Monday, September 2, 2013

The Spirit of the People Rise to the Challenge

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #261

There are two major themes this week, and for the final months of 2013.

The Spirit of the People Rise to the Challenge & The Behind the Scenes Chessboard War

As well, the spiritual ascension of the Aquarian Age accelerates to hyperspeed. From a recent forecast:

"Welcome to the Golden Matrix. Compassion Takes Center Stage.

On the AWAKENING front, compassion blooms within the hearts of many now, greater than before in recorded history. Those with compassion, even the tiniest amount, are being infused with the Sacred-Matrix light flowing from the galactic center.

For, we are being embraced within the golden matrix of LOVE. In part, this means an AWAKENING to the 'original' divine plan for humanity, and Earth as a paradise."

*In opposition* the dark-side controllers throw more lies, more dis-info into the mix, thus, to engineer public opinion against the AWAKENING. These diabolical countermoves will be made, in part, by using the social-media web -- by spreading propaganda like a horde of hungry black widow spiders. Also, the ongoing antics of certain mind-controlled celebrities will be Circus Circus distractions.

On the personal front, this is the perfect week to do an inventory of what you have, and what you need -- then looking for those good deals to stock up.

As well, there is a dreamy component during this time that is a direct link to your creative side. As the future unfolds, your ability to be creative and think on your feet will become invaluable. Not only to you and your loved ones, but to ALL.

Use your creativity to reorganize your lifestyle, and 'dream' up new ways to survive and thrive. Once again, as has been suggested before, check in with your ten-year-old self. What were your precious dreams for the future?

What resonated with you as far as learning? What skills and abilities did you want to achieve? What did you absolutely love doing? This is your clue, your way forward in these upcoming times.

On the magickal, mystical front, as the rhythms of Mother Earth transform becoming a higher, faster frequency, this enhances our connection to Nature.  Now a new doorway to natural magick opens. Gradually, over the next decade, we will bring about our highest desires, individually and collectively.

This week, the 'Mages of Ages Lost' continue slicing through layer upon layer of dark magick, the sorcery shroud that keeps humanity from becoming a stellar society -- both in the quality of life, and journeying among the stars.

On the paranormal front, this week is pivotal. For many of us, all that is considered 'paranormal-supernatural' by Western cultures will begin to become 'reality', and show up as 'natural' in the world.

What has been kept in the realm of the imagination by the dark-side social engineers... this 'super reality' we truly live in, can no longer be suppressed. Ready or not, the emergence of this realm is here. And now.

On the economic front, a mixed-bag, manic-panic week for those in the know. Two elite-thug factions are fighting like there's no tomorrow. Hence all the recent news-making changes at the top of the bankster gangster heap.

The real truth, of course, remains behind the scenes. Thus, forecasting  is murky-muddy at best. However, GOLD, likely along with other metals, will take center stage in some 'crucial' way.

As well, in the near future the federal reserve will be 'exposed', causing a tidal swell of unstoppable anger across the country. However, like a snake shedding its skin, this corporate entity will attempt to morph into a financial leviathan capable of devouring the world's wealth.

Also likely, there will be more cyber attacks on financial systems worldwide. This will be used by the corrupt 'powers that be' as an excuse to bring in Draconian regulations, and justify their tyrant moves to take full control of the internet. All in the name of keeping the public safe, of course.

As usual, keep an eagle eye on your bank account. Have enough cash on hand to tide you over in case the banking system goes down, or has major glitches.

On the truth front, deeper and deeper into the black hole of corruption shines the laser-brilliant light of TRUTH. Pay attention, for whatever you learn this week will help you, and your loved ones... help to overcome this mad-dog corruption.

On the war front, The Behind the Scenes Chessboard War ... treachery abounds at the top. Currently 'new world order' factions stab each other in the back while looking for ways to salvage their massive failure in the Middle East.

This week will be all about heightening the bloody-conflict chaos worldwide, while strategizing how to fully mafia-enslave the Middle East. Also, increasing humanity's terror with a number of 'false flags' is on the drawing board. Beware!

As well, likely a nuclear-kill-the-world scenario will be pushed by the media lapdogs to keep the people whimpering like cowards -- desperate to be saved by their leaders.

Further, there is a possibility that a gamechanger event in the economy will occur toward the end of the coming week.

On the tyranny-at-work front, not a good week, or upcoming month, for humanity. Many more of the innocent will be brutalized by martial law tactics. However, this will cause a huge backlash because some of these unwarranted attacks will be inhumane in the extreme.

Out of this, people form activist groups, and battle the establishment at every turn. Outrage will continue to be a driving force.

On the communication front, the cyber wars, plus cyber false-flag attacks, 'could' interrupt the internet, and wreak some havoc with communication devices. Keep tabs on friends who still have a landline phone.

On the spiritual side, telepathy, mind-to-mind communication, takes another giant leap forward at this point in human evolution. Let yourself explore whatever experiences may come your way.

On the home front, this will be a troubled week for many, especially because of the failing, falling economy. However, on the opposite end, ingenuity rises like the phoenix, and people carve out new ways to take care of themselves, and make a living.

Side by side, compassion and cruelty increase in society. Walk with those of compassionate heart and soul. Help *only* those who are willing to 'get up' and walk with you. For, grabbing hold of an unwilling hand simply drags you under.

On the food front, THE PESTICIDE DIET 'NEWS' ~ Headline-Snippet: "Up to 98% of Our Fresh Food Carries Pesticides: Proportion of Produce With Residues Doubles in a Decade"

From this point forward, there will be a major movement toward growing fresh, pesticide-free food -- far beyond what has already happened. To fight this organic movement, Big Agra brings the hammer down harder on small farmers/ranchers, and backyard growers. As they are doing currently, Big Agra will use fed agencies to crush their competition, and force the public to buy their products.

On the land changes front, a mighty week of strange and wonderful weather. Look for more volcanic eruptions to begin. Earthquakes increase their tempo and strength. Around the world, sinkholes swallow up more and more land. Flooding lessens overall, but still continues to devastate certain areas. Firestorms rage, and there is no end in sight.

Catastrophic superstorms continue. Headline-Snippet: "Peru snow state of emergency extended to more regions: The heaviest snow fall to hit Peru in a decade..."

All eyes to the sky, this will likely happen within the next two months as 'unusual' celestial objects make their appearance.

On the energy front, now time slips into a new cosmic format. This means that life will begin to flow at a different pace. More and more, normal will no longer be normal. Take your time adjusting, and let yourself go with the new flow as much as possible.

On the practical side, do your best to prepare with alternative energy sources. From a previous forecast: "As the UNRAVELING speeds up, there will be a demand for the ‘old ways’ and the ‘new ways’. A simple example would be owning a wood stove and using the latest in solar technology. This blending of the old and new is the wave of the future. The near future." 

On the really bad news front, the corrupt system's unconscionable 'lack of care' for those who need it, will take its toll on many in the population now. Also, some will decide the future is not their friend, and pass beyond the veil. This will happen in ever higher numbers, as times worsen, and the establishment turns its back on the people.

On the good news front, creativity goes wild and wonderful. As never before, life is being re-imagined by those who are tapped into their unlimited creativity. Join in if you haven't already.

On the global mafia cabal front, every strategic move made against humanity -- against the innocent -- by the dark-side globalists will now explosively boomerang. This will be obvious to those with the eyes to see, the ears to hear.

Further, from a past forecast: "the more an austere and dystopian future is forced upon the people by the current psychopathic leadership, the fiercer the resistance becomes. Also, as has been stated before, this Machiavellian strategy will only backfire against this soul-corrupt elite." 

On the heroine and hero front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Anti-war protesters to cop: We don’t need a permit we have the constitution ~ Joshua Cook ~ ~September 1, 2013 ~ On Saturday, thousands of citizens throughout the nation protested military strikes against Syria. A group of activists assembled at the busiest intersection in Spartanburg, S.C. to wave signs and bring awareness to the ongoing push to strike Syria by the Obama administration."

On the freedom front, The Spirit of the People Rise to the Challenge ... there has been a major shift in human consciousness. At a deep level, many more understand their own Divine nature... their right to liberty, to live free, and take on life's responsibility without interference from any authority.

This is the very essence of the Aquarian Age.

Trendwise, Awaken the Wild Man, the Wild Woman... that spirit-wild, beautiful part of our human nature which can never be tamed, never be subdued by any cruel master or abhorrent tyrant... comes alive at this point in time.

Dare to give this sacred wildness inside you, the wings to fly, and you will soar to ever greater heights.   

Also, mass market solutions are going the way of the dinosaur. From a prior forecast: "the growing movement to provide personal solutions." At this time, this small business 'trend' quantum accelerates.

Remain vigilant this week, yet dance your senses over the beauty surrounding you. Accept kindness, and show kindness wherever it is truly deserved.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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