Saturday, March 31, 2012

Quantum Launch...

2012 doesn't like the Kougaress...

Nighttime mews, my darling and vivacious-strutting Big Cats... it feels far more like summer than Springtime on the tame prairie, and the temps are supposed to hit the 90s for the next two days... the Kougaress saw two of her eagles launch from tree branches late this morning... nothing beats that magnificent sight... once again Mr. Sol is setting too far northwest for this time of year... from what this Big Cat recalls... so is the crust of Mother Earth slipping as it has in the past, at least three times... or is Mother Earth wobbling-tilting on her axis? Mr. Sol was also a huge gorgeous ball of neon rose pink, but slid below the horizon while beneath several chemtrails... really, you can't miss those THINGS for all the disbelievers out there.

Quantum Launch... Yep, from this point forward, most precious Kittens... now time, the days, will speed by so fast, it will feel like a series of quantum launches. What to do? Ride the dragon energy when you can, and when you can't stay out of the way. Also, this means, the world will be changing super fast. For the good and the bad. By the end of 2012 the world will be far different.

Authoress news and mews ~

Omygosh, there must be invisible energy sapper critters. This Big Cat author just feels drained, still she's hoping to get more penning done on her WIP ~ Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~

The Kougar found a site devoted to Pegasus pictures, and she plans to return, in part, to escape this world. One day maybe she'll get to pen a Pegasus shapeshifter erotic romance. Website:

From ~

Your April Forecast is Here!

This year, April is all about bringing clarity, decisiveness and stability to your world. Check out our list of April's most important transits to learn about all the cosmically active days you have to look forward to this coming month!

April 3: Flirty Venus saunters into light-hearted Gemini, making you the ultimate social butterfly. This may be superficial and frivolous .. but at least you'll have lots of fun!

April 4: Mercury turns direct in Pisces, at which point communication and technology will finally begin to work smoothly once again.

April 6: A full Moon rises in Libra and forces you to ask yourself: Do you want to fly solo or be engaged in a meaningful partnership?

April 10: Pluto turns retrograde in Capricorn, indicating that it's time to go back to the drawing board and refine your professional and financial plans.

April 14: With Mars turning direct in Virgo, decisive action will become easier and delayed projects will finally get the green light.

April 15: As Saturn opposes the Sun, one of two sides of the taskmaster planet will appear. On one hand, you could have to deal with separations caused by negativity and criticism; on the other hand, Saturn may help you place loyalty and duty above all else, thus creating stronger bonds.

April 16: Mercury soars into Aries, allowing you to ditch the red tape and get straight to the point!

April 19: The Sun transitions into Taurus to bring stability, a more deliberate pace ... and further reasons to indulge yourself!

April 21: The new Moon in Taurus encourages you to decide, once and for all, what you really want for yourself -- and then to go for it!

April 22, 24, 29: The Sun partners, respectively, with Neptune, Mars and Pluto to help you discover a balance between fostering your spirituality and achieving tangible results.

Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

11:22 pm... 1:11 am... 8:44 pm... both cruelty and compassion will be spotlighted now on the world stage, and will affect most of us personally...

Follow up ~

As this Big Cat awakened today... it was dream-restless night with Madonna interludes and a fast, brilliantly colored chaos of ideas that included rabbits... she realized one reason she didn't want to arise... facing the horrific and ongoing cruelty of these times is just too much... still, here she is... more and more it's like that episode in the first Battlestar Galactia TV show that the Kougaress has referred to before... it was party time down on the planet's surface... only robo dog knew there was danger will robinson... then, when THEY decided, the sentient machines decided, you rode the elevator down to the subterranean factory where the humans, who had been fattened on the surface, were now being used for energy, their life sucked out of them gruesomely.

What the freaking hell???!!!


Fertilizer Company Poisoning Birds
Thursday, March 29, 2012

Here's a possible cause of the aflockalypse: The company that makes Scotts Miracle-Gro fertilizer for your lawn could also be killing your songbirds.

Scotts pled guilty to charges that they illegally put insecticides into its "Morning Song" and "Country Pride" brands of bird seed. In 2008, Scotts distributed 73 million packages of bird seed coated with the insecticide Storcide II that was intended to keep insects from destroying the seed when it was broadcast onto your lawn or put into a feeder.

In fact, they stated this right on the package, which reads: "Toxic to birds, toxic to wildlife" and "Exposed treated seed may be hazardous to birds." But few of us read the fine print on bird seed packages and so almost no one noticed, until an executive at Scotts alerted the company to the problem.

The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire.

~ Have a magickal awakening in April ~


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

Quantum Launch kisses from the Kougar...

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Quantum Launch kisses from the Kougar...