Saturday, July 27, 2013

UPDATE: Butch Cassidy & Mysterious Airships

Late afternoon yowls, good and darling KitKats. 

The Kougaress received an email from Mr. Walter Bosley correcting some info about his book. I don't think he'll mind if this Big Cat shares it... so... 

Hello Savanna, 

I wanted to let you know that the Etta Place/Butch & Sundance revelation is in the current new book that is available already at Amazon, title Empire of the Wheel II: Friends From Sonora.

Also, the wrong blog was linked to the page tonight so everyone went to my fiction publishing blog -- Ooops! The blog for what I was talking about with Kerry is:

Check it out.

Walter Bosley 


Mysterious Sundance kisses from the Kougar...

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Mysterious Sundance kisses from the Kougar...