves and WHEN it 'could' occur-manifest, the Kougaress does NOT know... however, she has a suspicion that it does revolve around JADE HELM 15, the military occupation of our beloved country [this Big Cat's opinion] ... which is already happening, but due to begin on July 15, with no media oversight allowed... that said, given our teetering wacked-out worldwide economy [snark! thanks to the manipulations of the new world order criminals] and the tons of other dire problems and challenges we are facing as humankind... for one example: the diabolical push for a world war by the dark-side elite... well, who the hell knows for certain WHAT 'event horizon' could change our lives forever... gosh knows, if there will be a nasty asteroid strike, or some other major weather-earth catastrophe... thus and so, this Big Cat is calling for DIVINE INTERVENTION, for en masse prayers, and a mass consciousness to bring forth GOOD for one and ALL. Because she loves ya!

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