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Courtship On Another Earth ~ Catching up...

Now ~ JUST for the big cool cats ~ from the Flash Cat...

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 718 ~

Sylva set her cup down, then took hold of the pink, chenille-like socks, with suede soles. “Thank you.” Marina smiled. “I’m certain Zeke is okay. He’s always had a knack for gettin’ out of any right tough situation,” she paused, “you’ll see.” Sylva nodded. “He is amazing...” Sylva began, then took moments to pull on the lovely-feeling socks. “I just worry, in part... because...” Marina offered a knowing glance. “Because of your unique abilities.” Sylva shook her hair back. “I’m not so certain they’re that unique. I mean, don’t all humans have intuition? And, various other magic sorts of abilities?”

Zeke grinned. “I am lucky son of a gun.” Zeke paused while he thought, and at the same time, he kept an eye on the deputies. “Could be,” he continued, “we’ll figure out a way to bring some brides from other Earths. It’s only in the jawin’ stage, though,” he warned before he got himself in too deep. “Zeke Vintorr,” one of the deputies hollered. “That you?” Zeke hopped off the hover-jeep before answering. “Yep, Bucko. Didn’t recognize you in all that deputy regalia. When did you decide to join the Sheriff’s posse?” Bucko holstered his sidearm, jogging toward him.

Part 719 ~

Sylva wriggled her toes, enjoying the socks, even as she wished for all she was worth, that she was with Zeke. She smiled at Ginger as she carried over a mug of hot chocolate. “You and Marina are so kind. I really appreciate it.” Ginger placed the mug on what looked like an electric warmer, only there was no cord. “Nonsense, Sylva dear. As family we need each other, don’t you think?” Sylva nodded, then murmured, “We all do need each other. Is there any more news?” Ginger gazed toward Marina. “Grant is on his way back with the robo-plane’s remains.”

Zeke grabbed Bucko’s extended hand, and pumped it briefly. Then he nodded toward where the two running men were being placed inside the posse’s transport. “Who are those two?” Bucko’s coffee-colored eyes glinted with speculation. “Claim to be on the trail of those who stole their invention. Not the robo-plane, but the missiles and the delivery system used to fire ‘em.” Zeke took moments to try puttin’ pieces together. “Hell’s truth, Bucko, those two are super-trained athletes. That just don’t fit.” Bucko gave an understanding nod. “Yep. They say they trained because they were going up against the Secret Circle.”

Part 720 ~

Sylva cradled the warm mug and took a sip. The difference in the hot chocolate’s flavor caught her off guard. But, it was too late to stop her surprised expression. “Something wrong, Sylva?” Ginger asked. “No, not really. This tastes as good...actually better than what I’m used to... it’s just different.” Sylva took another sip of the frothy, dark chocolatey brew. The next instant, Nevada strode inside the room, moving toward his wife. He snagged her waist bringing her against him, then planted a kiss on her cheek. “Zeke’s about to interview the two men who surrendered to the posse.”

Zeke settled himself on the bench seat opposite the two running men, then leaned forward resting his elbows on his thighs. Before speaking he regarded them both for a time. From his reckoning they hailed from the Mid-Atlantic region. “Zeke Vintorr is the handle. Wes, Wayne, can either one of you tell me why my barn roof was targeted? And, why I shot down two of those robo-planes targeting you?” Neither one of them blinked, but watched him steadily, and with a suspicion Zeke understood. “Been battling the Secret Circle myself,” he added. “Your wife. Heard she’s a wanted woman.”

Hot Chocolate Courtship kisses from the Kougar...

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Hot Chocolate Courtship kisses from the Kougar...