Monday, November 3, 2014

It's a Landslide World Now

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #322 

It's a Landslide World Now ... watch the great 'falling' from a safe vantage point. For, what no longer serves humanity will fall away in chaotic enormous tides.

On the AWAKENING front, this week all AWARENESS hell breaks loose worldwide. This means key groups of people focus on humankind's real enemies, not merely on the puppet minion-leaders who operate as the plastic front men and women.

Now, the construct obscuring these ancient-blood, dark-hearted ones is being ripped open, torn to proverbial shreds. Exposed to the bright light, those who have committed to knowing and witnessing the TRUTH will be able to see beyond the construct.

On the magickal, mystical front, the 'Mages of Ages Lost' slash this 'alien construct' wide open with frighteningly fast swing of their lightblades. At the same time, the black-soul Viper magicians are being enveloped in cyclones of exploding light to keep them imprisoned, and the victims of their own evil deeds.

Meanwhile, magick as a tangible force to be reckoned with, embraces humankind, a tool for the Aquarian Age. This is being encouraged, brought about by the Divine, because the majority of people on Earth want an evolution-revolution renaissance.

On the personal front, a slow-to-start week for some. This is a good time to take stock of your life, and plan for the immediate future. With massive CHANGES barreling down on us like a runaway train, making plans now, then carrying them out, places you in a much safer home environment.

Likely there will be inner urges directing you at this time. These are nudges from the GOOD SIDE to help you prepare for the upcoming year ahead. For most of us, 2015 will hold many challenges, and as many opportunities.

On the paranormal front, Come On Down, Benevolent ETs

ARTICLE: "Aloha and Welcome to the Home of the Hawaii Star Visitor Sanctuary
The Hawaii Star Visitor Sanctuary was officially opened on June 27, 2014. It was preceded by a May 28 Declaration that outlines the four principles behind its creation."

Further, the rise of Other Races on Earth continues:

From Angelic Forecast ~ #258, August 11, 2013
***On the paranormal front, a tricky sticky week of more strange beasts witnessed, and discovered. Also, the massive UFO sightings continue, along with reported contacts made with the ETs, inter-dimensional races, and remnant populations on Earth... that is, reported on the alternative, paranormal news sites.

Also, new players have entered the solar-system arena, and the battle for planet Earth. This collection of related races are genetic offshoots of the original Atlanteans.

That is, many of their ancestors once lived in the Atlantis global empire before and during the first catastrophic event. Or, regularly traded with the advanced population during the time of the Great Peace, and the beginning of the Vimana [flying cars] wars.

While there are super advanced races living inside the Earth, who are also from several Atlantean races, they are genetically different, having originated in a different star system.***

On the land changes front, difficult times ahead for some regions on the planet. Earthquakes will continue to increase, especially quake swarms. Volcanoes are likely to explode spectacularly within the next three months. Superstorms of all weather types will ravage the land and continue smashing into many coastlines.
Also, a hard *below normal temps* winter could strike most of Europe. Here, large, unusually heavy snowfalls could cover the northern states, especially the mid-section and the eastern states. At times.

As well, while the drought could ease off in the western states, firestorms are likely to flare up during Spring 2015. At this point, during the winter season, a succession of rainstorms could hit Texas and the southern states with devastating consequences.

As always, dare to prepare.

On the economic front, a dismal week for most as the Bankster Gangsters attempt to bersker-corner the gold and silver markets. Also, if banks begin negative interest rates for saving accounts, there will be a massive backlash by the public -- with many deserting the banking system altogether.

Further, as the IRS scandals and abuses pile up, even more of the people will say NO, NO MORE. They will rear up, kick, and buck off the blood-sucking system. Already tax filings are plunging downward. That will only accelerate in 2015.

Your tax dollars at work: HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "NBC discovers Homeland Security spent $30,000 of your money on Starbucks – and that’s not all!
BizPac Review | In an astounding example of government waste, a Washington, D.C., TV station uncovered $20 billion in micro-purchases made by government employees in 2013."

On the truth front, The Underbelly of the Beast System Exposed ... that will be  the TRUTHS revealed this week, and into the New Year of 2015. Even with the bimbo media's ongoing spin and censorship, get ready to be bombarded.

At this critical juncture in the timeline, TRUTH can no longer be denied. That is, people can choose to ignore, to not recognize what is being revealed to All. However, that will not alter the reality we must face in order to claim the heart-centered future that belongs to humanity, to all life on Earth.

On the war front, "kill, kill, kill" becomes the constant mantra of the Media Industrial Complex at the behest of the Military Industrial Complex. This, to force enough of the people to believe attacking-killing so-called enemies and terrorists is the *only* solution.

This week, look for more 'demonization' of the Russian Bear. However, in the long scheme of history, this tactic will only backfire stupendously. This is because people worldwide resonate with Russia's stand against the Viper elite.

Of key importance, the U. S. military divides into two camps. That is, those who believe in FREEDOM versus a big-brother tyranny. Now a quiet but full-fledged mutiny is underway. This is one reason military robotics have come onto the scene as the futuristic way to fight wars.

On the tyranny-at-work front, look for more activists to be labeled as domestic terrorists.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Ray McGovern, CIA Analyst for 27 Years, is Arrested and Roughed Up in NYC ~ Michael Krieger | For Trying to Protest Retired General Petraeus. ~ Liberty Blitzkrieg ~ November 1, 2014
The following post should serve as a serious red flag to all of you who currently mindlessly serve the state in some capacity. First off, here’s a little background on Ray MacGovern. His bio on Wikipedia starts off with:
    Raymond McGovern (born August 25, 1939) is a retired CIA officer turned political activist. McGovern was a CIA analyst from 1963 to 1990, and in the 1980s chaired National Intelligence Estimates and prepared the President’s Daily Brief. He received theIntelligence Commendation Medal at his retirement, returning it in 2006 in protest at the CIA’s involvement in torture.

On the good side, the full liberation of the human mind is here and now. At this cosmic turnpoint -- assisted by the good-side powers that be -- humanity is unbridled, and encouraged to run like a wild mustang herd over the land.

For most of us, this liberation process will be a gradual AWAKENING overall. However, quantum leaps and flashpoint understandings will also occur.

On the communication front, Your TV is watching and listening.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "I'm terrified of my new TV: Why I'm scared to turn this thing on — and you’d be, too
I just bought a new TV. The old one had a good run, but after the volume got stuck on 63, I decided it was time to replace it. I am now the owner of a new "smart" TV, which promises to deliver streaming multimedia content, games, apps, social media, and Internet browsing. Oh, and TV too.
The only problem is that I’m now afraid to use it. You would be too — if you read through the 46-page privacy...
...More troubling is the microphone. The TV boasts a "voice recognition" feature that allows viewers to control the screen with voice commands. But the service comes with a rather ominous warning: "Please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party." Got that? Don’t say personal or sensitive stuff in front of the TV."
You may not be watching, but the telescreen is listening. policy.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Samsung ‘Smart TV’ Records “Personal” Conversations & Sends Them to Third Parties
Paul Joseph Watson | Company’s new privacy policy causes consternation."

Further, a little known fact: Hitler used broadband TV as a propaganda tool.

LINK: Adolf Hitler 'planned propaganda cable TV' - Telegraph news/ worldnews/ europe/ germany/ 3239289/ Adolf-Hitler-planned-propaganda-cable-TV.html~
Oct 22, 2008 ... would result in the laying of a broadband cable between Berlin and Nuremberg ... Hitler used live TV signals to broadcast his speech at the Berlin 1936 Olympic ...

LINK: Hitler planned 'Big Brother' style television to broadcast Nazi ... news/ article-1079415/ Hitler-planned-Big-Brother-style-television-broadcast-Nazi-propaganda .html~
Oct 21, 2008 ... Adolf Hitler was on the verge of creating an Orwellian-style cable TV system to ... They had also recorded programmes on news, sport and education. ... transmitter to German homes,' and the laying of a broadband cable ...

On the home front, And We Need Police Like This... Why?

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Officer Caught On Dashcam: “Go Ahead. Call the Cops. They Can’t Un-Rape You.”
Free Thought Project | “I want to report a robbery! You probably deserved it.”
With the amount of rapes and sexual assaults occurring at the hands of law enforcement, jokes and statements like these must be taken very seriously, yet both officers remain on normal duty.
As horrific as this conversation is, some may like to believe this is just a couple of "bad seeds" or an isolated incident.
Unfortunately the jokes by these officers is almost unsurprising considering the attitude towards rape demonstrated by police nationwide.
Just last month, after responding to questions about the shocking string of rapes by officers: "Don’t Want to Get Raped by a Cop? Police Chief’s Advice, “Obey the traffic laws” ~ By Cassandra Rules on September 23, 2014

On the food front, money-might makes right.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Monsanto and Dow raise $8 million to strip away Hawaiian locals' right to ban destructive GMO farming
(NaturalNews) A pair of agri-giants has raised millions of dollars in a bid to prevent Hawaiian farmers and residents from eliminating the growth of genetically modified crops in the state. According to a local news website, Honolulu Civil Beat... "

Also, Big Bad Food Tricks of the Trade.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Big Food uses 'natural' labels to trick you into eating GMOs
(NaturalNews) Most Natural News readers are sufficiently wary of the terms natural or all-natural on packaged foods, even in health food stores. Too many who aren't aware think that natural means "organic" or at least "GMO free..."

On the energy front, the hidden-from-the-people technology of anti-gravity ... as reported and revealed by David Sereda on nighttime radio, the Stephenville UFO was built by Lockheed Martin, and was being test driven.

There was also a secret space mission by NASA to redirect the path of the comet, Apophis, using a tractor beam.

LINK: UFO Investigators Flock to Stephenville, Texas - ABC News
Jan 18, 2008 ... A team of six investigators from the Mutual UFO Network will be interviewing citizens of Stephenville, Texas, who say they spotted a UFO at ...

LINK: NASA Rules Out Earth Impact in 2036 for Asteroid Apophis | NASA
Jan 10, 2013 ... Asteroid and Comet Watch ... Calif., effectively have ruled out the possibility the asteroid Apophis will impact Earth during a close flyby in 2036.

On the really bad news front, Stand Tall, Stand Up For Your Rights Against the Evil Empire... and this is what you get.

Bundy Family Treated as Terror Suspects by TSA
Ammon Bundy | “This incident reaffirmed to me the danger that the American people are in.”
I asked the agent why we were being treated so differently and why we were selected out. He told me it was because my boarding pass was tagged with the bold letters “SSSS”. He also told me that this will happen every time you fly because you are marked. Beyond that he did not disclose of anything else. My daughter then asked him if she could put her shoes back on. The agent said that she could, but that I was not to touch my possessions. He then called for his Commanding Officer...
...This incident reaffirmed to me the danger that the American people are in. When a very small group of elitists use the peoples power without authority, and are willing to destroy the lives of those who disagree or stand up to them, when this type of unlimited power is commonly exercised without checks and balances the people are in danger.

Meanwhile on the wacky-cracky front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "TSA Confiscates Sci-Fi Ray Gun Belt Buckle
Steve Watson - In their latest display of insanity, TSA agents at LAX airport confiscated a belt buckle from prominent videographer Sean Malone, telling him that the reason was it is "kind of shaped like a gun."

On the good news front, at this time, many more of us effectively divorce ourselves from the dark-side system. Communities of like-minded people are proliferating everywhere on the planet, and preparing to deal with the future challenges facing us.

This re-focusing of thought, energy, and time will positively impact society as a whole. Financial opportunities abound for those who are able to assist with products and services in valuable ways.

On the global mafia cabal front, the down and dirty, death-dealing battle between bankster gangster factions only rages, and gets more brutal-nasty. This will be reflected by the movements of stock markets -- the bouncing like a rubber ball up and down, and the suppression of gold and silver.

This week, watch for major announcements and endless media hype promoting everything 'global governance'. This propa-genda will be introduced more and more into the public psyche as the right thing to do. Thus, to save us *all* from certain disaster, terrorists-extremists, and death.

On the heroine front, in memoriam to Mae Brussell... Blurb Snippet: "Constantine spoke about Mae Brussell, a trailblazing researcher who inspired his own work. Brussell shed light on CIA recruitment of Nazis after WW II, their role in political assassinations, and how post-WW II politics played out. She was also the first researcher to deconstruct the assassination of John Kennedy, connecting players from that event to Nixon's Watergate crimes, he detailed."

On the hero front, Alex Constantine ... Blurb-Snippet: "Appearing in the first half of the show, author, investigative journalist, and online editor Alex Constantine spoke about his work uncovering world fascism, political corruption, organized crime, and related conspiracies. He's made it his life's work to reveal hidden information, as the American public is distracted from following deep politics, media coverage is often superficial, and up to 1/3 of the CIA's budget goes into propaganda, he noted."

On the freedom front, this week, as the prison planet spins apart at the seams, the New World Order Criminals Speak. For, these pretenders will pose as saviors of humanity.

One example: HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Taxation Must Go Global," Says German Finance Minister
New American | German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble openly called for "global standards" and "global governance" in taxation."

Meanwhile, worldwide FREEDOM reigns in the hearts and minds of the people. HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Violent clashes in France after protester killed ‘by police grenade’
RT | Riot police have clashed with protesters as crowds rallied against police brutality."

Trendwise, one significant trend heading toward the end of the year will be 'disengagement'. That is, large groups of people will disengage from big government and from the big corporations. Some one inch at a time. Some will turn their backs and never look back.

While this has already been trending, and becoming ever stronger... now it becomes an avalanche with new avalanches continuing to form. Future events will only cause a greater flight toward freedom from big-brother-state control.

Meanwhile, society spins toward a new age of innovation and creativity.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "3D Printing and the Age of Disruption
Tony Cartalucci | Disruptive technology is that which overturns an industry unable to adapt or evolve to meet competition enabled by a technological edge."

THIS WEEK, enjoy the beauties of Nature and contemplate your own soul beauty. 

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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