Thursday, April 10, 2014

Now Is The Time For All Good Men and Women to Stand in Nevada

Okay, kiddo kittens, it's coming down in Nevada against Cliven Bundy and the BRAVE ONES protesters. Unthinkable brutality has already occurred against the people standing against the villainous and unlawful BLM and company. Mr. Bundy's cattle have also been cruelly treated with some of them dead because of how they've been rounded up. Also, the mothers are being separated from their calves. Please, if you can do anything, do it. Not just for the sake of Mr. Bundy and his extremely courageous family... not only to save his cattle from more cruelty, which is cause enough... but because this type of unconscionable brutality will continue to spread, and you or someone you love could be next.

Here are the stories, YouTubes, and links.

Revolution Now In Nevada – What You Can Do To Fight Back

Thursday, April 10, 2014 5:50 

By Susan Duclos

It is time.

A revolution without a shot fired is possible, and for those that have been wringing their hands over what they have been watching happen to the US and wondering what a single person can do about it, there is plenty...

...For those that cannot travel to stand with them against this brutal regime of federal agents, there is quite a bit that can be done.

SHARE – Every story, every video of the confrontation needs to be shared far and wide, write about it, comment, email those that have not heard, post to Facebook groups, Twitter, and all the other social networking sites.

CALL – The Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval issued a statement of concern over the “free speech” area set up by the fedeal government, Rangers, BLM and other agents, but he hasn’t got off his behind to show up in support of Mr. Bundy….. call his office and express your outrage over what these terrorists in the US government are doing to him.

Call the Senator, the sherriff’s office, every media outlet you can think of that is NOT reporting this situation.

EMAIL: Follow up with emailing all of the above entities, encourage your friends and family to do the same.

Bureau Of Land Management Phone Number:  (202) 208-3801

Brian Sandoval Email Contact Form-
Brian Sandoval – Carson City Phone # - (775) 684-5670
Brian Sandoval Las Vegas Phone # -(702) 486-2500
Senator Dean Heller Contact Form -
Phone #’s For Heller – Reno: 775-686-5770/ Las Vegas: 702-388-6605/ Washington: 202-224-6244
Sheriff Douglas Gillespi - (702) 828-3231 or (702) – 828 – 3111

HEADLINE Ranch Riot!! Bundy Ranch Protesters Tasered by Federal Agents and Attacked by K9's.: LOOK AT THE DOGS! IF YOU THINK THIS IS STILL THE COUNTRY THAT WAS-- YOU ARE DUMB UNTO DEATH!

(VIDEO) Federal Agents Tasering Protesters, Reports of Killing Cattle in Bunkerville, NV 

BREAKING: Feds prep for Waco style raid of Bundy Ranch: YOU TUBE

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