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Aquarian Age Split: The Grand Magic...

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #340 

Aquarian Age Split: The Grand Magic and Majesty of the Human Spirit Versus Zombification

WILD CARD: Now the Higher Order of Frequency On Earth Brings Greater Awareness of Hidden Knowledge Beneficial to Humanity

On the AWAKENING front, The Great Karmic Awakening ... Harm Not the Innocent Nor Those of Lesser Fortune

From this point forward, this universal karmic lesson will be magnified a thousandfold. That is, what you do to the least of us, or how you treat the unfortunate, shall now be visited upon you and yours.

For, we survive and thrive as the human family based on individual respect and loving community. Now, whenever this 'cosmic maxim' is violated, the consequences are likely to be immediate, and severe.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' with terrible and mighty swipes of their lightblades, cut through the evil ties that bind. Now look for the 'revealing', the 'uncloaking' of what are sometimes called the *fallen ones* and their dark-side progeny on Earth.

At this time, there will likely be a massive public relations campaign to condition the general public into acceptance of these 'new dark-side leaders' ... these new, Viper elite 'movers and shakers' of the worldwide economy. Yes, your complete obedience will be expected.

On the personal front, this is a 'jumpy' week for many of us. That is, life seems to jump at us. Or, we jump from one thing to the next often before finishing what we started.

This is beneficial in that new, and perhaps unexpected opportunities, will come your way. However, whatever takes aim at you this week, ride the fast incoming tides as best as possible, and keep on grabbing the good opportunities now coming your way.

Also, beware. An enemy or enemies may show up in your space. If you can avoid them, take evasive action. If not, stand your ground, and stand fast in your truth.

Remember, do whatever it takes to protect yourself and your loved ones. For, that is the spiritual way of the universe.

As well, this is a great week to pay attention to your food supplies, and stock up where needed.

On the paranormal front, Witnesses to Paranormal-Supernatural Events Come Out of the Woodwork... Watch and Listen... And Experience.

INTERNET RADIO: "The Sublimity UFO Encounters
Wednesday, March 4, 2015
We've talked on this show about orbs of light, light balls that morph into beings of light, and fireballs that appear as harbingers of death. Now, we hear from Chris Brown who walks us through his personal orb encounters of a different kind in the small town of Sublimity, Oregon. The illustration is his depiction of what he saw during his experience. He had multiple witness encounters in 2011, and came away with some extraordinary memories. Listen as he and Jeremy Vaeni explore the details of this remarkable experience.
"It caught my eye at once: a huge glass dome behind the trees."
Jeremy Vaeni's blog:

On the truth front, UFO and ET Disclosure, Those In the Know Start 'Leaking" ALL, Far Beyond What Has Already Been Revealed

Meanwhile, the *UFO TRUTH waters* will be muddied by troll operatives of every type and sinister stripe to keep the people in a constant state of confusion. Further, 'shock and awe' psych-ops are being deployed against humanity to cover up the real TRUTH around extraterrestrial and inner-terrestrial life.

For, it's a wild, wild, weird world filled with amazing high strangeness.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "March 5, 2015 ~ Triangular UFO spotted near the Volcano Colima, Mexico – March 4, 2015
On January 29, 2015 a UFO that resembled a flying horse has been captured on webcam close to one of Mexico's most active volcanoes, the volcano Colima - situated between the western Mexican states of Colima and Jalisco.
Again, the webcam captured several UFOs next to the volcano on February 23 and 24 and on March 02 and 04, 2015 discovered by a UFO enthusiast.
He stated: “I check the webcam photos of El Volcano de Colima (Colima, Mexico) daily. Today I discovered this triangular shaped UFO hovering beside the volcano." MUFON case 63740."

On the land changes front, Super Land Change Events Ahead As the Year Progresses ... And, the Sun Lashes Out

As has been stated before... EXTREME continues to be the watchword for weather conditions... the winds are likely to be fiercer than normal in some areas of the country -- and in the world at large. Meanwhile, earthquakes continue to ramp up, and volcanic activity only accelerates, especially on the ocean floor... as well, sinkholes are likely to increase as Spring approaches. And yes, there will be more 'announcements' around weather manipulation and weather warfare.

HEADLINE: "GLOBAL VOLCANISM: Furious And Astonishing - Lava Pillar Rises Over 3,300 Feet Into The Air At Chile's Villarica Volcano; Over 3,000 People Evacuated!" [STUNNING PHOTOS + VIDEO]

HEADLINE: "Mount Soputan erupts, volcanic ash up to 9.1 km, Indonesia"

HEADLINE: "M4.0 - 5km SSW of Guthrie, Oklahoma-CLOSE TO OKLAHOMA CITY!"

HEADLINE: "Strong, long duration M9.2 solar flare erupts from Region 2297"
On the *stay prepared* front, HEADLINE: "Hundreds of stranded drivers forced to FORAGE for food after being stuck in thick snow on Kentucky highway for more than 12 HOURS in 2,000 mile wide winter storm


On the economic front, the Worldwide Big-Corp Dominos Begin to Fall Bing-Bing-Bango-Bammo-Slammo-Whammo

As the general populace AWAKENS to big-corp's bamboozling corruption -- especially to the poisoning and adulteration of food products -- the words NO, WE WON'T BUY reverberate across the planet. Or, ding-dong the dark-side rich are dead to the stock market.

Further, as the people become AWARE of big-corp's horrific, unending war against small farmers, ranchers, and food producers -- that is, with the paid-off assistance of criminal governments and their gov agencies -- food activists rise upon a great tide of savage righteousness. Or, those like the Food Babe become the real queens of the world.

No, this won't happen overnight. But keep watch, and do your part. For the sake of us ALL.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "KFC chicken meals contain mystery organs
(NaturalNews) Just when you think that fast food couldn't possibly be any more disgusting, a California teenager finds what he believes is a chicken's brain alongside his chicken breast, thighs and corn."

On the *federal reserve bank* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Secret ‘Triangle’ Doc Strips NY Fed Power: “Reserve Bank Doesn’t Breathe without Asking Washington if It Can Inhale” | A secret agreement that was enacted five years ago at the Federal Reserve has just come to light.

On the bankster-gangster *too big to fail, too big to jail* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Monetary Policy Can’t Fix an Economy’s Structural Problems
Charles Hugh Smith | When we look back from 2025, it will be painfully obvious that central bank policies exacerbated the systemic crises that brought down the global financialization machine."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Big private banks might be too-big-to-fail, and might be even too-big-to-jail (prosecute). But they are not-too-big-to-abandon…"

On the *theft of gold in broad daylight* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Andrew Maguire – Who Smashed Gold Today And Why As HSBC Shocks Clients By Closing All London Gold Vaults!"

On the *wall street theft of retirement assets* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Billionaires Decry Blatant Wall Street Theft of Retirement Assets~In a shocking interview with PBS, billionaire mutual fund icon Jack Bogle, revealed that Wall Street is unapologetically stealing from millions of hard-working Americans. Bogle showed how “70% of your market returns” go straight to the pockets of Wall Street, and only 30% actually goes to you, the investor.
And Bogle should know.
Bogle, who founded the Vanguard Group in 1974, has had a decades-long insider’s view of the entirely corrupt fee structure on Wall Street."

On the *brother can you spare a job* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Another Dubious Jobs Report Paul Craig Roberts
Paul Craig Roberts | If the economy was in recovery, the labor force would be growing and the labor force participation rate would be rising."

On the war front, Let's Play Poke the Russian Bear ... The Gamesmanship of the Global Elite and Their Political Minions Continues

This week, and the next, is a crucial cosmic turnpoint for the dark-side cabal's war machine. In the Ukraine, a major world war is slipping through their slimy-scaly paws.

For, even with all the war-bloody-torn, embattled regions across the globe, their goal of orchestrating a mass slaughter of the population through total war is being countered successfully. This, by the overall 'will of the people' who want and demand PEACE, and by various WHITE HAT, behind-the-scenes players.

On the economic war front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Black Swan After Black Swan After Black Swan' As Dollar Death Accelerates While The US Continues To Poke The Russian Bear - Dr. Jim Willie"

HEADLINE: "Russia Dumps Most US Paper Ever, De-Dollarization Accelerates"

On the tyranny-at-work front, Death By Police Exposed and Activism Against Chicago's Black Site

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Double, Double, Lies and Trouble: US Police Report Just 50% of People Killed
Sputnik News - Police killed many more people than had been previously reported by the US government, so says a new report which finds that an average of 545 people were left out of crime statistics each year for the past ten years.... Another problem with the FBI numbers is that they are based on voluntary submissions by local law enforcement. Since law enforcement agencies are not required to submit the data, many do not for officer-involved shootings. The underreporting is pretty significant, says the report. In one case the data was 124% off what it should be, while another year was 167% off."
HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "A U.S. Citizen is 58 Times More Likely to be Killed by a Police Officer than a Terrorist
Free Thought Project | The number was dramatically underestimated."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Activists rally in Chicago to close ‘black site,’ end ‘disappearing’ of civilians
RT | The controversial facility does not appear to operate like a regular police precinct."

On the communication front, Wanted: Hackers For Freedom ... Internet Under Censorship Attack ... Behind the Cyber Scenes the Battle For Internet Freedom Is Being Waged

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The Day We All Go Silent - Availability Of The Truth Is Just About Over For Alternative Internet News Sites And Blogs: While many will tell you the day is rapidly approaching where the truth will no longer be available to the masses because the mainstream media is nothing more than an arm for US government propaganda and some Alternative News sites are being created with the sole goal to provide disinfo in order to discredit Alternative Media as a whole, while those trying to share the truth are being targeted, attacked and gagged, I submit and will show you below, that day is already here."  ~

Out of this FCC-Google attack on internet truth, freedom, and what was the American way, new venues of communication will be cleverly and masterfully created-innovated by the people. For we will not be silent. Nor will we be cowed into complete submission. So, it begins, the ram-charge to tell the TRUTH no matter the consequences.

On the home front, Life in the North American Union, Tracked, Traced, Data-based, then Taxed To Death ... There Is No Escape

This is the diabolical-unfolding plan of the dark-side controllers -- the plan, as put into place by the sheeple who have no earthly clue, and by those unwise enough to serve an empire of evil.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "CNN now pushing the very same North American union it once decried as a conspiracy theory"

On the food front, Simple: This Is How To Feed Yourself and the World ... And It's Only One Model Among Many Successful Organic Farming Models

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Sustainability on Steroids: Organic Farmer Grosses $100K an Acre
Natural Society - A controversial farmer in California is proving that a veritable bumper crop can be had using new farming methods that don’t require GMO pesticides, herbicides, or even weeding, and require 10 times less water than the average farm. The best part – he earned $100K per acre last season without even harvesting all of his land."

On the Frankenfood front, HEADLINE: "GAME OVER: GMO science fraud shattered by stunning investigative book worthy of Nobel Prize - Altered Genes, Twisted Truth"

On the humongous gov-fraud front, HEADLINE: "Nearly 4 in 10 clinical trials based on false information; FDA routinely ignores blatant science fraud"

On the vaccine front, HEADLINE: "Joseph Moshe (MOSSAD Microbiologist): “Swine flu vaccine is bioweapon"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "March 2015 Settlements in Vaccine Court: 117 Vaccine Injuries and Deaths
Health Impact News - The Depart of Justice issues a report on vaccine injuries and deaths every quarter to the Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines. The March 5, 2015 report states that there were 117 cases for vaccine injuries and deaths compensated from 11/16/2014 to 2/15/2015. Five of those settlements were for deaths linked to vaccines, with three deaths related to the flu shot."

On the energy front, Energy Zappers ... Personal Energy Plummets For Many At This Time

Personal energy will be in short supply for many now, as never before.  For, people are wearing down, and are just plain worn out.

This is due to the high levels of stress the population has endured for the past twelve years, since nine-eleven.  Also, most of us need to work ever harder simply to survive. Further -- like an army of borg-vampires -- several 'secret' tech methodologies are currently being used by the dark-side establishment to suck the living energy out of the people.

On the really bad news front, Fracking Earthquakes and the Fracking-Disposal of Nuclear Waste

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Big Oil Pressured Oklahoma Scientists to Keep Quiet on Fracking-Quake Link
Sputnik News - Email documents obtained by EnergyWire revealed that the State’s scientists had been aware of the link, but downplayed findings in order to protect the industry’s practices. In fact, University of Oklahoma Seismologist Austin Holland had suspected that the state’s rising number of earthquakes may have been triggered by oil and gas projects as early as 2010, and had declined discussing it publicly until it could be scientifically proved. The email documents also reveal Holland was pressured by state officials, oil executives, as well as his own boss, University of Oklahoma President David Born, to downplay his findings."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Shock: Fracking Used to Inject Nuclear Waste Underground for Decades
Truthstream Media - Unearthed articles from the 1960s detail how nuclear waste was buried beneath the Earth’s surface by Halliburton & Co. for decades as a means of disposing the by-products of post-World War II atomic energy production.... Now, it is apparent that the fracking industry is also privy to many secrets of the nuclear energy industry and, specifically, where the bodies are buried, err… dangerous nuclear waste is buried, rather — waste that atomic researchers have otherwise found so difficult to eliminate."

On the good news front, The Positive Timeline Initiated During Winter Stargate Solstice 2012 STRENGTHENS

This will be observed, in part, by the populace uprisings throughout world. The people speak their hearts, their minds, their souls, and spirits. And, as is their sacred right, they demand to be heard.

From a prior forecast: the Winter Solstice 2012 vibes "...emerge stronger and clearer. These cosmic energies will assist in defeating the humanity-trapping worldwide web, a diabolical tool of the dark-side criminals."

From a previous forecast about Winter Stargate Solstice 2012:  "...gather in the golden goodness the Divine is sending to us All. Drink in the sacred sweet LOVE that fills every dark corner of your heart -- the LOVE purifying your soul. For, you are the Beloved."

On the Sky Net, *this is already here and being deployed against the people* front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "DARPA is working on tiny satellites that could provide on-demand terrain imaging for US soldiers
Business Insider | In late December, DARPA awarded a $1.5 million contract to Raytheon to develop small satellites capable of quickly providing US ground troops with imagery of their surroundings."

On the global mafia cabal front, Implosion-Explosion, the Demonic Ones Surface and Are Being Publically EXPOSED

Now every nefarious manipulation of the public, of the sheeple, will be psychologically deployed to sanction life-destroying satanic practices. For, the evil ones want their child blood sacrifices and their sick pedofile rituals.

For, power for the sake of power is their endgame. And they believe they are the rulers of humanity, and have the right to feed off us. Like cattle.

On the heroine and hero front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Brazilian Farmers Occupy and Cancel Approval Meeting for GMO Trees
Sustainable Pulse - 300 farmers have taken over the building where Brazil’s GMO regulator CTNBio was meeting Thursday to decide about whether to approve GE eucalyptus trees. The meeting was cancelled. Also Thursday, 1,000 women took over operations of FuturaGene across Brazil. The action included the destruction of all GE eucalyptus seedlings. About 1,000 women of the MST occupied the Suzano company (parent corporation to GE tree company FuturaGene) in Itapetininga, Sao Paulo, Brazil..."

On the political prisoner front, Barrett Brown, American journalist, railroaded into prison for crimes he DID NOT commit. Oh, and his pocket constitution was taken from his home as possible evidence.

***Free Barrett Brown (@FreeBarrett_) | Twitter 
The latest Tweets from Free Barrett Brown (@FreeBarrett_). Supporting the defense of Barrett Brown: imprisoned American journalist and activist, founder of Project PM.***

On the *possible* looming civil war front, The British Came For the Guns Sparking 1776 ... Will History Repeat Itself? Or Will the People Shun the System? For, the Battle Is Here.

HEADLINE: "White House Looking Into Additional Ammunition ‘Bans’ Via Executive Decree"

HEADLINE: "Not a Single Police Officer Has Ever Been Killed by So-Called ‘Cop Killer’ AR-15 Bullets"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Common AR-15 Green Tip Ammunition Already Banned in New ATF Regulation Guide
Town Hall | It turns out, ATF has been working on a ban of AR-15 “green-tip” ammunition for quite some time."

On the freedom front, Liberation From the Empire Building Bureaucracy

Now it begins, the major pushback by the people against the *unelected* gov agencies jackboot-terrorizing the people into compliance, into serfdom. For, the American Spirit rises magnificently within many of us, and in the Year of the Ram, the metaphorical head-butting against the oppressive-repressive establishment cannot, and will not be stopped. No matter law enforcement's continued cruel, unlawful, criminal abuses of the people.

Trendwise, The Mega-Mad Scientists Syndrome ... Infecting, Altering the World With Bio Warfare 'Experiments' ... Watch Out!

During the upcoming times look for the buried headlines on the growth of hospital superbugs -- on lab-escaped franken-concocted viruses and bacteria -- and the 'escape' of GMO-experimentation plants/animals... oh! and watch out for all those chemical spills and releases... and on and on and on.

Blurb: "On the Monday, March 9 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, we explore the implications behind an outbreak at a New Orleans area bio-weapons lab, where security lapses led several monkeys to come in contact with a potential bio-terror bacteria." Note: currently it's seven monkeys who were in outside cages, and several of them have died from this bacteria.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Major Chemical Company ‘Poisoned Water Supply’ for 50 Years
Christina Sarich | And is now being sued, again."

THIS WEEK, from a December 2013 forecast: ... is for enjoying the company of others whenever possible, and for making merry with life itself. Let the sweetness of your heart guide your steps. 

 Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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