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Spinning at hyper-speed... in the flames...

The Kougaress is still in a red mood, and dancing in the flames... why not?

Wee hours of the morning mews, darling and Spring-daring Pussycats... sunny and warmer on the tame prairie today, with the jungle growing at hyper-speed... the Kougaress got a bit done outside... but there's never enough time these days... and what a screwy crazy day it was!!! with this Big Cat running around like a mad cat just trying to get enough done.

Yeah-yowls! This Big Cat's head is SPINNING AT HYPER-SPEED with everything that's taking place in the world right now... and it ain't good. More trials and tribulations ahead for most of us.

Hunker-bunker down and take care of yourselves. This Big Cat loves ya!


Authoress news and mews ~

The Kougar is so behind, it's not funny. She needs to get her Tuesday flash scene done for SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS. Yee-ows!


Exit Strategy
by Pat Cunningham

“I’m telling you,” Pablo insisted, “that town up the road is weird.”

Hoover hid a yawn behind his hand. Here we go again. Knowing Pablo would never let up, he gave the expected response. “Weird how?”

“Spooky weird. Everything we’ve got here, and they keep to themselves.” Pablo waved his arm to indicate the world beyond the lobby of the Rocky Top Motel: fast food restaurants, chain stores, gas stations and, about a mile or so beyond the exit, the interstate. While Pablo’s arm pointed one way, his eyes aimed the other, up the winding two-lane that led into remote mountain wilderness.


HEADLINE ~ RADIO HOST TO LEAD ARMED MARCH TO D.C. ON THE 4TH OF JULY ~cnsnews.com/blog/gregory-gwyn-williams-jr/radio-host-lead-armed-march-dc-july-4th-put-govt-notice-we-wont-be~
Radio Host to Lead Armed March on DC July 4th 'To Put Gov't on Notice that We Won't be Intimidated'
CNS News - Libertarian activist and radio host, Adam Kokesh plans to lead an armed march on Washington, D.C. this Independence Day. Launched as a group on Facebook, the "Open Carry March on Washington" hopes to get 1,000 supporters to march into the nation's capital with loaded rifles.

Big Cat Yowls and Thoughts: Today the Kougaress listened to Adam Kokesh on Alex Jones's show ~infowars.com~ When the news broke that Mr. Kokesh is planning to lead an armed march to D.C. on the 4th of July, Alex contacted him, and dialogued with him about it. So, after hearing what Mr. Kokesh had to say, the Kougaress 'does' understand his position on why he's leading this march, and what he hopes to accomplish. She can't be against it because he and the people joining him are well within their rights, and they are attempting to affect a positive change for all of us Americans.

As well, she wishes him and everyone involved, all Divine Protection and Assistance.

However, this Big Cat can't get past a couple of matters. The danger factor is 'one' because it could be a provocateured bloodbath. After all, if the corp-gov trucked in 9000 SWAT troops for the streets of Boston, then brutally terrorized the people, and cut out the supposed suspects larynx... well, what will the corp-gov minions do in the capital?

That stated, the Kougaress's strategy would be to blockade D.C. if anything, not attempt to take over in any way, or influence any legislator because it's a lost game, in her opinion. Yeah, keep the bad guys politicians in that ten square miles.

Although, her real deal is shunning the system, getting out of the system, and DON'T FEED THE BEAST. That is, screw taxes, screw licenses of any kind. Screw anything and everything that enslaves people. Don't buy from the BIG CORPS. Buy local, and be as self-sustaining as possible.  To put it succinctly.


Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

4:44 am... 5:55 pm... 8:44 pm... 11:44 pm... 1:11 am... 1:23 am... the global chessboard, what's next?...


Krazy Kat rant ~ so, Mr. Prez has been flapping his jaw about tyranny not lurking around the corner, or some such utter nonsense. So, note to Mr. Prez: No, it's true. Tyranny isn't lurking... it's here!!!

And there he goes again playing that same ole tune about you didn't build that, and it takes government for anything good to happen. Well, gee, Mr. Prez, how is that the people with the least amount of government, and the most freedom are the most productive, the most prosperous, and the most innovative?

Yeah, here's a damn thought. Before Mainland Communist China cruelly seized Hong Kong, the Kougaress remembers watching a John Stossel report on 60 Minutes... the basic upshot: Hong Kong beat out the good ole USA as far as wealth per capita, and enterprising businesses. Why? Less regulation. Less government interference. Less taxes. Real simple formula that always historically works, btw.

1997: Hong Kong handed over to Chinese control - BBC ~ bbc.co.uk/ onthisday/ hi/ dates/ stories/ july/ 1/ newsid_2656000/ 2656973.stm - Feb 4, 2003 ... Hong Kong is handed back to the Chinese authorities - ending more ... from a brief period during World War II when the Japanese took over.

So, to end this, the Kougaress has this re-occuring fantasy question playing in her head every now and then... what if a Highlander scenario happened... the question becomes would the flim flam glam scam man grow another head...like in the movie, MEN IN BLACK? 'Cause, hey, he's really some sort of rejuvenating clone??? Sorry, this Big Cat has an overactive imagination. She always has.

And she wishes Mr. Prez a LONG AND HEALTHY LIFE. ~smiles~



HEADLINE ~stevequayle.com~ Life or Death Choices: 35 Excuses That Will Doom The Non-Prepper: It is not an overblown statement that says 99% of the population could perish during the next mega calamity based on the sole reason that they did not prepare.



HEADLINE ~stevequayle.com~ Japan's gold buyers flock to stores



From t r u t h o u t ~ Apple Dodges Enough Taxes to Cover Much of the Sequester

HEADLINE ~stevequayle.com~ US suicide rates surge, surpass road fatalities: More Americans now die of suicide than from car accidents, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a disturbing statistic that some experts say points to the true depths of the US economy...

HEADLINE ~stevequayle.com~ Recovery?: One-In-Five Britons Borrow Money To Afford To Eat

HEADLINE ~stevequayle.com~ Where Is The Recovery? A Higher Percentage Of Americans Had Jobs Three Years Ago

HEADLINE ~stevequayle.com~ What Would War Between Israel And Syria Do To The Already Fragile Global Economy?:The next major wave of the economic collapse is rapidly approaching, and a major regional war in the Middle East would greatly accelerate our economic problems.

HEADLINE ~stevequayle.com~ German Euro Founder Calls For ‘Catastrophic’ Currency To Be Broken Up



HEADLINE ~stevequayle.com~ You Are The Hope: Why have detention facilities been built? Why did Homeland Security purchase a billion or more rounds of ammunition? Why does Homeland Security have 2,700 tanks and a para-military force? Why aren’t these questions being investigated?

RT Claims Boston Bombing Was A False Flag Attack
Liberty Crier - From the Youtube Description: Triggers pulled on 4th, 2nd & 1st Amendments distracted by flag waving; clunky FBI propaganda; and unleash the War on Bathtubs. Seek truth from facts with former Marine Corps officer James Fetzer, editor of Storyleak Anthony Gucciardi, the Corbett Report's James Corbett, Questioning the War on Terror author Kevin Barrett, Boston eyewitnesses, and Fmr. Rep. Ron Paul.

Post-Boston: Now You Have to Prove You're Not a Terrorist
Kurt Nimmo - In a Christian Science Monitor article covering the case of Cameron D'Ambrosio - the teenager who supposedly made terroristic threats on his Facebook page - a New York cop is quoted as saying government needs to implement a zero tolerance approach to online speech after the Boston bombing.

The New Normal: Boston Bombing Suspect Interrogated Without Counsel
Kurt Nimmo - According to lawyers Derege Demissie and Susan Church, Robel Phillipos, the teenager accused of lying to investigators after the Boston Marathon bombings, was interrogated without the benefit of a lawyer.

Big Cat Note: Freedom, Gone With the Wind.



Nuclear incident drills to start Monday across Montana
greatfallstribune.com - A national exercise, known as NUWAIX 2013, which is executed by U.S. Northern Command and sponsored by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, will bring about 1,000 people to Montana throughout the exercise.



HEADLINE ~stevequayle.com~ 'Gun owners against illegal mayors' website exposes the total criminality of mayors across the USA

DHS Seeks Millions More Rounds of Ammunition
Paul Joseph Watson - The Department of Homeland Security has released a market survey asking companies if they are able to provide 2 million rounds of ammunition within a short time period, increasing concerns that the federal agency is continuing its arms build up in preparation for domestic unrest.



HEADLINE ~stevequayle.com~ Fever Hits Thousands in Parched West Farm Region: The fever has hit California's agricultural heartland particularly hard in recent years, with incidence dramatically increasing in 2010 and 2011.



HEADLINE ~stevequayle.com~ Israeli strike killed 300 Syrian soldiers: Syrian sources as saying that Israel’s nighttime air raid on Syrian military facilities near Damascus has left some 300 Syrian soldiers dead and hundreds others injured.

HEADLINE ~stevequayle.com~ Turkey to stage military exercise near Syria border

Video: Syrian Bomb Leaves Mushroom Cloud
RT has managed to speak to local journalist Abdallah Mawazini, for a report on the latest developments. "When the explosion happened in Damascus, all the houses were shaken. There was dust everywhere. "Everyone woke up, most of the people ran downstairs - to make sure they are safe. Now we are getting more information. The sound of the explosion was heard everywhere in Damascus. People are scared."

Unprovoked Attack on Syria: US-backed Israel Commits Egregious International Crime
Tony Cartalucci - Unprovoked, Israel has attacked Syria numerous times over the past 2 days, including attacks on the Syrian capital of Damascus, in what appears to be a series of intentional provocations designed to drag the region into a wider conflict its US sponsors can then enter militarily.

'Israel used depleted uranium shells in air strike' - Syrian source
RT - Israel used "a new type of weapon", a senior official at the Syrian military facility that came under attack from the Israeli Air Force told RT. "When the explosion happened it felt like an earthquake," said the source, who was present near the attack site on the outskirts of Damascus on Sunday morning. "Then a giant golden mushroom of fire appeared. This tells us that Israel used depleted uranium shells."

VIDEO: Israeli Air Strike Targeted Chicken Farm, Civilian Infrastructure
Live Leak - In addition to an arms site, Israel's air strike on Syria targeted civilian infrastructure as well as a chicken farm.




By Paul McGuire
May 6, 2013

The average American cannot process the present, nor can they predict the future. They are in a state of sensory overload with their left brains overwhelmed by a continuous data stream of useless information. With few exceptions they are unable to access their right brains and so they are not in their right mind. This is all planned by the Luciferian elite, also known as the Illuminati, whose motto is “Order out of Chaos.” ~newswithviews.com/McGuire/paul171.htm~



HEADLINE ~stevequayle.com~ AFGHANISTAN: GUT CHECK ON WHAT WE ARE DOING TO OURSELVES: Sickening: the American people sit on their fat rear ends without so much as a whimper. Just serve up their kids and watch the death continue.



HEADLINE ~stevequayle.com~ Human Liberty Is Doomed; The reason the country is doomed lies squarely upon the shoulders of the docile. With the criminalization of society, the faint-hearted demand harsher penalties for anyone, who defies the slave state



VIDEO: The Alarming Proposed Rabies Vaccination Bill That Could Threaten Your Pet's Life
Dr. Becker - California Assembly Bill AB 272 is proposing new vaccine legislation that will require puppies in California to receive the rabies vaccine at 12 weeks rather than 16 weeks.... A primary concern is that too-early rabies vaccination can interfere with residual maternal antibodies, with the result that puppies presumed to be immunized against the disease, will not be.



Splenda (Sucralose) Found To Have Diabetes-Promoting Effects
Activist Post - Promoted for decades as a "safe" sugar alternative, presumably to prevent or reduce symptoms of diabetes, Splenda (sucralose) has been found to have diabetes-promoting effects in human subjects.


"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - Edmund Burke

The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire.

~ Have a lovely magickal May ~   


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

Spinning at hyper-speed kisses from the Kougar...

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