Tuesday, June 4, 2013

However, to cleanse the planet of old ways...

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #248 

Now arrives the Great Coming Together...
the building of extraordinary communities far beyond what most of us have ever imagined, ever dreamed. Already those of like mind are discovering each other, and moving forward together to build these new heart-centered societies.

However, to cleanse the planet of old ways, old energies -- thus, to open the Aquarian Age door wider -- a tornadic cosmic force arrives on Mother Earth. The waters are muddied, so to speak, bringing to the surface THE WORST in humanity, and THE BEST.

This means, in personal relationships, in acquaintances relationships, and when simply being around others, there will now be greater levels of cruelty, more verbal attacks, and often a surly meanness, depending on your individual circumstances. This 'worst' will exist side-by-side with the 'best' -- caring, sweetness and love given from the heart.

For, the GREAT DIVIDE between us continues. At this time, it will be wise to practice self-defense, ways and methods that are in harmony with who you are, and for your situation.

On the land changes front, Great Balls of Fire! HEADLINE: "Fireballs Seen Over Canada, Arkansas, Eastern Seaboard; Comet Fragments Wows Stargazers"

For the coming week, there will be more crazy, deadly superstorm activity worldwide. Flooding increases. More sinkholes will be reported.

Earthquakes continue to rattle and roll the West Coast, likely increasing in mid-June. Two major monster earthquakes are due to strike within the coming month. One 'could' be in Australia or New Zealand.

And, has been stated before, the Volcanoes rise. HEADLINE: "12 new volcanoes discovered in Southeast Alaska"

However, the fires raging in New Mexico and around the Los Angeles area are likely to turn more disastrous, and take center stage. Unless there is Divine intervention. For, they are being fueled by minions of the dark-side controllers.

On the magickal, mystical front, those who were called the Cathars, their spirituality now gently tsunamis into the AWARENESS of humanity. Persecuted for their brand of Christianity, the thirteenth-century Cathars were slaughtered at Montségur in 1244. Once again, their souls have returned, and rise alongside AWAKENING humanity.

This week, the 'Mages of Ages Lost' spin throughout the ethers surrounding Mother Earth. Wielding their mighty light swords, they dispel the concealing darkness. With each lightning-fast rotation, they slay the demonic serpents once loosed upon humankind.

On the personal front, this will be a week to, again, assess your career, your job, your long-term goals. For, the speed of life hits another quantum level. As well, 'All' is about to change dramatically throughout the world, and in key ways.

While some of these changes will not impact you immediately, life as it has been lived by many of us is coming to an end. This is obviously related to the worldwide financial breakdown. Also, city dwellers will be the most adversely affected.

This is a great week for opportunities that will help you overcome future problems. Whatever feels right, investigate, and go forward if the vibes are right. Also, given the rapidly altering times, it is wise to keep your wits about you.

On the paranormal front, ghosts, the afterlife, are paramount this week. With colliding dimensions and timelines converging, these experiences are becoming more available, more real.

Peter Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center ~nuforc.org~ stated on Coast to Coast am tonight, that legitimate reports have, to paraphrase, exponentially increased in the past seven days.

UFO HEADLINE: Montana State University’s Ardy Sixkiller Clarke Compiles 1,000 Accounts of American Indian Contact With UFO Phenomena ~ Book: ENCOUNTERS WITH STAR PEOPLE: Untold Stories of American Indians by Ardy Sixkiller Clarke (Nov 26, 2012)

Also, at this time, Big Foot makes himself/herself known to those of good and gentle heart. Those who truly want to know. This is because every member of the family of Man will be gradually coming together in a new harmonious relationship. It's all about surviving and thriving -- helping each other out.

For Big Foot info: Alex Hearn of Azcro.net.

On the economic front, a crazy-wicked week and month ahead. European countries lead the way with ferocious protests, with major ongoing riots.

Despite severe and cruel actions against them, the people in these countries will not stop. Most of them have nothing to lose.

Meanwhile, Japan falters economically, tips dangerously toward full collapse. However, likely using a sleight of global hand, Japan will be spared enough to keep limping along. For now.

If you're in a position to speak with others about trade and barter in the future, do so. There are groups who have successfully formed their own communities, created their own script to use like cash. Be aware, and participate if you can.

Midweek, two 'potential' timelines are forming. One, the stock market will nosedive toward the bottom as if being chased by a hungry Great White Shark, then be miraculously saved.

*Or*, the scenario will revolve around gold and/or silver, meaning either a plunge in price, or a skyrocketing rise for a short time -- or, both will occur before the sell price is artificially reined in, once again, by the bankster gangsters.

Regardless, this will clue in even more people that this is a legitimized casino operation, and not meant for their benefit -- but to keep them down and in eternal debt.

On the truth front, Truth is the Matrix Now... every vibrating singing thread. These Aquarian Age frequencies now expand. Woven in the fabric that holds time-space, they become much stronger.

At this time, knowing the truth, *feeling* what is TRUE, no longer depends ONLY on proven facts, or direct observation, as has been stated before. For, TRUTH sings vibrationally through the very ether we live within -- this sacred matrix that surrounds Mother Earth, and envelopes each one of us.

Truth is a living force. Truth never dies, no matter who tries to bury it, why, or for how long it remains buried.

Essentially, Truth resides in the sacred matrix. With the cosmic changes now happening it becomes time for humanity to dwell within TRUTH -- to move, live, and have our being in this exquisite sea, where deception will eventually become impossible.

On the AWAKENING front, Truth is there for everyone to know immediately, instantly -- whenever it becomes time for you to know in accordance with your well-being. For, TRUTH always lives in the heart.

However, most of us have lost that connection with our heart due to the diabolical interferences, over the centuries, by the dark-side controllers. Healing this connection is of paramount importance at this time.

Love, of course, is the Great Healer. All forms of love.

Emergence into this instant TRUTH-knowing will be quick for some, and much longer for others. Thus, this continued AWAKENING will be messy and chaotic, yet a highly creative and rewarding process.

On the war front, another tripwire week. While Russia continues to play its hand in the Middle East, the dark-side cabal moves its chess pieces. This will look like  the potential use of chemical weapons, or the actual use.

Likely warships will be involved, and there could be a major confrontation. However, the endgame belongs to the Bear and its allies. For now.

Meanwhile, the people of the world grow weary of this bloodthirsty bid for World War III, and clamor against it. Behind the scenes, a battle wages for how and when to bring about the final destruction of the Middle East. For, that is the real goal of the dark-side cabal.

This is not the goal of the Divine.

On the tyranny-at-work front, from this point forward, the war on 'freedom of speech' goes hot and heavy. And brutally nasty. HEADLINE ~ "Operation Vigilant Eagle: ...Targets Vets In War On Free Speech."

There will be many casualties in this war to stamp out freedom of speech, especially in the alternative media arena. This will cause a further split between those dedicated to freedom, and those who enjoy their petty power trips. Look for all sorts of verbal fireworks from both sides.

On the communication front, a tricky sticky week. This means, because language is changing fast at this point in history, there will be more miscommunications at every level of society -- also, between the different groups in society.

Rapid changes, the use of electronic devices, and the Aquarian Age vibes are shaping language and communication in wholly new ways.

As well, as people come together in their communities, their language becomes more regional. This, all while a global language is developing.

HEADLINE: "Yahoo to Users: Let Us Read Your Emails or -- Goodbye!"

On the home front, major decisions will be made this week in the halls of congress, and by the administration, that will resonate poorly with the American people. So poorly, that many more of the people will turn their backs, and seek a better way, a better life.

Others will choose the path of civil disobedience. Now comes the summer of shouting, marching for freedom. Out of this righteous demand, another Kent State 'could' erupt. Right now, it's in the destiny cards.

Sadly, this time, the troops and tanks are ready, waiting to crush any dissent. Martial law is here, as was demonstrated in Boston.

On the food front, HEADLINE: "Tell Supermarkets, Food Companies, and Seafood Restaurants to Reject GE Salmon! ~ Center for Food Safety - Target, Giant Eagle, Meijer and H-E-B have just agreed not to sell genetically engineered fish in their stores! These retail giants join over 55 other food retailers that made similar commitments earlier this year, including Trader Joe's, Aldi, Whole Foods, Marsh and Hy-Vee."

On the energy front, at this point in time -- as the future plays out -- summer could bring several large power outages. Do whatever you can to stock up and prepare for this possibility.

Meanwhile, more and more people will understand the real dynamics of energy, just as Tesla did. Eventually, this will result in small power stations that are kept hidden from authorities.

On the really bad news front, worldwide -- fast and furious -- catastrophes of every type continue. This will be on top of the ongoing collapse of the fiat-currency economy.

Also, bio-engineered plagues are being loosed across the planet. It is always wise to improve and protect your health. Remember, with the medical system floundering, and infested by killer superbugs, natural alternative healing methods can be life savers.

On the good news front, the groundswell of renegade musicians brings a new bright vibe to humanity, a light bouncy step of sound. There will also be a smoldering depth, one that reaches for and embraces the soul. Much of this music will be an ethnic blending of styles.

On the global mafia cabal front, the divisiveness between the two main factions continues. The battle royal is for who will control the new world order currency. In the near future, likely minions will fall on both sides, as in being deceased.

From the prior forecast: "As well, the upcoming Bilderberg meeting will be far more divisive than in the past. Watch for the fireworks."

On the heroine front, a tribute to the actress, Jean Stapleton, who passed at ninety years of age. She played the iconic Edith Bunker in "All In The Family", a breakout sitcom for its time.

On the hero front, at this time in history, just considering running for president against all the odds, as in bucking the bankster gangsters, is an act of heroism. HEADLINE: "Jesse Ventura for president? Former governor toying with idea ~ Pioneerpress.com | Former Gov. Jesse Ventura is toying with the idea of running for president in 2016."

On the freedom front, many now ready themselves to survive and take on the forces of martial law. Stay tuned.

In opposition, the dark-side establishment beats its Rand-corporation brains out, looking for more strategies to divide and conquer those who will stand against them for the sake of liberty. Those who will stand no matter what.

Trendwise, the art of being independent, yet interlocked with the community, is the path many have chosen, and are choosing at this time. While this trend has been stated before, currently it's going flash-speed.

Now, the 'self-creative' human being rises, despite the oppressive times, the lack of liberty. For, this is the wave of the future, and where we are all headed in this Aquarian Age.

Each of us possesses super creativity. It's only a matter of unleashing this inner power, then using it to improvise, to overcome any problem -- and, to improve the quality of our lives.

On down the road of our future, there will be no need for top-down authority, for control by hierarchy. Most of us will be able to manage ourselves, and our lives wonderfully well. For, we will thrive on freedom.

This week take time to dance your steps, dance your thoughts. Notice how the sun's radiance reveals the beauty of Nature.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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