Monday, May 26, 2014

...giant spinning blades slicing through society...

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #299 

Theme: Now Comes the Healing of the Human Soul

However, prepare yourself. For, the world flies apart even more -- giant spinning blades slicing through society.

Also, be prepared for extreme madness and mayhem as well as profound and perfect miracles. All while the chaos accelerates and the Aquarian Age renaissance blooms like a field of lovely wildflowers.

On the land changes front, the devastation from superstorm weather events increases at this point in time. Worldwide: more massive flooding, more raging firestorms, miles long mudslides, disappearing coastlines, erupting volcanoes, ever larger earthquakes -- especially swarms.

Plus, there will likely be more large-scale evacuations across the planet as the year progresses. The continent of Africa 'could' top the list.

Also, there is a 'possibility' that there will be a destructive meteor strike within two months time. Divine intervention needed.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' fire blasts of powerful magick, blowing away the heavy curtains of deceit, as conjured by the Viper magicians. Now reality, as humanity has never known -- never experienced -- will be revealed one Divine step at a time.

As well, like Dorothy discovered in the Wizard of Oz, the true manipulators behind the scenes, will be relentlessly exposed on the big movie screen of Life for ALL to see, and know. For, their day to seize and rule the planet is over.

On the personal front, tough days ahead for many of us as the economy continues its nosedive into oblivion. However, if you can think out of the proverbial box, favorable opportunities to overcome will come your way.

This week, the love vibe heightens, and there will be more major opportunities to improve your relationships with those you care most about. Also, be on the lookout for those who are trustworthy. Then reach out to these allies, and make contact with potential friends in your community.

As well, the stars are smiling on romantic and passionate love. Now is the time for many of us.

On the paranormal front, a blockbuster week for all things paranormal-supernatural in the entertainment realm, and for real. On top of this, now the major propaganda push for 'ancient aliens' as humankind's ancestor-designers begins.

The off-world progenitors of humanity on Earth  is a complex and challenging story and picture. However, the *real* truth about our long lost past will be Machiavellian-obscured by the 'dark-side powers that be'.

For, they would have us bow down before the alien gods, and become nothing but slaves and sacrifice victims. Envision the horrific blood sacrifices of the ancient Aztecs -- that is their ultimate goal.

On the truth front, THE TRUTH VIBRATION that has been rainstorm-pouring in from the sacred cosmos now goes into super-drive. In part, this means *everything you wanted to know but didn't know you wanted to know* will surface.

Remember: from the prior forecast: "For, TRUTH is our savior, if we the people will only see it, acknowledge the revelations, then REAR UP, AND SEIZE THE DAY."

On the AWAKENING front, more and more of us will fly with the mighty and good angels amongst us. That is, our higher natures emerge and we see past the DOGMA we, as humanity, have been indoctrinated with for age upon age. For, that time of FALSE GODS is over, as has been stated repeatedly in these forecasts.

However, this evolution-revolution AWAKENING cannot be emphasized enough because it will take extreme courage to face the sheer depth of the ongoing, false-god deception.

On the economic front, slip-sliding away, any disposable income, that is. From this time forward, the jackboot authorities will be attacking Americans for any kind of so-called financial infraction. More debtor prisons will be established. Also, fines, fees, taxes now leap toward infinity.

Meanwhile, the people have had enough. Ever faster: 'don't buy, don't comply' wildfire-sweeps across the country. From last week's forecast: "Out of this, both a quiet and a noisy revolt firestorms across the country. Some will simply not comply, shunning the system. While others will take their voice to the streets, to the internet, and demand reform and/or the elimination of the IRS and the Federal Reserve."

This week, the worldwide economic war against the people takes many diabolical turns. Keep an eye out for the huge shenanigans that will happen on the world stage, and are meant to form a permanent serf class.

On the war front, a dangerous period of time ahead. The Viper elite are psychopathically determined to escalate civil-war conflicts across the globe, and increase the theaters of war. However, currently they are being checkmated by White Hat forces.

This week, the war against humanity threatens the very essence of what it means to be truly alive and human. *Divide and conquer* at every level of society is the weapon. That is, religion against religion, country against country, color against color, class against class, brother against brother, children against parents, man against woman.

On the tyranny-at-work front, as the year progresses the major cities, and certain key areas, will be placed -- degree by degree -- into semi-lockdown. Any and every excuse will be used to justify the brute fist of martial law without calling it martial law.

Checkpoints are likely to spring up overnight like poisonous mushrooms. TSA units and paramilitary police will suddenly take over entire towns and cities. At a certain point, people will begin to flee this dehumanizing oppression in droves.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Police use cellphone spying device
A stingray is a device that mimics a cell tower and thereby tricks all wireless devices on the same network into communicating with it." — Associated Press

On the communication front, slowly, the mystical becomes reality as humankind becomes fully aware of their sacred connection with each other...aware, and able to communicate in more profound ways.  As well, instead of using words to communicate mind-to-mind, speaking will often be replaced by movie-like scenes.

Further, those who are kindred spirits will lead the way in this telepathy, and provide the environment for acceptance. After all, love is the great connector.

On the home front, the mindless drivel of popular entertainment is the order of the day. That, and CIRCUS CIRCUS terrible events designed to herd the people into predetermined corrals -- where their ability to protect themselves and each other, is removed -- controlled by those in the system who built the corrals -- by those who rope and enslave them to their evil will.

This week, the rebellion against establishment authority takes a giant leap forward. Fewer and fewer are fooled by the staged deception that would deny them the right to bear arms.

On the food front, the truth about GM/GMO frankenfoods tsunamis worldwide, and the battle is on to save every good and natural food source. Meanwhile, Monsanto, Dupont, etc. spread their ill-gotten gains like predator-offered candy to lure, buy off, and intimidate the growing opposition.

For, the battle is on across the globe, and it won't be pretty. Especially at the endpoint.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Russian Activists to Conduct Independent Studies Proving GMOs Could be Genetic Weapon Natural Society - A draft bill is on the table in Russia that would criminalize GMO production and distribution. Now, anti-GMO activists there are looking to create a team of 'long-overdue' independent and international researchers that can finally prove unequivocally that GMOs are poison tools created by Monsanto and the corporate, biotech machine."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Russia Wants to Impose Criminal Liability for GMO-Related Activities ~ Natural Society - A Russian newspaper, Izvestia, writes that criminal liability will be imposed on any act that involves producing, selling, or transporting genetically modified organisms, if Russian lawmakers get their way."

On the energy front, as unemployment rises, and many have no hope of finding a job, this will lead to small-time energy-product breakthroughs, or unique and practical inventions that produce power in a variety of ways and situations.

Likely these WILL NOT be mass-marketed, but spread by word of mouth, from community to community. And through information found/debated on the internet. Scams will abound, of course, but so will real working plans and devices.

On the really bad news front, the stench of corruption is so foul, it permeates every molecule on Earth, and blankets the people, the land, like an impenetrable shroud. For, those in positions of power are sinister-rotten to the core, courtesy of the dark-side controllers.

This establishment stench AWAKENS more of the people, who want to clear out the evil garbage. Yet, there will be those who simply accustom themselves to the accumulating foul odors, and go along with the tyranny-matrix.

Further, if you are homeless, beware and take care. Many of you are being rounded up and disappeared at this time. Do your best to form independent support networks for each other, take over abandoned properties, and DO NOT trust anything that sounds too good to be true.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Homeless tent city in Camden, N.J. get bulldozed
CNN News - One of the most recent evictions took place in Camden, N.J., this week, when the state, county and city joined forces to shut down multiple tent cities and kick out the residents. While the county worked with the occupants to find them somewhere to go, Camden's shelters were already full and many people ended up on the streets." 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Cities All Over America Are Becoming Extremely Cruel To The Homeless ~ Economic Collapse - We are treating some of the most vulnerable members of our society like human garbage, and it is a national disgrace." 

On the good news front, many more of us soar like eagles, our hearts speak loudly, and we champion all manner of goodness and GOOD CAUSES. All for the sake of ourselves, our loved ones, humanity, and Mother Earth.

On the global mafia cabal front, dissension rises in the mafia cabal ranks like a pod of hungry leviathans. More minions disappear and die right and left. All while the 'acceptable' rank and file continue escaping into underground cities, and onto private islands.

Meanwhile, the cunning-corrupt technocrat class is forced onto the people to continue raping, pillaging, and plundering whatever wealth remains. For, the Viper cabal believe this will bring forth another dark-age of serfdom.

On the heroine and hero front, all THE BRAVE ONES past, present, future who bring forth the true freedom of mind, body, heart, soul and spirit -- who battle for freedom no matter the odds.

On the freedom front, many more of the people declare their freedom from the bankster gangsters, from their predator banks -- and the debt slavery system that has been forced on Americans for a century.

Now begins the all-out war against the U.N. Agenda 21 takeover of America, against the BLM, Bureau of Land Management, and THOSE who diabolically hold and manipulate the reins of power. For, either the people take back their land or lose control over their very lives.

More importantly in this epic battle, the most precious human spirit is at stake.

Trendwise, the explosion of the UFO phenomena. Worldwide, sightings and related events will supercede all else in the coming times.

From Coast to Coast am

"All Things UFO

Date: 05-25-14
Host: George Knapp
Guests: Alejandro Rojas, John Ventre

George Knapp delved into all things UFO beginning in the first hour with an update on his now-infamous 

Area 51 interview with Bob Lazar, from 25 years ago, and played audio clips from a new conversation he had with the legendary UFO whistleblower..."

Also, at this time, the HEART OF HUMANKIND blooms like a opening rosebud, despite every weaponized, social-engineering trick of the new world order criminals. Thus, the chasm widens dramatically between those of GOOD HEART and those who forsake all kindness and caring.

THIS WEEK, let your heart bloom along with the beautiful blooms of Mother Nature. Listen to the singing of Nature all around you, and tune in singing with your own unique vibes.

 Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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