Monday, July 14, 2014

The Rise of the Artist Within Us All...

Art ~ The Silver Wing Pegasus by Peggy

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #306 

The Rise of the Artist Within Us All... now comes an ever-spinning starburst of creativity.

Tune in to tune out. That is, resonate with these Aquarian Age vibes to overcome the soul-killing messages that now pervade society.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' slice and dice their way through a slew of parasitic entities. These inter-dimensional entities were loosed by the Viper magicians upon humankind.

Also, along with the rise of artist soul, paranormal abilities continue to increase. You may notice certain intuitive sensitivities, especially within the next three weeks. For, a wave of cosmic frequencies is resetting, revitalizing the human genome.

On the personal front, likely another contentious week ahead for most of us. Go with the immediate flow, but watch where you step. The waters could far deeper than they first appear. Metaphorically dip a toe in first, and this is especially true when dealing with any controversial issue, or an on-the-edge relationship.

As well, a huge time ahead to improve your current relationships, every type of relationship, from personal to working. However, a distinction must be made. If you're about a closer and more wonderful relationship, you must first determine if the other individual is truly on the same page. Then proceed with emotional caution.

Further, a great week ahead for business opportunities and decisions. Just remember to look before you leap.

On the paranormal front, with the super moon energies intensifying the supernatural realm, watch the explosion and variety of cases that will be reported on alternative media sites. Inter-dimensional phenomena will likely top the list.

At this time, interest in the moon herself will heighten dramatically. So much of the truth has been hidden, that when the real facts emerge, what is called 'future shock' is tidal-wave through the population. However, be advised the gatekeeper lamestream media will either not report the truth -- or will play down anything of real significance.

On the land changes front, from this point forward, Earthquakes and superstorms quicken and strengthen on the planet. As well, the jet stream goes even more wonky. This will cause more catastrophic weather extremes, and more frigid winters in some areas.

Also, of notable concern, the Yellowstone National park area. While the debate continues about the severity of the ongoing land changes, areas of the park are being closed. Bottom line: the super caldera is becoming more active, and 'the area' will become ever more dangerous. Watch the animals.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Yellowstone road melts in 'hot spot' created by supervolcano heat and rising temperatures: Naturally changing thermal features often damage Yellowstone's roads and boardwalks. Steaming potholes in asphalt roads and parking lots..."

On the AWAKENING front, as the world dissolves into CHAOS, as the dysfunctional economy destroys more lives and livelihoods, the AWAKENING blazes like a thousand bright suns. And, overall the people spiritually rise.

More and more, this will look like enclaves of the AWAKENED ONES -- those who are learning to live from the heart center, to be utterly free spirited, and also fiercely creative. For, the human spirit has been so completely shackled there must be a learning curve, or people helping people to regain our true heritage. 

On the economic front, a long, nearly disastrous week ahead on the financial scene. The extreme, push-pull dynamics between bankster gangster factions will likely cause tremors in the major markets. This 'could' mean up and down spikes in metal commodities.

More importantly, the dark-side controllers are in a huge rush to capture the population within a cashless society and/or corral the people within economic power blocks -- like the mostly failed EU, and the emerging BRICS nations.

Out of desperation to save themselves and their evil economic empire, the idea of the Amero is, once again, being floated, tested with the public. As a reminder, the Amero is a North American Union [Mexico, Canada, U.S.] currency meant to essentially replace the dollar.

However, this 'move' will be met with great tides of resistance by many of the people -- even with the offered, dangled enticements.

Also, as yet unformed, there could be a 'chaos' financial event orchestrated to frighten the public into mindless compliance.

On the truth front, now TRUTH outraces the mountain range of CORRUPTION that is falling down on all of our heads. To keep concealing the most heinous corrupt acts -- the soul-destroying acts against humankind -- some of their own will be tossed to the slavering, waiting wolves. That is, in the name of telling the truth, but with a very small 't'.

This week, in some situations telling the truth could be a revolutionary act, as the saying goes. However, telling the truth to those who would victimize you, who mean you harm, is 'never' smart.  Time to beware of the predators, as never before.

On the war front, as the song lyric asks: war, what is it good for? This week the hidden realities of the constant brutal warfare happening across the planet will be exposed -- spotlighted as never before by decree of the Divine. For, most of humanity has not a clue about the true suffering, or the real cost in lives and souls. Nor do many know about the immense harm that is also being done to Mother Earth -- her creatures and her plants. Because of war.

As the year progresses, this massive 'exposure' will be ongoing at internet media-news sites, but rarely televised by the presstitute media. Also, beyond the horrific Middle East war crisis, the continent of Africa is being plundered by bloody wars, and the people genocided.

Further, the Ukraine Flashpoint ramps up, orchestrated by the dark-side globalists. The Bear will make key decisions this coming week, which will eventually assert a new dominance in the region.

On the tyranny-at-work front, the traitorous war against the American people, the very American soul, becomes obvious to many more during the coming months. Out of this, a new bold activism emerges, thunders over the land, and grows by leaps and bounds.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "TSA Lets Illegals Fly Without ID, Harasses Mom Over Breast Milk ~ Paul Joseph Watson | Federal agency considers American moms bigger terror threat than foreigners boarding planes without identification.

However, in opposition 'false flags' blaming those in defiance of the 'powers that be' will likely be attempted. Also, displays of militarized power will be increased across the country.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Federal agents swarm Livingston, Ill. Landed blackhawks in school yard and multiple armored vehicles-let the kids see em etc. but they were 'staging for a raid ? didn't even let the school superintendent know they were using his school yard, this is conditioning..." 

On the communication front, a wacky weird week of combative conversations could take place this week, given the incoming cosmic energies. The challenge will be giving everyone a voice, then looking for the 'truths' that are behind everyone's words and viewpoint.

At this point in time, serious conversations among the people will become the lifeblood of moving forward in society, and toward the Aquarian Age renaissance. For, speaking with each other instead of 'at' each other will literally form and create miraculous changes.

This is one reason for the pounding, relentless fist of censorship -- for the Orwellian state. Because truly spoken words, from the heart and from personal experiences, are the movers and shakers of this universe.

On the home front, fractures, fracturing, the overall society flies apart. However, out of this massive uncertainty, and shock at all the rapid changes, groups of the people will come together -- then stand strong together.

Further, as the people understand each other in new and profound ways, more common ground will be discovered, and powerful communities built. In the future, these beautifully interlocking communities will have no need for outside governance.

On the food front, currently there is an underground movement to save heirloom plants and seeds that remains hidden from the dark-side establishment. If you have a green thumb grow as many heirlooms as you are able, and encourage any native plants you grow to go wild. For, their spirits want to be free as well.

At this time, the nature lovers among us become a strong force. This natural and magickal force will only strengthen as more of us tune into the frequencies of Mother Earth. This is what the Viper elites fear the most.

Mother Nature has the last word... here come the Superweeds... HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Biotech Fuels Superweeds, Yet STILL Creates 'Better Formulated' 2,4-D Chemicals ~ Biotech plans to spray 2,4-D on crops to get rid of the superweeds which exist because of pesticides."

On the energy front, Earth portals, dimensional, and to the far reaches of space, are being opened. This is due in part to the weakening and fluctuating magnetic field. Also, the very matrix of humankind, and of the Earth, is shifting into a higher frequency, and thus, restructuring what 'reality' is on the planet. 
At this point in history, what are often called 'free energy devices' -- while already perfected and kept hidden -- are surfacing as a reality in the consciousness of humanity. This means, the tech cannot be stopped from emerging.

However, the dark-side controllers are all about delaying and co-opting any such device. For, the people cannot be allowed to run free and proud and happy.

On the really bad news front, the 'great collapse' of the fiat currency called the dollar continues. Or, the fraudulent economy perpetrated on the people gradually falls like a gigantic, complex design of dominoes.

This has been orchestrated to suck the will, the soul, and the spirit out of the American people -- to make them believe in scarcity, to make them believe they require authority figures to help them out, to tell them what to do -- as if they are mere infants and children.

In the end, this psychopathic strategy will viciously backfire.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Globalist Think Tank: North American Community' Will Be Forged in the Heat of Conflict'" 

On the good news front, what originally belonged to humankind as a consciousness medicine for the mind, body, and heart is being restored by Divine appointment. For the medicinal-nutritional value of Hemp and of Marijuana is enormous. When eaten raw instead of smoked, Marijuana is a natural healer of the whole human body.

However, beware of Big Pharma's GMO bastardization of these miracle plants. As well, the big-brother government will attempt to use legalized marijuana as a way of controlling the people and keeping them docile, and dumbed down.

On the global mafia cabal front, failure after failure, the new world order criminals, are on a major downward spiral. However, as stated before, this is like a berserker-bull loosed in the china shop that is humanity.

Further, the visible rollout of U.N. forces in America is here, possibly beginning with Detroit. As research will show, no matter the good people involved, the U.N. is owned lock, stock, and barrel by the global mafia cabal. Prepare for this attempted hijacking of liberty under the guise of human rights.

On the heroine front, *Mary Joyce* author of "Cherokee Little People Were Real" ~ Blurb: "...talked about an ancient race of Little People who once lived in the North Carolina mountains. According to Cherokee lore, she said, when the tribe migrated to North Carolina long ago, they discovered "neatly tended vegetable gardens" throughout the area. The Native Americans subsequently discovered 'little people' emerging from "under the ground" at night and working on their gardens via the light of the moon. Lending credence to the reality of these tales, Joyce revealed that excavation projects in the region have unearthed tiny skeletons and, within an ancient burial mound, small tunnels were also discovered." 

On the hero front, all the brave *whistleblowers* in the border patrol who are revealing the true facts.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Illegal Immigrant “Children” Include MS-13 Gang Members ~ New American | This latest report from Border Patrol officials confirms what has been known for some time." 


On the freedom front, a complicated course of events ahead for those on the front lines of freedom. As the times worsen, and the brute, dark face of tyranny is exposed to more of the people, an underlying panic will tsunami through the population -- as well as a fierce resistance. How this plays out is the question, and the ultimate challenge.

From this point forward, freedom lovers will be royally demonized by the dark-side establishment, and painted with the tarry brush of 'you are the enemy of the state'. Meanwhile, childish, nonsensical, and depraved CIRCUS CIRCUS events will be doled out to the sheeple. 

Trendwise, huge, ground-shaking societal CHANGES are on the near horizon. This is worldwide, and on the local level. One factor will be the ongoing mass movements of people across the planet. War, famine, catastrophic circumstances -- as well as the sinister machinations of the Viper elite -- will drive these enormous migrations.

Now, 'knowledge' emerges as the new currency on a macro-world level. More and more, as people communicate with each other across the globe, information and the truth of what is occurring, becomes invaluable to ALL. 

From a prior forecast: "as covert and overt internet censorship crushes the freedom to know and learn the truth -- and to be wild-at-heart creative -- this will fuel the underground trade in knowledge, and in grassroots artistic endeavors."

THIS WEEK, laugh as much as possible, and enjoy whatever GOOD crosses your path. Remember to celebrate the small things.  

 Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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