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Winter Solstice 2015 ... A Time of Spiritual Renewal For the Soul

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #381   

Winter Solstice 2015 ... A Time of Spiritual Renewal For the Soul ... For Now, the Divine Stargate Opens Wider, Granting Greater Gifts To Humankind ... And, the Rule of the Heart Ascends 

On the AWAKENING front, The Byzantine Intrigue Behind the World Scene REVEALED By Insider WhistleBlowers Continues Nonstop 

BLURB: "...Leo Lyon Zagami spoke from Rome about secret powerful groups and individuals. Zagami says that he is a member of a branch of the legendary Illuminati, which he described as "a network of secret societies" as well as "A priesthood of various religions." They are composed of dark and light factions, which he says are continually involved in bringing individuals to power to control the world. Zagami thinks that the "good" faction is currently in the minority.
He also commented that the leaders of the Illuminati are chosen from among the aristocracy and royalty. Members of some groups are subjected to a blood test to prove their heritage and eligibility. He further described the role of certain American universities in choosing members to be groomed for future roles in power and high political office. He referenced the theory that the United States was founded on Illuminist principles of freedom, although he also stated that "There is no real ideology to free the mind and free the spirit any more."
"I have an order behind me that guarantees a certain security so we can bring you these truths" he said, adding that there is a debate within secret societies about what to reveal. "Knights" from various orders are constantly giving him information to help understand the current state of the New World Order, since he says that there is no longer such a thing as a free press.
He added that in the early 20th century, the activities of such groups as Aliester Crowley’s OTO opened some sort of dimensional pathway for evil entities which have manifested in modern times as what we know as aliens and UFOs. Ultimately, Zagami believes that the evil part of the Illuminati are assisting various incarnations of the "antichrist." "It is a battle of angels and demons." 
Book: Confessions of an Illuminati 

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' seize the Winter Solstice frequency. Whirling with their lightblades, they swiftly spread this sacred light energy to ALL those of good heart. 

However, those of dark heart are unable to accept this enlightening frequency, and will sink into the blackhole they are becoming. Thus, discerning those operating on the dark-side will become ever more obvious. 

On the *magickal past revealing itself* front, ARTICLE: "Revealing the True Nature of Elves: Dangerous Beauties and Diabolical Fiends
18 DECEMBER, 2015 - 14:36 VALDAR
Present day movies show elves as beautiful beings who help people in their times of need. However, the original ancient form of these beings was quite hostile towards humans. Often enough, elves would lure humans to their death. The purpose of this article is to unmask and reveal the true identity of elves and to expose their hostility towards the human race." 

On the personal front, during this week of holiday celebrations, be careful to know who is a true friend, and who is really an enemy laying in wait. Or, it would be wise to TRUST NO ONE, at this time, with your personal life situation, or your personal info. Like a serpent, what you reveal, could be used against you, no matter how innocent you are. For, twisting the truth is the name of this *I Dominate You* game. 

On the good side of this season, it is likely you will experience deep moments of LOVE...of knowing LOVE in a whole new and much grander way. Let it be so, and give your love only to those who truly deserve it. 

On the paranormal front, HIGH STRANGENESS TAKES OVER THE WORLD STAGE ... Now It Begins 

At this fractal-spinpoint, various PROJECT BLUE BEAM operations are on the New World Order's drawing board for the year 2016. However, there are Benevolents who will be countering most of these Alien ET ops with their own revelations. Hang onto your proverbial hats, it's gonna be high-strangeness bumpy year ahead. 

Will billionaires claim the red planet?
Jon Bowne | - DECEMBER 19, 2015

On the *hitler past revealing itself* front, HEADLINE: "FBI Quietly Declassified Secret Files Attesting Hitler Fled to Argentina in 1945" 

On the *past revealing itself* front, ARTICLE: "Discovery Near Oak Island Could Alter History ~ December 18, 2015
The amazing discovery of a Roman sword found near Canada's famed Oak Island may rewrite history and shed new light on the alleged treasure said to be buried there.
A report from historical investigator J. Hutton Pulitzer details how the sword was discovered many years ago by a father and son while they were scalloping near Oak Island and only recently came into the hands of researchers.
Forensic analysis of the sword revealed that it has the same metallurgical signatures of other known Roman artifacts.
The locations of the sword's discovery, Pulitzer contends, leads to a Roman shipwreck off the coast of Oak Island.
"The shipwreck is still there and has not been worked. We have scanned it, we know exactly where it lays," Pulitzer told the Boston Standard.
"This is the single most important discovery for the Americas - an event that will re-write history," he declared to the paper, "this is a gunshot to be heard around the world."
Pulitzer dismissed skeptics who suggest that the sword was acquired by collectors in modern times and merely inadvertently dropped near Oak Island.
He told the Boston Standard, "It was found incredibly close to Oak Island in water only 25ft deep. But if you dropped that rare collectors' sword overboard, wouldn’t you dive down to get it?"
Should Pulitzer's theory prove correct, it may indicate the original source for the alleged treasure said to be buried on Oak Island that has been a captivating mystery for centuries.
For now, he awaits approval from the Canadian government to lead an expedition to the shipwreck site in the hopes of proving, once and for all, that North America was visited many times in the ancient past.
"It's time for theory to be reflected by hard science," Pulitzer said to the Boston Standard, "Even if there's no gold inside Oak Island - it's a trillion-dollar treasure we are uncovering in history for our children and grandchildren."
Source: Boston Standard

BLURB: "Stunning New Gobekli Tepe Discovery ~ Friday December 18, 2015
Andrew Collins returns with major new findings about the ancient Gobekli Tepe site, currently among the world's greatest archaeological mysteries.  But now THAT MYSTERY HAS DEEPENED. Listen as Andrew explains to Whitley just what we now know about what was going on at Gobekli Tepe, and why it is so astonishing.
Modern archaeology cannot accept the truth about the past, which is that something was happening that simply does not fit the established narrative.
 A big part of the mission of Dreamland is uncovering hidden truths, and this show qualifies as a classic example of that.
What is the connection between Gobekli Tepe and the stars? Why did the builders keep constructing new sites and burying the old ones—over the fantastic span of 1,500 years! What secret did they know that kept them working on this for such a long time. (No project in our own time has even come close to being maintained for so long.)
So who were they, really? What were they doing, and why? And, above all, what does it mean to us right now, because it does contain a hidden meaning, and a powerful one.
You can find Andrew Collins at, and listen to his many great shows in the archive. 

On the land changes front, Once again: "A Difficult Time Ahead For Many Regions On Earth As Superstorms Hit, Earthquakes Split the Earth, Volcanoes Blow Their Tops, and Windstorms Shriek At Superspeeds... Also, Both Flooding and Desertification  Will Increase During 2016"  


HEADLINE: "Volcano Uptick: Mount Bromo volcano-the colossus in East Java Indonesia spews ash and hot gravel 1.5km into the sky" 

HEADLINE: "Frequent, intense explosions and new lava flows at Fuego volcano, Guatemala" 

HEADLINE: "Bering Sea monster storm hits Alaska as wind gusts reach 122 MPH and waves 40ft in the Aleutian Islands"  

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Biggest Storm This Season Breaks Daily Snowfall Record In Denver
CBS 4 | The biggest winter storm to hit Denver so far this season has also broken a daily snowfall record for the city." 

ARTICLE: "Why Is The United States Being Hit By So Many Fires, Floods And Earthquakes?
Michael Snyder | Since the end of the summer, America has been hit with a truly unusual series of natural disasters." 

On the DROUGHT front, ARTICLE: "Millions of animals dead: 200 species of birds, mammals, fish, and other animals gone as Bolivia's second largest lake has all but disappeared due to drought!" 

On the *air pollution, paying for fresh air* front, ARTICLE: "China pollution: Canadian company Vitality Air sells out of bottled fresh mountain air as smog levels worsen
London Independent | A single bottle of Vitality Air’s premium oxygen costs nearly $28 (£18.50)"  

On the METHANE front, ARTICLE: "There is a bomb underneath you." ~ Monday, 14 December 2015 ~ It's the largest releases of methane in California history: A giant stream of climate-warming methane gas is blowing hundreds of feet into the air in Los Angeles County and no one can stop it!
A giant stream of potent climate-warming gas - methane - is blowing hundreds of feet into the air in Los Angeles County for the seventh week.
The release cancels out hundreds of smaller efforts over more than a decade to clamp down on escapes of the gas, a priority because in the short term, methane is a far more powerful climate-warming gas than carbon dioxide.
Pilots flying low have been told by the FAA to stay clear of the plume for fear of ignition.
More than 1,800 families have sought relocation due to the vapors.
Southern California Gas Co. officials say it will be months before it can be stopped.
The mainly methane gas is pouring out of the ground near a damaged well used to inject gas into an old sandstone oil field for storage.
"I think what we are seeing is probably one of the single largest releases of methane in California history," said Tim O'Connor, who used to inspect major facilities like refineries for the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and works for the Environmental Defense Fund.
"People I speak with who are experts in the field say this is biggest, most complex leak that they have ever seen." 

On the CLIMATE CHANGE front, Article: "NOAA Relies On ‘Compromised’ Thermometers That Inflate US Warming Trend
Daily Caller | “The majority of weather stations used by NOAA to detect climate change temperature signal have been compromised.” 

ARTICLE: "Putin Reverses Position on Global Warming, Backs UN Climate-change Agreement
New American | “Climate change has become one of the gravest challenges humanity is facing,” Putin said in his remarks." 

The blatant and in plain sight experimentation on the US population continues unabated. A recent "press release" letter from 5 US congressmen sends a very clear message, they want a minimum of 10 new C-130J air tankers to continue "specialized spraying missions". 

On the *OMINIBUS BILL, how to Nazi-scam the sheeple* front, ARTICLE: "Paul: Nobody Read The $1.1 Trillion Omnibus Bill
The Hill | “It was over a trillion dollars, it was all lumped together, 2,242 pages, nobody read it…” 

ARTICLE: "Sessions: Omnibus Explains Why ‘Voters Are In Open Rebellion’
Infowars | In the dead of night after 2am this morning, Congressional leadership unveiled a more than 2,000 page ‘omnibus’ year-end funding bill." 

ARTICLE: "CISA Is Now The Law: How Congress Quietly Passed The Second Patriot Act
Zero Hedge | “They took a bad bill, and they made it worse.” 

ARTICLE: "Worst Anti-Privacy Bill Since The PATRIOT Act, Passes Hidden In A Budget Bill And Media Is SILENT" 

On the *oil glut* front, ARTICLE: "Something Strange Is Taking Place In The Middle Of The Atlantic Ocean
Zero Hedge | Millions of barrels of oil are simply stuck in the ocean as VLCCs wait to unload." 

ARTICLE: "Crude falls below $35 per barrel for first time since 2009 
RT - Crude prices on Monday plunged to their lowest level since 2009 as OPEC continues high volume production and Iran plans to boost exports. Brent crude was down almost 50 cents trading at $37.47 a barrel by 11:06am GMT on Monday while US benchmark WTI plummeted 30 cents to $35.31 per barrel. There’s “absolutely no chance” Iran will delay its plan to increase shipments even as prices decline, Bloomberg cited Amir Hossein Zamaninia, Iran’s deputy oil minister as saying. Tehran which expects international sanctions over its nuclear program to be lifted early in January, aims to double crude exports. The country currently exports 1.1 million barrels per day. Oil prices could slump to $30 per barrel in 2016 and could stay low throughout the year, said Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, warning of tough times ahead." 

The Guardian - December 14, 2015 - 
Mass layoffs as OPEC shuts down North American oil economy." 

On the economic front, Major Trouble On the Stock Market Front As the Year Ends, and 2016 Begins ... This Will Mean the Dark-side Globalist Players Behind the Financial Scenes Will Be Exposed For All the World To See ... Meanwhile, the Economic Resurrection of the People Takes Deep Root 

ARTICLE: "Spain’s Biggest Bankruptcy Ever Hits Banks, Mexico, Brazil, Descends into Bitter Farce: 'The Big Surprise Was That Negative Profits Were Converted Into Positives.'" 

ARTICLE: "Our “Star Wars” Economy: The Fed-Farce Awakens
Charles Hugh-Smith | The Fed’s hubris has led it to the Dark Side." 

ARTICLE: "Thanks, Janet Yellen: Homeownership in US Falls to 25-Year Low
Lew Rockwell Blog | I do not regard homeownership rates as a proxy measure of economic prosperity." 

ARTICLE: "What Does Today’s “Rate Hike” Mean?
Paul Craig Roberts | It means that the Fed has had time to figure out that the effect of the small “rate hike” would essentially be zero." 

ARTICLE: "Fall Of The American Empire: 'They Intend To Collapse the Financial System'" 

On the *tax by naked emperor* front, ARTICLE: "Obama Abruptly Waives 1980 Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA) ~ By: Gordon Long | Sat, Dec 19, 2015 ~ Caution, Taxes Ahead
The Financial Repression Authority has consistently shown that Regulatory changes which "Ring Fence" US investors choices is a cornerstone of the Macro-Prudential Policy of "Financial Repression". Through stealth programs like FATCA and PFIC the US government has steadily and quietly limited Americans ability to take cash out of the country and to invest abroad, other than through profitable public exchange traded products sold by the financial industry. However, it is one thing to shut the doors to American investing abroad but it is quite another to fully open the doors to foreigners! It begs the question why, why now and why the change needed to happen so urgently? 

On the YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK front, Article: "USAID's Millions Often Spent Blindly in Afghanistan, with Taliban as Occasional Beneficiary 
AllGov - Many USAID projects were intended to “stabilize” the country and demonstrate to the local populace that they should support the U.S.-backed Afghan government. But an internal investigation (pdf) of USAID efforts in the war-torn country found that many of them had the opposite result. For instance, “villagers believed that the projects would not have been allowed to take place without the Taliban’s approval, and so their support for the Taliban, rather than for the United States or the Afghan government, actually increased because of the aid,” The New York Times reported… In other cases, USAID did such a poor job of managing its projects that Taliban leaders were able to successfully submit requests through intermediaries for American aid projects for villages under their control. The study also found that USAID’s targeting of some villages not under Taliban control resulted in increased violence from the Taliban." 

On the *federal reserve* front, ARTICLE: "Senate sets up vote in January on Rand Paul’s ‘Audit the Fed’ bill
The Hill | The Senate is heading toward a battle over Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-Ky.) “Audit the Fed” legislation, giving the GOP presidential candidate a long-desired floor fight." 

ARTICLE: "$20,000 Gold And The End Of 'Pollyanna-ish Do-Goodery':Federal Reserve Is A Giant Kazoo-Playing Squid Drowning Out Beautiful Music Of Free Market Orchestra" 

On the truth front, At This Critical TurnPoint Upon Planet Earth, Every Spoken and Written Word of TRUTH Becomes Invaluable To Humanity 

Now the BRAVE ONES -- or those leaders of the Aquarian Age renaissance -- rise and speak up as never before. Their voices will own that clarity ring of Truth which many more of us will respond to, and AWAKEN. 

For, in the end TRUTH Equals Freedom. 

On the WHAT THE HELL??? front, ARTICLE: "US Refuses to Tell France Who Financed Paris Terror Attacks 
Sputnik News - United States authorities have yet to respond to multiple requests from France on sources of funding for Daesh terrorists tied to the November 13 Paris attacks, a French Finance Ministry source told Reuters. The US and the European Union signed an agreement called the Terrorist Finance Tracking Program in 2010, which allowed EU countries to rely on the US for information on terrorist groups' finance flows. Prior to the Paris attacks, the US turned down requests from France to reveal the financial flows funding the January 7 attacks on the Charlie Hebdo newspaper and a Jewish supermarket, saying France "did not provide enough details." 

On the *let's have a world war* front, ARTICLE: "US government stockpiling emergency medical supplies as fears of global nuclear war escalate" 
Tuesday, December 15, 2015 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer 

ARTICLE: "Mercenaries operating in Yemen tied to Blackwater
Hang The Bankers - Receiving scant attention from Western mainstream media outlets except for a few notable exceptions, Americans and many alternative media outlets have remained ignorant to the fact that private mercenaries from Blackwater (aka Academi) appear to have been contracted by the GCC Gulf state feudal monarchies to assist in the military war of terror in Yemen against the Houthi rebels and the embattled Yemeni people. Still, on December 9, a flurry of reports from media outlets such as Press TV, TeleSur TV, Al-Manar, Al –Bawaba, and Colombia Reports have revealed that around 15 Blackwater mercenaries have been killed in a fierce battles with the Houthi forces since Tuesday." 

ARTICLE: "Rand Paul Slams “World War 3” Republican Candidates: “Recipe For Disaster”
Paul Joseph Watson | Chris Christie calls for shooting down Russian planes." 

On the war front, This Week the Russian Bear Uses Sleight of Hand To Win In the War Theater ... Meanwhile, the Evil Empire Takes Pot Shots At China, and Several Other Nations ... However, the People Worldwide Grow Ever More Weary of War, and Rebel With Louder Voices  

Delil Souleiman | AFP - December 14, 2015 
Battalion of Syriac Christian women in Hasakeh province are fighting IS." 

ARTICLE: "Assad: Daesh Can Be Defeated in a Year if US Drops ‘Regime Change’
Sputnik | The Daesh terrorist group can be defeated in less than a year if the US and its allies stop supporting rebel fighters, Syria’s Bashar al-Assad said." 

ARTICLE: "Germany Set to Cooperate With Assad, Set Up Intel Agency in Damascus
Sputnik | May even involve reopening the German embassy in Damascus." 

ARTICLE: "Europe, Turkey Close Airspace To Russian Warplanes Flying Anti-ISIS Missions, General Says
Zero Hedge | Moscow’s long-range warplanes have carried out 145 sorties against terrorist targets since mid-November." 

ARTICLE: "Let Them Fly There Now”: Putin Threatens To Shoot Down Turkish Jets In Syria, Calls Erdogan An Ass Kisser
Zero Hedge | It’s been nearly a month since Turkey shot down a Russian Su-24." 

ARTICLE: "Buildup To WW III On Turkey, Syria, Israel Border: NATO allies agreed on Friday to send aircraft and ships to Turkey to strengthen Ankara's air defenses on its border with Syria, the alliance's chief said." 

HEADLINE: "Ankara Wants to Become a 'Military Force to Be Reckoned With'" 

ARTICLE: "ISIS stole sarin gas from Libya stores & has already used it, Gaddafi’s cousin tells RT
RT | “ISIS has managed to find some of the secret underground storage facilities, still holding chemical weapons, hidden in the desert.” 

ARTICLE: "Turkish MP faces treason charges after telling RT ISIS used Turkey for transiting sarin
RT - An investigation on treason charges has been opened against a Turkish MP who alleged in an exclusive interview with RT that Islamic State jihadists used Turkish territory as a transit route to deliver deadly sarin gas to Syria." 

ARTICLE: "Intelligence Head: Obama “Didn’t Want To Hear” About Rise Of ISIS
Steve Watson | Because it didn’t “meet a narrative”. 

ARTICLE: "U.S. Refuses to Bomb ISIS Targets: “Can’t Get Clearance Even With a Clear Target in Front of Us”
Mac Slavo | By all accounts, ISIS is clearly the biggest threat to the United States, with the San Bernardino attacks just the most recent to take out Americans." 

ARTICLE: "Iraqi Soldiers Fighting ISIS Bombed by “Errant” U.S. Airstrike
Michael Krieger | That a majority of Iraqis believe the U.S. government is fighting on behalf of ISIS is a well established fact at this point." 

ARTICLE: "30+ Iraqi soldiers killed, 20 injured after US airstrike – Iraqi MP cited by Sputnik
RT | More than 30 Iraqi soldiers have been killed and 20 more injured in an airstrike carried out by the US military, an Iraqi said in a statement cited by Sputnik." 

ARTICLE: "The US Knows Where ISIS Videos Are Produced - But Does Nothing About It 
Zero Hedge - As outlined extensively by Charlie Winter in a study entitled "Documenting The Virtual 'Caliphate'”, ISIS produces nearly 40 pieces of propaganda each day in various formats ranging from video, to print, to radio. The workload is divided between dozens of individual production units hailing from all corners of the caliphate from Libya to Raqqa to Mosul..." 

ARTICLE: "NATO Weapons Helped Make Boko Haram World’s Deadliest Terror Group
New American | The Nigerian Boko Haram terrorist group was responsible for 6,644 deaths in 2014." 

On the *evil-beyond-evil human trafficking* front, Article: "ISIS Selling Yazidi Women and Children in Turkey :Turkey has signed several international treaties, but it is the 'number one country when it comes to professional non-compliance with human rights treaties.'" 

On the *opening the gate for the enemy* front, ARTICLE: "Paul Joseph Watson: Islam In Europe (And The “Far Right” Backlash)
Rebel Media | Watson explains that ISIS’s manifesto declares that they will exploit the “refugee crisis” to infiltrate the West." 

ARTICLE: "Muslim “Refugee” Says Main Goal is to “Islamize” Europeans
Paul Joseph Watson | Man admits he is not fleeing war or ISIS persecution." 

ARTICLE: "ISIS flags & photos of severed heads found amongst refugees in Norway
RT | Norwegian police say they have found images of severed heads and executions on mobile phones belonging to refugees entering the country." 

VIDEO: MUSLIMS BEAT AND KICK SWEDES ON THE STREET IN BROAD DAYLIGHT The two Swedes told them not to vandalize flowerpots 

WATCH: Locals Riot In Small Town Over Plans For Huge Migrant Centre 

ARTICLE: "Warning Shots Fired At Dutch Anti-Migrant Riot
Sky News | Footage shows demonstrators throwing fireworks and glass bottles at police in protest at plans to build housing for migrants." 

ARTICLE: "Latest Poll Shows 50% of British Voters Would Choose to Exit the EU
Michael Krieger | Brexit." 

ARTICLE: "NATO nations training, recruiting jihadists
Wayne Madsen - Serbian and Russian intelligence operatives in the Balkans have pinpointed Turkish and Albanian government-supported radical mosques that are radicalizing Albanian Muslims from Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia for the Islamic State (Da’esh) ranks in Syria and Iraq. The use of two NATO nations, Albania and Turkey, in supplying fresh troops for the Islamic State, has strengthened the resolve of Russian President Vladimir Putin to punish the Turkish government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan for its support for the Islamic State and its military actions against Russian and Russian-supported forces in Syria. The Albanian mosques, chiefly financed by money from Saudi Arabia, have churned out hundreds of Albanian Muslim fighters for the Da’esh jihad in Syria and Iraq."  

ARTICLE: "EU Exploits ‘Refugee’ Crisis it Created to Push Draconian Plan For Occupying Army 
Paul Joseph Watson - The European Union is exploiting the refugee crisis it helped create by pushing draconian plans for an occupying army that would have the power to take control of national borders without the consent of sovereign governments. After rolling out the red carpet for potentially millions of migrants – most of whom are not Syrian – to enter Europe in search of welfare havens like Sweden and Germany – the EU has proven its total incompetence when it comes to dealing with border security. However, instead of handing more power to national governments to address the crisis, the EU is set to eviscerate the sovereignty of member states further under a new proposal which would permit the deployment of up to 2,500 armed guards wearing EU uniforms, along with naval patrol vessels, helicopters and drones."

ARTICLE: "Officials admit they LOST TRACK of thousands of migrants and 30k asylum seekers overstayed
UK Express | BRITAIN’S chaotic asylum system was exposed by a Government admission yesterday that it has lost track of tens of thousands of migrants." 

ARTICLE: "Government accused of cover-up as data suggests million EU migrants unaccounted for in Britain HMRC fails to release data which could show true number of EU migrants coming to Britain because it would be 'unhelpful' to renegotiation" 

ARTICLE: "France Considers Prosecuting Marine Le Pen for Tweeting Violent Islamic State Images
Kurt Nimmo | Popular political leader repeatedly targeted by French state." 

Article: "CRUSADES starting!150k POLISH CHRISTIANS gather to DEFEND CHRISTIANITY from muzzie invasion…ISSUE WARNING! Don’t even think about pulling the kind crap you are allowed to get away with in Western Europe. We are not England, not France, not Sweden." 

ARTICLE: "Denmark To Confiscate Gold, Jewelry, & Valuables From Refugees
Zero Hedge - Danish Justice Minister Soren Pind recently announced his intention to have border guards confiscate gold, jewelry, diamonds, and other valuables from refugees as they enter the country. After a bit of popular backlash, wedding rings are now off limits. But just about anything else ranging from cash to expensive wristwatches, is fair game for confiscation, as long as the ‘loot’ (as they call it) is valuable. So apparently Danish border guards are expected to discern whether a refugee is wearing a $15,000 IWC Schaffhausen or a $15 knock-off.... The Danish government’s excuse is that they need to confiscate assets from refugees in order to pay for the services they’re providing to those same refugees. This might even sound reasonable… until you realize that a government could make the same argument for every other public service they provide." 

ARTICLE: "Turkey abuses refugees, deports them back to warzones – Amnesty
RT | The Turkish government has been rounding up refugees and transporting them to detention centers." 

ARTICLE: "Merkel’s Open Border Policies Have Given Germany a New Look — Mile after Mile of Trash, Garbage and Waste (VIDEO)
Gateway Pundit | What was once a pristine country is already starting to look like a third world trash heap." 

On the energy front, Presidential Candidate Would Release TRUTH About Secret Advanced Technology That Would Save the Earth 

BLURB: "....Jimmy Church ... was joined by Andrew D. Basiago, who claims he was part of DARPA’s Project Pegasus as a young child, and was involved time-travel and teleportation as part of various U.S. Government projects. Basiago announced his campaign for the highest office in the land by saying "I want to be America’s Truth President." He will be running as a write-in candidate in the 43 states that currently allow it. He wants to end the culture of secrecy because he believes that "We are being played by the permanent and secret government" and 

On the *world governance* front, ARTICLE: "Putin gives Russian Constitution priority over international court rulings
RT - President Vladimir Putin has signed into law the bill allowing the Constitutional Court to overrule the decisions of international courts if such decisions contradict the principle of supremacy of the Russian Constitution. The new act published on the government website on Tuesday reads that the Constitutional Court will look into every decision of any intergovernmental body based on an international treaty and find if it matches the Russian Constitution and the rights and freedoms guaranteed by it. Upon such consideration the Constitutional Court can allow the decision to be executed in Russia, in full or in part, or ban its execution – also in full or in part. The ban would automatically cancel any national acts allowing the execution of the unconstitutional ruling." 

On the *oh yeah, Homeland Security is on the job* front, ARTICLE: "‘Homeland Security’ visits high schoolers who launched ‘Killary Clinton’ Super PAC
EAG News | “The Department of Homeland Security, which is the umbrella department over the Secret Service, came to Pataskala and asked questions.”

On the tyranny-at-work front, *Terminator Nazism* Spreads Like a Rapid Cancer Across the Country At This Point In History/Herstory ... Prepare, and Counter With the Culture of Freedom 

ARTICLE: "Journalists Experience the Debate Terror Narrative Firsthand: TSA Goes Full Gestapo
Infowars - Republicans called in the TSA and subjected journalists to aggressive screening at the “debate” in Las Vegas Tuesday. JNReports: When talking to @TSA agents at the #CNNDebate in Vegas, one agent told me that they're part of a #TSA ground force." 

On the *this is what happens in a police state tyranny* front, ARTICLE: "Cops Demolish Single Mom's Home By Mistake, Destroy Children's Christmas - Offer No Help 
The Free Thought Project - On Tuesday, Cherokee County Sheriff David Groves and his heroic team of militarized storm troopers descended on the home of a single mom and her four kids. Upon removing the mother and her four children from the house, police entered into a 20-hour-long standoff — with the empty house." 

Article: "VIDEO: Police Shoot Man in the Back as He Walked Away — Execute Him as He Crawled for His Life
The Free Thought Project - The short video, which was released yesterday, clearly shows 28-year-old Nicholas Robertson walking away as police opened fire on him. After the first deputy fired over a dozen rounds, the man can be seen falling to the ground, and in a desperate attempt to save his life, begins crawling away from the officer. At this point, a second officer arrives, and after a brief pause, both begin firing recklessly as the man crawls just feet away from a gas pump. In total, officers fired over 30 rounds at this man. According to police, deputies were responding to several calls of a person described as a black man wearing a checkered shirt who was seen with a gun near Magnolia and Alpine avenues, Lt. Eddie Hernandez said. The deputies claim they gave him “several commands” to drop the gun, but the suspect turned and pointed the gun at the deputies. However this cannot be seen on the video." 

Brandon Smith | Aljazeera - December 14, 2015 
Neither the “independent” nor the “investigating” part has been true." 

Sputnik - December 14, 2015 
“We train our officers to act proportionately and use only the minimum amount of force necessary.” 

On the *getting to know all abut you* front, ARTICLE: "Report: The FAA's Drone Registry Will Be Public—Including Names and Addresses" 

On the *super surveillance state* front, ARTICLE: "Congress Drops All Pretense: Quietly Turns CISA Into A Full On Surveillance Bill
Techdirt - Remember CISA? The "Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act"? It's getting much, much worse, with Congress and the administration looking to ram it through -- in the process, dropping any pretense that it's not a surveillance bill.... Not only is Congress looking to include it in the end of year omnibus bill -- basically a "must pass" bill -- to make sure it gets passed, but it's clearly dropping all pretense that CISA isn't about surveillance. Here's what we're hearing from people involved in the latest negotiations.... In short: while before Congress could at least pretend that CISA was about cybersecurity, rather than surveillance, in this mad dash to get it shoved through, they've dropped all pretense and have stripped every last privacy protection, expanded the scope of the bill, and made it quite clear that it's a very broad surveillance bill that can be widely used and abused by all parts of the government." 

On the *yep, Facebook is not your friend* front, ARTICLE: "At Facebook, Some Hate Speech is More Equal Than Others
Michael Krieger | Just in case you harbor that sneaking suspicion that Facebook’s “hate speech” policy is inconsistent and incoherent, you now have your answer." 

On the communication front, Clapping the Internet and Social Media In the Iron Chains of Censorship and Political Correctness ... How the New World Order Criminals Plan To Stop the Voices of Freedom and Goodness 

On the SPYING ON EVERYONE front, ARTICLE: "A Secret Catalogue of Government Gear for Spying on Your Cellphone 
The Intercept - The Intercept has obtained a secret, internal U.S. government catalogue of dozens of cellphone surveillance devices used by the military and by intelligence agencies. The document, thick with previously undisclosed information, also offers rare insight into the spying capabilities of federal law enforcement and local police inside the United States. The catalogue includes details on the Stingray, a well-known brand of surveillance gear, as well as Boeing “dirt boxes” and dozens of more obscure devices that can be mounted on vehicles, drones, and piloted aircraft. Some are designed to be used at static locations, while others can be discreetly carried by an individual. They have names like Cyberhawk, Yellowstone, Blackfin, Maximus, Cyclone, and Spartacus."  

Steven Musil | - December 14, 2015 
Emails warn that “state-sponsored” hackers could be digging for some users’ phone numbers, email addresses and Internet addresses." 

On the WATCH OUT! front, ARTICLE: "Breaking News! Abandoned Chlorine Carrying Railroad Cars Are Suddenly Showing Up Across the Country ~ by Dave Hodges ~ December 19, 2015
Pratt is a city in and the county seat of Pratt County, Kansas, United States. As of the 2010 census, the city population was 6,835. Pratt KS. and Pratt County may be small in terms of geography and population, but the area has just taken center stage with regard to chemical and biological terrorism and the intended use of the same against the American people." 

On the *gosh, what happened to states rights?* front, ARTICLE: "NC Gov: Obama Doesn’t Tell Us Where or When They Bring Syrian Refugees Into Our State
Truth Revolt | Those seem like important details." 

The Alex Jones Show - December 14, 2015 - 
Documentary exposes the truth about “non-lethal” tasers." 

On the home front, Massive and Monstrous Changes Will Sweep Across the Country In 2016 ... Protecting Yourselves and Your Loved Ones Will Become the Priority For Many 

Meanwhile... ARTICLE: "Fully Armed Military Convoy Rolls Down I-15 In San Bernardino County, California - What Do They Know That We Don't Know? 
By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die
Just when we thought it couldn't get any more strange in San Bernardino, California, we see what looks to be preparation for war in the 1st video below as a huge military convoy with fully armed soldiers hanging out of their machines of war is videotaped moving south down the I-15 freeway near the 210 junction. 
Hattip to ANP reader Battlesheep who posted this video into our Breaking News Alerts and as videographer grindall61 mentions in their notes, some of this equipment looks to be the same equipment as seen in the 2nd video, a military train that was videotaped heading towards Los Angeles back in July of 2015. 
This 1st video is just the latest we've seen of military convoys on the streets and highways of America and as we've been reporting, our government is seemingly preparing for something huge in America." 

On the *fourth-riech homeland security* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Helicopter flying over Bad Axe believed to be from Homeland Security
Huron Daily Tribune | The sheriff said he was never made aware, or given any notice, the helicopter would be in the area taking photos." 

On the *propaganda education* front, ARTICLE: "Elementary Students to Learn Reading, Writing and… Social Justice Activism?
Truth Revolt | Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone!" 

On the *medical system* front, ARTICLE: "Whistleblower Says She Was Fired from Hospital for Pointing Out Patient Safety Concerns 
Natural Society - The registered nurse, Mercedita Desumala first began working for Kaiser in 2005. She recently filed a lawsuit against Kaiser in Alameda Superior Court, alleging she was fired from San Leandro Hospital in Oakland after complaining about the removal of monitor technicians from the hospital’s fifth floor telemetry department. In her 33-page complaint, she states: The fifth floor … was traditionally staffed by monitor technicians who are entrusted with the crucial job of monitoring the heart rhythms of patients on the floor. If … irregularities are not caught, they can be extremely dangerous and often fatal for the patients. As part of a cost-saving initiative, Kaiser removed all the monitor technicians from the fifth floor of the San Leandro Hospital.” The nurse believes that this move puts patients’ lives as risk, and after submitting Assignment Despite Objection forms to the California Nurses’ Association as well as making verbal complaints to supervisors, specifically nurse manager Norie Bustamente, she was fired from her position." 

On the *VA war against the veterans* front, Article: "EXCLUSIVE: It's an iconic image from the War on Terror - but the heroic Marine captured fighting the Taliban without his helmet now has flashbacks, violent outbursts and even tried to kill himself... so why won't the VA give him the help he needs?" 

On the food front, As Usual, Continue To STOCK UP...Continue To Grow As Much Food As Possible...Prepare, Prepare, Prepare, As You Are Able 

RT - December 14, 2015 
Forced laborers, including children, work 16 hours a day under threat of violence." 

On the GENETIC ENGINEERING front, Article: "GE Chestnuts: The Nightmare Before Christmas
Natural Blaze - In the midst of the holiday season, while thoughts turn to roasting chestnuts, a handful of scientists are working to genetically engineer the iconic American chestnut tree which they hope to release throughout the Appalachians and the Eastern United States. Indigenous Peoples, scientists and others are raising alarms about the risks of these trees, cautioning about their dangerous impacts to forests, wildlife and human health. Due to these unassessed risks, they warn, GE chestnuts, or any GE trees should never be approved for planting." 

On the *how to screw up the genes* front, Article: "GM Chicken Approved “For Medicinal Purposes”! Are Humans Next?
ANH-USA - Last week saw the approval of another genetically modified animal— this time a chicken genetically altered to produce a drug in its eggs. The drug is designed to replace a faulty enzyme in people with a rare genetic condition that prevents the body from breaking down fatty molecules in cells. The genetically engineered (GE) chicken is not approved for human consumption, but it is the third so-called “farmaceutical” approved in the US market. Preceding the chicken was a GE goat that produces antithrombin, an anticoagulant, in its milk. Last year the FDA also approved a drug for treating hereditary angioedema that is produced by transgenic (GE) rabbits.... Scientists are also working on performing DNA transplants into human embryos to eliminate genetic diseases. A baby born this way would have genetic material from three different people and pass on its genetic makeup to future generations. Scientists are learning, however, that changing even one gene can result in harmful DNA mutations that reverberate throughout the entire DNA structure."  

On the *chemicals not good* front, ARTICLE: "Chemical Banned Nearly 30 Years Ago Linked to Parkinson’s Disease
Julie Fidler | Still found in many milk products?"  

On the MONSATANO/DOW/DUPONT front, HEADLINE: "The Complete History Of Monsanto,'The World’s Most Evil Corporation'" 

ARTICLE: "New Monsanto Chemical Silences Genes to Kill Bugs: Will They Silence Yours, Too?
Natural Society | Monsanto has come up with a new method of destruction." 

ARTICLE: "Dow, DuPont To Merge In $130 Billion Deal; 10% Of DowDuPont's Workforce To Be Fired
Zero Hedge - … two of America oldest publicly traded companies will combine, with Dow and DuPont merging as equals in a combined company that will have a $130 billion market cap and will be named DowDuPont. And while shareholders already benefited from the deal with shares of both constituents rising by 10% in the days preceding the official announcement, the biggest loser are once again the employees: the combined company announced that as part of the $700 million in restructuring efforts, 10% of the combined company's employees will be laid off… The parties intend to subsequently pursue a separation of DowDuPont into three independent, publicly traded companies through tax-free spin-offs. This would occur as soon as feasible, which is expected to be 18-24 months following the closing of the merger, subject to regulatory and board approval."  

On the GMO FRANKENFOOD front, ARTICLE: "Taiwan Bans GMOs in School Meals Due to Health Risks
Mike Barrett | While promoting locally-grown, fresh farm food." 

ARTICLE: "Big News! Hawaii’s Big Island Moves Closer to Being GMO-Free! 
Natural Society - Mayor Kenoi on the Big Island, in Hawaii, recently signed Bill 113 into law, prohibiting GMOs. The bill prohibits biotech companies from operating on the island, and stops farmers from growing new GM crops. This is a historical moment for Hawaii, a place which has been called ‘ground zero for GMOs.’ Mayor Kenoi has taken a huge stand against agrichemical companies and actually followed the will of the people. Big Island, Hawaii will hopefully lead the way for the rest of the islands as well as the rest of the United States.... The Islands of Hawaii also have to import 90% of their food, much of it being genetically modified. Monsanto, BASF, DOW Agri-Sciences, Syngenta and DuPont Pioneer conduct field trials and grow GMO Seed for export on 24,000 acres on Hawaiian Islands." 

ARTICLE: "European Parliament Rejects Imports of Monsanto’s GM Liberty Link Maize
Sustainable Pulse - Today, the European Parliament dealt another blow to the Commission over GM crops, objecting to the import of Monsanto’s Roundup Ready™ Liberty Link™ GM maize into the EU . The Parliament said the decision to authorize the import of this GM crop was “not consistent with Union law” that aims at a high level of health and environmental protection." 

ARTICLE: "Congressional spending bill good on GMOs, bad on COOL
Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance - There is some good news: 1) The bill does NOT include the Monsanto rider that would prohibit states from labeling genetically engineered foods (a.k.a. the DARK act). The fight isn’t over. Key Senators have pledged to work on legislation that would overturn state labeling laws when they return in January." 

On the *shoot 'em up with vaccines* front, Article: "BREAKING: NYC Judge Blocks Mandatory Flu Vaccines"

ARTICLE: "If vaccines don’t cause brain damage, why is GlaxoSmithKline paying out $63 Million to vaccine victims?" 

ARTICLE: "Author Of Mandatory Meningitis Vaccine Bill Caught Taking $420k From Big Pharma
Blacklisted News - State Senator Kemp Hannon, Chair of the New York Senate Health Committee, and author of the recently passed law that will require all seventh and twelfth graders in the state to get meningitis shots, has been caught with his hand in the pot, according to the New York Daily News: specifically, the pharma pot. And to no small sum, mind you. His investments in pharmaceutical and health companies is at $100,000 while it is also being alleged that he has received more than $400,000 from the same interest groups. Hannon’s investments are a direct conflict of interest and he should be charged criminally. This is an act of using your position to influence and write laws for the sole result of personal gain." 

On the really bad news front, The Lead Emergency ... Fukushima Radiation Builds ... Secret Experimentation On Children ... And the Cruel Joke That Is the CDC 

ARTICLE: "In Flint, Mich., there’s so much lead in children’s blood that a state of emergency is declared" 

ARTICLE: "Officials now say Fukushima reactor with MOX fuel 'leaked directly from containment' :Experts: This has caused additional worries because MOX is more’radioactively aggressive' due to plutonium content" 

ARTICLE: "Mother from Fukushima: It was very weird… plants with huge, huge flowers and gigantic stems ,I brought deformed vegetables for radiation measurement, but officials didn’t test any and yelled 'Don’t you understand? We say it’s safe!'" 

ARTICLE: "The Hidden Tragedy of the CIA’s Experiments on Children :a nation that uses its young, its children, for such pursuits is a nation whose commitment to human rights and democratic principles should be seriously questioned and challenged." 

ARTICLE: "CDC incompetence on display in yet another laboratory error exposing scientists to deadly viral strains" 

On the good news front, The Spiritual Faculties of the Human Race Soar For Those Who Are AWAKE and AWARE 

Manifestation, and the creation of the future as envisioned, slowly becomes a new way of life for many. It is wise to take baby steps unless you are already accomplished in such manifestation and creation. 

On the global mafia cabal front, TARGET: THE NEW WORLD ORDER CRIMINALS 

This becomes the rallying, unifying cry for many on the planet at this spinpoint. Unique and effective strategies will evolve toward this end. 

The more of us who join, and participate with our unique abilities and genius, the faster these globalists ghouls will fall. Forever. 

On the heroine and hero front, James O'Keefe, president of Project Veritas, and his undercover team. Article: 'HIDDEN CAM: COVER-UP IN MARYLAND ATTORNEY GENERAL’S OFFICE OVER NEW SCANDAL
Project Veritas released undercover video footage of Maryland Deputy Attorney General violating professional ethics and clearly disclosing confidential information"  

How Jeb's grandfather helped the Nazis rise to power
Alex Jones | - DECEMBER 17, 2015" 

AND... ARTICLE: "Trump Spot On: Jeb’s Brother Flew Saudis Out of the Country After 9/11
Kurt Nimmo - During the Republican debate Tuesday Jeb Bush took exception to Donald Trump’s assertion George W. Bush flew Saudis and members of the Bin Laden family out of the country. Despite the corporate media insisting this is a conspiracy theory we have definitive proof Jeb’s brother gave preferential treatment to Saudis—including Saudis who were considered principle witnesses to the September 11 attacks. The review of how the FBI dealt with and reported on the travel of the Florida-based Saudis, and their subsequent departure from the United States with other Saudis, shows that the FBI failed to interview principal witnesses; relied on erroneous second-hand information; misinterpreted the orders under which the FAA managed the closure and subsequent reopening of U.S. airspace after the 9/11 attacks; misreported the means of travel; and even got Prince Sultan’s identity wrong." 

On the scumbag political front, Article: "HILLARY ATTEMPTS TO REASSURE VOTERS THAT SHE IS NOT SATAN… TWICE--The lady doth protest too much, methinks. Come on. Even TIME Magazine knows what’s up. 

ARTICLE: "Laughable: Hillary Clinton Claims She ‘Doesn’t Know’ If She’s Ever Taken Money From Big Oil
Steve Watson | ALL the lobbyists who work for her have worked for fossil fuel industry; Foundation has received MILLIONS from oil and gas companies." 

Could recent scandal end presidential campaign?
The Alex Jones Show - DECEMBER 16, 2015" 

On the *political reality* front, ARTICLE: "Which Corporations Own The White House
Zero Hedge - The president and his top advisers have kept an open door for CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, keeping almost 1,000 appointments with them, a Reuters review of White House records shows. Of the hundreds of appointments listed, Obama himself was present at about half. As the corrupting hand of government intervention spreads, so CEOs and the White House have become allies in advocating for immigration reform, the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal and reauthorization for the Export-Import Bank. So who really owns The White House? And the winner is..." 

ARTICLE: "Clinton tops list of candidates backed by US weapons-makers
RT - With the war on terror swelling their stock prices, the US defense industry is spending at least some of the cash to support their preferred presidential candidates. Hillary Clinton tops the list, followed by Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush and Bernie Sanders as #6. Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner, has received almost $95,000 in contributions from the defense industry, according to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) data for the current presidential race compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics. In second place, with a take of $82,582, is Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, a strong contender for the Republican candidacy. Though he is currently polling at five percent with the GOP voters, Jeb Bush is the third most popular recipient of arms-makers’ donations, with $45,450. The hawkish South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham received $36,275, while the dovish Kentucky Senator Rand Paul raked in $30,880, rounding off the top five." 

On the *insidious, Idiocracy war on free speech...and on holiday cheer* front, ARTICLE: "Politically correct universities ‘are killing free speech’
London Telegraph | British universities have become too politically correct and are stifling free speech by banning anything that causes the least offence to anyone, academics argue." 

ARTICLE: "Yale fail: Ivy leaguers sign ‘petition’ to repeal First Amendment | Trigger warning! This story and video may be unsuitable viewing for the “safe space” crowd." 

ARTICLE: “Progressive” Media Argues “Thanks To ISIS, We Have To Consider Limits To Free Speech”
Steve Watson | Claims that First Amendment rights “go back only to the 1960s.” 

ARTICLE: "Student Gets 6 Month Suspension For Saying Black Women Are “Not Hot”
Paul Joseph Watson | Another individual who said white people have “small dicks” not punished." 

VIDEO: The 12 Bans of Christmas
Campus Reform - With so many schools across the country taking steps to ensure that holiday celebrations are devoid of any reference to Christmas, we here at Campus Reform simply couldn’t resist the urge to poke a little fun at the situation. And in the spirit of the season, we could think of no better way to do so than with an old-fashioned Christmas song. Drawing on policies and guidelines issued by colleges in almost every region of the country, our “Twelve Bans of Christmas” is intended to humorously highlight the ridiculous lengths that some school administrators have gone to in their efforts to promote inclusivity. We laugh only to keep from crying. 

ARTICLE: "Veterans Administration Hospital Bans Holiday Cheer, ‘Merry Christmas’
Breitbart - The Veterans Administration hospital in Salem, Virginia–a government run hospital–is banning “religious” carols, Christmas trees and “Merry Christmas” from public areas, according to The Becket Fund, a nonprofit law firm to protect religious liberty. “Our veterans stare down the most hostile threats to freedom the world has ever known. But I’m pretty sure the words ‘Merry Christmas’ are not one of them,” said The Becket Fund’s Executive Director Kristina Arriaga. “Hospital leaders should have a Christmas cookie and lighten up; a little Christmas cheer never hurt anyone.” The Becket Fund released a press release on Thursday awarding the hospital the Ebenezer Award, “awarded for the most ridiculous affront to the Christmas and Hanukkah,” because of the ban on holiday cheer." 

ARTICLE: "Toy Guns Banned in New York
Truth Revolt | Because guns = bad." 

ARTICLE: "Emory Students Want Professors Evaluated on Number of Microaggressions They Commit
Reason | Students say microaggressions are ‘racist actions’ and should be punished." 

Mike Maharrey | Shall Not - December 14, 2015 
Legislation would prohibit state cooperation with enforcement of any future federal gun control laws or executive orders."  

ARTICLE: "Arizona Sheriff Tells Citizens: ‘Step up and defend yourselves’
Adan Salazar - A sheriff’s department in Arizona is calling on residents to acquire firearms and learn how to use them in order to defend against armed attackers or terrorists. “I wish we could have a cop in every corner, in every neighborhood, in every school… we just can’t,” Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu told residents at a news conference Saturday. Speaking from the Caswells shooting range in Mesa, Sheriff Babeu urged first time gun purchasers to consider taking a firearm safety course which would teach “weapon familiarization, weapon qualification, how to carry and education on the laws.” “We want a citizen to add to the equation,” Sheriff Babeu told news crews. “Be armed to protect yourself, protect your family until we can get there.” 

ARTICLE: "Missouri Sheriffs to Lower Cost of Concealed Carry Permits, Citing Recent Terror Attacks
Activist Post - The Sheriffs of the Laclede, St. Clair and Vernon counties in Missouri announced this week that they will encourage more applicants for concealed carry permits by lowering the price of the application. Wayne Merritt, the sheriff of Laclede County, told KY3 News that he wishes to see trained, responsible citizens who are armed, considering the government’s inability to keep track of home-grown terrorists in light of the Paris and San Bernardino attacks.... Starting this week, the price of concealed carry permits inside Merritt’s jurisdiction will be slashed from $100 to just $65." 

Ed Morrissey | - December 14, 2015 - 316 Comments
“If you think gun control is going to change the terrorists’ point of view, I think you’re, like, out of your mind.”

SPECIAL REPORT: Why holistic healers and food activists must support gun rights... or be disarmed and persecuted by a totalitarian regime

On the *gun control...the rebels will rise* front, ARTICLE: "Gun Control Executive Orders Expected Within Weeks
Daily Sheeple | Obama actively working to circumvent Congress." 

ARTICLE: "Democrats propose federal gun buyback:Gun owners would be paid to sell their firearms (Assault Rifles) to the federal government under new legislation from Democrats." 

On the *martial law* front, ARTICLE: "When Will Martial Law Be Implemented? Ask Your Pastor: Pastor Mansfield also stated that pastors are being utilized as informants. This violates the legal privilege of confidentiality between pastor and church-goer, that is currently recognized by law."  


ARTICLE: "All Signs Point to a Coming UN Police Action to Seize American Guns ~ by Dave Hodges ~ December 18, 2015 
UN Multinational Force Observer In Pennsylvania
Why is this UN Multinational Force Observer in Pennsylvania getting gas? For what possible reason would the UN be operating inside the United States? I have been sent this video a half a dozen times in the past 24 hours. Many Americans see this for exactly what it is.
Take a look at this video as a very aware and alert citizen confronts and United Nations Multinational Force Observer. 
...My Intelligence Source States That We Are About to Be Invaded Unless the US Military Steps Up
I took this sighting of the UN Multinational Force Observer in Pennsylvania to my best sources. They were of the presence of this organization operating within the United States. They told me that this UN personnel are here to “observe” during an United Nations “Police Action” on American soil. The purpose will be solely to impose undeclared martial law and to confiscate American guns.
I have reported, for years, that foreign troops were operating on US soil. Now, we are getting operational specifics.
Foreign occupation forces are training and will be training to overrun this country in a martial law scenario. Why foreign troops? Because American troops might not be able to be counted upon to carry out the orders of subjugation that will come down from this globalist inspired banker-hijacked administration
This past October over 36,000 troops from more than 30 countries participated what NATO calls its largest exercise in over a decade and the exercise is called “TRIDENT JUNCTURE”.
Trident Juncture came in under the cover of darkness and was obscured by Jade Helm 15. The following video emerged last summer. 
...DOT CONNECTION #2: The American Military Is Being Systematically Being Disarmed
Not only does the Obama administration plan to disarm the people of America, they are systematically disarming the military as well while, at the same time, beefing up the foreign troop presence on United States soil.
As UN vehicles continue to deploy into the United States, we are witnessing the systematic disarming of the American Military. DAHBOO 777 first published the following account of the American military disarming itself by putting what everyone thought was excess military equipment into mothballs at underground munitions storage areas such as the one featured below at the Red River facility. The reason that it is quite clear that this is a disarming is that if a rapid deployment of this equipment were ever needed in time of war, the grid lock that would result at a facility like this or any other storage facility constructed in this manner, would prevent the timely and proper deployment of men and equipment. 
...Merry Christmas From the UN
Merry Christmas from the UN The U.N. Arms Trade Treaty took effect on last Christmas Eve. Even though the theory has very little chance of being ratified by two-thirds of the Senate, Second Amendment advocates are concerned that the Obama administration will use a United Nations treaty as a basis for executive action on gun control as well they should be. Still, others feel that this leftist gun control treaty becomes binding international law and any Executive Action by Obama would merely be an endorsement of our nation’s contractual obligation to  support the UN ban on guns. Enough countries around the world have ratified it so the gun control treaty will now be enforced.
The founders included the words “shall not be infringed” for a reason. And they gave YOU the power to fight against any tyrannical government that would try to take your rights away.
 The Most Egregious Portions of the UN Ban
Article 2 of the treaty defines the scope of the treaty’s prohibitions. The right to own, buy, sell, trade, or transfer all means of armed resistance, including handguns, is denied to civilians by this section of the Arms Trade Treaty.
Article 3 places the “ammunition/munitions fired, launched or delivered by the conventional arms covered under Article 2” within the scope of the treaty’s prohibitions, as well.
Article 4 places all “parts and components” of weapons within the scheme.
Perhaps the most egregious threat to the rights of gun owners in the Arms Trade Treaty is found in Article 5. Under the title of “General Implementation,” Article 5 mandates that all countries participating in the treaty “shall establish and maintain a national control system, including a national control list.” This list should “apply the provisions of this Treaty to the broadest range of conventional arms.”
Article 12 adds to the record-keeping requirement, mandating that the list include “the quantity, value, model/type, authorized international transfers of conventional arms,” as well as the identity of the “end users” of these items.
...I would remind the reader that gun confiscation is not an end unto itself. It is a means to an end. For when the people are finally disarmed, the banking mafia that runs this country can have their way with this country with very little opposition. In the words of Jesus, we would be well-advised to never be without our swords (i.e. guns). 

On the *gee, treason everywhere* front, "Video: What is a United Nations Multinational Force Observer doing on U.S. soil? 
The Daily Sheeple - A strange video is making waves in alternative media circles after it revealed that at least one United Nations Multinational Force Observer is currently operating on U.S. soil… The fifteen second video clip shows a UN employee inside his vehicle after getting gas in northeastern Pennsylvania. The concerned citizen who filmed the exchange attempts to ask the man what type of work would require him to be in the country, to no avail… What makes this sighting so interesting besides the fact that it was within the United States is the fact that the man was filmed with his UN indication clearly in the open as if he was there in an official capacity. Even more interesting and shocking, noted in detail by YouTuber Professor Doom, is the possible connection between this sighting and recent UN job postings for America in which the United Nations sought US-based disarmament, demobilization and reintegration specialists." 

ARTICLE: "Getting Ready For War - Will This One Be On US Soil? Massive Military Train Convoy Outside Of Dallas 2nd Convoy In Texas In Days As Signs Increase Of A Major Imminent Event" ~ December 14, 2015 

On the ROBOT front, HEADLINE: "The rise of advanced autonomous robots could lead to the erosion of civil liberties" 

On the CYBERSOLDIER front, Article: "DARPA Already Creating Cybersoldiers Using Advanced AI Technology 
TN Note: DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is a hotbed of technocrats who advance technology for military and national security purposes. In other words, it’s first mission is to perpetuate and reinforce the same government that is transforming America into a global state. Technocrats create technology for technology’s sake, exclusive of moral or ethical constraints. Note that the current Secretary of Defense is Ashton Carter, a career technocrat with a PhD in Theoretical Physics and a member of the elitist Trilateral Commission.
The US military has revealed its plans for artificial intelligence on the battlefield – but admits enemies are already ahead of it. 
It hopes AI will power everything from cybersoldiers to the targetting systems of the F-35 – but admits it has to catch up to commercial AI firms." 


ARTICLE: "Why Google’s New Quantum Computer Could Launch An Artificial Intelligence Arms Race: Google claims the D-Wave 2X is 100 million times faster than any of today’s machines." 

ARTICLE: "US elections 2016: John McAfee and Zoltan Istvan debate cybersecurity, immortality and sexbots" 

THIS WEEK, let love rule, and enjoy the company of those you love the most. For, this is the way of the Aquarian Age.  

Angelic Blessings from Volcano & Sedona 

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